The Kids are no longer satisfied with Movie Night alone ...
“Morning Missy” Sam said as he sat down to the breakfast table before school. Missy was sitting at her seat, naked as a jaybird, as she often liked to be around the house.

“Oh, uh, hi Sam” she responded. Her right hand was on her twat with her middle finger buried in her hole. Her nipples, sticking out firmly from her tiny breasts were the fixture of Sam’s gaze.

“You’re playing with yourself, aren’t you?” asked Sam, leaning his head under the table to confirm. He got a beautiful view of his sis’s young cunt, spread open as she slid her finger in and out.


“That looks cool! Hey, mom’s in the shower and Jimmy and Sue won’t be down for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Would you want me to lick you?”

“Sure! If there’s time I’ll suck your thing for you too.”

Sam pulled his boxers off to get some air on his raging boner and knelt on the floor to give his 10-year-old sister some of his improving cunnilingus technique. She put her slender legs over his shoulders and spread herself wide to his eager mouth.

“Oh, yeah, that’s better” she sighed, sniffing her scent from her fingers and then pinching her nipples with her right hand while she steadied herself with her left. “Is your dick hard? Are you stroking it?”

Little Missy loved to talk dirty when she was aroused, which was most of the time, it seemed! Sam just nodded his head in her crotch in response.

Their 14-year old brother Jimmy entered the room a bit sooner than expected. He had to go into school early and their mom, Theresa, would be driving him in.

“Hey guys, wow, you’re going at it early, huh?” Missy showed him the middle finger of her right hand and then sucked it seductively in front of him.

“I can’t believe you can be so fucking hot, Missy, and you’re not even eleven yet!”

“I think I need to be fucked, Jimmy, do you want to do it or should Sammy give it a try?”

“I might be a bit big for you, sis. Sam, get that dick up here, Missy needs it in her cunt.”

Sam stood up with his 12-year old cock pointing up at a 45 degree angle in his excitement.

“You think I can do it, Jimmy?”

“Sure you can, now move in close here.” As Sam obeyed Jimmy reached down to grab his brother’s prick and rub it up against Missy’s lips a few times for lubrication then positioned it at his little sister’s opening.

“OK, now just lean in a bit, Sam.”

Sam watched in awe as the head of his dick moved into his sister’s virginal slit. “Oh, god, that feels good” breathed Sam. Missy just breathed in and out loudly.

“Good, you’re doing good” encouraged Jimmy. “Just relax. Missy, do you feel ok?”

“Um-hmm” she said and nodded while she grabbed hold of Sam’s shoulders.

“Do you still have a hymen, Missy?” asked Jimmy, not wanting her to have any unexpected pain.

“Between doing gymnastics and fingering myself every day, I doubt it” laughed Missy.

“Ok, just work it in easy Sam, you can do it.”

Missy and Sam did a bit of shifting of their hips and Sam’s eyes closed in rapture as the rest of his cock slid inside his sister. Missy instinctively wrapped her skinny legs around him and pulled him tight.

“Jimmy, pull that boner out of your pants and let me suck on it like the girls in the movies.”

Jimmy didn’t need much encouragement; his dick had been pressing hard against his jeans while watching his sister get fucked for the first time. He unzipped and pushed them to his knees, then shoved his boxers out of the way to let his cock spring free. Missy reached for it with an open mouth as it swung near her face, getting a wet grip on the head as Jimmy guided it to her.

Theresa quietly walked into the kitchen to find Missy and Sam locked together in a gorgeous young fuck while her boy Jimmy was getting sucked off by her baby girl. She had an initial shock but more from the eroticism of what was going on, not from anger, confusion or disgust. Her kids had been exploring sex with her on movie nights and this was a natural extension and result.

“That is sooo fucking hot, guys” she commended as she walked over to them and casually put her hands on Missy’s little tits and rubbed them.

“I’m doing it, mom, I’m inside of Missy, see?” Sam said proudly.

“Yes you are Sammy, can you move it in and out now, or are you about to cum?”

“It feels so good I think I’ll cum if I even move but I’ll give it a try.”

Theresa reached down and began to rub Missy’s little clit, just as Sammy had done for her that first night. Missy moaned as she continued to suck on Jimmy’s dick, taking as much into her tiny mouth as possible. Her two brother’s dicks in her mouth and pussy and her mom rubbing her sweet spot were putting her in a different dimension.

Sam bravely pulled out a few inches and then pushed back in, right up to the hilt.

“Oh . . . Good . . . good . . . God!” gasped Missy.

“Fuck!” Missy and Sam said in unison.

“Yes you are, kids. You’re fucking” the dirty-talking slut in Theresa came out very quickly.

Sam managed to get in 3 or 4 more good strokes before declaring “I’m gonna cum!”

“Me, uh, uh, too” grunted Missy.

“Me three!” Jimmy practically shouted as his first spurt of cum filled Missy’s mouth.

Her brother’s warm cock pulsing semen into her mouth and Sammy pulsing jizz into her pussy just amplified the orgasm that had already begun wracking her small body. She jerked and bucked, using her right hand to grab on to Jimmy’s dick and hold it in place while she continued to suck it for all her worth. As his cum started to dribble down her chin, she pulled him out of her mouth and pointed his prick at her little titties. Jimmy managed two more globs before spending the last of his seed on his sister’s hand, which firmly clutched his shaft.

Moist tears glistened in her eyes as she swallowed Jimmy’s cum, pulled Sammy into a hug and kissed him on his lips, feeling his dick grow soft and slip out of her pussy. “I Love You Sam” she whispered. “That was amazing.”

Sam beamed in pleasure and pride, not even minding the taste of his brother’s spunk from his sister’s tender kiss.

“That was beautiful, kids, perfect” Theresa said in awe, feeling tears forming in her own eyes that were but a pale reflection of the juice her pussy had pumped into her panties. She could smell her own sex and thought she might need to change prior to driving Jimmy to school, but decided against it.

“Ok, you kids need to get ready for school, get going!”

Sam and Missy ran up the stairs, naked backsides so adorable, so naughtily sexy.

“Jimmy, we’ve got to get you to school!”

*** *** ***

Once in the car, Theresa quickly kicked off her sneakers, unzipped her pants and pulled them off, along with her panties.

“I feel so hot and horny, Jim.” She always called him Jimmy, so her son took notice and thought maybe she was thinking of him as more of an adult now. “I need you to finger me while I drive to school, scooch over her next to me. “ Their SUV had a bench seat in front for the extra seating position.

Jimmy did as asked and shortly had his left hand buried in his mom’s cunt, using his right hand on her firm breasts.

“Go under my shirt, push my bra up over my tits.”

Jimmy was shaking in excitement as he obeyed her commands, grabbing on to her firm nipples.

“Oh, fuck, I’m so horny” Theresa moaned. “We’re gonna have to have a mid-week Movie Night so that you can fuck me tonight, Jim, is that ok with you?”

“Sure mom, I’ll get my homework done at school during study hall”

“Ok, when you see Sue at school, tell her to do the same. Hopefully you or your brother can fuck her tonight. I’m not really surprised that Missy got fucked first, that little girl is a sexual animal” she laughed.

Picturing her son and daughter fucking while Jimmy penetrated her with two and then three fingers gave her a very pleasant orgasm, and Jimmy felt the satisfying pulses of her pussy on his fingers. Her sexual tension was at least pushed back to an acceptable level for a bit.

As they got near the school Jimmy asked her, “Mom, do you think you should put your pants back on before you pull up to the school entrance?”

“I probably should, but … ah, fuck it, I want some fresh air on my snatch” the slut in her said. “Besides, you smell like pussy, young man!” Jimmy licked his mom’s juices from his fingers and inhaled the musky aroma. “Yeah, I guess I do. I think I’ll share it with my friend Mason, tell him I got lucky” Jimmy laughed.

“You are a naughty boy and you have a naughty mommy” Theresa said as she pulled into the large U-shaped driveway in front of the school. As Jimmy got out, her half-naked body was clearly visible to the freshman girl standing on the sidewalk, waiting for her friend. She gaped at Theresa, who smiled back pleasantly and put her hand right between her thighs while the girl watched and Jimmy closed the door of the SUV.

Hope you are enjoying the story ...

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