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See what went on when the cameras were off
The Erotic Adventures of the Brady Bunch

Marcia moaned as Greg’s cock slid home. Thick and long, she had been dreaming about his hard cock for weeks. When she left for college she hadn’t known that Greg was bigger than most guys, but based on the guys she’d tried at school, and the girls she’d talked to, he was. She could feel herself unwinding with each stroke. She really needed this fucking. She matched his rhythm, pushing her hips up to meet his down strokes. Her legs wrapped around him, her muscles flexing in time with his fucking, helping him drive it deep. She came hard, her cunt spasming around his rod, her body surging up against his.

Greg was looking into her eyes when she came. She always opened her eyes at that moment. Her lust pushed him to the edge. He thrust into her several more times, then pushed in deep, cumming hard into Marcia’s tight, hot pussy. He’d had other girls, but there was something special about Marcia. Tight, hot and gorgeous, he always came harder and longer when he fucked her. And she enjoyed it as much as he did. She really liked fucking and sucking his big, stiff prick.
He pulled out of her and rolled off, his still erect cock slapping his stomach when he landed on his back. Marcia snuggled up against him, warm and happy. She reached for his cock, just holding it, stroking it slowly to keep it hard while they caught their breath. That was another great thing about Greg that she hadn’t appreciated before. He never went soft right away, and never dropped off to sleep right after. He was always good for a second, sometimes a third ride.
She stroked his cock, squeezing on the upstroke. She could see the big purple head swell; she could feel the shaft throb occasionally. She slid toward his waist, put her left arm across his body, rested against his firm, flat stomach. His cock was only inches from her mouth. Her right hand wrapped around the base, gently squeezing. Her fingers massaged the area below his balls, causing his rod to swell even more, forcing a large drop of clear liquid out of his pee hole. Her tongue darted out, licking him clean. She loved the way he tasted. She opened her mouth wide and took him in. Her tongue played along the sensitive underside, her cheeks caved in around the head as she sucked. Several inches of shaft slid into her mouth as she sucked, but most of his tool remained on the outside. She had never been able to get much of his monster into her mouth, but she always tried. She began fisting his shaft, sucking on the upstroke, releasing on the down. When his hips began to buck beneath her she knew he was getting close. She began pumping him faster, sucking harder, literally jacking him off into her mouth. When she felt him swell she stroked him hard and fast, then just sucked as the hot cum shot out of his prick and into the back of her throat. She sucked and swallowed, drinking his jiz, wanting every drop. When he had finished she removed him from her mouth, then gently licked his shaft and head, making sure he was clean. This time Greg softened, but didn’t go completely limp. He was enlarged, but not fully erect.

Marcia turned toward him, moved one leg across his chest so that she straddled him, and moved her steaming snatch toward his waiting mouth. Greg’s strong hands gripped her ass cheeks, pulling her towards him. His tongue pushed her cunt lips apart. She could feel him licking and sucking, feel his fingers and tongue probing her. Marcia stroked her small, firm tits, pinching the nipples, pulling on them. Her pussy throbbing, she pulled Greg’s head tighter against her cunt. She knew she was losing control. His tongue flicked across her clit, triggering her orgasm, starting the avalanche that left her breathless and trembling.

Bobby and Cindy were 12. While both had masturbated, neither was really sure what sex was all about. That’s why they were hiding in the closet in Marcia’s room. They had watched everything Greg and Marcia had done, and were more than ready to give it a try. Bobby’s almost hairless cock had gotten hard before Greg had even mounted Marcia, and it was still hard. Cindy’s virgin pussy was so wet her panties were soaked. As soon as Marcia and Greg were gone, they rushed out of the closet and fell onto the bed. They had stripped while they watched, but were too afraid of making noise to do anything else.

Bobby pulled Cindy close, kissed her eyes and mouth the way he’d seen Greg kiss Marcia. He moved down to Cindy’s tiny, barely bulging titties and began to lick and suck the nipples. They hardened even more, which surprised him. He hadn’t known that would happen.

Cindy held Bobby’s cock gently. It was her first, and she wasn’t sure it wouldn’t break. Bobby covered her hand with his and squeezed, then stroked his shaft, showing her how to jack his dick. She stroked it a few times on her own, liking the way it felt in her hand.

They skipped the rest of the foreplay they had seen. Both were eager to fuck. But Cindy was a virgin, and they both knew a girl’s first fuck could be painful. Cindy liked Bobby, trusted him, and wanted him to be her first. She lay on her back, her face framed by blond curls; her lightly haired snatch a slightly darker blonde. She spread her legs wide, fingered herself for a moment, letting Bobby look at her pussy. Bobby stretched out above her, his knees between her legs, his arms supporting his weight, his young, hard cock touching her belly. Cindy took hold of his tool, guided it to her cunt, and helped him enter her. He entered slowly, stopping when Cindy flinched. He started to backup, not wanting to hurt her. She grabbed his ass with both hands, pulled him hard towards herself, felt a tearing pain in her cunt. She buried her face in his shoulder, stifling a scream. She told him not to move, told him that she had been told the pain would go away in a few minutes.

Bobby lay quietly on top of her, not moving, feeling a pussy wrapped around his dick for the first time. It was so much better than his hand. He remained still, looking into Cindy’s face, waiting. On impulse he kissed her again, pushing his tongue into her mouth. After a moment she responded, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back, tongue sliding over tongue. Cindy broke the kiss, began pushing her hips up against him, telling him it was ok. He began slowly, thinking that the pain might come back, and not wanting his cock to slip out. He pulled back slowly, thrust in slowly, watching her face all the time. She smiled when he was all the way inside, which Bobby took to mean that he could fuck her the same way Greg had fucked Marcia. Gradually he began to move faster, pumping his cock into her tight young pussy. She matched his rhythm, thrusting her hips in time with his thrusts.

Cindy was going crazy. Her body had never felt like this before. Her nipples were on fire; her cunt muscles were rippling around the shaft inside it. She felt her whole body clench, felt herself thrust upward. She felt the spasms begin in her pussy, felt it tighten and relax around Bobby’s prick. She fell into her orgasm, moaning and pounding her fists into Bobby’s back, finally pulling him in as deep as possible, holding him there until she finished.

Bobby began pounding hard now, his hips pistoning into the pussy beneath him. He could feel his cock swelling even more, feel it throbbing until finally he began to cum, pouring shot after shot into Cindy’s tightness. Pumping hard, he pushed in ball deep and stayed there until his cock had emptied.

They lay side by side; whispering together about the things each had felt. As they talked, Bobby got hard again. Time for round two. They had seen Marcia blow Greg, so they assumed the same positions, Cindy lying across Bobby.

Bobby could feel her holding his cock, watched as the back of her head moved toward it. He felt something warm and wet touch the head, knew she was licking him. Her lips closed around the head, engulfing him in warmth. He could feel her tongue against his cock; feel the inside of her cheeks as she sucked.

Cindy held it in her mouth. Her tongue explored it, tasting him, but she knew she was tasting herself, too. His cum and her pussy juice were still on his cock. She thought it tasted a little funny at first, but the more she licked, the more she liked it. She began sucking in earnest, wanting more dick juice. As she sucked, she realized much more of Bobby’s rod was sliding in and out of her mouth than Marcia had managed with Greg. In fact, a couple of times she was sure she had felt his balls banging her chin. The thought of being better at this than Marcia excited her, driving her to try even harder. She started sucking harder, pulling most of it into her mouth every time. She discovered that if she held her head just right, she could take him into the back of her throat and hold him there, his entire cock in her mouth. She practiced this, noticing the effect it had on Bobby, who was trying very hard to fuck her mouth. His hips kept thrusting upward whenever she sucked. She began sucking harder, pulling his cock in faster, then squeezing it with her lips on its way out. She was jacking him off with her mouth, in and out, fast and hard. She felt him tense beneath her, felt the cock in her mouth swell, and then he began to cum. It was hot in her mouth, with a tangy sort of taste and a creamy texture. She liked it hot. She swallowed and sucked, trying to get it all. When Bobby was done she released his cock, licking the shaft, cleaning it the way she had seen Marcia do it.

They both heard the car pull in, which meant Marcia and Greg were back. They dressed quickly, and then went out in the back yard.

Jan and Peter were in the basement, fucking their little brains out. Peter’s manic thrusting had already gotten Jan off several times, and was well on the way to getting her off again. This time Jan was on her hands and knees, her big boobs swinging as Peter slammed in and out of her juicy snatch. She loved doing the doggie; she always got off real good this way. Peter took long, hard strokes, pulling all the way back and slamming in, which was exactly the way Jan wanted it. He liked power fucking, and Jan liked being fucked that way. When her back arched Peter knew she was about to cum, so he drove it in as hard as he could and held it there, letting her spasm around his pole, feeling her cunt tighten and relax around him. When she finished he pulled out, still hard. She knew he would be. The only time Peter would doggie fuck her was when he got to plow her butt.

His cock slick with pussy juice, he immediately began easing it into her ass, pushing just hard enough to pop the head past her sphincter. He waited until he felt her relax, and then pushed again, slipping almost half his shaft inside her. While he waited for her to relax again, he leaned forward, cupping her tits in his hands, mashing them up against her chest. He pinched a nipple, and then lifted it toward her mouth, knowing she’d take it, knowing she liked sucking her own tits. As she mouthed her nipple he felt her relax, so he grabbed her hips and pulled her back, hard, while thrusting with his cock. He sank into her ass, all the way, his balls banging her cunt. He began fucking her butt, slowly, feeling it clamp down on him every time he moved inside her. Slowly and steadily, in and out, going ball deep with every stroke, he began building to his own orgasm. As it approached he began moving faster, his thrusts becoming almost manic. He shot deep in her ass, pulling her against him, holding her there while he emptied his balls.
At dinner that evening they were all relaxed and cheerful, talking about the days events. Greg commented on how nice it was to have Marcia home from school for a couple weeks, Jan and Peter talked about cleaning up the basement, and Bobby and Cindy giggled a lot. All in all, a typical family dinner.

Several hours later Jan and Peter decided to sneak off to the basement again, for one last bang before bed. They reached the basement stairs unseen, and started down. Just as they reached the bottom step, Jan heard a sound. She thought it sounded like a moan, but wasn’t sure. Peter went to investigate, taking a ball bat just in case. As he got closer to the boxes from behind which the sounds came, he began to grin. He knew the sounds of a blowjob when he heard them. He signaled to Jan, telling her to come over, but quietly. Together they climbed up on a couple of the boxes, so they could look over the stack at the activity on the other side. They saw Cindy sucking off Bobby, deep throating him. As they watched, Bobby grabbed Cindy’s head, thrust into her mouth, and began spurting. Cindy swallowed shot after shot, smiling and sucking at the same time.
Before Cindy had the cock out of her mouth, Peter jumped down beside them. Laughing, he slapped Bobby on the back, and then tousled Cindy’s hair. Jan joined them, lifting Cindy to her feet and giving her a big hug, then pulling Bobby close and hugging him. Suddenly realizing that Jan and Peter had come down to the basement for the same reason they had, Bobby and Cindy relaxed. They weren’t in trouble. With a big grin on his face, Peter asked the other three if they had ever heard of a daisy chain. They hadn’t, so Peter went to a box hidden back in a corner and took out some porn magazines, one of which dealt with group sex. They looked at the pictures of fucking and sucking, then at each other. Without a word, Jan and Peter stripped, Peter’s cock already hard and throbbing. Copying the positions they had seen in the magazine, the four formed a slightly squared circle, lying partially on their sides. Peter spread Cindy’s pussy, licking her slit, and then probing with his tongue. Cindy sucked the head of Bobby’s cock, taking a couple of inches of shaft into her mouth. She looked along Bobby’s body to his face, which was covered by Jan’s ass and pussy. She could see his tongue licking and thrusting, could feel the same thing being done to her own cunt. It was a strange sensation, being eaten while watching a pussy being eaten. She sucked harder on the cock in her mouth. Jan had her mouth full of Peter’s prick, trying to do what she had seen Cindy do, trying to deep throat a cock. It was difficult concentrating with Bobby tonguing her snatch, setting her on fire. The girls came at almost the same time, their body’s tensing, their thighs clenching around the heads between them. Peter pulled his rod from Jan’s mouth, and then stood up. He wanted Cindy, wanted to feel his pole in that tight pussy he had been eating. Bobby didn’t mind; all he could think about were Jan’s big tits, and the picture they had seen of a man fucking a pair of big boobs.

Cindy lay on her back, legs spread wide. She watched Peter’s cock as he prepared to mount her. It was a good deal bigger than Bobby’s, both thicker and longer. Although she was juicy, Peter oiled his cock, knowing she had only had Bobby’s. He stretched out above her, waiting for her to guide him in. She reached for him, her hand sliding along the shaft, rolling his balls around, and then returning to the head, which she positioned at her slit. Peter pushed in, slowly but firmly, until his entire cock was inside her. He couldn’t believe how tight she was, how hot she was. After a moment he began pumping, steadily and slowly, trying to make this fuck last.

Jan was also on her back, but Bobby was sitting astride her stomach, squeezing her tits together, his hips pumping frantically. Jan had her mouth open, licking the cock head any time it was close enough. As Peter watched, Bobby jerked, and then began shooting on Jan’s tits. It was amazing how much cum he had, considering he had already been sucked off once. Jan rubbed the cum into her tits, then pulled one to her mouth and began to clean it. She reached up and pulled Bobby down, kissing him, letting him taste himself on her lips. To her surprise, Bobby liked the taste, immediately licking her other tit clean himself.

Cindy’s eyes were open wide, her body screaming with lust. Peter’s cock was reaching untouched spots within her, driving her over the edge. The tightness of Cindy’s cunt pulled Peter closer, driving him toward his orgasm. They crested at almost the same time, Peter thrusting hard, Cindy clinging to him. Their mingled moans were loud in the quiet basement. They clung to each other, gasping for breath from the intensity of their mutual orgasms. Finally they separated, momentarily spent.

The four of them lay together, relaxing, talking about the sex, kissing and holding each other. Being young, it wasn’t long before they were ready to go again. Surprisingly, it was Bobby who was hard first. Jan showed him some of the pictures in the magazines, of men mounting women from behind, and told him she loved doing it that way. She rolled to her stomach, and then got to her hands and knees, pushing her soft, full butt into Bobby. Moving against her, Bobby quickly entered, sliding all the way in. Matching the slow, steady rhythm with which Jan was pushing back against him, Bobby began fucking his sister. He was determined that she would cum before he would.

Peter grew hard as he watched Bobby and Jan fuck in Jan’s favorite position. Seeing this, Cindy lay her head in his lap, his cock standing up between her chin and throat. She began nuzzling it, playing with it with her lips and tongue. Peter sighed, reached for her pussy and began playing with it, inserting one finger, then a second. Cindy kissed the head of his cock, and then slowly began swallowing him. It was a tight fit, but she managed it, deep throating his now fully erect dick. Quite a talented little girl. This talent gave Peter an idea. He extracted himself from her mouth, grabbed a couple of boxes, and fixed a place for Cindy to lay, on her back, head hanging off the boxes. Some guy had face-fucked Vanessa Del Rio this way in a movie that he had seen.
Her head hanging, mouth open, throat relaxed, Cindy waited for Peter’s cock. When the head was inside her mouth she closed her lips and began to suck, pulling him inside even further. With her eyes open she could see his cock slowly disappearing, and of course she could feel it in her mouth.

Peter continued to push slowly, unable to believe someone as small as Cindy could truly swallow his entire cock. When his balls hit her nose, Cindy knew she had done it. She exhaled through her nose, blowing across his balls, causing him to shudder. She could see his asshole, could see the big muscles in his ass clench. He pulled out, and then pushed in again, a little faster than before. Cindy relaxed, breathing out when he withdrew, exhaling on his balls and asshole.

Peter was ecstatic. Never in his short life had he felt anything like this. He began thrusting faster, pumping in and out of her face. Her hands began massaging his ass, making small circles on his butt cheeks. Then her hands went to her pussy, spread her lips, and began slipping her fingers inside. She finger fucked her pussy while Peter fucked her mouth. Her fingers moved faster, her breath shortened, her body strained upward when her orgasm hit, pushing him over the edge. He pulled out of her, pointed his cock at her firm, tiny boobs, and exploded shot after shot across her chest and stomach.

As her own orgasm subsided she felt Peter pull out of her, then felt hot cum splattering across her body. She opened her eyes, watched as his cock finished spurting, and then pulled it back to her mouth, where she licked it clean. Jan and Bobby had already finished, and now Jan joined Cindy, licking Peter’s shaft, then kissing Cindy, tasting the cum in her mouth. Jan broke the kiss, began licking cum off Cindy’s chin and throat, working down to her tits. She cleaned one nipple, then the other, taking her time.

Realizing that the four of them had been down there quite a while, and being pretty well satiated, they dressed and went back upstairs. They split up, the girls going to the upstairs bathroom to clean up, the guys using the one on the ground floor.

As they showered together, Jan and Cindy talked, Jan mentioned that Peter had the biggest cock she had seen, which was one of the reasons she liked fucking him. Cindy was quiet for a moment, and then admitted that Peter was the biggest she’d had inside her, but that she had seen a larger one, Greg’s. Then she told Jan about hiding in the closet with Bobby, watching Marcia and Greg fuck. Their shower finished, the girls went downstairs, where they joined the others in the TV room. When Peter went to the kitchen to make popcorn, Jan followed. She told him what Cindy had told her about Marcia and Greg. They agreed they would try to find a way to involve all six of them in some hot and heavy action.

Carol Brady pulled into her friend Carla Wilson’s driveway and was already wet. She pulled the station wagon into the back yard and headed for Carla’s back door. Carol walked into the kitchen and found Carla on the kitchen table with her 12-year-old son eating her shaved pussy.

Carla saw Carol enter her kitchen, but nothing was going to distract her from the wonderful feelings that her son, Ben was causing in her body. Ben had his lips around her clit and was sucking and raking his teeth across the tip of it. Her juice was pouring out of her pussy, running over her puckered rose bud and onto the table.

Carol, not one to be left out, leaned over Carla and took her right nipple into her mouth. Carla was moaning loudly as Carol chewed on her tit. Carol was always amazed that she could still get milk out of Carla and this made her crazy.

Ben was jamming two fingers into his mother’s cunt as he continued his assault on her clit. She was moaning loudly and her body was squirming all over the table. Ben was having a hard time keeping his mouth on her clit. He wrapped one arm around her leg to hang onto her and shoved his finger into her ass as he bit hard on her clit.

Carla felt her orgasm building as she felt Ben slip a finger in her ass. But when he bit down on the base of her clit her brain exploded. Her entire body shook with wave after wave of energy that blasted through her body. Her chest heaved as she tried to take in large gulps of air. Every nerve ending in her body felt like it was tingling. Carla just lay on the table as her body twitched with every smaller orgasm that spasmed through her body. Her eyes were closed tight and Carol knew from passed experience that her friend was out of commission for a while.

“Hi Mrs. Brady.”

“Good morning, Ben.” Carol said with a big smile. “I see you two started early this morning.”

“Yeah, I came down and dad was fucking mom on the table before he had to go to work. You know how she gets when gets her off the right way.”

“Yes, kind of like now.” She said with a smirk.

“Well after dad left, mom was still laying on the table so I thought that I would help myself to a little breakfast.”

“I see, and are you ready to satisfy an old friend of your mother’s now that you have had your nourishment?”

With that Ben stood up and showed her his fully erect seven inches. “I think I am up to it.”
Carol moved over to Ben and stepped out of her green flowered dress. She never wore underwear when she came to visit her friend Carla. She stood before Ben running her hands over his body and kissed him, deep and hard. Ben picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table. Carol reached between them and found his hard cock. While they continued to kiss like two high school students under the bleachers, she guided his cock to the entrance of her quivering pussy.

Ben felt the warmth of her body against her skin, the hard nipples from her small tits pressing against his chest, the wetness from her pussy as it ran over the head of his cock. As soon as he felt the head of his cock slip past her outer lips and her hand release him, he slammed his cock into her pussy as hard as he could. He pumped into her hard and fast, the head moving in and out of Carol Brady’s blond pussy was now in control of his entire body.

Carol rubbed Ben’s cock up and down her slit a couple of times to get it wet then eased it into her pussy. As soon as she felt the head part her lips she released it as was rewarded by Ben slamming it into her hard and fast. She loved it when someone fucked her hard and fast, Mike always fucked her long and slow, which made her crazy. Her orgasm would build with his slow strokes but she couldn’t get off until he finally came and gave her three fast hard strokes before he exploded and sent her over the edge. She usually passed out over these prolonged fucked sessions with Mike, but with Ben, he would make her cum a number of times with is fast hard fucks, and she loved to cum.

Ben felt Carol’s pussy begin to quiver almost immediately and knew that he wouldn’t last long. He would pull out slow, feeling her pussy trying to suck him back in then slam into her as hard as he could. After only a few strokes she began to cum and continued to cum each time he time he shoved his cock deep into her.

After only a few minutes, but what seemed like hours, Carol felt Ben get larger inside of her and new that he was getting close. The change in his cock made her go wild, she was humping against him to meet every thrust. She was whimpering and moaning at the same time. Her clit was on fire and sent waves of ecstasy every time it came in contact with the base of his cock. Ben pulled almost all the way out and hesitated for a second, breaking the rhythm that they had. Her body was screaming for his cock. He was so close and she wanted him, needed him deep within her. Then she felt him slam into her and explode. Hot sperm flooded her pussy sending waves of orgasmic pleasure through her body. Carol held onto Ben for dear life, savoring every drop of cum that filled her pussy.

Ben felt the stirring of his orgasm begin in his toes and work it’s way up his legs. He was no longer in control of his body. He felt like an observer to a sex show. Just before he blew his load into Carol’s pussy, he stopped his stroke with his head just barely inside of her pussy. He could feel her pussy trying to suck him back in, it was sweet torture for both of them. When he couldn’t stand it any longer, he slammed his throbbing cock back into her trembling pussy and exploded. He held onto her tightly, unable to move, feeling the spasms in their bodies and loving the sensation.

With both of them breathing heavily, Ben slowly lowered Carol down to the table. Ben was standing on two very unsteady legs and staggered back against the kitchen counter and slid down to the floor. Carol felt the Ben slip out of her and wanted him back inside of her desperately, but her body was not functioning right now and all she could do was lie there.
Carla’s brain had cleared just in time to watch her son and Carol get off. Carol now lay before her with her eyes closed and her body twitching, a river of cum running out of Carol’s now empty pussy.

“Well good morning Carol, I am glad you were able to make it for breakfast.” Carla said to her friend with a big smile. Carla pulled up a chair and sat before her friend’s pussy. She placed her hands under Carol’s ass to adjust her position and lick her lips at the sight before her.

Carla leaned forward and ran her tongue up the crack of Carol’s ass to get the cum that was running down to the tables. Carla kept her tongue moving, licking up everything that oozed of Carol’s pussy. Carla spent most of her time licking Carol’s ass hole, probing it with her tongue, lubricating it for when her son had recovered enough to slide his cock into it.

Carol had never come down off of her high. Carla’s tongue was keeping her on the edge and she loved it. She could feel Carla’s tongue probing her ass and to her surprise she wanted more. She had never had anal sex before but this was wonderful.

Watching his mother eat Carol’s pussy made Ben get hard again quickly. He found his legs and used the counter to help him stand. He stood next to his mother and watched as she licked his cum out of Carol’s pussy.

Carla saw her son out of the corner of her eye; she brought her hand up his leg until she found his cock and wrapped her hand around it. It was hard and ready for action. Carla stopped licking Carol and received a moan of displeasure as she did. She enjoyed eating her friend but today she wanted something else, she wanted to see her friend get fucked in the ass for the first time. She stood up and pulled her son over to Carol by his cock and guided it to Carol’s puckered ass hole.

Ben watched as his mother lined his cock up not with Carol’s pussy, but with her butt hole. She placed the tip against the entrance and with slight pressure eased him forward. Ben grabbed Carol around the waist and with his mother holding his cock in position pushed forward slowly. He met some resistance a first but soon felt the head of his cock slip past her outer ring. Carol’s ass hole was well lubricated from his mother’s tongue bath and with just a little pressure he was able to slip all the way in easily.

Carla watched as her friend’s body shuttered as her sons cock penetrated her virgin ass. She knew that her friend was to far gone to resist or care but new that she would love the experience. Carla got up on the table with Carol and straddled her head while she faced her son. She wanted to watch as he violated Carol’s ass while Carol ate her pussy.

Ben could not believe how tight Carol was. He fucked his mother in the ass all the time, but that was after years of his father stretching out her pussy and ass. Ben moved in and out slowly, savoring the feeling. His cock had never been griped so tight. Since he had just cum he knew that this was going to be a long slow fuck.

Carol felt someone licking her ass and that just continued her pleasure. When the person stopped she moaned for more and was happy to feel something rubbing against her ass again. Then she felt it trying to push inside of her, she wanted it to stop, she had never done it that way before and it began to hurt a little. But deep inside of her, somewhere she wanted any type of sexual stimulation that she could get. When it final slipped inside of her she let out a moan of pleasure. It felt long, warm, and hard. Her brain was not working well enough to tell her anything except that it felt good. She felt it begin to slide in and out of her ass slowly; this new sensation was wonderful.

Carla lowered her pussy onto her friends’ mouth and was rewarded with an immediate tongue-lashing. Carol was eating her like she had never done before. Carla fell forward against her sons’ chest and began to suck on his nipple. Her orgasms came fast and hard as she held onto her son for support.

Ben’s nipples had always been very sensitive and he loved the way his mother sucked on them. He began moving faster in and out of Carol’s ass. Looking forward to shooting his wad in her ass for the first time. He was holding onto Carol with one hand and his mother with the other. His orgasm was rapidly approaching and this was quickly becoming the most incredible feeling of his life.

Carol’s body was one giant raw nerve; her entire body was on fire and felt like it would explode at any moment. She was eating the pussy on her face the way she wanted hers eaten right now. The sensations coming from her ass were wonderful; she had never felt so alive before.
Carla had slid down her son’s body, unable to hold herself up anymore. She laid on Carol’s trembling body, her pussy right below her lips. Carla sucked on Carol’s clit and felt her friend go wild. She was attacking Carla’s pussy like never before.

Ben was now slamming is rigid member into Carol as hard as he could. His cock was on fire and he knew that it would only take a few more strokes. His cock swelled and his legs shook as he shoved into Carol for the last time. Exploding hot liquid into her bowels for the first time. He froze, motionless as he pumped three more shots into her ass.

Carol felt something hot shooting into her ass and that set of the largest orgasm of her life. With out thinking what she was doing she bit the pussy on her mouth and passed out.
Carla could feel Carol getting ready to cum and knew that she would cum with her. Carol bit her clit and she screamed as her own orgasm ripped through her body. When her head finally cleared she was still breathing hard. Her son was easing his softening cock out of Carol’s ass and Carol was motionless beneath her. A broad smile crossed her face as she thought about what a glorious morning this had turned out to be.

Marcia told Greg to lie on the couch, and then climbed on top of him. With one hand she held his cock, with the other she spread her pussy lips. She lowered herself onto his tool, slowly, savoring the feel of it going in, enjoying the power she felt being in control of the fuck. When she was all the way down, nothing but Greg’s balls showing, she looked at Peter, then at her ass, then back at Peter to see if he got the message. He did. He made a mad dash for the kitchen, poured some oil on his hands and cock, and then hurried back to the couch. Marcia was in mid-ride, her ass pistoning up and down with Greg’s huge cock appearing and disappearing. Peter climbed onto the couch, took hold of Marcia’s hips, and pushed against her asshole. He pushed hard, the oil on his cock lubricating her butt. Her hole relaxed suddenly, allowing him to slip inside. About two thirds of his shaft went in on that first plunge. He was surprised when she didn’t tense up. He always had to wait for Jan to get used to him being in her ass. He pushed again, slipping the rest of the way in, his balls touching Greg’s, who was completely inside Marcia’s pussy. Greg lifted Marcia slightly, enough so that he could slide out, then ram back in. He started fucking, long, hard strokes, the kind that drove Marcia crazy. Peter could feel him doing it, feel it in his own cock every time Greg thrust. Peter began his ass fuck, imitating Greg, pulling almost out and then thrusting back in all at once. Marcia was moaning, writhing madly between the boys, driven almost crazy with lust. Peter felt her orgasm begin, felt her ass squeeze tight as her pussy spasmed around Greg’s cock. Buried deep in her ass, he felt Greg thrust in hard, felt him swell, felt his cock jerking and shooting inside her, so close to his own. He thrust a couple more times, and then started shooting himself. He pumped shot after shot into her ass, feeling completely drained when he was done.

Early the next morning, after Dad had left for work and Mom had gone shopping with one of her girl friends, Greg and Marcia were having breakfast. Nobody else was awake yet, so they had the whole ground floor to themselves. Marcia was wearing a thin robe, and when she stepped between Greg and the light it became obvious she wasn’t wearing anything else. She went to the refrigerator, bending slightly to look for something. Greg came up behind her, lifted the hem of her robe, and pulled her back against him. Reaching around her, he pulled her robe open, thrust his hands inside and covered her tits, her nipples between two of his fingers. He squeezed the nipples, pinching them, rubbing the tips when they hardened.

Marcia could feel his cock against her ass, gradually hardening and lengthening. She reached behind herself, groping him through his thin pajamas, then reaching through the pajama fly and fondling his balls. She released him, then turned around and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

Greg returned her kiss, and then peeled her robe off. He lifted her in his arms, lifted her high enough to kiss her titties, and then suck on them. Without another word he took her to the kitchen table, turned her away from him and bent her over the table. He put his cock against her pussy lips, spread them slightly with his fingers, and then plunged in completely, spearing her with his massive tool. He heard her grunt, then moan. He began pumping, pulling back slowly, and then slamming forward as hard as he could. She would grunt every time he thrust, and moan every time he withdrew. He was deep in her pussy, just short of cumming, when the kitchen door opened and Peter walked in. They froze, not knowing what to do. Peter was startled, but recovered quickly. He walked to the refrigerator, poured himself a glass of juice, and then went to the table and sat down. He smiled at Greg and Marcia, and then told them he liked to watch. Marcia giggled, then wiggled her ass at Greg, who was still inside, but no longer fully erect. She rippled the muscles in her pussy, helping Greg regain his erection. When he was hard he began fucking her again, stroking long and deep, again drawing grunts from Marcia. Peter watched for a few minutes, drinking his juice then reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock. He pushed back from the table, far enough that Marcia could see him, and started fisting his cock, stroking and squeezing. He knew that if he could get involved in the fuck happening in front of him, getting a group thing going with all six of them would be easy. He stared at Marcia’s closed eyes, hoping she would open them. When she did, finally, he grinned at her, and then stroked his cock, hard, pointing it at her face. She answered his grin with one of her own, and then nodded her head. Peter was out of his chair like a shot, and up on the table. He slid toward Marcia, his cock pointing at the ceiling. Marcia rose up on her elbows, lifting her face high enough for Peter to rest his prick against her mouth. At first she just lipped it, giving it quick little kisses, moving up and down the shaft. Then she took the head in her mouth, her tongue massaging it. She sucked on the head, and then slid down the shaft, taking most of him into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on his rod, in time with Greg’s cock thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Marcia came first, pulling off Peter’s cock, moaning and writhing on the kitchen table. When she finished Greg pulled out of her, picked her up, and carried her to the couch in the front room, Peter following along behind, cock bouncing up and down with every step.

“Good Morning kids!” Alice called with a sly grin on her face. She walked over to the couch to get a closer look at the three kids. Greg’s dick had gone limp and had slipped out of Marcia’s cunt. Peter appeared to still be hard and wedged into her ass. Marcia was a bit flushed with her nipples sticking straight out. “I see that you kids have out grown Saturday morning cartoons,” Alice said with a sly grin. “Mind if I join you?” Alice asked as she moved forward and sucked Marcia left nipple into her mouth and bit the tip. Marcia let out a low moan that brought a smile to Alice’s lips. “Oh Peter, do you think that you can help get old Alice’s juices flowing for me this morning?"

Peter blinked his eyes, not sure about what he had just heard. He looked at Alice and watched as she opened her robe and lifted up her nightgown. Peter was treated to a few of a clean-shaven pussy that Alice was slowly rubbing with her finger.

“How about it Peter, are you going to take care of old Alice or do you only like fucking young girls?”

Peter pulled out of Marcia’s ass and walked over to Alice. Marcia got off of Greg and sat down on the couch to watch the show. Alice turned around with her nightgown pulled up around her waist and bent over to give Peter access to her pussy. This also put Greg’s now growing cock inches from her mouth. Not being one to waste anything, Alice bent further down and wrapped her lips around Greg’s stiffening tool. Greg let out a moan and closed his eyes as Alice slid her tongue up and down his shaft. Her tongue would swirl around the head on the up stroke and slide down the underside on the down stroke.

Peter eased his cock forward into Alice’s dripping snatch. It was larger then any of the other girl’s cunt, but it was hot and wet. He slid all the way in easily on the first stroke. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Marcia jamming her fingers in and out of her pussy. Peter began to pound his cock into Alice. She began rocking her hips back to meet his thrusts. Alice liked it hard and she wanted Peter to give it to her hard and fast.

Felling Peter slam into her pussy made Alice devour Greg’s hard cock. She sucked and licked his cock as hard as she could. She felt Greg grow in her mouth and new that she would taste his young sperm soon. She massaged his balls and raked her teeth along his shaft. Greg grabbed Alice’s head and began bucking his hips, fucking her mouth. Peter was pounding her pussy from behind, while Marcia was moaning from watching them fuck while she jammed her fingers into her pussy.

Alice stuck her middle finger into Greg’s ass and he exploded into her mouth with a loud grunt. Alice pulled back so that only his head was left in her mouth and eagerly drank his cum juice. That plus Peter’s pounding made Alice’s body visibly shake as a powerful orgasm surged through her body. Alice closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as Peter continued pounding her pussy. Marcia was moaning from her own orgasm watching for Peter to finish with Alice. Then Peter gave one final thrust and froze. Alice moaned as she felt Peter pump his hot sperm into her pussy. They all were very still for a few moments; the only sound was ragged breathing as they slowly calmed down. Peter began to pull out of Alice and she stopped him.

“Marcia, would you come here and help old Alice out?”

Marcia came over on wobbly legs unsure of what Alice might want. She sat down on the couch next to Greg and waited. Alice pulled forward a little allowing Peter’s shrinking cock to slip from her pussy. Alice tried to keep her legs closed but some of his juice was leaking out. Alice wasted no time stepping up to Marcia and presenting her gooey pussy for her to clean. Marcia hesitated for a moment then moved forward to accept Alice's cum filled pussy. Marcia licked tentatively at first then planted her mouth over the entire slit. She sucked and jammed her tongue into Alice’s pussy trying to get every drop of Peter’s juice out of her.

Alice put her hands around Marcia’s head and pulled her tight to her cunt. Marcia’s nose rubbed her clit every time Marcia moved her tongue. Alice began to quiver as Marcia brought her to another orgasm. Alice’s juices were pouring out of her, she was having trouble breathing, her legs were getting weak, and she couldn’t take any more. She pulled Marcia’s face away from her pussy and collapsed on the couch in a heap. Marcia’s face was cover with juice from Alice’s pussy.

“I think we all need to go clean up.”

Marcia went upstairs to shower and Alice went to her room, leaving Greg and Peter to clean up downstairs. They walked back to the kitchen, stood by the sink and soaped up their dicks, washing them clean. Peter figured this was as good a time as any to tell Greg about the others. The results were everything he had hoped for. When he talked about Cindy’s cock sucking talents Greg’s meat began to swell while remembering Alice sucking on his cock.

Greg was surprised at himself. He’d cum at least four times in the last hour between Marcia and Alice, and now hearing about 12-year-old Cindy sucking cock was giving him another erection. Hell of a way to start a day. Greg hung his rod in the sink, grabbed the faucet and sprayed warm water across his cock, balls, and stomach, rinsing off the soap. Just as he finished Jan and Cindy walked in.

Both girls stopped dead in their tracks. Of all the things they might have expected first thing in the morning, Peter and Greg standing naked in the kitchen with semi-erect cocks was way down the list. Jan reacted first. Her hands went to her breasts and began massaging them through the men’s shirt she wore to bed. Cindy licked her lips, pushed one hand through the fly of the boy’s pajamas she still wore every night. She rubbed her pussy, one finger slipping between the lips, spreading them.

By now the boys were fully erect. Without a word they went to the girls. Greg stopped in front of Jan, pulled her to him, and kissed her long and hard. His hands went to her ass, which he massaged while his tongue probed her mouth. When the kiss was finished he backed off a step, pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Her tits were magnificent. Full and round, they jutted out from her ribs with almost no sag. Greg moved close, lifted her in his arms, and carried her to the table, the same table he had fucked Marcia on less than an hour ago. He sat her on the table, pulled up a chair, and started licking and sucking her boobs. Breakfast was finally ready.
Peter had pulled Cindy to the floor, stripped off her shirt, and was sucking her hard little nipples. He had one hand inside her pajama bottoms, frigging her cunt, making sure she was wet enough to fuck. He mounted her there, not even removing the pajamas, fucking her through the same hole she had used to rub herself.

Greg had moved down to Jan’s pussy. His mouth was pushed tight against her, his tongue going in and out, his hands squeezing her ass. He pulled away, stood up, pushed her down on her back and spread her legs.

Jan watched as Greg moved up between her thighs. She had never even seen anything as big, much less had it inside her. His strong hands gripped her ankles, raising her feet to his shoulders. He pulled her closer to the edge of the table, and then looked into her eyes. She felt his cock head spreading her pussy lips, and then he pushed; gently, only moving a couple of inches into her. She looked into his eyes, then, silently telling him to give her more, to fuck her completely. He slid his hands down her legs to her thighs, then to her hips. He got a firm hold on her, then drove into her with all his power, forcing himself all the way in.

Greg began to piston Jan’s snatch, fucking her; the way Marcia liked it, with long, hard strokes. With every stroke her tits bounced toward her face, then came back when he pulled out. Jan must have noticed where he was looking, or maybe just liked playing with them, because she grabbed her own boobs and began massaging them, rolling them with her hands, tweaking the nipples to make them even harder. As he watched, pumping into her, she pulled her right breast to her mouth, licked her nipple, then took it between her lips and sucked on it. Greg had never seen a woman suck her own tits; it was more then he could handle right then. With a grunt he buried himself in her snatch just as she let out a long moan. She tensed, her body arching up off the table. He pushed in deep, then let loose with a shattering orgasm, his cock jerking time after time. When he was finished he pulled her to a sitting position and kissed her again, long and hard.
Cindy was thrashing about on the floor, in the middle of her second orgasm, Peter still rock hard and pumping. While Jan and Greg watched, Peter pulled out of her and turned her over. He stretched out on top of her, his cock resting between her butt cheeks. While Cindy was still relaxed, Peter pushed his bone against her asshole, slipping almost halfway in.

Cindy was exhausted, left limp by the force of her orgasms. She simply went with it when Peter turned her over, expecting him to mount her from behind. His rod was hot against her ass; slick with her own juices, and she could feel it throbbing. She felt him sliding it back, and was waiting for him to fill her pussy again. When he pushed through her asshole she was surprised, but didn’t have the energy to fight it. Later she found out that ass fucking sometimes hurt, but right now there was no pain. She stayed relaxed, and allowed Peter his way. After all, he had already gotten her off twice.

Peter thrust again, burying his bone in Cindy’s tight little ass. She was tighter than any hole he had ever been in. He pulled back slowly, and then pushed it in again, all in one stroke. His pace increased, her tightness and subservience making him harder and hotter.

Jan slid from the table, dropping to her knees in front of Greg. She took his cum coated prick into her mouth, licking and sucking, cleaning it while also causing it to stiffen again. They watched Peter pounding in and out of Cindy’s ass, watched as he buried his log in her butt and jerked spasmodically, watched him collapse atop her when his orgasm finished.

Bobby woke with a piss-hard on, climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom. He was standing about two feet away from the toilet, aiming his stream into the bowl when Marcia walked in. She had forgotten her cosmetics bag after her shower, and didn’t realize anyone was in the bathroom. She stopped dead, staring at the boy’s erection. Bobby was startled by her presence, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. The longer she stared, though, the more it excited him.
Marcia stared at Bobby’s hard on, watching it. At first it was softening as the piss left, but as she watched it began to stiffen again. She had never seen such a smooth cock, or balls so nearly devoid of hair. When he finished she moved towards him, reaching for his balls. She wasn’t really horny, Greg, Alice and Peter had taken care of that, but Bobby’s balls were practically calling her. Her fingers itched to feel the soft fuzz, to cradle his young balls, to fondle them. She dropped to her knees before him, stroking his cock with one hand, rolling his balls with the other. She pulled his foreskin back, marveling at the velvety smoothness of his shaft. Without a word she took him into her mouth. She sucked the head, licked it, while fisting the shaft with one hand and holding his balls with the other.

Bobby was taken completely by surprise. He was barely awake, and he was already being blown. He throbbed in Marcia’s mouth, then dropped his hands to her head, pulled her against him, and began to shoot. He shot hard, but not very long. Everything had happened so fast; he hadn’t even been hard more than a couple minutes.

Marcia swallowed the hot, sticky cum spewing into her mouth, and continued to suck. She wanted him to stay hard, wanted him to fuck her right there in the bathroom. When he was fully erect again she stood up, turned her back to him, and bent over, resting her hands on the toilet cover. Bobby pushed her robe up out of the way, moved up against her butt, and sunk his pole into her pussy.

His hands gripping her hips, Bobby began fucking his older sister, moving in and out slowly and steadily, wanting this to last much longer than the blowjob had. Marcia was just as tight as Cindy, even if she was older. He continued his slow; steady fucking, helping Marcia build toward her own orgasm. When she began to moan and gasp he increased his tempo, thrusting harder and faster, matching his rhythm to her moans, matching the frantic pace she was setting, pushing back against him. She was bringing him to his exploding point, even as he was driving her to her own. With one final push backward, she impaled herself on his cock. He could feel her cunt clenching and releasing. With a sigh he thrust one more time, then gave himself over to his own orgasm. He flooded her cunt, their juices mixing and coating his cock.

Marcia slid slowly back down the hill, coming back to life. When Bobby pulled out as she turned to him, pulled him close, and kissed him passionately. They showered together, then dressed and went downstairs. They walked into the kitchen just as Greg began to shoot, his cum filling Jan’s mouth and dribbling out onto her chin.

The four sweaty kids went to shower while Marcia and Bobby fixed breakfast. The way this day had started, everybody needed a big breakfast.

Bobby, Cindy, Peter, and Jan all left after a big breakfast to spend some time at the mall. Alice left to run some errands.

That left Greg and Marcia home alone and Greg wasted no time getting deep into Marcia’s pussy again, enjoying the quiet of the house and the warmth of her cunt. Group fucks were fun, but Greg really liked boning Marcia one-on-one. The others would be home later, but for now it was his cock, her cunt and plenty of time.

Carol entered the house through the kitchen. She was exhausted from her morning shopping with Carla and wanted to rest for a bit. She was headed for the stairs and a shower when she heard a groan coming from the TV room. She walked to the half-open door and peeked inside, not really sure what she would see, but not expecting to see her oldest daughter and her stepson fucking on the couch. She was stunned, and completely at a loss. She felt she should protest, but they weren’t really related, and they were both old enough to make up their own minds. Besides, She had just finished fucking her best friend and her 12-year-old-son. As she watched, Greg pulled his cock out of Marcia and stroked his shaft several times, then began to cum on Marcia’s snatch and stomach. When he finished he rubbed his cock in the gooey mass on her belly, then slid it slowly back into her cunt.

Without realizing it, Carol was becoming aroused, again. The longer she watched, the harder her nipples became. Her hands pressed against her stomach, then slid upward to her breasts. She massaged them through her dress, rolling and squeezing them. Her fingers flew through the buttons, and then opened her dress. She cupped her bare boobs, and squeezed them in her hands. While her left hand continued to play with her boobs, her right began its slow, sensual descent down her stomach, heading for her pussy. She ran right hand over her mound, then slipped a finger inside and stroked her pussy.

She watched as Marcia suddenly lunged up against Greg, her body taut, every muscle spasming with the force of her orgasm. When she finally subsided Greg pulled out, still rock hard, and told Marcia to lean against the back of the couch so he could fuck her doggy style. As she watched Greg enter her daughter from behind, Carol allowed her dress to drop to the floor; she knew that she had to get into this. Watching Greg and Marcia fuck, she began alternately rubbing her pussy and finger-fucking it. When her orgasm hit she leaned against the doorframe, a loud moan escaping from her throat.

Greg and Marcia were startled by the sudden moan coming from behind them. Greg pulled out and turned quickly, then froze when he saw his stepmother leaning against the door, her dress in a pile at her feet and two fingers in her snatch. There had never been any doubt in his mind that he would fuck his stepmother one day, and he wasn’t going to let this incredible opportunity get away. He moved toward Carol, stopping in front of her and dropping to his knees. He pulled her fingers from her snatch and pushed his face against her, burying his tongue as deeply as he could in her hot, slick pussy. She responded as he had hoped she would, her fingers locking in his hair and pulling him hard into her. He could hear her whimpering as he alternately licked, sucked, and tongue fucked her cunt.

Carol knew she shouldn’t do this, but the mouth on her pussy felt so good, and she loved having her pussy eaten. She felt herself peaking again, and all thought fled. She gave herself to her orgasm, her body tingling with power.

Greg stood up, still gripping her ass, and lifted her easily. Her legs opened, wrapped around him, as he had known they would. He lowered her to his cock, leaned her against the wall, and thrust upward as hard as he could, slamming his long, thick prick into her all at once. He held her there, fucking as hard as he could, uncaring about anything except the fire in his balls. He thrust as deeply as possible into Carol’s pussy; his body smashed against hers, and pumped his hot, gooey load into her.

Carol felt the cock inside her explode. Mike had never cum this intensely in all the years they had been married. It was unlike any fuck she had ever experienced, this huge cock erupting inside her. She slid over the edge, her third orgasm shattering her, ripping long, low moans from her.
Marcia watched the two of them come back to reality. Her fingers danced across her pussy, stroking and thrusting, keeping her aroused. She saw Greg pull out of her mother, take her by the hand, and lead her to the couch.

Carol sat next to her daughter, a little afraid of what she knew was coming, but aroused enough to go with it. She had always enjoyed other woman since college, but never dreamt of doing it with her own daughter. Marcia stroked her mother’s thigh; then leaned toward her and pressed her lips to her mothers. Carol’s mouth opened slowly, allowing Marcia’s tongue inside. With her eyes closed, Carol couldn’t tell the difference between her daughters tongue and any other she had played with. When she responded to the kiss Marcia came into her arms, plastering her body against her mothers.

Marcia broke the kiss, and began the slide downwards, kissing and licking Carols full, round boobs, then tonguing her way down her stomach. She slid to the floor, spread her mother’s legs, and buried her face in hot, steamy pussy.

Greg stood beside them, playing with his cock, watching Marcia eat the cunt he had so recently been fucking. He was at that strange stage, not hard enough to fuck, really, but too hard to put it away. He knew how to take care of that. Stepping up behind Marcia, he straddled her, moved close to the couch, and reached for Carol. His fingers wrapped in her short blond hair, then he pulled her close and rubbed his cock against her face. Carol removed one hand from Marcia’s hair and took hold of the prick in her face, guiding it to her mouth. She sucked the head into her mouth, working it with her tongue. Greg stood still, allowing Carol to suck him any way she wanted.
Carol had never had a bone this big in her mouth. She sucked several inches in, and then rubbed the underside of the head with her tongue. A sudden stiffening of his cock told her how Greg felt. She sucked harder, then circled it with her free hand and began pumping it, back and forth, sucking each time she stroked toward her mouth. She felt it stiffen some more, and knew it was ready. She wanted to be fucked by that monster dick again.

Greg pulled away from Carol, lifted Marcia to the couch, and draped her across the back; butt up. He turned Carol around, and laid her next to Marcia. He stroked the two pussies, then moved up against Carol and pushed his rod into her. He fucked her slowly, thrusting all the way in and pulling all the way back. After 10 strokes he pulled out and entered Marcia, fucking her the same way. He stayed in Marcia, gradually picking up speed, until he was fucking her hard and fast just like he always he always did, fast and hard. He wanted Carol to see her daughter get off, and he wanted to be the cock getting her off. When Marcia began banging back against him he knew she was getting close. He thrust harder, driving deep. He could feel her hot juices flowing around his pole, could feel her cunt clenching and relaxing. Marcia’s body shuddered as she came. When it was over Greg pulled out of his sister’s pussy, grabbed Carol by the hips, and slammed home in one stroke. He fucked her the way he had earlier, all power and speed, banging against her soft ass with each stroke. He managed to hold himself back until her orgasm began, then he pumped another load deep into his stepmother’s pussy.

Alice entered the house through the kitchen putting a bag of groceries on the counter when she heard noises coming from the TV room. Alice looked into the room to see what was going on and saw Greg pulling his cock out of Marcia’s pussy then move over to put it in his step-mother’s cunt. Marcia’s face was flush and her tits were heaving up and down from breathing hard. The fur around her slit glistened of her juices. This made Alice’s pussy wet and her mouth water.
Alice watched Greg slam his rigid cock into Carol Brady’s pussy as she slowly walked into the room. She watched as Greg’s ass tightened with each stroke and listened as Mrs. Brady cheered her stepson on to fuck her harder still. Greg did not last long; he and his stepmother came together in one large moan. Greg lay on top of Carol for a few moments to catch his breath then rolled off, exhausted and spent. Alice walked up to Carol Brady and knelt down before her, her eyes starring at her cum drenched cunt. Alice leaned forward and ran her tongue up the length of Carol’s slit. A shiver went through Alice as a desire to eat this blonde pussy took control of her actions. Alice used her fingers to pull open Carol’s cum drenched lips and dove in with her tongue, licking and slurping up the mixture of juices that were Carol’s and Greg’s.

Carol began to cum again as soon as she felt the tongue run along her cunt lips. She didn’t know who it was and didn’t care; she just wanted this wonderful feeling to last. The tongue was exploring her pussy unlike any had done in years. It ran over her lips then deep inside exploring the depths of her tunnel in a circular motion, cleaning her cunt out causing her to continue her orgasm. Carol’s body was shaking violently as the orgasms became more violent. She had stop breathing, her mouth would open but no sound would come out. Then that talented mouth moved up to her clit and she felt teeth lightly bite it. Carol arched her back and screamed, reached down and pushed the unknown head away from her pussy as she collapsed over the back of the sofa.
Alice loved this pussy, she kissed it, she sucked on it, and she licked it. Alice savored the taste of the juices that came out of it and wanted more. Carol’s orgasming body encouraged her to continue on, to suck harder, to give her the best orgasm of her life. Alice moved her mouth up slightly and took Carol’s clit into her mouth and bit down on the tip. She heard Carol scream as she was pushed away from Carol’s cunt. Alice watched as Carol Brady’s body shook then collapsed back on to the couch and continued to twitch.

Marcia had been watching Alice eat her mother and was fingering her pussy at the same time. Marcia eyes went wide as she watched her mother have what must have been the granddaddy of all orgasms, and she wanted to know what that felt like. “Alice, my turn.” Alice did not hesitate to slide over to Marcia’s inviting pussy. Marcia felt Alice slide her tongue deep into her pussy right away. It snaked around on the inside then licked the lip a bit then back inside. From time to time she would brush against her clit but only enough to keep her on the edge. Alice was teasing her and it felt great.

At Marcia’s invitation Alice dove right in to her blonde bush. It was sweet and wet and well lubricated. Alice wanted nothing more then to give Marcia the greatest orgasm of her young life, and she knew just how to do it. Alice kept moving her tongue around, exploring deep inside, sucking out her juices, and then just a flick across her clit. That caused Marcia to moan but was not enough to get her off; Alice wasn’t ready for her to cum yet.

Marcia wanted to cum but couldn’t, Alice was doing a wonderful job of keeping her on the edge. Marcia had her finger clinched in Alice’s graying hair trying to pull her deeper into her pussy while she humped her cunt into Alice’s face. Her pussy was twitching and quivering as Alice continued to suck the never-ending supply of juice that was pouring out of her young cunt. Marcia closed her eyes as she felt a pair of lips suck on her left nipple.

Greg was now hard again after watching Alice make his stepmother cum, and now watching Alice eat Marcia. Greg moved over to Marcia and sucked on her tit. He loved Marcia’s tits and devoured each one in turn; biting her nipples just the way he knew she liked it. Greg could feel her body twitching and knew that she was going to cum soon. Greg left Marcia’s tits and moved behind Alice and lifted her skirt. Her panties were soaked and she had a wonderful scent about her. Greg pulled down her panties, helping Alice to lift each knee in turn to get them completely off. Greg then moved her legs a little farther apart and scooted in close to her pussy. Greg rubbed the head of his cock up and down Alice’s slit a few times before he slid into her cunt. Alice was so wet that Greg had no trouble slipping all the way in on the first plunge.

Alice felt Greg behind her, felt him rubbing his cock up and down her slit, and when he entered her she began to cum. That was just what Alice needed to finish off the afternoon. A large hard cock cumming in her cunt while a young wet pussy came in her mouth. Alice knew that she would not last long but needed to get Marcia off first. Alice would lick one inside wall then the other, she would pull back and suck her pouty lips into her mouth and chew on them a bit. It was hard for Alice to keep her mouth on Marcia’s pussy since Marcia was moving around so much.
Marcia felt the lips leave her tits but wanted the sensation to continue. Marcia let go of Alice’s hair with one hand and used it to rub her tit. She rolled the hard nipple between her fingers then pinched the tip. She wished that they were large enough for her to suck on them the way Jan does. Marcia’s chest was heaving from her heavy breathing; she could feel the orgasm beginning to build deep inside of her. Then she felt Alice slip a finger into her ass as she bit down on her clit. Marcia’s mouth opened wide and let out a scream that was muffled by her mother’s mouth covering hers. Marcia’s legs clamped on Alice’s head holding it in place. Marcia’s hand went around her mother’s head pulling her close to kiss her more deeply. The power of this orgasm blew through her body like a violent storm, with wave after wave of emotion tearing through every nerve in her body. Marcia finally collapsed in an exhausted heap barely aware of the soft kisses she was receiving from her mother.

Alice could feel Greg’s cock swell within her and wanted to cum with him. Alice slid a finger into Marcia’s ass and wiggled it around while she sucked on her clit. This sent Marcia wild. With Marcia now taken care of Alice was free to concentrate on her own pleasure. She savored the feel of Greg’s hard cock as it slid in and out of her. She was pleased to think that an old woman like her could still please a young stud like Greg. Alice relaxed her pussy as Greg slid in and tightened it as he tried to slide out. The sensation was wonderful, better then anything Sam could do. Alice felt Greg get larger as he grabbed her hips and banged into her harder with each stroke. Alice gave herself to the feelings that were coming from her pussy. She lay her head down in Marcia’s lap and let her orgasm take over. She felt Greg slam hard and fast into her pussy as the first wave washed over her. Greg’s cock felt like a hot searing poker in her pussy as it began to twitch and spurt it’s hot load of cum inside of Alice.

As Alice’s moaning began to subside, Greg pulled out of her cunt and sat back on the floor to catch his breath. As Carol looked at her family, exhausted, naked, and satisfied. She knew what they had done was wrong, but it felt so good and they all loved each other so much. How could an expression of love be wrong, how could something this wonderful be wrong? It can’t! With that thought she decided to put the whole thing out of her mind forever and just go on loving her family every chance she got. “Come on kids, Alice. Lets get cleaned up, the children will be home soon and we wouldn’t want them catching us like this. Now, would we?”

Greg and Marcia got up slowly, then helped Alice to her feet. Greg and Marcia gave their mother a big smile and said, “No mom.” All the time thinking to themselves, “If she only knew.” They all kissed each other then picked up their clothes as they headed to the bathrooms to get cleaned up. Each one wondering what the next time would be like.

Mike was home late but still in time for dinner. The normal chatter around the table was a bit subdued tonight and he noticed that Carol and Alice seemed tired. Mike leaned over and whispered in his wife’s ear, “Are you alright honey?”

With a pleasant smile she patted his hand, “I’m fine Mike, I just had a very busy day and I am a bit tired. I think I will turn in early tonight.”

Mike patted her thigh and kissed her on the cheek, “I know how a busy day can wear someone out. A hot shower and a good nights sleep will do wonders for re-energizing the body.”
Carol thought to herself, “Oh, if you only knew.”

After dinner the kids and Mike cleaned up the kitchen and Carol and Alice headed to their rooms for a shower and to turn in early. Alice read some of Sam’s old love letters before she drifted off to sleep, while Carol was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Mike had some work to finish up and finally headed up to bed about eleven. The kids had all gone to bed around nine. He guessed that they had all had a busy day. Mike turned out the lights and headed for bed himself. He wasn’t very tired but he thought that maybe Carol would feel up to a little midnight nookie? As he slipped into bed with he wearing only his bottoms he snuggled up to his wife and let his hand cup her bare breast that had slipped out of her nightgown.

Carol could feel something poking her, but was to tired to do anything about it. At first she thought that it was Greg, but the roughness against her cheek told her that it was Mike. “Not tonight Mike, I’m beat. Later honey, alright?”

“Sure Carol,” Mike said dejectedly. Carol immediately rolled over and began to snore. Mike was restless and couldn’t fall asleep. He eased out of bed and headed down to his study where he kept his porno tapes. He didn’t get much opportunity to watch them anymore but Carol usually kept him more than satisfied. Mike reached in and pulled out the first tape that he came to. They were all basically the same; a woman with short blonde hair fucking her mans brains out.

Mike grabbed a beer out of the fridge and headed for the den. He left the lights off, Popped the tape into the machine and got comfy while he sipped his beer and watched the movie. Mike gulped the last of his beer and stretched out on the sofa. He watched the blonde give a guy a blowjob as he slowly began to drift of to sleep.

Cindy heard someone in the hall and got up to see if it was Bobby wanting to fuck her again. She eased out of the room that she shared with her two sisters just in time to see a figure go down the stairs. She wasn’t sure who it was but she was sure that it wasn’t Bobby. When she got to the top of the stairs she could make out her dad going into his office. She was about to go back to bed when he came out of his office with something in his hand and heading for the kitchen. She waited a bit then crept down the stairs to see what he was doing.

Cindy tip toed into the darkened kitchen and peeked around the doorframe. She saw her dad pop a tape into the VCR and then stretch out on the couch. Cindy lingered a bit to see what he was going to watch. The scene opened with a young blonde woman with short hair that looked a lot like her mother. The woman peeled off her clothes as she walked over to a large black man lying on the bed. When his dick came in to view Cindy gasped. It was huge. She had no idea that a man’s thing could get so big.

Cindy was mesmerized as she watched the woman suck that big black dick into her mouth. Cindy’s hand began to slowly rub her young pussy through her pajamas. Cindy was getting very wet and wondered what it was like to have something that big inside of her. Then her thoughts turn to her dad, “How big was he?” she wondered.

Cindy began to slowly creep forward to see if she could get a glimpse of her dad’s dick. As she neared the couch she could hear him snore. To her surprise he had fallen asleep. Cindy peaked over the back of the couch and in the light from the TV she could make out the tip of her dad’s dick sticking out of his fly. She looked at his head, then the woman on TV, and then back to his dick, and again wondered how big he was.

Cindy slowly moved around the foot of the couch hypnotized by the little head peeking out. She knelt down beside the couch and with trembling hands moved her dad’s fly down to the base of his dick. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the blonde woman licking the black man’s dick. She stuck out her tongue and gently licked the head. Her father didn’t move. She tried it again and saw that it was beginning to grow. She watched in fascination as her dad’s dick began to snake out of his fly. She licked it a few more times and marveled at how long, hard, and most of all how big around that it was. It wasn’t as big as the man’s on TV was, but it was bigger than Greg’s and of course much bigger than Bobby’s.

Carol woke up to pee and noticed that Mike was not in bed. She felt bad about not letting Mike fuck her, but she was exhausted from the afternoon’s activities. After she had gone to the bathroom she felt pretty good. Pretty good for someone that had been fucked all afternoon by her big handsome son, her lovely daughter, and her horny housekeeper. She figured that mike was either down stairs in his office or in the den watching one of his movies. Carol took off her nighty and wore only her shear robe and perfume. She wanted Mike to have easy access to her body.
Carol walked down stairs and immediately saw the flicker of light from the TV in the den. She walked through the kitchen and heard Mike moan, “Oh Carol.” She thought that he must be fantasizing about her as he stroked his meat. As she neared the couch she saw a blonde head bent over his cock. Then as her eyes adjusted she noticed that it was blonde braids! CINDY, she thought. Her first reaction was to be angry, but as she stood there and watched her youngest daughter give her husband a blowjob she began to get turned on.

Mike kept moaning Carol’s name and she could detect him snoring as well. She had to stifle a laugh. The asshole was asleep. He was getting a blowjob from his 12-year-old daughter and was sleeping through the whole thing. As Carol watched Cindy suck on Mike’s pole, her pussy began to get moist. She needed to get in on this and wanted to watch Mike fuck Cindy.

Carol moved around the front of the couch and caught Cindy’s eye. Cindy froze, not sure what to do or what her mother was going to do. Carol held a finger to her lips for her to be quiet then motioned for her to continue. Cindy was in shock, caught by her mother giving her father a blowjob. Carol just smiled at her young daughter and nodded for her to continue.

Carol moved to block Mikes view of who was really giving him a blowjob, just incase he woke up. Carol whispered in Cindy’s ear, “I want you to crawl behind the couch and stay there while I wake your father up. Don’t make a sound, just stay there and listen.”

Cindy looked at her mother with her big blue eyes and just nodded.

“Good girl,” Carol said softly as she kissed her daughter on the lips.

Cindy slowly crawled away and sat behind the couch as she was told. She wasn’t sure why her mother wanted her to do this, but she didn’t seem mad at her so she didn’t care.

Cindy had gotten Mike hard as a rock for her and she was ready to ride his cock. She moved into position and lowered her dripping snatch onto his pole. The warmth of her pussy woke him immediately. “Nice of you to join me Mike. I thought you were going to sleep through the whole thing.” Mike just smiled and closed his eyes again. Carol saw Cindy peak her head up to look at her. Her youngest baby watching her fuck Mike made her come on the spot. Mike was getting close she knew, but she wanted to see him put his come somewhere else.

Carol stood up and moved to the floor. Mike was not happy, he was almost ready to come when she stopped. “I just need a brake for a few seconds Mike, then I will get you off.” Mike seemed OK with that and laid back as Carol slowly stroked his cock. “Mike? While you were asleep and I was sucking on your cock you were calling Cindy’s name. Were you dreaming about her sucking on your cock?”

“Ah, no honey, I don’t remember any dream at all.”

“To bad. I found it kind of exciting; the thought of watching little Cindy sucking her daddy’s big hard pole. Do you ever fantasize about Cindy, Mike?”

“No honey, Cindy is only 12.”

“That’s the best part. Wouldn’t you like to see her braids bouncing around her head as you slam that big cock of yours into her tight little pussy?” Just then Mike’s cock began to twitch and a load of come shot from the opening. Carol smiled, “I knew that you were a dirty old man at heart. But look at the mess that you made Mike. I bet that you would like to have Cindy here to lick you clean, wouldn’t you Mike? Don’t you want our little girl to suck the cum off you cock and get you hard again so that you can fuck her tight little slit. Don’t you want to fuck Cindy?”

Mike looked at his wife as she spoke. She was very aroused, her voice dripped of lust and sensuality. “Yes, I wish Cindy was here right now so that you could watch her lick the come off of my cock. Then you could watch me fuck her until I shot my load deep inside of her sweet little pussy. Then I want to watch you eat my come out her cunt while I fuck you from behind.”
Cindy could not believe her ears; they were talking about fucking her and eating her.

In a raspy voice Carol told Mike, “Call her Mike, tell Cindy to come out and suck her fathers cock, tell her you want to fuck her, and tell her that you want me to eat her pussy when you are done with it. Call her Mike, call our daughter to your side.”

Mike could not believe his wife, he knew that she had a kinky side, but he had never seen her like this. He figured that he would call for Cindy and Carol would play the part. “Cindy, I want you to come here and suck daddy’s cock. I want you to put it in you mouth and lick all the come off of it, then honey I am going to slide my big hard cock into your tight little hole and fuck the shit out of you. Then I am going to have your mother crawl between your legs and lick your hairless slit clean while I drill your ass. Would you like that Cindy?”

“Yes daddy, I would.”

Mike jumped at the voice that came from behind him. Carol just smiled at him. “Cindy was the one that was giving you the blowjob while you were asleep Mike. Now Cindy, come over here and do as your father said.”

“Yes mommy.” Cindy moved next to her mother and immediately bent down to suck her father’s cock once again. His come tasted good and she licked him clean very quickly. When she finished, she straightened up and asked her daddy, “Now are you going to fuck me daddy? Now are you going to but that big hard dick in my tight little cunt?

Mike looked into the smiling face of his wife and the hopeful look in Cindy’s eyes and said “yes”. Mike got up from the couch and led Cindy to big chair that he likes to use when he fucks Carol down here. It is just the right height for when he is on his knees with his cock plowing into her pussy. Mike moved between Cindy’s open legs and rubbed the head if his cock up and down her hairless slit. Cindy moans at the feeling. Carol pulls up a chair so that she can sit and watch every stroke.

Mike eased the head of his cock past Cindy’s outer lips. Slowly moving in and out of her pussy, going deeper little by little. Cindy was moaning and rubbing her tiny nipples on her flat chest. Carol was shoving her fingers in and out of her own pussy, not believing what she was watching. Right then and there she made up her mind to get the whole family fucking together. Little did she know that they already were.

When Mike finally got all the way inside if Cindy he waited for her to get use to him, allowing her little pussy time to relax and stretch so that he wouldn’t hurt her. Cindy was moaning and wiggling beneath her father. His cock felt good inside of her and she wanted him to fill her up with his hot come.

Mike began to slowly move back and forth inside of Cindy. The slow small moves were driving her crazy, she wanted him hard, fast, and now. “Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard, fuck my little pussy daddy, I want to feel your come in me.”

That was all Mike needed to here, he began to ram his cock into her like a pile driver. Cindy’s arms were flailing, she was moaning and making strange noise that made no sense. Then her orgasms started, her entire body turned bright pink and she began to shake uncontrollably. Mike was out of control, his entire body glistened from sweat, and his breathing was deep and ragged.

“That’s it Mike, fuck Cindy. She’s coming Mike. Can you feel it? You’re making your little girl come. Fill her pussy with your cream Mike so that I can lick it clean. I want to eat your come out of her pussy Mike. Fuck Cindy, fill her with your juice and I will eat it out of her for you. Would you like that Mike?” Carol sucked on Mike’s nipple and that did it, he slammed his cock into her tiny pussy hard and fast and exploded inside of Cindy. Carol came just watching, her mouth watering at the thought of tasting Mike and Cindy’s come.

When Cindy felt her father’s cock get larger she thought that he was going to rip her apart. When it exploded inside of her, her brain stopped. She let out a blood curdling scream as her body shuck violently. Mike’s come felt like it was 500 degrees, she wrapped her legs around his waist in an attempt to pull him in even deeper. Her entire body was out of control.

Carol could see Mike’s cock pumping five, six, seven shots of hot come into her youngest daughter. She knew her husband well, his legs would give out and he would fall away any moment now. Sure enough, Mike collapsed and fell backwards, his cock pulling free with a loud pop. Carol was right there to fill the void left by Mike’s cock and began to suck the juices out of pour Cindy. She didn’t know if Cindy could handle her sucking but she didn’t care.

After a few minutes, Cindy’s little pussy was clean as a whistle. Cindy was asleep, snoring softly and so was Mike. Carol knew that Mike was done for the rest of the night, so she covered them both up and headed up to bed on week legs. Thoughts of the weekend to come with the rest of the kids brought a smile to her face and a dampness in her crotch.

Carol entered her bedroom and immediately noticed someone in her bed, she turned on the light and Bobby stuck his head up. “Bobby, what are you doing here?”

“Well, Cindy woke everybody up with her screams, so we all watched from the top of the stairs as dad fucked Cindy, and then you eating Cindy. That got everyone pretty hot, so Jan grabbed Greg and headed up to the attic, and Peter took Marsha into our room.”

“So that left you all alone. So why here, why my bed?”

“I figure that since dad didn’t stay awake long enough to fuck you, and you were in the middle of all that fucking, sucking, and coming…”

“That I would be so horny that I would let you fuck me, is that it?”

“Yea, kinda dumb huh?”

Carol gave her young son a long hard look that made him squirm a bit, then she dropped her rope so that he could get a good look at her body. “Move over Booby, I like to fuck in the middle of the bed.”

Bobby through the covers back and slid to the middle of the bed. His little pecker standing straight up. Carol climbed on to the bed and straddled his waist. She was soaked and new that she would not have to go slow, after all Bobby is less then half the man that his father is. Carol lowered herself onto Bobby, he didn’t go in very deep but that little pecker was hitting all the right spots.

Carol began rocking her hips back and forth. Her clit was being stimulated by his pubic hair, her orgasm was building and it was going to be a good one. She felt Bobby’s cock get a little bit bigger and could feel it pulsing inside of her. She quickened her pace to try to get off before she did.

Bobby was in heaven, he enjoyed fucking Cindy, but this was his mother. It didn’t get any better then this. His little cock was throbbing, the intensity was much more than he had experienced with Cindy. He wanted to please his mother more than anything, but at this point he had no control over his body, he was going to come.

Carol could sense that Bobby was right on the edge and that thought sent her over the top. She ground her pussy on to Bobby’s cock and began to come. Bobby shot his load in to his mother and that triggered a series of orgasms within her.

After a few moments she began to catch her breath and lowered herself to lie next to Bobby. “That was wonderful Bobby, thank you.”

Bobby smiled and snuggled up next to his mother. “Good night mom.”

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