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It was the end of the summer holidays and my usual post-holiday blues had hit me hard at school. It was a boarding school and I knew I wouldn't be able to go home for another 6 weeks, 6 weeks of boring lessons, angry teachers and stupid girls. I was 15 and small for my age, 5 ft 2" to be precise. This put me at a huge disadvantage when it came to girls. Not because I had a small penis, in fact at 7 inches it was something many boys my own age envied, but girls never got so far as to see it. Instead, they would see my petite figure and presume they could do better. I was athletic with big bulging muscles, scruffy black hair and deep brown eyes and amongst the younger girls I was a hit, but they were all no older than 12 or 13 and to me that felt wrong. No, I liked older girls. Much older girls. So when I arrived back at school and went to say hello to my new house matron I was pleasantly surprised.

As I've already revealed, I like older women. My mum has always been something of a sex object to me and many a time I've had a good wank imagining her big boobs and wet pussy as I stroked myself to orgasm. It turned me on so much. You could always guarantee that when I walked passed a MILF figure on the street my 7 inch cock would be bulging under my boxers. With this in mind, you can imagine how excited I was when I entered matrons room and before me stood a fit older woman. She was in her late 30's or early 40's, no bigger than 5ft5", tanned skin, brunette hair, sexy brown eyes, a wicked smile and only slightly chubby. To me she was super hot. Already my cock was stirring in my pants as I imagined her bent over her desk, moaning as I rammed her sloppy cunt with my thick dick. Any school blues were immediately forgotten

"Hi" she said smiling at me, "I'm Louise." Her voice was slow and sexy, and her lips glistened with lipstick. I could almost feel them around my rock hard penis as she told me her name. No member of staff had ever introduced themselves to me using their first name and already I felt she would be different to the others. Of course there were other fit teachers at my school, but they were all conventional, law-abiding people who would never even think if a student topless, let alone have sex with them. With this in mind I replied putting on my deepest, silkiest voice.

"Hey there Louise, I'm George. I like the dress your wearing" It was true, I loved the dress she was wearing. It was light blue, velvet and clung to her seductive curves and petite breasts showing them off in a perfect way.

"Why thank you George" she giggled, smiling once again in her sexy, slutty way. "I'm glad you like it." We stood for a few moments just looking at each other, me stupefied by her mature sex appeal and her just watching my eyes run over her body. "I'm new here George and it's nearly supper, do you think you could show me where to go?"

"umm ohh yeah, sure" I said, suddenly snapping out of my lustrous gave. I walked her to supper, chatting about everything, trying to be as flirty as possible without giving the game away. However by the time we reached the dining room, my initial excitement had been quashed. Whilst we were talking, she had mentioned a boyfriend and immediately the school blues came back. Maybe my vision of fucking her juicy pussy would have to be put on hold for now.

3 weeks passed and still I didn't get any action from her. I continued flirting with her and tried to act sexy whenever she was around but still nothing. She had broken up with her new boyfriend after only a few days and me and her had a good bitch about him, but she never acted upon my seductive starts. All that was about to change though...

It was a Tuesday, a sport day, and we had hockey. I loved hockey and was one of the best in the school, already playing for the 1XI. It was a tough training session that day and I had been hit with a ball right in my lower back. By the time I got back to house, I could barely walk it hurt so much. I decided to go and see matron.

"Hey Louise" I muttered as I staggered in, not bothering to put on a sexy voice as I was in too much pain.

"Ohh hi George! Good to see you. Oh my goodness what's wrong?!" she exclaimed as she saw me struggling to move. I looked up at her for the first time and suddenly the pain started to go as I took her sexy figure in. She was dressed in an almost see-through white top with a lacy black bra on underneath. I could feel my cock throbbing slightly. On bottom, she wore a tight black mini skirt which hugged her perfect ass whenever she turned around and silk stockings which rose to just above her knees. My cock stiffened slowly as I wondered if she was wearing any panties..."George?" She said, bring me out of my fantasy.

"Ohh, it's my back Louise, I got hit with a ball." Slowly I staggered over to her chair and sat down.

"A ball! Ouch! Bet that hurt. Right if you take off your shirt I'll rub some gel on that should ease the pain." I did what she told me, and couldn't help but liking her dominate tone as she instructed me. My dick grew larger and my boxers began to bulge as a my 7 inch penis reached full attention. She walked over to me smiling, and once again I thought of her not wearing any panties, her sweet pussy naked to the air I was breathing in. She turned me round and slowly started massaging gel into my back, working her soft hands over my body.

"Mmmm, that's feeling better already" I was feeling better, but I don't think it was the gel. She continued rubbing slowly getting lower until she was at the base of my spine, right above my ass hole. I was so turned on right now I could feel the pre-cum forming on the tip of my shaft.

"Take your shorts off George" she said forcefully "the nerve runs all down your leg, I better rub that too" I couldn't believe my luck, but also felt self-conscious of my fully erect dick, as I took my shorts down until I was sitting only in boxers. She worked her fingers down my arse, around my leg and to the inside of my thigh. I looked at her suddenly, giving her a confused stare as she rubbed near to my right testicle. Giggling she said "trust me, I'm a doctor". After 3 weeks of bitter disappointment I didn't allow my hopes to be raised too much as she rubbed me, but when she carried on rubbing my inside thigh for a little too long, my dick started throbbing. It must have been obvious to her that I had a hardon now, but I didn't care and just relaxed. The pre-cum was now soaking into my boxers and as she stroked just beneath my balls, I suddenly felt like I was going to cum. All this touching was getting to me and any second I would shoot my load. I was worried now, I couldn't just shoot my load with my matron right there, I thought of an excuse to get up and leave, but it was too late. My matrons fingers suddenly made contact with my aching balls and I came the hardest I think I ever had done. The cum shot straight through my skimpy boxers and splashed up onto matron's arm.

"Oh God! Louise! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, I...I just...the touching...and your hands...and you...I'm sorry!" I could already hear my housemaster shouting at me, telling me I'd been expelled for indecent behaviour around staff. Fuck, I thought to myself. I shouldn't have let that happen. I shouldn't have. What an idiot I was allowing myself to get turned on by my own matron!

"That's ok George" I looked at her dumbfounded. Sensing my disbelief she continued, "it's natural for boys your age to get excited like that. It was my fault, I shouldn't have touched you there or anywhere even close. Sorry George."

"Ummm" I was lost for words. She didn't care that I had just cum all over her arm! We sat in silence for what felt like an age.

"George" she said quietly, "what did you mean when you said "it was just you"?". I looked at her, my cum dribbling down her arm, her boobs being cupped by her lacy bra, her tight skirt hugging her ass and I imagined her naked pussy beneath. I had to go for it. It was now or never.

"I turn me on. You really turn me on matron. The way you dress, your hot face, sexy body. I want you. I really do." I paused and waited to see her reaction. Again I could hear my
housemaster shouting my expulsion at me.

"Really?" she asked.

"Really" I confirmed. Again there was an awkward silence.

"Oh who am I kidding" she suddenly said "you turn me on as well. Ever since we first met I've been wanting your cock inside my wet cunt. I've been trying to find a way to make it happen but it's never worked out." I looked at her amazed. Then, taking charge I ripped off my boxers and thrust my cum soaked dick at her face.

"Suck it" I told her. Immediately her glistening lips engulfed my raging cock. She took in 4 inches straight away and started sucking like a pro. She worked her fingers over the shaft as she licked and nibbled the head, making me squirm in ecstasy as I sat there. I reached over her and pulled at her top and bra, freeing a boob. I pinched the nipple making her moan as she blew me, and carried on fondling it while she worked. I could feel my balls tightening as she increased the pace and the pressure and without warning I squirted another huge load down her throat. She carried on sucking as I pulled her down deeper onto my erupting dick, forcing her to clean up any cum which remained. Finally I released her and she looked up me with her sexy slutty smile.

"Wow, you do have a lot of cum in those young balls don't you" she said, licking her chin, getting the last bits of sperm off her beautiful face. "How about you put that massive dick in my pussy, George? I want you to feel my sloppy lady cunt!" She looked at me lustfully and I duly responded. Picking her off the floor and laying her on the desk. Although I was a bit smaller than her, I was strong enough to carry her. "Fuck me George, fuck me hard. I want you to pound my stupid little pussy. Make me your bitch George. Fuck me now!" she screamed at me as I placed her down. I was already rock hard again as she spoke dirty to me and pulled up her skirt to reveal what I had hoped for. She wasn't wearing panties.

"Oh you naughty little girl" I told her, indicating her bare pussy. "Good girls wear panties"

"Good thing I'm not a good girl then" she teased. "Now fuck my soaking cunt" I pulled her forward and kissed her juicy lips. She grabbed at my tongue with hers, drawing me closer, kissing me aggressively. God she was turned on I thought, as I kissed my way down her sexy body. Her neck, then chest, then her petite boobs. I caressed her hard nipples, tweaking and sucking, making her groan in pleasure as I slowly rubbed her dripping clit with my other hand. I carried moving down her tummy, bellybutton then her legs. I kissed her inside thighs, teasing her like she had me a few minutes before, making her even wetter and moan even louder. "OHHHHHH FUCK ME GEORGE!" She screamed at me, begging me to fulfil her dirty orders. I kissed my way up to her pussy, smelling her deep musky smell for the first time. God it turned me on. I carried on rubbing her clit as I pushed my tongue deep within her vagina. Almost immediately, this pushed her over the edge. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YES! OHHHHHHH FUCKING HELL YES. MMMMMMM OHHHH SHIIIIIIIT" She shouted in ecstasy as she came hard in my mouth, writhing beneath my fingers and tongue, clawing my back with her painted nails.

Exhausted, she relaxed, letting me clean up her soaking cunt, enjoying the feeling of young boy tongue inside her grown up pussy. "Shit" she suddenly said. "That's the hardest I've cum for years. You really know how to please a girl George." She giggled once again and smiled at me.

"Oh I'm not done yet Louise" I told her. "Just wait until I'm ramming you with my dick. Then you'll cum HARD."

"Fucking hell George, you make me so wet. I want you in me. Now!" She looked at me lustfully as I aimed my raging cock at her sloppy cunt. I thought back 3 weeks to when I first met her and smiled to myself, realising my fantasy had become reality. She moaned as I slid in, completely taking my 7 inch cock. "She was SO wet!" I thought to myself as slowly I started to fuck her.

"Shit. Fuck. Shit. Shit. Fuck. Shit" she cried with every thrust as I slowly increased my pace, whilst rubbing her engorged clit and sucking her hard nipples. She continued groaning, louder and louder as I fucked her getting harder and faster until it was one big sloppy mess. My dick ramming in and out of her loose lady pussy, dripping with her juice as she shouted expletives at me. "SHIT. FUCK. SHIT. FUCK.FUCK.FUCK.FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" She screamed as she came for the second time. I could feel her pussy tightening over my raging dick and felt my balls clench.

"Shit. I'm going to cum...I'm gunna cum...I'm gunna cuuuuuuuuuuuum" I cried with pleasure as I shot load after load deep into her, watching her sexy face contort with sheer pleasure as we came together. We lay there for a few minutes, exhausted, cum leaking out of her pussy, down her ass crack and onto the floor. "We better clean up before someone comes in" I finally said, breaking the silence.

"I've got a better idea", she whispered and clambered over me into a 69 position. Here we licked, nibbled and cleaned until we were spotless. I could feel my dick getting hard again in her mouth as she sucked my cock hard. I was too exhausted to cry out this time, as my balls clenched and some cum dribbled into her mouth. I let her suck me dry whilst I ate her out, caressing her asshole with my finger, probing her as she worked on me. Eventually I looked up at the clock and realised it was nearly supper.

"Shit, Louise, we better get going baby." She looked at me from beneath my dick and pouted.

"But we were having so much fun hunny." She smiled wickedly at me then said "we should get together more often. This was really great."

"I know" I said, reaching forward and kissing her. "We should"

"Think you could walk me to supper?" she giggled.

"Sure" I said as I pulled on my top. "Follow me Louise..."

We walked to supper in a satisfied silence, my hand resting on her ass as we wandered along. When we got to the dining room, grace had already been said and the housemaster asked where I had been.

"Oh sorry Hew, it was my fault" Matron burst out. "George got hit my a ball in hockey so I just...helped ease the pain.." she said winking at me.

"Don't worry then George" said my housemaster. I went to sit down with my year when suddenly matron shouted at me.

"Oh George!" she shouted above the noise in the room. "If it's still painful in the morning do come see me..." She smiled once more in that wicked, slutty way, then turned and walked off. I watched her ass sway with every step. Damn, I thought, "even if it doesn't hurt, I'm going to come see you." I sat for the rest of supper in a dazed state, not speaking to anyone, running over in my head what had just happened. Wow, I'd just shagged a new kind of MILF. A Matron I'd Like to Fuck.


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