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Apparently my wife had been waiting for our daughter to start having sex.
Fbailey story number 813

It’s About Time

My naked wife was kneeling with her back against the headboard. Her feet were tucked down into the crack at the top of the mattress where it almost touches the headboard. My naked daughter was on her back with her head between her mother’s knees and her shoulders up against her mother’s knees. My wife had our daughter’s ankles held out to the side with our daughter’s knees touching the sheet under her armpits. That left her two holes wide open and fully available to me.

Of course I was also naked kneeling in front of her with the head of my cock resting on my daughter’s freshly shaved pussy slit.

My wife said, “It’s about time that I caught you fucking around. From now on you will spread your legs for your father and then I can finally keep mine shut.”

Melody said, “I’m sorry. It was my first time, I swear. You have to believe me.”

My wife replied, “Your first time my ass. Good girls don’t let three boys fuck her, her first time out. You’ve been fucking around for quite a while. It’s just the first time that you got caught.”

As I slipped my very hard cock into my daughter’s very tight pussy my daughter asked, “Mom, you’ve been married for fifteen years. How come you don’t like sex?”

My wife said, “I’ve never enjoyed having a cock shoved into me, a sweaty man lying on top of me, or pretending that he gave me an orgasm.”

She asked, “Mom, you’ve never had an orgasm?”

My wife said, “It doesn’t matter anymore. From now on I get to sleep in your bed all alone and you get to be your father’s new fuck buddy.”

I had been sliding my cock deeply into her and touching bottom in there. I really enjoyed it. She was responding and smiling up at me.

After I had cum inher, my wife leaned forward and kissed me.

She said “I love you” and then she sipped off the bed and went into Melody’s bedroom.

Melody relaxed after I pulled out of her.

She said, “It really was my first time…Daddy.”

I said, “I believe you honey.”


When I woke up in the morning Melody was right there with me.

She asked, “Do you want to do it again?”

She was smiling when she asked me that question, so I knew that she was eager for me to say yes.

I kissed her and I ran my hand over her small breasts and down her flat tummy to her little love mound. I felt the fuzz under my palm as I cupped her pussy in my hand. I tested her slit with a finger and found that it was wet and slippery. My finger slid right in easily.

I asked, “Are you sore in there?”

She said, “No! The boys were a lot smaller than you were and hardly stretched me out at all. But at least their cum let you get in me easier. Now, last night you stretched it out nicely in there and it felt so wonderful. I can now see why Katie and her mother let the boys fuck them so much.”

I asked, “Those three little monsters fuck their sister…and…their mother all of the time?”

Melody said, “Well…yes…they have only been fucking Katie for a few days now but according to her they have been fucking their mother for a few weeks.”

All of that sexual talk and mental stimuli had me so hard that I just sort of absentmindedly slipped it into my daughter’s pussy as we talked. At that moment I realized what I was doing to her. I said, “This isn’t right.”

Melody asked, “What isn’t right?”

I replied, “Me fucking you isn’t right, you’re my daughter.”

She giggled and said, “It sure feels right. Besides Mommy said I was your new fuck buddy so that she didn’t have to let you fuck her anymore.”

I asked, “Are you okay with that?”

She just smiled and thrusted her hips up to me and giggled.

After breakfast I walked next door to talk to Agnes. I said, “Melody tells me that your little turds are fucking you and Katie! What do you have to say for yourself?”

She looked really pissed off and then she said, “Those little fucking bastards! I’ve been letting them fuck me so that they would leave the girls alone! How to hell could they do it? I haven’t had a moment’s piece in three weeks since this all started! They can’t possibly have anything else left for those girls!”

“I swear to God, they have each been fucking me ten times a day. I’m forced to wear these damn miniskirts without any panties so that they can have full access to me anytime that they want it and almost anyplace that they want it too.”

I asked, “Anyplace?”

She looked at me as her face reddened with anger, “They tried to fuck me in church last Sunday!”

I said, “Tried?”

She grinned at me and said, “Yes! Tried! As in they didn’t succeed!”

I said, “Melody said that was the day that they started fucking Katie. She said they gang banged her in the church basement. Did you send them down to get something?”

Her eyes opened wide, “Oh Lord! I sent them down there to help put the chairs and tables away. Those little bastards! Those fucking little turds! I’ll fucking kill them!”

I said, “Military School is better for them. It’ll teach them discipline and strengthen their minds, bodies, and souls. It did wonders for my brother and I.”

She said, “I can’t afford to send them off to Military School.”

I replied, “I can!”

She said, “If you do that…then…then I’ll owe you big time.”

I smiled and said, “Well as a matter of fact…the reason that I came over here…was to ask you a favor.”

She smiled and asked, “What is it?”

I replied, “I need a fuck buddy! You see my wife caught Melody letting those three boys of yours fuck her and knew that she was no longer a virgin. So she forced Melody to take her place in my bed. I must say that I very much enjoyed fucking her last night and again this morning but I would rather fuck you. I really like you.”

She asked, “What about your wife?”

I replied, “Well…funny that you ask me that…it seems that she has never in her life had an orgasm or enjoyed having my cock in her. She couldn’t wait to catch Melody in the act…so that she herself could get out of the act. She slept in Melody’s bed last night…and enjoyed it.”

She said, “So you get rid of the troublesome threesome and I get to sleep with you. Oh boy! How soon can we get started?”

I took Agnes and Katie over to my house. We sat down with my wife and daughter and discussed the recent events.

My wife was more than happy to let me sleep with Agnes.

The girls were more than happy to get rid of the boys.

I was more than happy to pay to get them out of my hair and out of the girl’s pussies.


In a week the boys were shipped off to my old Military School in Virginia and an enclosed walkway had been built between our houses on the second floor. We could come and go at our leisure. My wife took our bedroom over completely, the two girls enjoyed sharing Melody’s bedroom with its own private bath, and I moved into Agnes’ bedroom.

Agnes and I had sex every single day and sometimes twice.

The girls missed getting molested by the boys so the women insisted that I take care of the girls on Sunday morning while they went to church.

My wife let me fuck her on Christmas and on my birthday…just for old time’s sake.

The boys were forced to straighten out. Fortunately they liked it at Military School.

The End
It’s About Time
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