I’m writing this with His permission. I need to write this down as fast as I can so I don’t forget a single detail. He didn’t force me to write it, it is my own idea. I guess it’s perhaps one of the last things of my own.

I’m 14 now, but I guess I should start with when I was 11. I had met a boy on vacation. A friend.
I’ve always been social so I make friends wherever I go, but for some reason this was different. No one could separate us during our entire stay at the camp. Every day I hung out with him and when our holiday was over and we left I cried for 3 days straight.

A year later when I hit my puberty it didn’t take long for me to figure out that those naughty online pictures only worked when there was a guy involved. Soon only guys were needed for me and by the time I was 13 I was jerking myself to gay porn on a weekly basis.

I come from a very open family and I know that they won’t mind me being gay. The problem is, or was I should say, that I had a problem with it. I couldn’t imagine myself be happy with a boyfriend later in life. Whenever I saw footage of our gay pride I was disgusted. I couldn’t see myself be any one of those men in chaps or drag. I wasn’t like that.
So whenever I jerked to gay porn I felt dirty and guilty afterwards. Then some random guy online found the perfect solution for it. I met him on a gay chat site and he convinced me to give him a cam show. Getting attention from another man felt so good I did it for him.

It was easy. He ordered me around and let me do tons of naughty things. For the first time in my life I was able to fully enjoy being gay. I loved the idea of another man treating me like a toy and he would jerk to me. I even played with my hole and afterwards I didn’t feel dirty about it. I just told myself I did it because he had asked it.

After two more cam sessions with this guy and I traded my weekly gay porn jerking for a weekly slave session. I would go to random gay chat sites and ‘sold’ myself for a few hours as webcam slave. I loved every minute of it. I started shaving my body hair (thankfully we have private showers at school) and even started dressing myself more ‘sexy’.
I wore the tightest jeans I could buy with matching shirts. I let my hair grow longer so I looked ‘cuter’.
All this because I suddenly knew there were men out there getting sexually aroused by the sight of me.

When I turned 14 I got a laptop with built-in webcam for my birthday. A perfect gift so now I could take my online masters with me in bed.

The last master I had was a man with the nickname ‘Boytrainer’. He started as most masters. Order me to strip sexy, show off my cock and ass, jerk a little. It was nearing the end of my session when he got really creative. I had to get a sharpie. Of course I already knew what was going to happen and had one specially for that. But instead of having to stick it in me I first had to dribble some precum on it, look right into the cam. Say my real name and tell the webcam I loved the taste of cock before I licked it clean. It made my heart beat faster and even made me blush a little. It was so naughty and fun. Without really thinking about it I followed his orders and used my real name (Lex).
Once master was satisfied I had to push the sharpie in me and do a similar thing. After my dirty toy had been as far up my ass as I could without pain I looked into the cam and said: “I’m Lex. I love to taste and feel a cock in my. Please let me take yours.”

Boytrainer was so pleased I was allowed to cum for him. I quickly jerked myself to an orgasm and came a big load into the palm of my hand. As with most masters it wasn’t over yet. He ordered me to drink all my cum and lick my fingers clean. However after my orgasm my hormones had died out and the tension was gone. I didn’t feel like tasting my own cum at all. So after boytrainer started to get annoying I quickly clicked the block button and was out of his service. I cleaned myself and the sharpie before I crashed onto my bed for a good night of sleep.

So here my story really starts. Family week was coming up. My dad has a total of 8 sibblings. 5 brothers and 3 sisters. A giant family. They have a tradition called family week where they would put money together and rent a part of a camp or hotel and spent the entire week together.
It sounds fun but to be honest I hate it. My dads family are all selfish narcistic asses. They are nice, or at least pretent to be, but all they care about are themselves. They are the type of people who ask how you are doing only so they can start telling you about their problems or successes. The moment you see that you’ll start hating them all. I don’t have that many cousins, but the few I have are either spoilt brats, ADHD patients or a combination of the two.
The only one during these family weeks I can sort of talk to is Gerard. And funny enough he isn’t from my dads side. He’s my mother’s only brother. A couple of years ago we invited him to our family week since he is a bit of a lonely guy. Even since then he became a part of the tradition.

Gerard is a loner type of guy. He is social, but a very successful business man and really married to his work. He is really rich but doesn’t show it off and he always talks with this hint of authority, but without being self-centred.

This time the family had rented a really awesome location. It was an old outdoors sports/athletics centre converted to a camp. There were small but cool cabins spread over the entire complex and in the middle was a really big house for dinner and such. We had enough people to have rented the entire place.
And we were one of the first to arrive, so after a bit of convincing and pleading I managed to get my own private single cabin instead of having to share one with my sisters. Now I was extra glad I brought my laptop with me. There was free wifi and with my own private little house I could probably do more than one extra-long slave sessions online. I had even made sure I had my sexiest outfits with me.

Throughout the day my uncles and aunts arrived and picked out a cabin. Gerard was one of the last to arrive. But to my lucky surprise he got one of the biggest cabins on the camp. Despite him being single. Most other cabins had been taken and the big one was at the far end of the complex and closest to mine. I was lucky cause I had worried about one of my loud ADHD cousins getting that one. With Gerard as only one close to me I knew I could sleep in late without any problems.

About an hour before dinner the family was complete and had gathered in and around the main building. I did a small round and tried to talk to everyone for a bit. It didn’t take long for me to start to get annoyed by the endless monologues of my family talking about themselves. I was so glad when I ran into Gerard I even gave him a hug. We chatted about a couple of things but then an uncle of interrupted us and turned the conversation to himself. Of course.
My annoyance got the better of me and I excused myself to go to my cabin. I was bored and installed my laptop in the corner of the room. After a few minutes of surfing online I undressed myself and started taking dirty pictures. Being nude in this unfamiliar environment really added to my arousal. I loved taking dirty poses on the bed I had never slept in before.

I nearly fell of the bed in shock when someone knocked loudly on my door.
“Hey there neighbour.” I heard Gerard say.
“If you are not busy come by my cabin for a bit. I got something that might interest you.”
My heart was thumping but I managed to control my voice. “Sure, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” I shouted back and started gathering my clothes. Instead of putting on my skinny jeans I went for the only jeans I had that were kind of baggy. My cock was half hard and I didn’t want to wait for it to go down all the way, so the baggy trousers easily hid my cock.

It was a short walk to his cabin and by the time I knocked on his door my cock was soft again. I relaxed and wondered for what he had called me over.
I got another shock when Gerard opened the door wearing only a towel. His hair was wet and I guessed he had quickly showered while waiting for me. Still I had never seen him without his clothes. Not even in a swimsuit or anything.
“I can come back later if you want.” I quickly offered him. Gerard smiled and shook his head.
“No it’s ok if you don’t mind.” He replied. I shrugged and then followed him into his cabin. Inside it looked even bigger than on the outside. Mine had a bed/living room in one with a tiny bathroom in it. His had a separate living room and I even glimpsed a bathtub in his bathroom.
He sat down on a chair of the dinner table and offered me the chair next to it. On the table was his laptop but it looked like it was off for the screen was all black.
When I sat down myself Gerard grabbed the chair and pulled it closer to him. I was confused. What the hell was he doing.
Before I could ask he tugged the towel off his body and spread his legs. Suddenly I was staring at his flaccid cock. My heart was racing now and I looked at him. His cock was just right there. Soft, laying over his balls downwards. I got flushed.
“What-“ I tried to ask but Gerard grabbed my hand firmly and smiled friendly at me.
“It’s your surprise.” He said gently. It was so surreal. It took me a few seconds to understand.
Then I got up and looked at him.
“I’m not sure what you are thinking, but you got the wrong idea.” I told him. My voice was shaking and so were my legs. It didn’t take Gerard a lot of strength to pull me down onto the chair again.
“No?” he said while raising his eyebrow. “Lex, it’s not nice to lie you know.” He said with a soft and teasing voice. I was so confused.
He pulled my hand closed to him and lay it down onto his thigh. I could feel his warmth. All I wanted was to get the hell out.
Gerard turned a bit and smashed the spacebar on his laptop. To my horror I saw myself appear. Nude with a hard-on. I saw myself neatly covering my sharpie with pre-cum and move the sharpie to my mouth.
“Hi, I’m Lex and I love the taste of cock.” My electronic voice echoed through the cabin.

Gerard turned to me again. His eyes locked with mine and from the corner of my eye I could see myself sucking on the sharpie.
I felt how Gerard used my hand to caress his own thigh. His skin moved gently under my fingertips.
“You see” he started in a low patient voice “I don’t really call myself gay. I like women and have had several relationships. It’s just that boys have always had a special place in my heart. Something about cute teen boys such as yourself” he moved my hand closer to his crotch “is just irresistible. It took me a while to figure out why I liked them though. But in the last few years I realized it isn’t the beauty I so much adore, but their innocence. More particularly, I like taking that away.” He now placed my hand right over his half hard cock. I gasped for air and my heart skipped several beats. I was touching his cock. I could feel the soft skin and the blood rushing. He folded my hand around it and slowly started jerking himself with my hand. Moving his uncut skin up and down. I could hardly hear him anymore. I was scared and confused. And adding to it I felt my own cock twitch a little.
“Oh don’t be scared now.” He comforted me. “I don’t like to force myself on boys. That’s horrible. No I like to see innocent teen boys corrupt themselves. I love going online in search for skinny camslaves who, in their bedroom with mom and dad but a few yards away, act like professional dirty whores.”
Up and down my hand went. I just stared at the man I suddenly didn’t recognize anymore. I felt his cock being rock hard now. Throbbing with every jerk. I had a bulge of my own now that made me sweat.
He closed his eyes and just relaxed as if I was jerking him myself. I even felt my fingers getting slick with his precum. He moved one finger of his free hand over his tip, collecting it.
He slowly moved that finger to my face and started spreading it over my lips. I didn’t want it at all but I was frozen in place. It was so surreal.
He continued his speech in such a slow patient way.
“Did you know I almost called your mom to tell her I wasn’t going this year? I hate your family. They are all selfish morrons.” Even though he was still spreading his precum over my lips I couldn’t help but smile a little when he voiced my thoughts over my dad’s family.
My smile disappeared quickly when I saw how I was sticking that sharpie in my own ass.
What was I going to do?

“And lo and behold look who I find in front of the cam.” He continued, he moved his finger away from my lips and gently cupped my cheek in his warm hand. “My own dirty nephew, craving for cock late at night in front of the cam. Oh look at you.” He was talking so gently and nice. He waved his hand towards the laptop. I was just about to cum.
“And now I have my own slaveboy. How cool is that?” he said and looked at me with the biggest smile.
Slowly I regained some of myself. I jerked my hand from his cock and slapped his other hand from my face.
“I’m not yours.” My voice was barely audible.
Gerard just smiled. “Why not? You look just ready for me.” He said and pointed once more at my dirty video. I stood up. I didn’t care. I just wanted to get the hell away from him.
“Leave me alone.” I said and I felt more confident for my voice sounded stronger now.
Gerard’s smile disappeared.
“Now now Lex. It would be a shame if this video was sent anonymously to your parents now?”
I froze in place once more. That couldn’t happen. He saw my reaction.
“Or even worse, what if this was uploaded and spread online. What would your friends think?” I hated how slow and gently he talked. It was almost as if he was telling me about the weather. So controlled, despite my video playing in a loop and his hard cock between his legs.
“I’m 14… I’ll call the cops.” I told him in a last stand of defiance.
Now Gerard really smiled again. I couldn’t believe it.
“Yeah, that would be bad wouldn’t it? As you said you are 14. Oh my you would have to tell them this entire story. They would take my laptop for evidence. And watch the video of course. Oh and then off to court. And all that for a 14 year old. That means your legal guardians, that would be your parents, will be there for the entire time. They will hear how the prosecutor tells about the video in full detail. Oh just imagine the look on your moms face. ‘At 14 minutes and 3 seconds you can see how the perpetrator asked the victim to lick his own pre-cum off the object’”. With every word I felt my world crumble around me. If I hadn’t been sitting on the chair I would have passed out.
“Oh and don’t forget about my laywer. ‘Well in his defence it’s easy to see on the video the so called victim follows my clients request out of his own free will. He looks almost eager to comply’”.
I lost it now. I closed my eyes and did my best to not cry. I was completely stuck and I saw no way out.
And to make it worse he was acting so nice. He cupped my face in both his hands now.
“That all doesn’t need to happen Lex.” He comforted me. “You will be my toy and I protect the privacy of my toy with my life if needed.”

I couldn’t help but believe him. I took a few deep breaths and steadied myself. I looked at his smiling face and down at his throbbing cock. Perhaps I could get rid of him with a simple quick blowjob. Whatever. If my first time needed to be like this then, whatever. I just wanted to get it over with.
He read my every thought.
“Don’t worry now Lex. I don’t want to force myself upon you. You’ll be my dirty willing slave. Just don’t worry. By the end of the week you’ll be wanting to suck me with all your heart. You’ll be begging for it yourself.” He said in a comforting voice, although it only made me more scared.
Then he stood up. His cock bounced in front of my face. But then he turned and walked to the little sink and poured a glass of water. He handed it to me.
“Here, I can imagine this must the quite a shock.” I took it and drank a few big gulps. It helped. It slowed my heartbeat and I could think better.
“Oooh Lex, you see it’s not that bad.” He said and pointed to my crotch.
Even my baggy jeans couldn’t hide the massive tent my cock had made. I hated myself for it but it was true, I was aroused.

“Why don’t you show your master what you have for me?” he asked my gently. I didn’t want to and remained seated. Gerard chuckled. “Don’t worry I already know what’s there, I just want to see it in real life.” He pointed at the video again.
“Oh and don’t be ashamed. You really have a nice tool for you age. Must run in the family” he added with a chuckle and made his own cock bounce. I had to admit he was right. His cock wasn’t super large or anything, but definitely bigger than average.
I obeyed. I just obeyed.
I stood up and quickly pulled my pants and underwear down. My own cock bounced up. I saw Gerard looking at it. I saw my naked uncle staring at my shaven crotch and to my hatred it aroused me more. Under his gaze my cock grew larger and stood up higher.

Gerard walked over to his chair and patted my butt softly. “Good boy.” He softly said.
Then something weird happened. I still hated everything but a part of me just let go. I just let myself go. I was his now and if that aroused me, so be it. Instead of pulling my pants up I just sat down, making my cock point even higher. I was there, exposing myself to my uncle, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Finally my heart slowed down to a normal pace again. I breathed deeply and relaxed a little.
Gerard clasped his hands together. “Now for the rules.” He said happily.
“You probably know most of them already since you have been such a nice camslave. But still I don’t want you to be confused about anything.”
I just listened to him.
“You will wear what I tell you to wear. And that” he pointed at my baggy trousers “is not what you will wear. Don’t you usually have all those tight clothes, black and stuff. They call that alternative or something right?”
“Emo” I softly corrected him.
“Ah yes emo’s. All skinny and still wearing tight clothes. Perfect. Anyway this counts for every clothing part, including your underwear. Whenever we are alone you will address me as master or Sir. Whatever you like. But only if we are alone. I want to keep my toy privately.”
I nodded slowly.
“You will obey everything I say whenever I say it. If you don’t… Well punishments will be in order.” He grinned when he said that.
“Do you understand that?” he asked gently. I slowly nodded again. He kept looking at me with a raised eyebrow. I almost stumbled on the words. “Yes, Master.” I softly whispered.
“And for the last time.” He said and he grabbed my balls softly. I gasped for air and shivered all over. He moved his hand up and grabbed my cock and started jerking me. Agonizingly slow he jerked. It was the first time in my life someone touched my cock and I heard myself moan softly. It felt so so good.
“Don’t worry Lex. I won’t rape you. You will do some things you won’t like at first but trust me, by the end of this week you’ll be a true perfect slave. No webcam stuff, but a real life breathing moaning slave.” He released my cock and it slammed onto my belly. Never had it been so hard.
I was burying my nails in my own knees without realizing. Biting on every word I answered him.
“Yes, Master.”

“Good” Gerard exclaimed. “Now it’s almost dinner time and we don’t want to miss it now? Go on and get yourself dressed in something more tight. Oh and no underwear today. I want to see your outline during dinner.” He added and chuckled.
It was over. Finally the conversation was over. I knew I was in deep trouble but at least I could walk out of his chocking cabin.
I stood up and bent over to grab my pants. I felt his hand on my shoulder right away and he squeezed.
“Now now Lex, weren’t you listening?” he said and for the first time I heard a sterness in his voice. A commanding edge had crept into it. “I just told you. You, do, not, wear, clothes, that, I, don’t, allow.” He said every word with care and force. Then his voice melted a bit.
“And that” pointing at my baggy trousers and underwear “I don’t allow. It’s way too loose. I want to see every curve of my toy at any given time. Come take it off.” He ordered me.
I sat down, shivering I took my shoes off, pants and underwear. “Oh but don’t worry you can keep your shirt on.” Gerard added. It was a cruel joke. My shirt was so tight it barely covered my belly. Even if I were to pull it down with all my strength it wouldn’t cover my cock if it were flaccid. Let alone now it was so hard. I put my shoes back on. It was a weird sensation, putting my shoes on while I felt my exposed cock.
I stood up again not sure what I had to do.
“come now, get going Lex. I don’t want to be late for dinner.” He nudged me.
My body obeyed before my mind could. I felt my legs move out of there own. Step by step I walked to the door and opened it.
A rush of summer air went between my legs and tickled my balls. Every gush reminded me I was exposing myself. I was there, at the camp that was crowded with my family, without anything to hide my boner. Just one look by a wanderer, a cousin aunt or uncle, and I would be seen.
Mine and Gerards cabin were at the far end, separated from everything. And it was a short walk but still it was a walk in the open air under the bright sun.

I went out and closed the door behind me. I managed to walk a few years in a normal pace, then another gush of wind told me about my exposure. How my cock was out in the open. I panicked. Running faster than ever I sprinted to my own cabin. My cock bounced violently against my thigh and tummy. Reminding me every yard about it.
I barged inside and slammed the door behind me. I leaned against the door and slid down onto the floor. The touch of the cold floor against my naked but again reminded me of what I had just done.
I hated Gerard. I hated myself. I was scared and felt so caught. Stuck in this weird situation. But towering above every emotion was pure arousal. It made me so hard.
I wanted to destroy everything I owned. I wished I could take very cam session back. I wanted to kick and slap Gerard around, but above all I wanted to jerk myself.
I wanted to lay down naked in front of Gerard and jerk myself until I moaned. I wanted to lay down on my belly and finger myself with more fingers than I can handle, all while Gerard would be watching and smiling.
I wanted to hear his voice, telling me I was dirty and naughty. That I was nothing but a slave.

Eventually I stood up and took a quick shower. I made sure my long hair didn’t get wet so I could hide it from Gerard. From my master.
Afterwards I got dressed. I picked out my blank skinnyjeans. It would be the only ones which wouldn’t scream ‘hey I’m wearing no underwear’.
Only if the light would hit it in a way would someone see the clear outline my cock and balls made in the tight fabric. Then I closed the button, covering my shaven pubic region I started to get hard again.
It was so arousing, so naughty. I just wished I would have done this on my own. Not with Gerard waiting for me. At this moment I hated him more than my entire family combined.

He knocked on my door. “Hey there little slave, you ready?”
I got flushed in embarrassment by the word slave. I took a deep breath and opened the door for him.
He looked down and broke out a huge smile when he saw my jeans. He even chuckled loudly.
“ah yes, I should have told you to wear blue ones. Ah well, it’s ok for now. I won’t make that mistake again.” He said it as if I had pulled a prank on him. He took my hand softly and pulled me out of the cabin. “lets go.” He said and leaded me away. Holding my hand as if we were lovers.

Nearing the main building he let my hand go in case someone would see it. Every step reminded me my cock was free in my jeans. It was curved to the left making a soft weird bulge. Luckily the voices of my family kept me flaccid.
We sat down nearing the end of the long dinner table. All of the family were waiting for dinner and talking loudly about themselves. Mom and dad sat in front of us and quickly got into a boring conversation with Gerard. I was so happy they weren’t paying attention to me. Even sitting down with the table covering my crotch I felt so exposed.
I didn’t eat much at first but the longer everyone ignored me the more comfortable I felt. Mom and dad drank a little too much wine, and so they allowed me to have two beers for myself.

It was a great idea. It wasn’t much alcohol but it really soothed my senses. I slowly forgot that the man next to my was my Master and I was nothing but a toy for him. I joined in the conversation and by the end of the dinner I was laughing again and felt happy.
After dinner, when the wine and beer was switched for the more heavy stuff I leaned into my chair and relaxed. The pleasant buzz of the beer covered my mind and I enjoyed myself.

Then the buzzing in my jeans told me I had a text. I guessed it was one of my friends so I fetch it and to my surprise it was an unknown number. Fuck. ‘Lets spice things up shall we? Make yourself hard. I wanna see if your tool fits in those skinnies.’
I hadn’t even seen him grab his phone. Let alone text me. Gerard turned to me when I stuffed my phone back into my pocket. He smiled so friendly.
“Enjoying yourself?” he asked but then was interrupted by my mom asking him about his business.
I took a few breaths and leaned forward. I placed my elbow on the table and held my head, pretending to be tired. With my other I creeped to my crotch and started tickling the bulge on the left. Scratching the fabric with my fingernails I sent thousand of pleasant jolts through my cock. In seconds it started growing.
The middle of my jeans started to feel unpleasantly tight and I shoved my cock downwards to it was along my inner thigh. It grew bigger and bigger. It was terrible hearing my parents voices while pleasuring myself. But it didn’t matter for my body. After a few more soft scratches my cock was hard and it made a weird but fully recognizable tube in my skinnies.

Once I was done I lifted my hand onto the table again. Only seconds after that I felt Gerard big hand on my knee. It slowly slid up until it met the tube. He fingered the tip and then expected the full length of it. He squeezed it and I felt myself making a spot of precum inside my jeans. I almost moaned. I closed my eyes and held my mouth shut. Don’t, please don’t. I thought as loud as I can. Hoping he would somehow hear it.
He softly fingered my tip a few more times until the precum leaked through my jeans onto his finger. Happy with the result he withdrew his hand.

Slowly I opened my eyes, thankful it was over.
“Hmm, shouldn’t you go to bed? You look really tired.” I heard mom say. My heart skipped a couple of beats and I felt my world crumble again. Not now. Just not now.
I shook my head and smiled.
“Nah I’m ok.” I told her and did my best to keep my voice steady. Gerard joined with my mom.
“Now now I think you should listen to your mother. You’ve got an entire week ahead of you.” He said gently. I heard the command in his voice. I felt so caught again. Stuck in his words.
I pretended to think about it while I softly grabbed my thick and pulled my cock sideways. It would still be visible the moment I would stand up. Not a little, but without a doubt.
I risked it. It was the only think I could think off. I pulled my cock higher. It slipped out of my tight jeans under my shirt. I aligned it with my tummy so it stood straight up.
“Hmm perhaps you are right.” I slowly said. “I’ll be off then.”
I stood up and leaned onto the table so my shirt would hide my cock.
“Night night” I said to my parents and turned around in one quick motion. I felt like I could cry.
My shirt was just too tight. There was a clear bit of thick veiny skin between my shirt and jeans. My hard cock standing up.
Luckily everyone was still at the table, except for some of my young cousins who were already off to bed.
“Oh hold on, I want to chance into something warmer. It’s getting chilly.” I heard my Master say.
I turned only my head so my back was still to my parents. “Sure.” I told Gerard.
I waited while he stood up and walked towards the exit. It didn’t walk next to him but closely behind him, so anyone we would encounter wouldn’t see my cock.

When we walked outside and left the lights of the building, hidden by darkness, I let out a huge sigh. That had been so close. Gerard chuckled and before I could stop him he jerked my shirt up revealing my entire hard cock.
“Hmm so daring.” He said happily. Then he stuffed my shirt behind my cock so it would stay out and exposed. He grabbed my cock softly and jerked it a few times while we slowly walked towards our cabins. “I hadn’t thought you would be such a risky slave. Lovely” he complimented me and ruffled my hair after he left my cock.
“Gerard” I softly started.
“Who?” he interrupted me.
“Sorry, Master” I corrected myself. “What if they had seen it…” I softly asked him.
He chuckled. “You were a fool for exposing your tool like this boy. Didn’t you see how drunk they were. You could have worn a pink tutu and they still wouldn’t have noticed.”
I felt so ashamed now. He had been right. They wouldn’t have noticed a weird curve in my dark jeans. In silence I kept walking, my cock bouncing happily in front of me.

When we neared my cabin I felt so relieved. The day was over and tonight I would be alone and free again.
“Well, master. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I softly said.
Gerard laughed loudly.
“Don’t be silly. You haven’t got your reward yet.” He said and patted my butt.
“Well actually.” He said in a more serious voice now. “I won’t give a real reward. In case you have forgotten, the last time you were in my service you completely ignore my last command.” He said with his voice growing more stern.
I was confused, last time?
He took my hand and pulled me away from the light of my cabin towards a small grassy field behind it.
“Come take of all your clothes.” He ordered. It felt better in the darkness now. I slowly underdressed myself and placed my clothing on a pile next to us. I was completely exposed now. The grass was chilling my bare feet and without the sun the cool air felt cold.
Gerard grabbed my cock again. His jerking felt so amazing. His rough big hand felt like magic around my hard cock. Every tug was bliss.
With his other hand he cupped my face and he brought his own face close to mine. He whispered gently. “As a reward for your obedience during dinner I’m going to make you cum. However because you disobeyed my command earlier you will swallow every drop.”
“I… what did I disobey? Master” I softly asked. I bit on every word for his jerking forced me to moan.
I was confused. Gerard kissed my cheek. So gentle like a lover. It sent shivers down my entire body.
“I asked you to lick up your cum, instead you blocked me on skype.” He was talking so soft but I could hear the force behind his words.
“So whatever comes out of this” he said and squeezed my cock. “Will end up in here.” He said and caressed my lips with his thumb.
I didn’t want to. I had tried it before but after I came it was over for me. I didn’t want to taste my own seed. But Gerard was my master.
His hand on my face moved down. He pushed me back a little and held his hand in front of my cock as a cup. He started jerking me faster.
“Don’t worry my slave. It will be so easy. All you have to do is open your mouth and swallow. You don’t even have to taste it if you swallow quickly.”
I wanted to protest but his hand around my cock removed all my thoughts. I lost the feeling in my legs and knees. I fell forward and steadied myself by grabbing Gerard’s shoulders. I pushed my face into his strong neck, burying my moans in his skin.

I felt my orgasm start long before it hit me. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. My toes started to curl inwards, taking in clutches of grass. I shivered but I wasn’t cold. I felt myself biting into his skin and scratching his back.
“That’s right” he whispered.

Then I came. It was the first time someone else made me cum and it was the most intense ever. My cock sprayed cum before I felt the warm sting of my orgasm wash over my body. My balls were hurting and I felt them shoot upwards so hard they seemed to go back into my body. I think I screamed but all my thoughts were gone. I was in absolute heaven.
I blacked out for a moment.

When I could see again I saw his knees in front of me. My entire lower body was icy cold and I realized I was sitting down on the cold grass. I was breathing fast and I still moaned softly.
A coldness washed over me when I felt all my arousal and tension disappear.
I looked up to my uncle. He was standing there smiling to me. Towering over me with his hand upwards holding my ‘punishment’. Without the arousal and confusion a newfound hatred washed over me.
I was out of his hold. He couldn’t do this to me. And whatever he said he was, he was still human. And humans can’t take my free will whatever they say or do.
With a grin he slowly moved his hand towards my face. I turned my head away from him and stood up.
“No.” I whispered.
I took a step back and looked at him. “No” I repeated myself with a stronger voice.
Gerard just smiled. “No?” he said slowly.
I shook my head.
I expected his wrath. I expected him to blackmail me with that video but I didn’t care. Fuck him.
I left my clothes, I didn’t care about it. I just wanted to be in my cabin, away from the world.
Gerard kept smiling and just looked at me, following me with his eyes as I stamped nude towards my cabin.
Angry I grabbed the door and tried to pull it open. It was locked. Fuck.
I turned and saw Gerard placing a foot on my jeans. The key was in the pocket. He motioned me back. I walked towards him tensing up my muscles. I would fight him if I had to.
But the nearer I got the smaller I felt. I was so naked, so exposed. He was holding my cum in his hand. Somehow my nudity made him look like a giant.
Instead of anger he showed nothing but patience.
“Lex, there are so many ways we can do this. We can fight you for the key. I can threaten you with the video. Hell I could drag you back to the building and shove you in there with your half hard cock dripping cum. Or you could just be a good slave to your master. Come now. All you have to do is sit down, open your mouth for a few seconds, and swallow.”

I lost all my free will. It wasn’t just what he said, but how he said it. So slow and deliberate. His every word felt like a statement. I let myself go again. I felt how my knees buckled and I fell to the ground on my knees. Waiting for him. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to him. Just get it over with.
Gerard crouched in front of me. He caressed my face with one hand, like a lover, and he pulled my long hair from my face and placed it gently behind my ear. Again I shivered under his touch.
I felt his nails hit my lower lips softly. He filled my mouth.
The first drop made my jolt. The bitterness of it shocked it. It was weirdly luke warm and it wasn’t really liquid now hard. It tasted terrible. He kept filling my mouth. First I was in shock by the amount. I couldn’t believe I had cum that much. The amount was unbelievable. It seemed to last forever and at the end I was in awe by the amount. The back of my throat had a deep puddle of my own cum.
Gerard caressed my lips again and pulled his hand away.
I swallowed.
I felt my lukewarm seed slide down into my stomach. Leaving my mouth with the taste of my own cum.
I opened my eyes. Weirdly I didn’t hate him so much anymore. I was kind of proud. Proud I had obeyed him at last. Proud I had swallowed it.
“There there” he said. “that isn’t so bad right?”
He moved his hand back to my mouth. “Come, take all of it.”
There was more?!
I couldn’t believe it. In shock I opened my mouth for the last dose. This time it was a hundred times easier. I was prepared for the bitterness and it was a lot less. In surprise of my own abilities I swallowed away the last of my cum.
I felt myself blush. I had swallowed my own cum. It aroused me a little. I felt my cock rise again. Even minutes after the most intense orgasm of my life I grew hard.

It didn’t escape Gerard. He chuckled again. “Hmm you are such a good boy.” He complimented me. He pulled me upwards so I was standing again. “did you like it?” he asked.
I couldn’t help myself. “Yes, master” I breathed.
He grabbed my cock and felt him squeeze out a fresh load on his finger.
“Here” he said. “This is fresher.” And he moved the finger to my mouth. I sucked it in. I tasted my own cock on his finger and loved every inch of it. I sucked it with care and cleaned it with my tongue.
His other hand moved back to my face and cupped me. “Beautiful.” He whispered.
I was fully hard again.
My emotions were in a complete turmoil. Gerard pressed my clothes into my arms and I walked slowly towards my cabin. My exposure didn’t matter anymore. With every breath I tasted my own cum and I almost begged for more.
I fetched my key from the pocket. The moment I unlocked my door Gerard had one last command for me.
“Unblock me and turn on your cam. I want to make sure my toy doesn’t do naughty things in his sleep. Night night” He added gently.
“Night night master.” I said and walked into the safety of my cabin.

I closed the door behind me and relaxed. I didn’t thought about it but I grabbed my hard cock, squeezed gently and massaged my balls until I had collected a nice load of my own seed. I licked my hand clean like a dog. Over and over relishing my own flavour. I hated the taste, I hated how the bitterness burned my throat when I swallowed. But yet I wanted more. I wanted people to see me doing this. Before I ended up jerking myself I stopped and walked over to my laptop to obey my master. I unblocked him and started a video conversation. I didn’t wait for him to say anything but turned around and let myself fall naked on the bed. I turned off the lights but let the bed light on so my master could see me.
Despite my arousal and my emotion I quickly fell in a deep sleep.

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