Husband gets revenge on a cheating wife
I wrote this a while back, but never really liked it. Still
I thought some pervs might want to read it. Let me
know if you have any ideas on future stories, I'd be
happy to write them!

My Revenge

My name is John, and I'm not very good at writing.
However I want to share with you a dark chapter of
my life that happened a few years ago.

I worked for a large company, and I made a good living
with what they paid me. It allowed me to buy a nice
home, a good car and support my wife and daughter.

I'll simply get right to it: I came home one evening to
find my wife and a stranger having sex in our bed.
I was outraged of course, If my wife hadn't convinced
me to keep guns out of the house on account of our
daughter, I'd still be in jail right now.

Since he was bigger then me, I couldn't do anything
besides shout at them. My wife stopped riding him,
and my eyes caught his giant cock sliding out of
her stretched pussy as she stepped off the bed and
walked over to me.

I loved my wife more then I should have, no matter
what she did, she could always calm me down and
make me agree with her. She explained how badly
she had become bored with our normal sex and
wanted a change, I started to protest but again
she managed to calm me down.

She told me how it wasn't personal, and how it
was just meaningless sex. She started groping my
dick and told me that I should enjoy myself and
watch them from the end of the bed. I glanced
at the young man on my bed, his cock was wet
from her pussy, he smiled at me and held his cock

Despite my anger my dick had become hard from
her playing with it, I reluctently agreed and knelt
at the end of the bed as my wife climbed onto it.
I took my dick in hand and started stroking as she
slowly lowered herself back onto his massive dick.

Before they started up again, I told her "Just this
once!" and she agreed. Then she replied with:
"Dont get upset at what we say, it helps him get
off okay?" I agreed and stroked a few times behind
the bed, as she started bouncing on him.

His cock filled and stretched her more then I ever
could, knowing this hurt me almost as much as
what they started saying. "Your husband is such
a fuckin' loser!" He said, thrusting his cock harder
into my wife's pussy. "I know, right?" My wife replied
as his cock dissapeared into her again, I felt a pain
stab my chest as the words hit me. "What the hell?!"
I yelled, again my wife calmed me down saying it
was just to help get him off, and he doesn't mean
any of it.

I didn't reply, my dick was getting softer and already
I knew this was a bad idea. She moaned louder as
they increased in speed, every few moments he
would glance at me with a smile on his face. It really
pissed me off, but I told my wife it would be fine just
this once. "Who owns this married pussy?" he asked.
"Oooh, you do!" She moaned.

Through gritted teeth I remained silent as they fucked
harder. "Your wife loves my dick, man!" My wife moaned
louder, grinding into him now. "I love his dick so much!"
She agreed. My dick had become hard again, and I had
started stroking faster. "Get ready I'm about to cum!"
He shouted, she got off him and moved her face down
to his cock as he stroked it. "I'm going to paint this
whores face with my spunk, loser!" He yelled at me.

"Please spray me with cum!" My wife moaned. My own
cock was close, I stroked faster. He roared and started
shooting ropes of cum across her face, she howled in
pleasure as she fingered herself to orgasm and I shot
my own pathetic load onto the floor. Despite cumming
my dick stayed stiff, just like his.

I slowly came down from my high, the slight enjoyment
of watching his fat cock rub across her face was wearing
off, and my jealously and rage had started to return.
There was going to be a long fuckin' talk once he was
gone, sadly it never made it that far.

He smiled at me as my wife kissed his cock. "Well how
do you like that?" He said. "Your wife loves my cum just
as much as your daughter does!" My eyes went wide and
my wife smiled up at him, my mind couldn't process what
I had just heard.

She squeezed another drop of cum from his cock onto
her tongue, and moaned loudly as she swallowed it.

My body moved on it's own as I stood and tackled into
him. I swung hard and caught his nose, cheek and eye,
Despite my rage fueled blows his larger size won and
he fought back. I managed to avoid one or two punches
but he clipped my temple with one and my legs buckled.

My wife's cum glazed face watched in horror as we
yelled and swung wildly, I'm happy with how I broke
his nose, even though he knocked me out.

When I awoke he was gone, my wife was cleaned up and
she started telling me how sorry she was. I didn't listen
though, I stood and got my balance back. My head hurt
bad, and my body was sore but I didn't care, I got
dressed and was leaving the house when she grabbed my
arm. Crying and trying to calm me down didn't work, I
wasn't thinking straight I know, but in the moment it felt
good when I punched her in the face and watched her
cheating ass hit the floor.

I made a few phone calls and got my friends together, we
were going to get revenge on this asshole. It didn't take
long either, we found him at a local fast food joint bragging
about how he's been bangin' a wife and her daughter.

We swarmed on the fucker and beat the shit out of him. It
took the police a good 10 minutes before they showed up,
so we had plenty of time to make that fucker pay. We didn't
kill him though, though I don't think he'll ever be the same
again, brain damage and all.

I admitted to everything, and explained how he had been
fucking my wife and my daughter. We even managed to get
evidence of his sperm on their clothes, but that didn't get me
off for almost killing him. Luckily I got slapped with a 4 year
sentence, could have been worse.

My whore wife was barely punished, though they took our
daughter away since she was underage. I don't care what
happened to them though, I'm happy to be done with it.

Spending time in jail gave me a lot to think about, and since
my pals were locked up with me, we could look out for each

I know you'll wonder if I had ever dropped the soap, so to
speak. Well since I no longer had a family, I'll admit I gave it
a try. I still have my whole life ahead of me, no need to miss
out on something I might like. So yeah, I sucked a couple
dicks in jail, wasn't to bad, but it still didn't compare to

Once I got out, I took what money I had and left. Set out
for another state to start over, found a cheap apartment
and started working at a local hardware store.

I guess that's pretty much it, I made a few new friends, met
a new girl who seemed pretty faithful, and got on with my

Thanks for reading my story.

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Should've cut his dick and put it in his mouth.

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It's been forever since you put out a story Nebic. I still check your story list every day for new content.

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come on Nebic...there's a serious lack of scat stories lately and we would all love another one from you <3

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nice story, to bad you didnt cut her pussy off with a fillet knife and shove it up his ass or feed it to her, if it has a pussy its going to open up fior any hard cock within reach thats a sad fact to life married or not...

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