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Romantic…YES. Elderly…maybe not.
Fbailey story number 811

Elderly Romance

I was just sitting there minding my own business when this woman said, “Don’t I know you?”

I took my eyes off the very attractive woman that I had been watching as she played Beach Volleyball. She was in her late twenties or early thirties and I liked the way that she moved. Not moved in the sense of walking or running but in the sense that her breasts, her ass, and her pussy moved in the most sensual way imaginable. She was truly a work of art. Her legs stretched on forever, her back arched perfectly, and she could twist her body in almost any direction that was needed.

As I looked at the woman I said, “I don’t think so.”

Of course me eyes wanted to keep looking at that pretty young thing in the sand. The lady was also standing up with the bright sun just behind one of her ears shinning right into my eyes.

She said, My son used to date your daughter in high school.”

Then she sat down next to me.

I looked at her face. She was very attractive.

She said, “That tall brunet in the red bikini is my granddaughter.”

I said, “You look too young to have a granddaughter that old.”

She replied, “Why thank you kind sir. She is thirty-five years old, married to a nice man, and has two of the most beautiful children in the world.”

Then it struck me, “Are you Gill’s mother?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, you do remember.”

I said, “I remember what a jerk he was for dumping my daughter right before the senior prom.”

She gave a little sigh and said, “Your daughter was lucky.”

I turned in my seat to face her. Her eyes had started to water and it looked like she was about to cry.

I asked, “Can I buy you a hotdog and a soda? Then we can talk in the shade.”

She accepted my offer and we found the concession stand, placed our orders, and found a picnic table in the shade.

She told me that her name was Yvonne and that her son Gill had gotten another girl pregnant in high school, a freshman, and that that was why he had broken it off with my daughter. He never married the girl and the tall brunet playing volleyball was the outcome. After that he was married and divorced twice and had recently knocked up a sixteen-year-old girl.

I thanked my lucky stars that my daughter had escaped that bullet. She graduated from college, found a very nice boy and fell in love. They live on the West Coast and they also have two of the most beautiful children in the world.

As we talked we found out that we had both lost our spouses to cancer and that we were both getting older and more lonely as the years went on.

I said, “Maybe the two of us should get together.”

She said, “Okay but you have to go slow. Kids nowadays jump into bed without even knowing the other person’s first name.”

I said, “Yvonne, in our day good girls didn’t put out until the third date.”

Yvonne said, “Well if we call this our first date I’ll let you feel of my breasts while you kiss me goodbye.”

I smiled broadly so she added, “Through my clothes you pervert.”

I laughed and she laughed as her granddaughter came over to us.

She said, “Grandma, you didn’t see us win. I made a spectacular dive for the ball and won the game. We go on to the semifinals now.”

As I turned my head to look at her granddaughter I was nose to belly button with her. Her tiny bikini bottoms were trying really hard to contain her puffy pussy. I started to tilt my head up and caught her hard nipples, then her pretty face. YES! I was in heave.

Yvonne said, “Please sit down this is an old friend. Your father used to date his daughter.”

She spouted, “That asshole.”

Yvonne said, “Now, now, don’t get all upset.”

The granddaughter said, “Don’t get all upset! My daughter goes to school with that poor girl!”

She was shaking.

Her grandmother put her arm around her granddaughter and said, “Well…look on the bright side…I’m finally dating.”

She smiled, giggle a little and asked, “Have you let him get to first base yet?”

Yvonne said, “I was just about too when you interrupted us.”

She said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to stop you two from making out in public. I’ll just change and come back to take you home.”

I watched her stand up. The material of my bikini had worked itself into her slit forming a nice camel toe.

I said, “You don’t need to change on my account.”

Yvonne said, “He likes you. He was staring at you while you were playing.”

She smiled and said, “Good, at least someone likes my body. I guess my husband has gotten too used to it. Like they say…for every beautiful woman…there is some guy that is tired of fucking her.”

All I could say was, “Never!”

She said, “Oh, aren’t you sweet. Grandma he is a keeper.”

Then she leaned across the picnic table, held onto both of my cheeks, and kissed me right on the lips.

She said, “My name is Danielle. Glad to meet you. Come watch me play again next Saturday. I like having dirty old me ogle me.”

Yvonne said, “That’s enough of that. I saw him first.”

She kissed her grandmother just like she had kissed me, and then she walked away while I stared at her tight firm ass. She gave it a little extra twitch for my benefit.

We stood up and Yvonne took me over to a tree. She leaned back against it, placed my right hand on her left breast, and then she kissed me. It was a long passionate kiss…just lips…no tongue. It didn’t matter because I was massaging her breast the whole time and it would have been a distraction.

After a good full minute I broke off the kiss but continued to fondle her breast.

Yvonne said, “On our second date I’ll let you feel me through my panties.”

I asked, “What happens on our third date?”

Yvonne said, “You get the works! You can see me naked and best of all, I’m very submissive in the bedroom with a man. Anything goes and I do mean anything.”

I just looked at her and she said, “Anything…”

Danielle called out, “Am I interrupting anything?”

Yvonne kissed me again and said, “Anything includes Danielle!”

Then I felt her hand on my crotch.

Danielle came closer and asked, “Do you want to go home with him?”

Yvonne said, “No! Not yet! It is only our first date. He will have to wait for our third date to get into my panties.”

Danielle said, “Elderly romance is so cute. Three strikes and your out! Three dates and your in! I let my husband fuck me on the first date. Well it wasn’t really a date. We were at a friend’s house, I was pretty drunk, and he was the last one to fuck me that night. I woke up in his arms the next morning and we introduced ourselves to one another.”

I asked, “Really?”

Danielle smiled and said, “I’m really, really good in bed…but Grandma is ever better.”

She reached out and pulled Yvonne’s hand away from my crotch and my hand away from her breast.

She said, “You two really should get a room.”

Then they left.


Our second date was the very next afternoon. I took Yvonne to a nice late breakfast or early lunch and then to a matinee at the local theater.

When I picked her up that evening I said, “This is our third date. She we go out or order in?”

She smiled and said, “Chinese takeout now, pizza latter, and you fix me breakfast in bed in the morning.”

I asked, “Are you planning on sleeping over?”

She laughed and said, “I’m not planning on sleeping at all. If I were you, I wouldn’t plan on it either.”

I reached between her legs to cup her warm pussy under her skirt. She opened up her stance to give me better access, then we kissed…and we kissed…and we kissed.

A car horn honking startled us. The teenage boys shouted out, “Fuck her…we did!”

I just laughed, kissed her some more, and said, “What an excellent idea! What do you think?”

She replied, “You are okay, but they are just too rude to get a ride on me.”

I laughed and said, “I was planning on more than one ride.”

She laughed and said, “So was I.”


That evening when I picked her up, Yvonne was wearing a light coat that hung down to her knees.

I asked, “Is it cold enough for a coat?”

Yvonne laughed and opened up her coat. Then she said, “It is if you’re only wearing this.”

All she had on was a see through baby doll nightie with the matching panties. She had a toothbrush in her hand and said, “Let’s go.”

I looked at she and I got a hard-on.

She smiled and asked, “Do you want to stay here instead?”

I picked her up in my arms. It had been a long time since I had held a beautiful almost naked woman in my arms.

All I asked was “Which way?”

She just pointed and I rushed into her bedroom and tossed her onto the bed. She giggled while I undressed as quickly as I could.

All I asked was “Anything?”

All she said was “Anything!” but it was the way she had said it that sounded both seductive and arousing.

As I undressed she wiggled out of her coat and out of her panties. I gave a motion with my thumb that conveyer my intentions for her to get rid of the nightie too.

She just smiled and said, “Anything!”

I was too old to be in a hurry or to loose a really good hard-on. So I went straight for her pussy. I put my nose right in there close. She smelly fresh and clean. I stuck my tongue right in there. She tasted fresh and clean too.

I moved up along her tummy. She had very faint stretch marks from childbirth, years before.

I moved up to her breasts. They were soft and saggy from years of trying to defy gravity. They were not flat by any means but the full luscious mountains were now rolling hills. I kissed her nipples and licked right up her valley. That turned out to be a mistake. I got a full taste and whiff of her perfume. I had noticed it on her love mound but I had not licked it.

She had noticed the funny face that I had made and said, “Sorry! I was just trying to be more sexy.”

I said, “You cannot get any more sexy for me. You look, smell, and taste as sexy as any woman I have ever been with.”

She said, “Thank you” and stuck her tongue into my mouth. After several seconds she said, “It could have been worse. I could have used the stuff that my husband used to give me for Christmas. He had the worst taste in perfume.”

I kissed her again as I pressed my erection into her upper thigh.

She whispered, “Anything!”

I whispered back, “In that case…shut up and let me do what I want too.”

She smiled but kept her lips shut and placed her hands on the bed with her palms up.

I moved around slightly and placed my hard-on into one of her palms. She took the hint and started to fondle it. Meanwhile, I played with her pussy. I pulled on her outer lips, I opened them up, and I pinched her clitoris to see how high she would jump. I was impressed. She was super sensitive down there.

I inserted one finger, twisted it around, and then pressed it against the inside of her pubic bone to stimulate her G-spot.

Yvonne said, “Oh my God!”

Then she clamped her mouth shut.

I just smiled and kept applying pressure and sliding it sideways to send her into a very strong orgasm.

Then I went from pinching and rubbing her clitoris to orgasm, to pressing and rubbing her G-spot to orgasm. I was impressed with the amount of pleasure that she could stand before she passed out.

She had a very pleasant smile on her face. I always enjoyed doing that to me wife…whenever she would permit me too.

A few minutes later she opened her eyes and said, “Oh my God, you are good.”

I reached for her pussy and she said, “Please fuck me!”

I whispered, “Anything!”

And then I pinched and tickled her clit to orgasm and then went after her G-spot. Only that time I also pinched one nipple with my other hand and chewed on her other nipple with my mouth.

She went form one orgasm to the next until she passed out again.

A few minutes later she opened her eyes and said, “You are going to kill me.”

I smiled and said, “Not before I fuck you.”

She asked, “And when would that be?”

I spread her legs with my knees, aimed my cock at her love hole, and leaned into her. I whispered into her ear, “Right now. Now shut up.”

Yvonne started to say “Okay” but instead she just started to breathe heavily.

Her pussy was very wet and slick but it was still the best pussy that I had ever fucked. I hoped that my wife would forgive me. She was definitely in heaven so I knew that she wanted the best for me. Yvonne was by far the very BEST.

I did the old slip and slide inside of her for as long as I could hold out before cumming and cumming in her wonderful pussy.

After I had finished cumming and gone soft I fell out of her. I rolled over and cuddled her close to me.

We drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up at five o’clock to pee, Yvonne said, “I like my eggs scrambled…with…ham, green peppers, and cheese.”

I looked at her and smiled. I had agreed to Chinese take-out, delivered pizza, and breakfast in bed. Well, one out of three was not that good so I made sure her eggs made up for it.

She was sitting up in bed with all of the pillows behind her and the covers on her legs.

I sat the tray down and watched her smile. Along with her scrambled eggs I had fixed bacon, toast, and orange juice.

We ate breakfast and then she invited me to shower with her. We washed each other, dried each other, and went back to bed.

Later after we woke up again and had more sex, I ordered the Chinese that I had promised her.

The next time I ordered the pizza.

After three days of sex, sleep, and food deliveries we got dressed and headed to the beach to watch Danielle compete.

We got there early and Danielle said, “You two must have been busy. I left message but never got an answer.”

I said, “We turned them off so we could turn each other on.”

She giggled and said, “Good for you.”

Then she said, “I need a good orgasm to calm me down. Terri offered but she just can’t seem to ring my bell.”

Yvonne said, “He can ring your bell until you crack like the Liberty Bell.”

Danielle asked, “Would you mind?”

I replied, “Mind! Not at all, it would be my pleasure.”

Danielle and Yvonne took me into the lady’s restroom. Danielle took me into the last stall. The handicap stall with extra room. Yvonne stood near us as a lookout. I knew that she was just curious as to what was happening in there.

Danielle took off her tight spandex top and hung it on a hook. Her breasts were a lot bigger without that big rubber band smashing them flat. She took off her bottoms too and hung them up.

Next she turned around, spread her feet out, and grabbed the toilet seat with both hands.

I got in position and slipped a finger into her pussy to get it wet. She had plenty of fluids in there for the job. Once that finger was wet I attacked her clitoris like I had attacked her grandmother’s clitoris all week.

I soaked my finger again and rolled it over to see if I could get in behind her pubic bone. Fortunately I could. So from there I just worked her over from clitoris to G-spot and back again. She was on her knees begging me to fuck her.

From outside the door I heard Yvonne say, “Fuck her.”

I rolled Danielle onto her back, got between her legs, and stuck my cock into her. I still had my pants on but I didn’t care if my zipper scratched her or not. All I wanted at that time was exactly what Danielle wanted at that time…a good fuck.

It was too quick for me but nonetheless I enjoyed it almost as much as she did.

She wiped the excess off around her crotch, pulled her bottoms on, put her top on, and opened the door.

I heard her say, “Thanks, Grandma. I really needed that.”

Then Yvonne came in and latched the door. She had some wet paper towels and some dry ones. She cleaned me up and then walked me out of there, arm in arm.

Some woman gave her a funny look so Yvonne said, “I’m blind and he is my seeing eyes dog. Got a problem with that?”

The woman just kept going.

We watched the tournament and cheered Danielle and her partner Terri on. They were good and Danielle certainly looked calm and refreshed. It was close but they won. Next Saturday would be the finals.

Both Danielle and Terri asked Yvonne if they could come for a sleepover at her house that Friday. They wanted me to RELAX them before the big tournament.

I asked Yvonne, “Is that okay with you?”

She smiled and said, “In the bedroom…anything means just that…anything! Me, Danielle, Terri…anything!”

I said, “I could fall in love with you.”

She said, “I hope so!”

A teenager girl next to us said to her girlfriend, “Isn’t elderly romance great! I wish my grandmother had a boyfriend like him.”

I heard Yvonne whisper, “I wonder what her grandmother’s name is…

The End
Elderly Romance
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