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My name is Dante FireWalker. I was born on July the twentysixth of 1998 to my mother Nightingale Firewalker but I don't know who my father was and my mother could never seem to explain who he was. Ever since I was five years old I felt like something wasn't normal with me. For one thing I could remember every detail of my life even before I left the womb. My doctor was wearing mickey mouse socks and a jade, amethyst, and diamond wedding band(One diamond, six jades, and six amethysts). I even remember the first time I learned about sex at the age of seven. I was walking through the woods until I heard a very strange noise far off to my left. I thought it might be a dying animal and my naturally empathic heart rushed off to find it and be with it in its last moments. What I found was not dying but very much alive for in a clearing before me were two seventeen year old teenagers naked. The male stood at 5'9 with a chiseled chest and very well defined abs with sandy blonde hair, high cheekbones, and very light brown eyes with an erect 6 1/2 inch cock. The female stood at 5'6 with long, flowing auburn hair, gorgeous rounded facial features with a button nose and stunning emerald eyes. Her body was a masterpiece in development with 34c cup breasts, a taut slightly rounded stomach, love handles to match and a beautifully curved ass that even at my age drew me. They stood in the clearing placing tender, loving kisses apon eachother until he grabbed her back and pulled her to him. He slowly lowered her to the ground as if she were a feather that at the slightest pressure or haste would crumble and fade away. There he laid on top of her kissing her all the while I saw their mouths moving and heard the whispers on the breeze. "go slow Brian It's my first time". "I know love. You seem to forget you will be my first as well". He lithely spread her legs and for the first time I saw the essence of a woman before my eyes, such a beauty I would never have imagined even in my wildest dreams. He adjusted himself so that he was kneeling between her spread legs and grabbed his cock, slowly rubbing the head up and down her beauty until he finally positioned it towards the bottom and ever so gently slipped his cockhead into her womanhood. He started slowly thrusting and pulling out until I heard her whimper and he stopped. They sat like that for thirty seconds until she gave the smallest nod. I watched as he very quickly impaled his entire cock inside her and she screamed out. I watched as a tear rolled from her beautiful emerald eye to slide down into her hairline. I know he saw it too because he started kissing every part of her body his mouth could reach while his hands attended to the rest whispering "I'm sorry" every time his mouth left her body. She regained herself and whispered back " It's ok Brian I knew it would hurt I just wasn't expecting that. Now stop apologizing and make love to me". When she said that he started making slow gentle thrusts into her, his eyes never leaving hers. From there things progressively got more passionate, his strokes gaining in length and depth but never in speed. They wanted this to last and last it did. Twenty minutes later they were both glistening with sweat, breathing rapidly as I watched and it was her face that first showed signs that this was nearing its close. Her face composed itself into a look of pure understanding, as if in this one moment she understood everything the world had to offer and she was happily ready. When her body started shaking is when that same look dawned on his face and they laid there in absolute bliss. The first time I witnessed sex is also the first time I KNEW I was different for as they lay there I thought that such an act of pure beauty, love, and instinct deserved a better background. I pictured them laying apon thousands of Japanese cherry blossoms. I opened my eyes to witness them laying on a field of cherry blossoms....... I got terrified and ran. I heard the two lovers call out if anyone was there but I was already long gone running and running until my legs carried me all the way home and I threw myself on my bed and promptly passed out from mental overload.

Alright well I can't think of how else to make this ending longer but I need five thousand characters to post it so you can skip this paragraph because it will just be me rambling I mean come on look at this I've just given up on periods completely so like the great fish god dory says just keep swimming just keep swimming I'm almost there guys only 73 left look at me go dory would be proud but I'm still 9 chBINGO!!!!

Chapters one and two are just prequels to the rest of the story so you don't get confused when the rest of the story gets complicated. Hope you enjoy and leave plenty of comments but if they are stupid I will delete them. I.E. horny 17 year old dude with a 6 inch Dick hit me up.
Or Horny little 14 year old girl looking for some loving so text me.

Leave that shit at home.

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