Captain and a soldier enter the room with the captured queen. Her cloth has become dirty with dusts and she smells like a whore. King is sitting at his beautiful sofa surrounding by his ministers. Two women are on both side of king sitting on the ground waiting for king's order.
King's thirteen year old son Jim and his friend a Ron also in the room. They are discussing about the captured treasure with the prince Tim.
Jim said-sell her, she is too old.
Tim- I agree. Lets see what father says.
Ron- She needs to get a good wash first.
King ordered- Bring her close.
The captain pushed the queen towards the King's sofa.
King said- strip her, her clothes are dirty.
Queen stood there keeping her face down in shame. The soldier came forward and cut her robe with his sharp knife. Then strip her in a second. She is not wearing anything inside.
The queen is standing naked in front of all. She did not try to cover up herself. Everybody observed her long golden hair ended just above her round apple bottom ass. Her 36D boobs are not much firm but they are perfect in size with her body, nipples are dark and poking out, there are hairs growing up under her naval area, it is covering her womanhood.
She kept her face down and tries to be modest so that this can be over soon. King ordered- Clean her. The soldier tried to move the naked queen to outside but prince stopped him and said- We shall clean her in the garden.
King said to prince- Take her in the garden and ties her, don't let her go loose. Tim tied her hands together and led her to garden by pulling the rope ted to her waist. Jim and Ron followed her.
Jim said- Are you going fuck her brother?
Tim replied- No, she is too old. I don’t like her smell.
Ron said- You are not going to fuck her after you clean her?
Tim said- No, and I don’t like to touch her. Look at her breasts, they are hanging. He inserts a finger in her pussy and said- Not enough grip.
Ron said- She has got a nice ass.
Tim said- Yes, but its too big.
Jim said- Then can we take her to garden and wash her.
Tim put the rope in Jim's hand said- Brother, you take her and bring in after cleaning. Also make sure she pees, we don’t want her to pee after we present her in front of father.

Tim went back in the room with the soldier.
Jim led the queen to the garden walking slowly. Ron put his hands on her ass while she walks. He felt the ass movement with his both hands. He put his finger in her ass crack. He parted her moving butts and put his finger in her asshole.
The queen cried- Please, not my back. Ron smiled and took his finger off from her asshole and put his both hands on her ass to feel the movement. The queen relaxed and thanked Ron for not poking her asshole.
At the end of the hallway they reach staircase going down to garden.
Jim said- Ron can you hold the rope and make her walk downward. I am going down to open the door. Then you can move her down to stairs. Ron took the rope hanging from her front and took it between her legs and pull it. The rope sunk in between her pussy lips and she sighed.
Ron said- What happened.
She felt humiliated and stood silent. Ron pull the rope again, and this time it stuck in her ass crack. She sighed again.
Ron laughed and said- You enjoy it.
The queen cried again- Please, No.
Jim opened the door and light came in through the stairs.
Ron ordered- Move down lady, don’t stop or I shall pull the rope harder. She walk down with the ropes sunk in her pussy and reach in front of Jim. Jim laughed loudly looking at her pussy. Ron said- Hey Jim, see this, and he pulled the rope again. The queen sighed again.
Jim took the rope and did the same. Ron said- Lets move to garden, We shall make her pee first then we shall wash her.
They reached the garden and turn the tap on. Water is filling up the bucket.
Jim ordered the queen to squat on the grass. She obeyed- Jim loosened up the rope to ease her to squat. Ron said- Take that rope off from her pussy or it will get wet. Jim took the rope off from between her legs and told- You can pee now. Ron went behind her and put his hands under her ass as she pees. Jim came forward and said- Kiss my dick. Queen lifted up her head and kissed his dick.
She finished peeing and stood up.
Jim started splashing her with water. Ron is cleaning her with his hands. Humiliation and comfort of getting cleaned both has created a mixed feeling in her face. She stood up and Jim and Ron both started to clean her front and back. Queen felt aroused and started to moan. Ron put soap on her and rubs it on her soldier, neck, breasts, naval, pussy and while Jim put soap on her ass and crack. She is enjoying the touch of two young male. She is cooperating to their touch and helping them to get access of every inch of her body. After cleaning her with water Ron took towel and dries her up. Jim said- now we should take her back to my brother.
Jim turned the not of the rope around her waist to her back and took it between her legs and pulled it from front. The rope sunk in her ass cracks and she follows Jim. Ron put his hands on her ass again and spanks her as she walks. When they reach stairs, Jim went front and pulled the rope making the queen to climb up the stairs. Ron Put his fingers on her pussy from behind and combs her pubic hairs. The queen shivered and moaned in his touch. They started pulling the naked queen to hallway. They entered the room with the queen. She is fresh and also horny. Her nipples are erect. The King looked at her and ordered to give her some dresses. Tim came forward, unties her hands and gave a silk stocking and ordered her to put it on. She puts on the stocking. The silk stocking is almost transparent except the white cotton part that sticks with her moist pussy. Then he gave her a robe and she pot it on without any hesitation.
Now she is dressed and felt strange about it. She lifted up her head to see what’s waiting for her. The king announced- We shall use her as special attraction in dinner party. Now take her to harem and treat her body. The two women took her and went to harem.

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