This story is for my gay/bi male readers. Its themes include incest and young so reed no further if you are not interested in those topics. This is the story of a teenager named Billy staying with his Uncle for the summer and discovering his uncle’s gay porn stash…Please read Part 1 first
My Uncle Joe lay on the edge of my bed, he had a smile on his face as he looked into my thirteen year old eyes. He was naked except for the black fishnet stockings and garter belt, his crotch was shaved clean and his semi-hard penis sat in a puddle of cum on his belly. My bed was covered in a shower curtain and massage oil that we had rubbed all over our bodies. I stood at the end of the bed, my cum covered penis now limp, my legs still trembling from the intense pleasure of my orgasm while a vibrating noise came from a small butt plug ejected from my ass now humming on the floor between my legs. It was about nine in the morning, we still had all day.

Joe got up and hugged me, he sucked on my nipples which made me laugh and he asked, “The day is just getting started, do you ever cum more than once a day?”

“Yes,” I answered him. “After feeling up my girlfriend I started jerking off in the mornings and evenings.” Joe laughed.

“Good. I will be right back.” he said. He got up and left the room. When he came back in he had a small briefcase that was locked. He unlocked it and opened it. Inside were handcuffs and straps as well as some things I did not recognize. “I have to go to the store for a few hours and I want you to not touch yourself while I am gone.” He began tying straps to the corners of the bed. Joe told me to lay down on my back, I did. He spread my legs and slid the small butt plug back into my tight boyhole. It was still vibrating. Next he locked leather straps around my wrists and ankles and secured them tightly to the four bedposts. I was now stretched out like his little sex slave.

“How long do I have to be like this?” I asked feeling vulnerable. Joe knelt over and sucked my cum covered limp penis into his mouth, he sucked on it and nibbled gently on my foreskin. He told me for a few hours. He said he was going to the store to pick up some things for me before my Aunt Jenny got home. He then brought a stand, the television and a VCR from his bedroom into my room. He set them up at the foot of the bed. He took a strap and tightly wrapped it around my hips and ass so the buttplugg was trapped in me. Joe bent over and sucked my little 5” cock until it was erect again, then he turned on the VCR. He told me the movie was about 3 hours of porn and that it would repeat. He then left me there. I heard him change and then leave.

I laid there for hours, watching a hot tranny porn, my hormones building up inside of me. After the first hour the batteries gave out in the butt plug in my ass, that was the end of the sexual pleasure and now I was unable to satisfy myself, I could only stare at my own penis with wanton and lust. When my uncle finally returned the movie had just started over, and I was glad to see him because I really had to pee. By now my cock was limp and resting in a small pool of pre-cum on my belly. Joe showed me what he had gone shopping for, he pulled out a bra, a few pairs of panties, stockings and a garter belt, all in my size. He told me he had another surprise but I had to get dressed first. He untied me and sucked on my cock for a couple of minutes then he sat me up.

Uncle Joe helped me dress up, first with the bra, placing his fake boobs in the bra cups, and latching it after it was on, my cock started to get erect again. Then I slipped the nylon stockings up each of my legs and attached them to the garter belt. After that I slipped on the thong my uncle Joe had picked out for me. Everything he bought was black, the thong felt sexy, and my erect cock popped out of the front of it. I stood in front of the mirror on the back of the bedroom door. I enjoyed seeing my body dressed up like this, and I was still super horny and on the edge of cumming. He then took the thong off, and then pulled a strange gadget out of his sex bag. It was clear plastic and had a lock on it. “This is a chastity lock for your cock, so you can’t touch it. He carefully snapped the cock shaped plastic piece over my penis. Then he latched it around my balls and locked it. Now I could not touch my horny sex organ. The device did have a slit in the end so I could pee. My balls were still exposed but felt tight due to the clamp tightly latched around the top of my nut sack.

“I have brought you another surprise.” Joe said winking at me. He left the room and came back in with another man, he looked like he was in his early twenties, like he was in college or something. He was good looking, he had brown hair and looked like he might be part Asian. He smiled nervously. “I met Andy at the sex shop in the video booths,” my uncle continued, “His cock is just the right size for your little boyhole Billy. I want you to know how good it feels having a nice hard cock fucking your asshole. I just sucked a lot of cum out of Andy’s cock, so he will last a while banging your tight ass.” My uncle undressed then took the thong off of me and helped Andy undress. Andy had a hard penis already, it was about 5 inches long and very narrow, his circumcised cock curved heavily to one side, more that any cock I had ever seen, and his mushroom head was small and not very plump.

I sat on the edge of the bed and Andy walked over to me. He stopped with his hard cock right in my face. I knew what I had to do. Actually not what I had to do, more like what I wanted to do, or even by now what I needed to do. I used one hand to grab his cock and I began licking the purple head. He moaned a little and kept his gaze fixated on me. Soon I was sucking the whole length of his small bent cock, it was much easier to handle than my uncle Joes and didn’t make me gag. Meanwhile my uncle Joe sat in a chair next to the bed and watched me suck on Andy, while slowly stroking his cock. I kept on reaching down with my free hand to attempt to stroke my cock, but it was impossible due to the chastity locking my pole up tightly. By now my cock was almost fully erect, which made it extremely uncomfortable due to it’s tight confines. The harder my penis got the further it pulled the chastity up, causing the chastity to pull tightly on the ring around my balls. The ring by now was uncomfortably tight around my sack and squeezing my balls painfully upwards due to my growing erection. After a few minutes my uncle Joe got behind me on the bed and began pushing down on my shoulders, he did this with rhythm causing me to bounce on the bed. At first I couldn’t figure why he would do this, but I quickly figured out why he was doing it. Every time I bounced on the bed the small buttplug that had been in my little boy ass all afternoon would ram up into me a little. I had almost forgotten about the plug. Now the plug was the only sexual pleasure I could get. The bouncing also helped the blow job I was giving Andy. By now my cock was semi hard, but not hard enough to hurt like before. After about five minutes of more sucking and bouncing Andy pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood me up.

“You ready to get your little boy ass fucked with a real cock for the first time?” As Andy asked me I felt a sharp pain in my virgin boyhole as my uncle pulled the small butt plug out of me.

“Uuuhhhhhh”, I cried delirious with lust at this point. “Ohh yes, please fuck my tight ass, I need it so bad, please fuck me, cum in me, fuck me hard.” I blurted out. Half of what I just said I realized came right out of the porn I had been watching for hours.

Andy moaned and turned me around; while I stood he knelt down behind me, spreading my thirteen year old buttcheeks. I felt his tongue begin to lick my sore sphincter, it felt amazingly good. He licked and ate my butthole, sending tingling waves of pleasure through my groin and up my spine. He would stop and finger my ass with one or two fingers then go back to licking my ass. My semi limp cock began to grow with the pleasure, causing pain again in my testicles. After a few minutes I noticed clear pre-cum dripping from the slit at the end of the clear plastic cock case that was holding my penis prisoner. He continued this for about ten minutes, which to me seemed like an eternity of aching balls and subtle anal pleasure.

Andy finally stopped licking my ass and told me to kneel on the bed doggy style. I was now very familiar with this sex position after seeing it in a lot of my uncle’s porn. I crawled on all fours into the middle of the bed. “Mmmm you look really sexy my little boy slut.” Andy said. “I bet you like wearing that little getup. I know I like looking at your young body all dressed up, it makes me want to fuck your little asshole.” He crawled up on the bed behind me. The lust at this point was so overwhelming, my entire body was trembling, butterflies swirled in my tummy, and my head spun with sex craze. I was scared to be fucked in the ass, but I knew I couldn’t be that bad because Andys cock was not much bigger than the dildo my uncle Joe had fucked my ass with earlier. My uncle brought Andy over some lubrication. Andy set it on the bed next to me. He began to rub his shaft up and down my ass crack. While doing that he used one of his hands to reach around and grasp on of my fake tits under the bra I was wearing. “Mmm, I bet you wish those were real titties don’t you, boy-slut?” I answered yes. His shaft filling my ass crack felt good. After a little while he reached down and grabbed the lubrication, he squirted it onto his cock and hand, and then he rubbed his fingers all around my asshole smearing the lube for the popping of my boy cherry. Next I felt his warm soft cockhead nestle at my entrance. My heart was pounding with anticipation. Andy slowly began to push his cock into me. It hurt a little as he pierced my rectum, but the pain quickly subsided. He paused there for a few seconds with his penis half way in my, then he pushed in further piercing my second sphincter. I gasped with discomfort and pleasure, as warm a sensation overtook my body from his cock being inside me, the tip of which was putting painful preassure onto my bladder that by now was uncomfortably full.

“I have to pee” I cried out urgently. My uncle grabbed a small pail and placed it under my cock. As Andy slowly started pumping me with his dick I let my bladder go. The piss shot out of my dick through the slit in the end of the plastic cock cover, the inside of the device filled with my warm piss also. Andy heard the pee coming out and paused his pumping with his cock buried as far as he could push it into my ass. Both my uncle and Andy groped my body as I wilted with the sensations of finally relieving my bladder. It seemed like I peed forever and finally it slowed down and stopped. My uncle shook the piss out of the device and wiped up the area with a towel and removed the pale. Andy began to pump my ass again. The sensation of pain increased for a moment with the pumping but then it subsided and was replaced with a more encompassing feeling of warmth and pleasure. Andy had both his hands on my hips and after a minute of slowly pumping me, it began to feel really good in a sexual way, I wanted more so I began bucking my hips back at his thrusts. I let out a long groan as he increased his rhythm and began to really fuck my little ass. I could hear his skin slapping against mine, his balls slapping against my hairless thighs. This felt better than I ever could have imagined, still not as good as direct penis stimulation, but still hot in it’s own way. My uncle slowly stroked his hard cock as he watched Andy sodomize his thirteen year old nephew. Andy fucked my ass hard for at least ten minutes, I looked down between my legs at my trapped cock and noticed pre-cum dripping out of the end of the chastity, with the bucking motion of being fucked so hard the stringy clear liquid was being flung all over the bed underneath me. Then my uncle got in front of me on the bed and offered his cock to my mouth. I started sucking his large shaft, moaning while being fucked for the first time. After another couple of minutes the feeling in my ass began to slowly build, and soon I felt an orgasm coming on. I spit out my uncles uncut cock and began to cry “ohhhh, yes, I am cumming, ohhh fuck my ass, don’t stop, I am cumming…” My uncle Joe began feverishly stroking his cock and within a few pumps was shooting cum in my face. Andy didn’t stop, he just began to fuck my ass harder. As my orgasm broke out my semi hard cock began to shoot it’s load and with every shot my rectum grasped Andy’s cock tightly. Andy began to cum in my ass a minute or two after my orgasm had finished. He buried his hard cock deep in me and I felt his member begin to throb as it pumped load after load of cum into my boy hole. Afterwards I lay on the bed limp, my legs shaking from the intense ass fucking I had just received, and my face covered in cum.

Andy began to get dressed and my uncle finally freed my cock from the chastity device. After my cum covered cock was free from the device my uncle knelt down, taking my whole limp cock and balls into his mouth and sucking all of the cum off of them. He then handed me a towel which I used to wipe of my face and other parts of my body. He then thanked Andy and saw him off. When my uncle came back we cleaned up the room, and put everything away before my aunt Jenny came home from work. As we cleaned my uncle told me about different sexual experiences he has had with men over the years, even about how he hired a tranny prostitute once. We showered together after we cleaned up, my uncle washed down my young body, and massaged my muscles. I returned the favor, even after all the sex and cumming three times in one day my uncle was still getting a hard-on. After the shower we went out to work on his motorcycle. While we worked Joe told me to check my aunt Jenny out, “She is a hot Billy, make sure you check out her nice ass and tits. In fact she likes it when men check her out, it really turns her on, so I am sure she won’t mind seeing you peeping at her titties.

About an hour later Jenny got home from work. Aunt Jenny was 28, and had long red hair, blue eyes and was about six feet tall and she was very attractive. She had small b cup breasts that she always kept in firm bra’s, that gave her what I thought looked like Barbie doll boobs. Her ass was her hottest attribute, it was firm and very round, and because of that it looked very out of place on her skinny frame. She usually wore a blouse and skirt. Her blouses always covered her breasts fully, she never was seen with cleavage. She asked how my day was and I told her Uncle Joe and I had a lot of fun. Joe entered the kitchen where we were talking. Aunt Jenny bent over to grab a bottle of vodka out of a cabinet, I watched her from behind, as the back of her short skirt pulled up revealing more and more of her tan inner thighs, her ass fitting tightly in her skirt. Joe saw me looking and gave me a wink and a smile. Aunt Jenny seemed to drink a lot, even right after work. It was not uncommon for her to pass out in the evening on the couch with a mixed drink in her hand.

Jenny went on to cook dinner and we all hung out and talked about this and that. Jenny mentioned that tomorrow Matt and Mikes mother Carol invited me over to swim in their pool. After dinner we all sat down and watched a movie in the living room. About half way through my Aunt and uncle went in to the kitchen and Jenny began to pour herself another drink. I heard a little giggle from my aunt and then she said, “Ah, stop it.” When she came back into the living room I noticed her erect nipples pointing through her tank top. I followed my Uncle Joe’s advice and gawked at her small but firm breasts, she saw me and a sly smile crossed her face. She didn’t say anything, then my Uncle came back in and we continued watching the movie.

The next morning I awoke to the sounds of my aunt and uncle getting ready for work. I lay in the bed on my back. I let my imagination run wild, my hormones flowing with their normal morning vigor. Even with all of the cock I had fucked lately my thoughts were about my aunt Jenny and her nice ass and her pert nipples poking through her tank top the night before. I began to doze off, my thoughts turned into dreams. I dreamt of undressing Jenny and feeling her firm breasts, playing with her pink nipples. Feeling her inner thighs and fingering her wet pussy. Soon I was fucking her tight pussy as she cried out in pleasure. Then I pulled my cock out of her and placed it at the entrance of her tight butthole. She looked at me with concern and begged me, “No, no, don’t put it in there, no, I don’t like that, Billy don’t do it!”
“Billy, Billy, wake up.” I awoke to find Jenny standing in the doorway to my room, the door still in her hand. I saw her face flush as her eyes stared at the bulge from my rock hard cock making a tent out of the sheet covering me, at the top of the tent was a half dollar sized wet spot from my leaking pre-cum.

I quickly sat up brining my knees up also to cover my erection. I felt embarrassed. Our eyes met and for a second I could see the lust in her eyes. Then she got control of herself.

“Sorry Billy, didn’t mean to barge in on you like that. I wanted to let you know before I left that Carol is expecting you for lunch. They have everything you need over there, just bring your swimming trunks, a change of clothes and a towel and have fun. See you tomorrow.” She gave me a quick smile and then left. Soon after my uncle Joe came in and said good-bye before he left for work. He handed me a small grocery bag then left. I lay in bed still semi hard and opened up the bag, inside was a tranny magazine, a small tube of baby oil and a small rubber dildo. I opened up the envelope to find about 10 or so pictures and all of them were my Aunt Jenny. She was dressed in some really sexy pink lingerie, stockings, garter belt, corset, the whole nine yards. Each picture she revealed more until the last 5 pictures which showed her pussy and small tits. My erection was back and I quickly got to work on satisfying it. I spread the pictures out on my bed and sat next to them. I started stroking my hard morning wood, the same hard morning wood my aunt saw pitching a tent under the sheet. I was amazed at how much seeing my aunt’s pussy turned me on. Soon I was shooting cum all over my chest and belly. I hid the pictures away in my luggage and took a shower. After I grabbed my swimming trunks as well as a towel and the erotic items my uncle gave me and put them in my duffle bag.

I walked down the block to Matt and Mike’s house. It was late morning now and they were eating a snack on the porch with their mother. Her name was Carol, she grabbed me some snacks and we hung out there until they suggested we go swimming. I brought my bag upstairs and changed into my swimming trunks. I put my bag in Matt’s room and went out to the pool. Matt and Mike were in the pool already. I jumped in while Carol watched us swim reading a magazine. We messed around in the pool for a few hours and then we got out. Matt wanted to show me his new car models, so we went upstairs to his room. We hung out in his room goofing off for an hour or so before Carol yelled to us from downstairs that she was going to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. As soon as her car left and we were home alone Matt got out his porn mag and soon we were pitching tents in our damp trunks as we gawked at the naked women. After a while I pulled out my porn magazine, and showed them what a tranny was. They were both amazed and also uncomfortable.
“Ewww.” Matt said as he pointed to a picture of a guy sucking on a big black tranny cock. “This is gay porn, only gay guys suck dick.”

“I think it’s pretty hot, and it feels really good too. Besides you’re only gay if you love men.”I replied. That shut Matt up and we continued to browse through and gawk at the porn my Uncle had given me until Mike came across a picture of an uncut cock.

“What is wrong with his penis” he asked.

“He has foreskin. That is how a penis looks if you are not circumcised.” I replied. I explained more about foreskin then told them I was un-circumcised. Mike asked to see my foreskin. I told them I would show them my dick if they showed me theirs. After a quick nod of approval we all dropped our shorts, Matt and Mike only enough to expose their erect cocks, I went all the way and took mine completely off leaving me naked from head to toe. They both did as well. We all stood in a small circle and curiously looked at each other’s naked bodies. Both Matt and Mikes penises were hard as a rock, Mike didn’t have any pubic hair. Matt had a few brown hairs emerging lightly above his member. Matt’s cock was a little smaller than mine, maybe a bit thicker, his balls were cold and like mine and Mikes and had scrunched up tightly into thick sacks. Little Mikes dick was maybe three and a half or four inches, his cock head was plumper than his older brothers.

Matt looked at my shaved crotch questioningly. “You don’t have any pubes yet?”

“I do, I just shaved them, I think it looks better.”

I pulled back my foreskin and rolled it forward a few times in front of them. I noticed Mike seemed the most interested so I asked him if he wanted to touch it. Without any hesitation Mike reached out and grasped my hard cold shaft and awkwardly pulled my foreskin back. He pulled it forward the with his other hand and began touching it’s wrinkly mass. Pre-cum stuck to his little fingers bringing a puzzling look over his big brown eyes. He pulled his hand away and rubbed it between his fingers smelling it. “Is that from you?” He asked. Matt and I laughed and told him yes. Matt went next and played with my cock. While he fondled me I reached over and grabbed his cock.

After a few minutes of fondling I asked Matt if I could suck on his cock. He didn’t reply so I knelt down in front of him while his little brother watched nervously playing with his penis. I grasped his shaft, his cock was still a little cold and smelled clean like pool water. I began by licking and sucking on just his cockhead. He moaned with pleasure. I reached over with my free and hand grabbed Mikes little hard cock and began stroking it and rubbing his cold little ballsack. Then I began taking Matt’s cock shaft deeper into my mouth. I let go of his shaft and began playing with his balls. Matt rested his hands on the top of his ass cheeks behind him which pushed his waist out more towards me, I could tell he was enjoying himself. I know I was. I continued for a few minutes then moved over and took Mikes little cock into my mouth. Sucking on Mikes little nine year old cock was more like sucking on a finger. Strangely he felt so innocent and I seemed to enjoy sucking his cock more than Mikes, Andy’s or my uncles. I squeezed his ass as I sucked on his boyhood. He laughed at first nervously, and his legs would jump which would then be followed by a giggle, after a few minutes he was starting to get the picture and was moaning with pleasure. I licked one of my fingers and began nudging and tickling Mike’s tight boyhole while his brother watched stroking his cock. After another few minutes Mikes breathing began to increase and his legs began to tense. I knew his climax was coming soon. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and stoked it while pushing my finger into his little asshole. I felt his cock throb, he gasped with pleasure as his cock began to convulse into climaxes, but nothing came out. His cock climaxed for the first time but he was still too young to shoot cum. He fell back onto Matt’s bed blushing and panting. I sat next to him on the edge of the bed and Matt came over standing in front of me, his hard cock in front of my face. I began sucking him again. After five or so minutes I could tell he was getting close to cumming. I lay on my back on the bed pulling up my legs with my arms, exposing my cock, balls and butthole to Matt, just like my uncle had done for me.

I looked up at Matt, “Go ahead, put it in my butt.” As Matt approached I spit in my hand and used it to lubricate my hungry ass. Matt’s hard cock was still dripping wet from me sucking it. He timidly placed it at my entrance then pushed it in. Warmth tingled up my spine as I felt a shock of pain and pleasure from him entering me. It didn’t take Matt very long to get the hang of fucking my ass as I clenched my boyhole tightly around his cock. I pulled Mike onto me, his head between my legs and his limp cock over my head and told him to suck my cock. He did. It took him a while and finally I had to push his head down onto my cock. I sucked his little pee-pee, it was not even an inch long when soft. Matt began to cry out and grunt as he buried his cock deep in me and began emptying his cock into my bowels. I clenched my ass tight feeling his cock throb with each spurt of cum that shot into my ass. As he began to pull his now softening cock out of my ass I cried out “No, keep it in me, I am close” Feeling little Mikes mouth sucking my cock was getting me close, his hand grasping my hard shaft holding my foreskin back. I could feel my orgasm slowly starting to come on as the sound of a vehicle pulling into the driveway stopped everything.

Within an instant both Mike and Matt hopped up and ran over to the window naked. Matt looked out and frantically turned around. “Oh shit, mom is home.” We all quickly put on our swimming trunks and started putting things away. I could hear the kitchen door downstairs shutting as I hid my uncle’s tranny porn mag in my towel bag I had brought. By the time Carol was opening the door we were back too admiring Matt’s car models, both Mike and Matt’s erections had gone down but I had not cum yet, so my cock was still rock hard. I held my towel bag on my lap while I sat to hide from Carol, my little hard boyhood that had just been in her nine year old sons mouth. Carol told us she would have lunch ready in a few minutes then went back downstairs. We hung out in Matt’s room for a few more minutes, and then once my cock was soft went downstairs for lunch. After we ate we played in the pool some more then walked a few blocks to get an ice cream cone.

I got back to my Uncle Joes around dinner time. Aunt Jenny was just setting the table when I walked in. We ate a big dinner then as usual watched whatever crap was on the local channel on television. Finally both my uncle and aunt were passed out, and I was really wanting to retire to my bed to jerk-off, after being so close to cumming earlier with Matt and Mike. I shut off the TV and woke my uncle, he tried to wake up aunt Jenny, but she was passed out drunk. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom; I shut off the lights and went to my bedroom. I kept the light on and pulled out some pictures of my aunt Jenny naked; I took off my shorts and began stroking my cock hard when the door opened.

I jumped until I saw it was my uncle. He had a small pouch with him and was only wearing my fourteen year old cousin Megan’s pink panties, his semi erect cock hanging out the side of them. “Did you have fun with your friends today?” He asked smiling. I told him every detail of playing with Mike and Matt. As I told him he slowly stroked his large now hard member. He approached the bed after I told him, I was now sitting on the edge of it, nude pictures of his wife scattered on top of my bed sheets. “I bet you liked sucking on those little cocks?” He said as he stood in front of me, his cock right in front of my face. He grabbed the base of his eight and half inch cock and began to slap me in the face with it’s hard warmth. I began stroking my now hard cock while I opened up my mouth to start sucking on his dick when he stepped back. He opened up the bag and pulled out the chastity device, the same one he had used on me before. I didn’t want to put it on, I wanted to cum, really badly, especially after going so far with Mike and Matt and almost cumming.

“Umm.” I mumbled in a foolish attempt to object, but before I knew it my Uncle was attaching the device to me.

“There you go….” He said, snapping the part in place as I whimpered in pain, my balls being stretched again out from the tight plastic ring that clipped around them attached to the clear plastic penis shaped tube that now covered my hard cock. Then he put a small padlock through the base latch of the device and locked it. “You are going to have to trust me Billy, just keep this on for a few days, I have the day after tomorrow off, and your aunt Jenny has to work. Don’t tell anyone, and don’t let Matt and Mike know.” He took off his nieces panties and handed them to me, “Put these on, they will help hide the bulge from the device better than you boxers will.” I began to slip them on when he stopped me by grabbing my hand. “Not now.” He whispered, and then he placed my hand onto his hard cock shaft. I brought his swollen glans into my mouth and began sucking and licking it. Soon I was sucking my uncles cock deeply while rubbing his balls. He moaned quietly as I worked his cock. After about ten minutes of sucking his dick he began to tense up then his cock started shooting cum down my teenage throat. After that he left with the key to my cock in his hand.

I slept in the next morning and spent the day hanging around the house. I had to sit to pee with the chastity on. I wore my cousin’s panties which did help hide the bulge between my legs from being noticeable. I tried not to think about sex or the porn I had easy access to. After my aunt and uncle got home from work we went out grocery shopping, I tried to talk my way out of it but they took me along anyway. I was really paranoid about the chastity being noticed, but no one could tell. We went home and had dinner then as usual watched a movie until bedtime. That night my uncle came into my room again, this time it was after I put the lights out. He was naked and he got into bed with me and took off all my clothes. He kissed my nipples and caressed by balls, which were sore from being strangled for twenty four hours. Next he flipped me onto my belly and spent about ten minutes licking my asshole and sticking his tongue into me. My penis got hard as my level of sexual arousal rose, causing the chastity to tighten and strangle my balls more, the pain was starting to be unbearable. As I began to whimper my uncle lay down on his back and told me to suck his cock. After another ten minutes he was cumming into my mouth. I swallowed and he left me alone, wishing I had the key..........

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