When a boy finds out his sister's secret, he uses it to get what he wants
Becca thought her brother was weird. But then, just about everybody thought her brother was weird. Ryan seemed to want to spend all of his time by himself, in his room, doing God knew what. He was seventeen, a senior in high school, and would be going away to college next year. Becca wondered how he'd make out in a dorm where he couldn't just lock himself up in his room all the time. She worried about him sometimes. No fuckin' way was he ever going to be able to live in the real world when he had to leave home.

Becca, on the other hand, had no problem living in the real world. She was fifteen, a sophomore, and was always out with her friends. She was pretty, with long, light-brown hair and green eyes, full pouty lips. She didn't think her body was all that great, her boobs were still pretty small and her hips didn't have much of a curve to them yet, but the guys didn't seem to care. She had plenty of them following them around.

Not that they got much out of it. Becca was a virgin, and intended to stay that way til she met the right person. She wasn't a prude, she just wanted to make sure that whoever got her first was going to do it right and not just bang her to get his rocks off and leave her wanting more.

She'd kissed guys, let them feel her up, jerked them off. She'd even sucked one guy's cock. Jeremy. She thought he might be the one, but she wasn't sure yet, he'd have to show her more to convince her. He was a senior, Ryan's age, and they'd made out a few times. The last time, at a party, they'd gotten high, started kissing and feeling each other up in the bathroom. Jeremy took his dick out and Becca was stroking it, while he stuffed his hand into her pants and finger-fucked her. Becca decided to give him a thrill. Jeremy thought it was great. Becca thought it was okay. It tasted kind of funny, and when he shot his stuff into her mouth she almost gagged, but otherwise it wasn't too bad. Pretty soon she'd have to decide if she was going to let Jeremy do more or look for somebody else.

Ryan was in his room again, doing what he usually did there - watching porn and jerking off. He'd found out that playing with his dick felt good when he was eleven or twelve, and discovered porn on the Internet not long after. He wondered what kids did before there was an Internet.

He was a typical high school kid in a lot of ways. Medium height and skinny with short dark hair and brown eyes. Dressed in t-shirts and jeans most of the time. Always horny and never got a chance to do anything about it with a girl. But he was a loner who preferred the computer or a book to other people, which worked out fine when he wanted to sit in front of a hot porno with his dick hanging out.

His parents were used to having him spend most of him time alone. And they had no fucking idea what he was up to. When the kids got their own laptops, their parents had slapped on every parental control possible. And it took Ryan about half an hour to get around all of them. Because that was the other way Ryan wasn't the typical high school kid. He was smart. Really smart. Especially about math and computers and things like that.

Now, as he watched the blonde girl getting fucked and slowly stroked his dick, he was thinking about what he'd just found out, and how he could use it to get what he wanted most.

"Hey, sis, I wanna talk to you for a minute." The amount of willpower it had taken for Ryan to actually start the conversation was almost overwhelming. He'd been thinking about it for days, trying to get up enough balls. Now he wasn't going to back down.

Becca was startled. The only thing stranger than seeing her brother out of his cave was having him talk to her. He usually acted like she wasn't even there.

"What?" She wasn't really in the mood. She wanted to get out of the house. It was the weekend, and she had things to do.

"I had a little talk with Jeremy. He told me what you did at that party." Ryan was grinning at her. It looked sickening.

"Huh? What party?" Becca had a bad feeling about this, but she was going to try to play dumb.

"At Jack's house. He told me you got high with him. And made out. And sucked his dick." There, he'd gotten that much out. Maybe he could manage the rest without passing out from fright.

"Wh - what are you going to do?" She knew what he was going to do. Ruin her life. Tell their parents, who'd have a fit, and she wouldn't get out of the house until she was old enough to move away.

"Tell Mom and Dad. Unless you do what I want." Ryan was almost shaking. He wasn't sure if he could keep going long enough to get through this.

"What's that?" Becca couldn't figure out what her brother could want from her. He was such a dork, didn't seem to even be human half the time. But if she could give him something that would keep him quiet, she'd have to do it.

"Sex." There. He said it. It was out now and he couldn't take it back. He took a deep breath as he waited for his sister to say something.

Shit, that figures. Little pervert. Becca had warned Ryan before about staring at her friends' boobs when they came over. Now he wanted to do it with one of them.

"Right, so I'm supposed to get one of my friends to have sex with you so you won't tell Mom and Dad? Are you nuts."

Damn, she didn't get it. Now he was almost starting to sweat.

"No, I don't want one of your friends. I want you." It was all out now. Ryan could breathe again, it was over one way or another.

She stared at him, couldn't even say anything for several seconds. Her brother had lost his mind. He was just plain nuts. Finally she figured out something to say.

"Are you crazy? I'm not doing that. What if I just tell Mom and Dad what a pervert you are?" That should shut him up. But he just grinned at her, that disgusting smirk again.

"They'll still find out what you did. And who do you think they'll believe?" Ryan was relaxed now, in charge, the nervousness gone.

She realized he was right. Strange as he was, Ryan had never been in trouble, never done anything he shouldn't, or at least never gotten caught at it. She was the wild one. She was screwed. Unless she was willing to get screwed. She stalled, still not sure about what to do. Ryan got tired of waiting.

"You've got until next weekend to let me know. Mom and Dad are going to that thing with their friends, so we'll be alone. Either we do it while they're gone, or I tell 'em when they get back." He turned and walked back to his bedroom. Now it was time to wait.

The week crept by for Ryan, he thought Friday would never get there, that his parents would never leave for their weekend away. The fact that Mom and Dad kept talking about how much they were going to be able to relax being away from home for a couple of days didn't help much, either.

He kept checking out Becca, trying to read her, to figure out what she was going to do. She hadn't said anything to their parents, obviously, since there hadn't been any big family meeting to talk it over. But he just couldn't tell. Was she going to do what he wanted, or take her chances? He wondered if maybe she thought she didn't need to worry about it, that he wouldn't have the balls to actually go through with it. If that was it, she was going to be surprised. The big deal for Ryan had been actually finding the guts to tell her what he wanted. Once that was out of the way, acting on it was going to be easy.

Becca was just as insane as Ryan was. She didn't know what to do, because she had no idea what Ryan would do. If she said "No" would he actually go to their parents? He might, and he just might be right that they'd believe him and not her when they told their stories. He was their golden boy, had never done anything that he shouldn't. Not that his parents knew about, anyway.

If she agreed to let him have sex with her she didn't know if he'd really do it or not. She didn't think he would, he was just too much of a wuss, and way too shy. She was surprised he even knew what sex was he was such a dork. But then, she'd have never thought he'd be able to tell her he wanted to without fainting, either. Maybe she didn't know him as well as she thought she did. By Friday her nails were chewed down so far her fingertips were sore.

Friday. Finally. Mom and Dad hit the road as soon as they got home from work. Left money so Ryan and Becca could order pizza for dinner. Didn't even seem to notice that both of the kids looked like they were going to crawl out of their skin.

Ryan called and ordered the pizza, settled back with one of his books to wait for it to get there. He'd thought about just jumping right into it with Becca, but he actually was hungry, and figured if he was going to get all that exercise he should be well-fed first.

Becca almost screamed when Ryan ordered the food. She just wanted to get it over with. But she wasn't going to say anything before he did. She was hoping he'd changed his mind, that after they ate he'd just disappear into his room the way he did most nights. Yeah, right.

They somehow managed to sit across the table from each other and eat the pizza without once looking at each other. Becca kept hoping that maybe Ryan had realized how much trouble he could get into and chickened out, but she wasn't counting on it.

The pizza was gone. Becca was chewing on her nails again, or on the tips of her fingers, really, there weren't any nails left. Ryan shifted nervously in his chair. He was going to have to say something. He hated to talk, that was the hard thing for him, but Becca wasn't going to do anything without Ryan saying something first.

He cleared his throat, grabbed his voice before it run away. "Mom and Dad are gone. What's it going to be? No more waiting." It was such an effort to get words out that he was trembling before he finished.

Becca looked down at her plate. Anything to avoid looking at Ryan. She tried to say "Okay," but nothing really came out except some sort of croak. She stopped, took a deep breath. "Okay. I'll do it. You can have sex with me." She still hadn't raised her eyes.

Ryan barely kept himself from shouting, or jumping up and down. Damn, she's going to do it. I'm going to fuck my sister. He forced himself to be calm as he said, "We'll do it my room. Come on."

He stood, walked over to Becca's chair. She still wouldn't look at him. He took her hand, felt her shrink back, like she was repulsed by his touch, but she stood up, followed when he started walking. He led her to his bedroom, in, over to the bed. Deep breaths, you want to be able to tell her what she has to do.

"Undress, so I can watch you." Another deep breath. Have to be steady.

Becca swallowed hard, started to pull up her t-shirt. This part actually wasn't going to be as hard as she thought, except for having her dorky brother standing there watching. She'd been afraid he was going to want to undress her, that she'd have to feel his hands all over her as he took off her clothes. Her t-shirt popped over her head, she tossed it on the floor. Paused for a second, still not sure that her brother would actually go through with this.

"Keep going." Damn, he had to talk again. Didn't she know how much he hated to have to do that? He was staring at her belly. He'd seen it before, when she wore a bikini at the pool or on the beach, but this was different.

Becca wasn't sure if she should take off her bra next, or her jeans. She decided to just go the way she got undress when it was time for bed. Reached behind her back, unhooked her bra. She hesitated for a second before she let it slide off her shoulders, looked at her brother. He was almost bouncing on his toes, like a kid getting ready to open Christmas presents. She took a deep breath and let her bra slip off onto the floor.

Ryan stared at Becca's tits. He felt light-headed, he'd never seen a real girl this close to being naked. He wanted to reach out, grab her tits, feel them, but he held himself back. He'd gone through this in his head, knew how it wanted it to go. He licked his lips, looked at Becca's face. It was blank, like she wasn't even there. Didn't matter, he didn't care what she thought or felt. Shit, was she going to stop, make him say something again. No, thank god, she was reaching down for the waistband of her jeans.

Becca was trembling a little as she undid the button on her jeans. She was starting to wonder if she'd made the right decision. After all of her thinking, Becca had decided that Ryan was too much of a pussy to actually go through with having sex with her. He might let her get naked, might even touch her, but when it came time to actually put his dick in her he just wouldn't have the balls. And he wouldn't be able to do anything because it would be his fault. But now she wasn't so sure. What would she do if he actually made her have sex? She slid the zipper down, took hold of the waistband and pushed her jeans down, bending over to slip them over her feet. When she stood back up she saw a look on Ryan's face that almost scared her.

Ryan's mouth was hanging open now. All Becca had on were her panties. She wasn't wearing a thong, but they were close and didn't cover up much. He licked his lips, couldn't really say anything, just kind of motioned at her panties, figuring she'd know what he meant. She did. He watched as Becca hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and dragged them down over her legs. She bent down as she did, so he got a great view of her tits, but couldn't really see where he wanted to, between her legs. Once she had the panties on the floor, though she stood back up, and Ryan could see her pussy. He thought he was going to start drooling.

As Becca stood up after pulling down her panties, she realized that she had her legs spread a little, giving Ryan a better look at her pussy. She thought about closing up a little, but was afraid it would just piss her brother off. She stood nervously, clenching and unclenching her fists, tongue flicking out over her lips, waiting for Ryan to make the next move, still hoping he'd chicken out when he actually had to do something.

Ryan hesitated as second, torn between stripping off his own clothes and touching his sister, decided he wanted to be naked, too. He tried to be cool as he peeled off his things, but his hands were moving a lot faster then he intended, and he kept getting things hung up. Had trouble getting his t-shirt off over his head, and then almost tripped while he was pulling down his shorts, having to grab the bed with one hand to steady himself. And Becca giggled at him. He finished pulling off his shorts, straightened up, and glared at her.

Becca knew she shouldn't have giggled, but she just couldn't help herself. Her brother was such a dork he couldn't even get undressed right. She saw his face darken and knew she had to be careful. Ryan had a temper. A nasty one. He usually didn't let anybody else see it, but she knew what he could be like when he was mad, and she didn't want him mad at her. Then, in spite of herself, her eyes dropped from his face to his crotch. And she almost gasped.

She'd only seen one dick in person, Jeremy's the night she gave him the blow job at the party. She figured it was normal sized. She knew you couldn't go by the ones in the porn videos online, those guys were like freaks who got picked because their dicks were so big. But now, looking at her brother, she wasn't so sure. His dick was hard, sticking up at an angle, not quite straight out. And it was big. A lot bigger than Jeremy's, longer and thicker both. Maybe as big as some of the ones in the porn vids. Something nasty crawled into the back of Becca's mind, something that wondered how it would feel to touch a dick that size, to suck it the way she sucked Jeremy's. To have it violate her, take her virginity. She shuddered, closed her eyes, forced the thoughts away.

Ryan was pissed that Becca had giggled at him, but he didn't think about it very long. His cock was hard and ready, and he wanted to get on with this. He swept his arm toward the bed, hoping that Becca would take the hint, that he wouldn't have to talk again. He almost sighed with relief when she lay back on the bed, spread her legs. He stood there staring at her a little longer than he should have, almost paralyzed.

Becca thought about making it hard on him, not doing what he told her to do, but she was afraid he might hurt her. His temper was seriously nasty, and she wasn't sure what might be locked up in that strange little mind of his. She almost missed his signal, though, the waving of his hand motioning her to get up on the bed. She was too busy staring at his dick. Trying to push those thoughts back down as they came bubbling up again. She noticed his hand moving, though, knew what it must mean, and lay down on his bed, on her back. Spread her legs the way she did when she played with herself. She wasn't even sure why she did that, it was like an instinct or something. She watched as her brother moved to the bed, climbed up. Saw him hovering over her, like some kind of demon, licking his lips, staring at her body. Saw him move closer, felt the tip of his dick rubbing against her pelvis.

Ryan had thought about this moment, planned it, for a couple of years at least, knew exactly what he wanted to do. No kissing, no foreplay, he wasn't going to finger Becca or suck on her tits. He was going to fuck her, period. It seemed like his cock was getting even harder as he moved it toward her, pressed it against her opening. He felt it bump up against her, took it in his hand to guide it as he looked down between them. He moved it slowly around her pelvis, until he could see and feel that he was in the right place. Part of the head of his cock had opened her pussy lips. He was ready, didn't care if she was or not. He shoved his hips forward as hard as he could, groaned as he felt his cock plunge into his sister's pussy. Shit, he was doing it, he was fucking Becca!

Becca had closed her eyes when she felt his dick pressing against her between her legs. But they snapped open again when his dick ripped into her, and she looked up into Ryan's eyes, saw the lust painted on his face. It hurt when he opened her, like she'd heard it would, but it wasn't as bad as she expected, just like a quick little tearing inside her. That made her gasp. But the feel of that big dick sinking all the way into her caused her to let out a soft involuntary moan. That scared her, but what scared her more was that feeling the dick inside her made her feel good. Better than good. She thought she'd been horny before, when she'd played with Jeremy and the others, but that was nothing. Now her body was on fire. She closed her eyes again so she could concentrate on the dick inside her pussy.

Ryan was in heaven. He knew that having his cock inside a girl, especially his sister, would be better than jerking it with his hand, but he had no idea it would be like this. Becca's pussy was hot and wet, and very tight, and it gripped his cock like it was trying to milk it. He was laying stretched out on top of Becca and humping into her as hard and fast as he could. He had no idea about technique or how to make his lover feel good, all he knew was that he was fucking his sister, and it was the best thing he'd ever experienced. He put his hands in between them, found Becca's small tits and began kneading and squeezing them.

Becca kept her eyes tightly closed, not wanting to see that it was her brother's dick that was giving her so much pleasure, ashamed that she was feeling what she was. Her hips started to move against Ryan's, slowly at first, then jerking against him in time with his thrusts into her. She bit her lip, trying to hold back the moans that were rising in her throat, not wanting to let Ryan know that she was enjoying this.

Ryan kept pumping harder and faster into Becca, like he was out of control. Without warning, his balls twitched, and his cum shot out into his sister's pussy, pulse after pulse. He grunted, jerked on top of her, then looked down at Becca.

"Shit, sis, I came inside you!"

Becca moaned when she felt Ryan's dick pulsing inside her, felt his stuff shooting out into her. The moan quickly turned to a groan and she opened her eyes, peered up at her brother, anger twisting her face. "You bastard!"

Ryan could see that Becca was pissed that he came in her. He was surprised himself, had planned to pull out, but it had hit him all at once. "Sorry, sis, I didn't mean to. You probably won't get pregnant anyway."

Becca's nostrils flared, her eyes narrowed. "I don't care, idiot, you didn't make me cum. You better be able to get it up again." She was beyond pretending now, she wanted his dick, it didn't matter if he was her brother, all that mattered was that he had a big dick he'd put inside her. But she wanted to cum with it in her.

Ryan was stunned. In all the fantasies he'd had about fucking Becca, never once had he thought that she'd like it and ask him for more. "Uh, yeah, I can get it up again. Faster if you suck me like you did Jeremy." He didn't think she'd do it, but it was worth a shot.

Becca rolled Ryan off her, sat up, bent over his dick. "Okay, but you have to play with my pussy while I do." She took his dick into her mouth. She'd done it before, with Jeremy, but Ryan's was a lot bigger, she wasn't sure if she could get all of it in. It tasted different, too, and she realized it was because it had been in her, part of what she was tasting was her own pussy.

Ryan groaned as he felt Becca's mouth on his cock, reached between her legs, fumbling to find her pussy. He finally got his finger in the right place, slipped it into her, started finger fucking her. Felt something thick and sticky, and realized it was his own cum. He pumped his finger in and out of her as Becca's head bobbed up and down on his cock.

Becca could only get about half of Ryan's dick into her mouth before she started to gag. She wanted all of it some day, but not now. Now she just wanted him hard and back inside her. Besides, he wouldn't know the difference, he'd never had a girl suck him before, she was sure of that. She cupped her fingers around his balls, played with them a little. Then reached down between her legs, guided her brother's hand to where she wanted it, putting his fingertip on her clit. She popped her head up off his dick for a second.

"There. Rub it there." And took him back in her mouth. He was getting hard now, wouldn't take too much longer. She wanted to make sure he didn't cum in her mouth, she needed his dick back between her legs.

Ryan rubbed where Becca told him to, hard, pressing down on the little nub. It had to be her clit, that's why she wanted his finger there. He felt his cock hardening, hoped that Becca wouldn't go back on her word, that she'd let him fuck her again.

Ryan's dick was hard enough now. Becca had already felt a small ripple through her pussy, not a big orgasm, just enough to make her want more. She lifted her head, looked at her brother, and rolled onto her back on the bed, spreading her legs again. "Fuck me. Please."

Ryan wondered why she felt like she had to beg him as he climbed on top of her again. This time he didn't have to fumble to find her opening, his cock seemed to know where to go on its own. He slipped inside her and felt her gripping him again. He started fucking her, going a little slower this time, not so desperate.

"God yes!" Becca gasped, moaned, when Ryan's dick plunged back into her pussy. This time her hips were moving against his immediately, she reached out and pulled him tightly against her. Her breath was ragged and she made little mewling noises. Ryan was fucking her faster now, and harder, and she was getting close, already sensitive from the first fuck, and from him rubbing her clit. "Oh fuck, yeah, hard. Uh uh uh uh, nnnggg." Becca's entire body jerked, she grabbed at Ryan, dug her nails into his shoulders. "Oh fuck!" The orgasm washed over her, the first she'd had with a boy inside her, the best she'd ever had. Her body went limp under Ryan, who was still pumping into her.

After a few more strokes Ryan noticed that Becca wasn't moving against him any more and stopped, looked down at her. She was smiling up at him. "Everything okay, sis?"

"Yeah, you made me cum, it was awesome!" She was smiling even wider now.

Ryan started humping again, even slower than he'd started out this time, pushing his cock all the way into his sister, then pulling back until it was almost ready to pop out.

"I want to cum in you again. Is that all right?"

"Yeah, I want to feel it."

He started moving faster again, and Becca wrapped her legs around his hips to hold him in. It didn't take long before his balls started pumping his cum into Becca's pussy again. When she felt it inside her, Becca shuddered, another small orgasm rippling through her. They basically just collapsed onto the bed together, Ryan rolling off his sister onto his back.

Becca found her voice first. "Wow, that was great!"

"Really, sis, you liked it?" Ryan still couldn't quite believe his luck.

"Yeah. Your dick is really big, it feels so good inside me. We have to keep doing it."

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"Blackmailed Sister" - Becca and Ryan - (Sister and Brother)

A story of young, adolescent teen siblings and their initial fuck; not love, nor sex, but brother Ryan's lusting "jump-and-pump" first foray into his long awaited pussy dipping of his pecker, with his hesitant younger sister that he's blackmailed into giving up her virginity for only his sex satisfaction!!

The story surprises the reader with many suspenseful decisions, by Becca and her horny non-caring brother Ryan.

The story has a good theme and context; the characters of Becca and Ryan perform well in their roles of carnal, incestual and consummated pure, unadulterated first sexual experience. The story end too soon; there is no details nor discussion of pregnancy protection, especially since sister and brother are at their productive and fertile periods of parenthood. The unprotected sex does add an element of thrill and risk!

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