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This is a true story of two guys and one girl I caught haveing sex in the woods one summers evening at the drive-In
A Hot night of sex in the Summertime
in The Woods with two guys and a girl

It was a nice summers night with a slight breeze,
There was something different about this night it was not like the other nights.

I closed up the concession stand set the alarm .

I decided to take a walk outside to get to a breath of fresh air .
I started smelling smoke I looked around the area to see where it might be coming from.

It was there just ahead over to the left side of the big screen , there I could see little puffs rising up from the woods .

There was a dirt road to the left where a truck can go there to service the screen it's all over grown now. I went walking along the pavement going towards the dirt road stopping at the edge .

I peered through the darkness the best I could spotting a small camp fire in there ,
I seen two guys and a girl .

I tried to get as close as I possibly could with out being noticed by them ,
I "heard a lot of talking",.

I could not tell what they were saying I walked in on that road looking for a place to hide .

I tried peeking at them from all different angles I had no success .

There just wasn't any good coverage to hide behind . Still having trouble seeing what was going and what were they were doing ? .

I did not want to get caught they were a bit drunk they could barely stand up on their own. I kept on creeping closer, then finally I found a big oak tree to hide behind .

It was very dark there That small camp fire provided just enough light so I could see what was going on .

I was glad I was not noticed from where I was hiding ;
I tried to guess their ages in my mind .

The guys looked to be eighteen or nineteen , the girls age . I couldn't be sure she looked to be maybe seventeen almost eighteen .

She was wearing a "short skirt" It went above the knees when she bent over I could see her"naked" pussy .

The guy and girl went to about middle of the road .
There he placed the blanket down , she started taking off her clothes and laid down .

She spread her legs"wide" open the guy started stroking his cock , .

I am Glad that I hid" behind the big oak tree " it must have been at least two feet around .

we're ready now put out that fire , I was waited to make my next move .

"Hey where are you two" a voice called out from the darkness . I can't see a thing front of me where are you.

where over here follow our voices I listened closely
to her voice .

She was talking to the guy next to her here take my hand and come down next to me .

The other guy that called out to her I can't find you two. where are you ? follow my voice you will find us soon enough .

I listened very closely the voices as I traveled along the inside of the road . I did not want them to hear my foot steps .

You made it "yeah finally" It was hard locating
you guys in the darkness . I was with her so I'll go first , " Hey that's not fair " I had to make sure the fire was out

You can have when I get done; I want in before she cools down . Alright then it's my turn next Yeah ,
Common "Would You Guys" shut up and Fuck me already!

I slowly walked over moving in a little bit closer each time using baby steps.

Where are you she said to him , I'm right here next to you he replied . Hey baby "Spread your legs wider " I'll find your wet pussy ,.

"Hey" that's my leg" not my pussy .
“Oh, yes, oh ah yeah, it's in me now !! oh your dick feels so good . I'm feeling you deep inside me Oh ah oh my God!!!!!!! .

I knew now where I was now in relation to the voices .
I must have I moved a bit too close . I must be near the top end of their blanket , I thinking to myself. .

I heard heavy breathing the sounds of hot sex gave me a hard on right there . I didn't dare go any closer ,

fearing I might have stepped on her .

I could now hear her clearly her moaning became louder . Oh! god that's so good oh my ah yes! Oh god .

I could hear the sound of skin slapping together It Sounded like he was pounding her pussy real good .

She continued saying oh my God I’m going to cum baby give it to me oh yeah fuck me hard . "I’'m going to

cum "I’m oh God I'm almost there oh yes I’m cumming again oh ah it feels so good .

Her moaning continued oh God I'm going to cum again I'm almost there too baby .

I'm going to blow my load ,"Oh, God. I'm going to come!. now "Ouch" why the fuck did you push me off ?

I'm not getting pregnant because you won't pull out of me asshole . you said you're the pill well I lied I'm not .

Fuck it's on my tits and face good thing I'm naked .

"Hey" it's my turn now where are you ? I'm right here .
alright I'll guide you in me .

Oh baby your cock it's stretching my pussy oh god fuck me, it feels so good ah yeah baby.

I'm going to be sore when I get home , Oh God Oh yes fuck me oh it feels so good oh yeah baby yes fuck my tight pussy.

I could hear the rustle of getting clothing the other guy must be getting dressed . OH ah yeah God baby your pussy so tight and wet oh fuck yeah.

I'm going to cum again I am almost there I think oh yes " I'm cumming!!! ". Yeah baby it feels good oh yes

please keep fucking me!!! . Yes baby right there that's the spot oh push it deeper baby oh yes harder .

Make me cum ah oh Fuck Yeah you're Filling me up deeper . I could hear her bottom hitting the ground as it raised up and back down she made a thumping noise .

Yeah baby oh fuck I'm cumming again oh ah yes yes oh ah baby . I'm cumming again that’s it fuck mee yes fuck me good.

I took out my cock and began jerking off too , I tried to keep as quiet as possible.

Ah Baby I'm going to cum he said don't push me off
I'll pull out . Just as fast he pulled out and cumming all over her . Within seconds I started erupting all over her face below me .

I heard her say " Hey" what the fuck was that ? .

I felt something on face It must be rain we'd better be going . You guys help me get up my legs and pussy are "so" sore .

Dam you guys " I'm covered in cum now " it's on my tits and face . Give me that towel so I can wipe off .

I better go get washed up in the ladies room before you take me home .

I back up slow into the darkness of the night , I waited there till the were gone.

The three of them walked out carrying the blanket she was in the middle holding their hands .

Dam you guys I’m going to be so sore down there tomorrow . It's not our fault you got drunk you were so horny your needs had to be filled .

yes but did you have to be so rough you know I am so sore yeah we know you told us already .

See the attached pictures when the event happened that evening.

The Big oak has fallen now due to a big storm in the area.

This memory all is still very vivid deep in my mind

I will Never forget that wonderful night .
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