Most of this was true just set over a longer period of time
I was a young bisexual virgin boy at the age of 15 who was horny all the time and was looking for his first time with any one or anything.

It was a Saturday morning I was home alone mom had just gone to work and I had just started to masturbate. As I watched porn of two girls sucking each others pusses I started to get an erection my 8 inch cock stood out from my slim body. After 5mins I was so horny until there was a knock at the door I put on my dressing gown to hide my cock then walked down the stairs I open the door to reveal a 3 of my friends. I only had female friends back then so there stood Laura, Chloe and Illesse. I had wanted to fuck all of them because Illesse was black had E cup tits and a firm arse. Chloe on the other hand DD cup tits, is ginger and slightly fat which turned me on. Laura was short and hairy all over with G cup tits which gave me an erection every time I saw her and I loved the thought of her pussy juice making her pubes wet. I hoped that I could screw them all, I had went out with them. We went to mac Donald's for breakfast, then to the cinemas to see a new film that came out, I was sat between Chloe and Illesse, this was the film when the two main characters have sex for the first time. I kinda got a semi but then all of a sudden my cock shot up as I look over to see Chloe is rubbing my leg and she is squeezing her huge tits. She grabs my hand and forces it on her erect nipples that I could feel through her bra, it felt so nice she whispers to me "meet me in the toilets soon after I go". Chloe soon leaves and a minute later I follow her, she grabs my hand and she drags me into the women's toilet. I couldn't believe my first sexual experence would be a hot slightly over weight ginger girl. We squeeze into a toilet cubicle as she slowly lifts her t-shirt showing her black laced bra and her round fat stomach, which gave me a semi for the second time that day. Chloe is now gripping a bulge in my jeans which is only making me more horny, we start kissing as I undo her bra strap at the same time she started to undo my belt then pulls down my jeans to see my huge knob pops up. She then takes a seat on the toilet so her head is facing my rock hard cock, with one hand she is fondling with my balls and the other is reaching up her denim miniskirt. Now kissing my cock all over she leans in to take 4 of my 8 inches in her mouth it felt so good. I slowly started to pump my hips so my cock would go further in. Soon my whole 8 inches were forced to the back of her throat I pulled it out to get on both knees and start sucking her nipples they now stick out about an inch away from her areolas. She slowly started to scream as her cunt was soaking wet and her breasts were red raw, now reaching down giving me a hand job while I carry on sucking her breasts and playing with her ass. I grab her ass to drag her body closer to me as we start to make out and I can feel her tits brushing up against my body. Then I look up to see Illesse looking over the top of the toilet wall as she was in the next cubicle with her huge brown breasts resting in the wall. I reach up while Chloe is gagging on my cock and place my hand on Illesse's erect left nipple. Illesse pointed down to the hole in the middle of the wall in which she passes through a strap on and some lube which Chloe puts on as I tell her I brought it, then she lubes it up to make it look like she was giving her self a hand job and she starts to screw me up the ass as I am lying up against the wall as Chloe thinks, but I'm actually putting my cock through the hole on which Illesse has placed her mouth. I started moaning with the solid 8 inch black strap on shoved up my ass hole and Illesse giving me a blow job. I didn't know why but Illesse stopped giving me a blow job, flushed to toilet and left the bathroom. Personally I was a bit disappointed but I still had a hot fat red head fucking my ass hole with a strap on dildo. I pull it out of my ass and tell her to turn around and I say "lets see how much you like it" I grab my cock and play around with her anal passage. It was so tight you could tell she was a virgin for anal play, I grab the lube and smothered my cock in it so it would fit in Chloe's tight passage. I got the head of my cock in her ass hole when she screams out in pain, then I force my whole cock in she tries to pull it out but I keep it firmly in her ass. I start pumping in and out of her ass hole as her screams turn into moans of pleasure. We were going to carry on but I then realise that we had been out of the movie for over half an hour, I was sure that Illesse knew where we was but Chloe didn't know that Illesse was in the other cubicle giving me a blow job. So any way we left the toilet and went back to watch the rest of the film. When I was back home it was around midday and I had decided to go to the pub for lunch before I needed to do my paper round. I got there to discover my mate Dani is currently working there delivering food to there tables. Dani was hot with brown hair, a nice round, firm ass and in her tight black trousers I just wanted to grab it. She was also wearing a black low cut top which showed off her curves well, her breasts were a B cup. Everyone I knew was attracted to her but I had always been attracted to her at school and many a time I had dreamt of fucking her then woke up with a hard on. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend apparently his cock was 3 inches long, it wasn't even long enough to pop her cherry well that's what my friend said. Well any way I had ordered the food and Dani had brought it out for me, then as she places the food on the table with her other hand grips my crotch and flashes me her cleavage as she bends over and says "meet me in the kitchen when you are ready for your dessert". I eat my lunch then went into the kitchen to find Dani lying on a metal table with whipped cream placed over her nipples and pussy, I couldn't believe I could be the first person she fucks. I kiss her long on her lips and slowly work my way down her neck, she moans lightly as my lips start to touch her right breast then I get a good mouth full of whipped cream. As it is in my mouth I start to make out with Dani pushing all of the whipped cream into her mouth. I lick the rest of the whipped cream off her breasts now it was two tits and a pussy covered with whipped cream and flake in it. Now I was sucking on her nipple while getting cream on my finger and putting it in her mouth, after I was done with her nipples I moved down to her pussy. I sucked away all the cream even the bits in her landing strip. Then I discovered that the flake was sitting inside her pussy, I then pushed it in further as the chocolate started to melt over her tiny tight cunt I pull it out and go to put it in her mouth but she refuses so I lick it then force it into her mouth. She starts sucking on it like a dummy, I think it is safe to say she likes the taste of her own pussy juices. We now go into a 69 position she takes my whole 8 inches in her mouth, not bad for a virgin girl. Im licking her pussy now with her landing strip rubbing against my chin. I was about to climb off and fuck her when she said she wasn't ready to go all the way so I had no choice to stop and walk away, I get back home and masturbate over Dani and wish I was fucking her right now.

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