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Discovering photo sharing sites
I slowly woke up with the sun finding its way into my room. I'd had a good night's sleep and could feel a touch of morning wood. I rose and took off my pjs; I like to be naked while I'm dressing. Well I guess I just like being naked, but especially then. As I walked into the bathroom I got a good view of my semi-erect cock in the mirror, and thought that even if someone else doesn't appreciate that pole, I do. It's straight and sleek looking, and thinking about it was giving me a full up hard-on. I did have to piss, though, so I shaved to take my mind off it and then was able to take a leak.

My mind was wandering back to the time my teen buddy and I blew each other to climax. Unlike the other boys I messed with, he had a man-sized cock like mine. Now my erection was coming back with force, I was standing up like a flagpole. I thought about my friend's big cock, and how it took some practice to get that thing in my mouth, but when I did it was a real turn-on.

One time when I was younger I also got to thinking about that time, and how it felt to have his jism squirt into my mouth. My wife was out for the evening and I decided to jerk off; I stripped and laid on the bed, imagining my friend between my legs and taking my cock into his mouth. I remember him stroking me and cupping my balls, which was slowly increasing my pleasure. Then I switched to thinking about being between his legs, looking at his big hard cock, and how it turned me on to play with it. I lowered my head and licked his cockhead, then put my mouth around it. He moaned in approval, and I started sliding my mouth up and down his shaft. This was making me hard and I reached down with my free hand and stroked my own cock. I slowly increased my pace and suction, and after a few minutes he told me he was getting close - so I started rubbing my tongue over the sensitive area on the bottom. He groaned twice and jabbed his cock deeper in my mouth, and I felt him throb at the same time I felt his cream filling my mouth. I didn't like the taste, but it was a turn-on just the same.

One time years ago when I was remembering that blowjob, I was getting very hot and to the point where I wanted to cum, and that I wanted cum in my mouth. So I slid my torso off the side of the bed, so that my ass was up and my legs hanging over, and my very excited and stiff cock was over my face and pointing at me. God, I wanted some stuff in my mouth, so I stroked hard and felt my climax building. Just as I hit top, I opened my mouth and pointed my cock at it, then wham! I gave a big shot of jism, then I could feel it go splat against my tongue. The texture and size of that was amplfying my orgasm. I followed that with another shot, even bigger, and it splatted against my tongue and the first shot. The third shot hit my lips because my cock was throbbing around and I was totally absorbed in my orgasm. I still didn't like the taste of it, but I loved the sight of those shots blasting into my mouth, and the texture was like nothing else.

Over the years, I would occasionally shoot my load into my mouth, or scoop it up and taste or eat it. I got more accustomed to the taste and didn't mind it so much.

Back in the present, my mind was focused on having cum in my mouth. My orgasm was coming on quickly, and I started pounding my cock, and as my climax came I looked at myself and saw the cream pumping out on my stomach. I was totally absorbed in cumming and closed my eyes, and could feel my jism slowly rolling down my side. I caught it with my hand, then brought it to my mouth, then took it in and swallowed. The creamy texture sliding down my throat was the perfect end to a good jerking session.


The next time I logged in to the penis pictures site, I sent my admirer a pm. I asked him to post a picture of his cum in his hand. The idea that someone is turned on by my cock keeps coming back to me, and I'm thinking that I might want to have a long distance sexual relationship in pictures. The other side of it holds, his body and cock turn me on too.

I cruised around the cock pictures and found a couple more that I liked a lot, too. One guy has hundreds of pictures of his meat, it's not exceptionally long but it's quite thick. And about a quarter of his pictures are cumshots, of all types: ropes hanging off his head, puddles down the side, pools on his stomach, you name it. This guy's creamery was getting me lit up, and I took out my tool and started stroking it.

The next site I saw was a man with a short, but well-proportioned dick. He had a light foreskin, and you could see the shape of his head clearly. Another picture had him fully erect and his head out, it was a side shot and he was standing up very straight. It made me want to stroke it - well, let's be honest here, I wanted to suck that cock, take it all into my mouth, and rub him with my tongue until it shot in my mouth. By now, my other hand was steadily sliding up and down my own stiffy.

I roamed on to another member's pictures, a somewhat random selection. It was an older guy like myself; he had salt and pepper pubic hair. The cool part of this was, unlike a lot of older guys, he wasn't chubby, so his body looked nice along with his long dick. One of his pictures in particular caught my eye, he was stretched out on a lounge chair and was stroking his pole, which was pointing straight up and proud. I clicked to his next picture, and that was the same pose, except now he had a handful of cum on his hand and running down his shaft. That was it for me, I closed my eyes, gave my own cock four or five intense strokes, cried "ahhhhgg" and pumped my load out into my own hand. I smeared my cum all over my hard cock, and the pleasure just kept coming on with continued stroking. It took a minute or more for me to come down, open my eyes and admire the slippery spooge all over my cock.

One of these times, I should get a picture of that scene and post it on the picture site.
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