Reality intrudes on Theresa's new lifestyle. This chapter is a bit longer, but hopefully the read is worth it. Thanks.
Sue felt the vibration in her pants during Earth Science. The class bored her to death, so she figured she might as well check it if she could. Kids were supposed to leave their phones in their lockers during school, and certainly shouldn’t have them on during class. Getting caught with your phone on meant it was kept in the office until your parent came in to retrieve it for you.

She slipped it out of her pocket and pulled up the latest message, hoping that Mr. Ferguson would just keep droning on about water erosion and not notice her at the back of the room.

Her contact ‘Big Bro’ had sent a message: “Sam and Missy had sex this morning! Mom wants a Movie Night tonight. Get all your homework done at school if you can.”

She used the subtle texting skills of a 13-year old to reply without drawing any unwanted attention from Mr. Ferguson. “I know, they wouldn’t stop jabbering while wtg for the bus. Can’t believe I missed it, but was in the shower.”

The next text made her flesh feel suddenly warm as she read it: “Mom hopes either me or Sam will do you tonight.”

Sue stared at it for a while and couldn’t think of a reply. Finally, “Not sure I’m ready” was what she came up with.

“Don’t worry Sue, won’t do anything you don’t want” her brother assured her.

*** *** ***

“Mason coming for dinner, K?” Theresa read the text from her son as she vacuumed in the family room.

“NP” was Theresa’s simple response; she had learned some of the texting short-hand that her kids used. She was just making tacos and there was always plenty. She thought of sending a message about Movie Night but decided to let it go for now. Too much pre-planning could take the excitement out of things, and if they couldn’t do Movie Night this evening, there would be other chances.

Her phone then rang and she saw ‘Hubby’ on the screen. “Hi, Phil! How’s the trip going?”

“Great, Honey” replied Phil. “It really looks good for us picking up the distributorship for the western half of the state! We’re working out some options in taking over the existing group and deciding what could be left in place and what could be eliminated for efficiency.”

“Oh my god, sweetheart, that sounds terrific! I’m so happy for you”

“Well, if this goes through, we’ll need to add a couple Regional Managers to take my place and I’ll be Operations Manager for the whole group. The revenue increase will be pretty substantial.”

“Phil, I’m so proud of you, I know you’ve worked so hard to make this happen.”

“Thanks, Terry, we’ll celebrate with the kids when I get home this Saturday. Gotta take a call I’ve got coming in.”

Theresa hit ‘End’ and broke down in tears.

*** *** ***

Theresa was still feeling like a total shit when Sam and Missy got dropped off by their bus. They headed up to their rooms to do their homework, having received a text earlier from Jimmy.

Jimmy and his friend Mason would be coming home on the late bus after soccer practice so Sue arrived next and found her mom in the kitchen, getting things together for dinner but looking very distant.

“Mom?” Sue asked,”is everything OK?”

Theresa looked at her beautiful daughter’s face and broke down in tears again. Sue pulled her into a hug. “What happened? Is Dad OK? Did Grandma die?” Sue tried to figure what could have possibly put her mom into such a state.

Theresa took a few deep, shuddering breaths and struggled to get the words out. “I … am … a horrible wife, AND mother” she paused and caught her breathe. “Your father works so hard and he is out there in the world trying to build a company so that we can have what we need and live comfortably; and I sit around at home, act like a pervert, and have sex with his kids!” she blurted.

“Oh, mom! You’re not a horrible mother, we all love you so much” Sue began to cry herself. “The things that have happened just HAPPENED, and nobody was trying to hurt anybody else.”

“But I kept it from your father” Theresa insisted. “I should have said something, told him about his kids becoming sexually active, even in their own home.”

“OK” assured Sue, “it’s not too late for that, Mom. We can talk to dad when he gets home. It’s not like you cheated on him or anything, is it?”

Theresa brushed away a tear and looked up at her daughter, “does your brother count?” They both managed to laugh a little as they held each other close. “I Love You, Mom”.

“I Love you too, Susan. You are the level-headed one of this group, you know. Missy is like a friggin’ sex cat, and Jimmy and Sam will put their dicks anywhere you ask them. But you seem to be able to maintain some control.”

“You all just started moving pretty fast for me, mom. I’m sure I’ll be ready for sex soon, but I’m just enjoying learning about it and seeing different things. I guess it’s like a really extended foreplay, right?”

“See what I mean” responded Theresa, “level-headed. Not like me. I started helping your brother masturbate daily when he was 11! E-Lev-en! I told myself I was just helping him out, but I really liked it. Then, when you finally called us out, remember I was jerking him off while we watched TV? I made you strip naked and practically commanded him to fuck me. I’m like some sex-starved maniac!”

“Mom, don’t be so hard on yourself. Dad’s away an awful lot. I have a bit of an idea about ‘sexual needs’ from doing the things we’ve done together. I’d much rather you found an outlet here at home than off with some stranger, or worse yet, a friend!” She paused, “and I’d bet that Dad would feel the same way too.”

Theresa hugged her daughter tight, fresh tears moistening her eyes, but happier ones. “You have grown up so quickly dear. I hardly recognize you. Thank you for that.”

*** *** ***

The family always enjoyed their taco dinners. Theresa cooked up taco meat, Spanish rice, black beans and her homemade guacamole which she often got compliments on. Mason was enjoying the meal and the other kids all knew him pretty well; he and Jimmy had been friends since 5th grade.

“Mom, we checked already with Mason’s mom and we’ve both got all our homework done. Could he stay over tonight? He can just ride on the bus with me and Sue in the morning.”

“Well, if it’s ok with his mom, sure Jimmy” Theresa said, somewhat relieved that ‘Movie Night’ would certainly be put off with Mason staying the night, after the conversations that afternoon with Phil and Sue.

“We still get to watch a movie tonight, right?” asked Sam. “Missy and I got our homework done too when we got home.”

“Yeah”, said Missy, “I want to watch the rest of “MILF Next Door 2!”

Theresa practically spit her mouthful of food out as she coughed and tried to recover her composure.

Looking around the table, everyone else looked nonchalant, including Mason, who was just grinning with amusement.

“Uh, Jimmy, is there something I need to know here?”

“Well, Mom, you know Mason and I are really close, and I KNOW he can keep a secret real well, because he has trusted me with some of his. I’ve told him about us watching porn together and that we, um, you know, masturbate too.”

Theresa had not expected this. Exposing their activity to someone outside the family could be dangerous for everyone. “Ah, Jimmy, can you help me out in the family room for a second?”

When they were alone Theresa whispered forcefully “are you crazy? You want Mason to join us in sex games? What have you told him we’ve done, young man? I just talked with your father today and I am having serious reservations about any of this continuing.” The words tumbled out of her in a frenzy.

“Mom, relax” Jimmy whispered back. “I’ve only told him that we masturbate and touch each other, nothing about me doing you or Sam doing Missy. Besides I absolutely know he won’t say anything to anyone because he has done stuff like this with his mom, too.”

“Really? … wow” Theresa replied, getting a mental image of Mason’s mom Jillian with a young hard-on in her hand, or mouth.

“So can we watch the movie mom? You don’t have to do anything; you don’t even have to stay in the room if you’d rather not.”

Theresa walked back into the kitchen and Jimmy followed, wondering what the verdict would be.

“So all you kids want to watch “MILF Next Door 2, huh?” Theresa addressed the table.

Heads nodded all around, including Sue. “OK, I can’t put the genie back in the bottle at this point, I guess” she said resignedly. “Let’s get this kitchen cleaned up and then everyone get dressed for bed and meet in the family room.” Theresa was pretty sure the dishes had never been done so quickly.

They got the movie in and Sam pressed play on the remote. He was lying on the floor in front of the sectional. Mason sat far left next to Jimmy. Theresa was in the middle but shifted a bit to the right to give the larger boys a bit more room. Sue and Missy were snug in the L-corner to the right.

The first sex scene of this movie had the lonely MILF seducing the pool boy, who, strangely for a porno, had an almost-normal sized penis, which actually made it a bit more sexy and believable. As she undressed for him to get him aroused she squeezed her tits seductively and rubbed the crotch of her lacy, barely-there panties. Soon he was getting an awesome blowjob while the camera got the back-door shot of the MILF on her knees with her ass in the air. The panties left little to the imagination: a string across the pucker of her asshole and her puffy labia showing clearly through the fine lace.

Jimmy always loved rear box-shots and the boner in his loose lounge pants was rather obvious. Missy had slipped a hand into her pajama bottoms and was slowly stroking her sex while her eyes were glued to the huge screen. Mason’s erection was getting uncomfortable too and he was wondering if this had been such a good idea when Jimmy slipped his pants and underwear down right next to him. “Go for it Bro” Jimmy told his friend. “They’ve seen it before, dude”.

Sam had taken his bottoms off too and was rubbing himself on the carpet. Missy did the same and lay down on the floor next to Sam with her legs spread, her beautiful young cunt opening up on display for the older boys and Theresa.

“God Damn” said Mason as he succumbed to the urges from his prick and pulled it out through his boxers. “See, feels good, huh” asked Jimmy.

“I can’t believe your sister is showing us her pussy like that” he tried to whisper for only Jimmy, but Missy heard and chirped up “What was that Mason?”

“Mason just says you’ve got a great-looking snatch, sis” Jimmy laughed.

Missy rocked back on her knees sticking her butt and pussy into the air, just like on the movie shot, and began to spread her lips with her fingers. She stroked her cunt top to bottom and then rubbed in circles around her clit.

“Better than the movie, huh Mason?” Jimmy asked as he beat his meat rhythmically.

Mason had a good beat going on his own cock, which was a bit longer than Jimmy’s; perhaps a little over 6 inches fully erect. “Fuck yeah! You really are pretty hot for a 10-year old Missy”.

“I’ll be 11 in a couple months, and thanks”.

Sam rolled onto his back so that he could start stroking in earnest. He couldn’t see the TV but it didn’t matter, he was right next to his now-naked little sister who was fingering herself and rocking up and down on her knees.

Theresa had promised herself to take it easy tonight but the sexuality seeping through the room was making her very damp. She absent-mindedly began rubbing her boobs under her loose nightshirt and clenching her vaginal muscles for stimulation. Her earlier resolve to behave herself was beginning to melt with the flow of her juices.

Sue surprised everyone by standing up and pulling her t-shirt over her head slowly and very seductively, giving Mason and Jimmy an eyeful of her perfect 13-year-old C-cup breasts and eraser-like nipples. She walked over to Jimmy and knelt down. “Remember I said I’d try a taste of your cum, Jimmy?”

He nodded dumbly.

“I meant it”.

She pulled his cotton flannel pants and boxers all the way off so that he could spread his legs and she could get between them. She reached up and grabbed his dick for the first time, feeling the heat coming off of it, looking closely at the head and shaft for the first time. There was a little bit of fluid at the tip but it was clear, not like the whitish cum she knew he made when he had an orgasm. She gave the length of his shaft a test lick and then took the head into her mouth. “OH, Fuck yeah, Sue” Jimmy called out his appreciation.

This was her first time with a cock in her mouth and it took some getting used to. She knew that it was called a “blow job” but that she really shouldn’t blow, she should suck. So she did. And she licked. And she stroked him, using her saliva for lubrication. Mason couldn’t help himself and reached in to fondle her hanging boobs. Sue found herself very excited by this act she was performing while Mason looked on and touched her. She had probably found the courage to get up and do it because Mason was there; she'd had a crush on him a few years back and still found him very handsome. She reached over with her right hand and began stroking Mason while continuing to suck on Jimmy. All thoughts of her being the “level-headed” one were left behind.

Missy had climbed on top of Sam and was rubbing her cunt up and down on his shaft, to his great delight.

He was looking at her pretty little tits and he played with them and pulled gently on her nipples.

Susan came up for a breather from Jimmy’s cock and smiled sexily at the boys, a cock in each of her hands. “This is fucking wild, Jimmy, I can’t believe this!” exclaimed Mason.

“Believe it Mason” said Susan as she engulfed his cock, still stroking Jimmy.

“Wow, Sue” her mom said. “You’ve really come out of your shell!” Fresh excretions of her sex juice were calling her attention and she put her hand in through the side of her panties, pushing the gusset aside so the she could freely fondle herself.

“I just … felt … really sexy … for … some … reason” she got the words out between sucks on the boys cocks, her head bobbing back and forth between the two of them. “Who’s cumming first?” she asked.

Just then Mason spotted Missy leaning back while she rode Sam’s dick right up to his little ball sac. “Oh, my god, they’re fucking!” and he began to cum hard. A string landed on Sue’s face along her nose and as she pulled back he sprayed her neck with a huge glob. That set Jimmy off and he started sending streams upwards toward his chest. Sue had promised to try some so after the second squirt she clamped her mouth back over his dick, to take in whatever he had left.

Missy and Sam were grunting in ecstasy with their own orgasms, their arms clutched around each other in a loving embrace. Sue looked her brother in the eye as she swallowed his cum. Scooping up a fingerful of Mason’s spunk from her tits, where it had slid down from her neck, she looked up and stared into his eyes as she licked it clean. She had never felt so empowered, so fucking sexy.

“Mom” Sue said solemnly, “I think I’m ready to fuck”.

“I’d say you are dear” her mother squeezed her bare shoulders in a hug.

“Who’s it gonna be, boys?” Sue asked her two potential partners. “I don’t think Sam’s in any shape to right now, but if he can do it, and Missy can do it, I’m pretty sure I can too.”

“Well, we both just came, sis, you’ll have to wait a few minutes.

Sue was feeling bold as brass, a feeling of her sexual power that she’d never embraced before. She stood in front of the boys and slowly shimmied her sleep pants down her long, tone, athletic lets, kicking them off when she reached her ankles. She pulled her panties up tight against her pussy lips and languidly stroked herself down and then back up, pushing her finger into her slit. Taking a little more of the remaining cum on her breasts, she used her fingers to rub her nipples to even further hardness. She then peeled her panties off and put them under Jimmy’s nose for his inspection, then over to Mason, who inhaled her teenaged scent deeply. Looking down she saw that her show was having its desired effect, as both boys were back at attention.

Sue pushed Jimmy’s knee aside and straddled Mason, reaching between her legs to grab his dick and direct it to her opening.

She eased herself down on him just inside her lips and began to rock her hips forward and back, getting a feel for his dick against her opening, her eyes closed. She was very active in sports for the last several years and didn’t think any of her hymen was still intact; but if it was, she wanted any pain to be over quickly. After rocking Mason’s first few inches inside her, she knew the boundary was clear. She looked Mason in the face and plunged herself down on him completely, engulfing his entire cock.

“Uuuuh!” she shouted out. There had been a bit of discomfort but nothing too bad. Mason was massaging and licking her right boob while Jimmy sucked wantonly on her left nipple. She reached out and held both boys heads affectionately as she proceeded to hump her girlhood crush, her brother’s best friend.

“How do you feel, Susan?” her mom inquired “did it hurt at all?”

“A bit mom, but right now I feel fucking fantastic.”

“Jimmy, move over a bit with that massive hard-on and put it to some good use, ok?”

Jimmy shifted himself a few inches to his right. Theresa quickly pulled her nightshirt over her head and threw it down on the sofa, then pulled off her panties in a flash. She straddled Jimmy just like Sue was straddling Mason next to her and took her son’s entire shaft into her cunt with one impaling movement. Her pussy had been sopping wet from watching her kids again and the noise of her wetness was audible to everyone in the room as she began to hump her boy.

Her and Sue’s arms and shoulders were touching, so she could easily turn to her daughter and give her a loving kiss on the lips while gently cupping her breast and running her thumb over her nipple.

Susan returned the gesture and the loving kiss quickly became something more. Tongues swirled together and the girls groped each other’s tits, while continuing to ride the stiff cocks of their young studs.

The boys knew they weren’t gonna last long with a show like this and Mason succumbed to his second orgasm about 15 seconds before Jimmy did the same, filling his mom’s cunt with his semen.

Sue needed a few more stiff thrusts into her hole to reach her orgasm. The electricity that flowed through her as she rode Mason’s pole and clutched onto her sexy, naked mom made her stomach and pelvic muscles contract, hard. Mason looked up in mild distress as his dick was clamped inside her tunnel. She then released her mom and leaned in to plant a luscious kiss on Mason’s mouth, which he recovered enough to return warmly, running his hands up and down the body of this beautiful goddess who had decided that she wanted to fuck HIM.

Missy and Sam were cuddled on the floor grinning after watching the amazing show.

“Well guys, it doesn’t look like I was too successful in backing off from these activities, huh?” Theresa asked. There were a few smiles and chuckles from the kids. She was glad that Sue had chosen Mason to couple with because she would have been sorely tempted to mount him if he was still available after Sue started humping.

“We definitely need to have a discussion with your father, kids” she continued. “It’s not fair to him to be in the dark about something like this. Mason, we don’t have to mention you, but I do think that Sue was really glad you were here’’.

Despite her prior exhibition, Sue blushed at her mom’s words.

“Ok kids, shower and to bed, you know the drill!”

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