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I pulled the pillows from under the sheets placed them against the wall and placed my back over them as I looked down at the mass amount of cum that was covering my pussy. I slowly started to rub the sticky goo covering my pussy around and I constantly licked my hands as I adored the taste of his cum. I rubbed and rubbed and pushed my cum covered fingers into my pussy. I grabbed a big goop of the cum which had missed the target and rubbed my asshole with it. I had cum so quickly and right after I grabbed some baggy sweat pants which were black in color and put them on not wearing any panties as the sweat pants wouldn’t touch my pussy so I could keep the cum there for my brothers eating tomorrow. I slowly went to bed with the anticipation of what tomorrow would bring.

Sitting in classes although for a short day was probably the most difficult thing I had to do. I woke up with my pussy really wet and some of my brothers cum running down my leg and now sitting here in class I’m getting really wet thinking about what’s going to happen once that bell rings. Unfortunately with me being in high-school and my little brother being in middle school I for once got of 20 minutes earlier then he did. As soon as I got home I rushed upstairs to get ready.

I got completely naked and looking at myself in the mirror all I could see was a tanned slim body and in the mid region a glistening colour due to my wetness and white due to my brothers cum. I quickly grabbed my dildo from my desk drawer and headed downstairs. Wearing absolutely nothing and dripping wet I walked downstairs and went to my brothers bedroom. I removed the sheets sat down and spread my legs. Wanting to moisten up the dried up cum on my pussy I rubbed it in with the wetness that was forming on my pussy. I used my dildo to help with that part as I ran it over my clit. I saw some of my socks sitting on my brothers desk and always thought I looked better with long socks on so I quickly put them on as they rolled up to the mid-point of my thighs. Waiting and waiting I got bored so I decided to put the dildo into my ass. I sat down on it pressing down very slowly as I felt it go in all the way.

After that I was still sitting there having no clue where my brother was. So still bored I decided to do some stretching infront of his mirror. So while standing up I lifted my leg to my head and the dildo popped out of my ass so after placing it back in I tried so more yoga stretches. Standing straight up I placed my hands in front of me and bent all the way over stretching my back out and all of a sudden the door opens. My brother bursts in and with probably the best view of anything he’s ever seen in his life and me I am over joyed and excited. Still standing there my brother drops his bag closes his door and grabs my hips and tells me to stay as he takes the dildo out of my ass and licks me from all the way down where my clit is back up to my pussy hole and then my asshole licking his cum at the same time.


“You don’t even know how good this tastes. Your ass could use some cum for it to taste better but mmmmmmmmmmmm”

“ewww you dirty dirty boy, here lets take these school clothes off”
I tell him as he removes his shirt and I unzip his jeans. As I pull out his cock it smacks me in the face.

“Hey Alex can we do this like how we did yesterday infront of the laundry machine like my dick feels way better when you are like deep throating and kind of gagging with it in you. Would you mind the pain”

“Lie down and we will see if I mind it. But first gimmie a kiss I wanna taste that cum again”

As Andrew kisses me he quickly separates and hops onto the bed lying against the back wall as he grabs me and puts me right above his dick with my pussy hovering over his pubic hair. As we continue to kiss and he moves down to my nipples licking and pinching them I immediately feel the head of his cock rubbing against the bottom of my ass and I can tell hes horny as he is smearing the pre-cum all over me. I quickly stand up with him still in his sitting position and just drop my pussy over his mouth and put all my weight on his face as I pretend it to be a seat as he wettens me up. Licking and flicking his tongue around my pussy as I lift my body up I see his cheeks and nose are covered with my pussy juice. I quickly drop down to my knees on the bed beside him and prepare my-self for some pain which he loves to see me in!

I grab Andrews cock and start licking and placing my mouth on. Andrew immediately with no hesitation pushes my head down with force.

“Here just tap my stomach or thigh or something when you need to breath and ill bring your head up okay?”

As I gag away he finally pulls my head up so I can reply, “Yeah okay not to much force or else your not getting any of your big sisters cum filled soaking wet pussy…”

I continue bobbing my head and then feeling his palm ontop of my head as he presses it down and me gagging and bringing up so much spit that his dick is practically in a puddle of saliva. Coughing a bit I know that he is loving this and just as I tap out one last time I raise my head and quickly jump from my kneeling position on his bed and hop ontop of his cock as I give him a great big kiss so that he knows what his cock taste like..

“eww Alexandra gross don’t do that…”

“You just ate your own cum of my pussy, idiot”

“ohh yeah guess everythings just better when theres pussy”

“well heres your pussy for you”

I tell him as I grab his cock and for the first time I push it through my pussy hole which is very resistant to it as it is very tight and my brother with the shock of his life as he feels pussy for the first time also. As I quickly pump my pussy up and down up and down just about 3 times after that I came already and immediately all I could feel on the 4th pump up and down was my brothers cock flying out of me and just shooting right up my ass and back. As he shot load after load it fell straight back down drooping from my back and went to his thighs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god Alex that was probably the greatest 15 seconds of my life!”

“ahahahah you could only last 15 seconds with my pussy huh boy?”

“That was the best thing ever!”

He says as I grab his cock which has clearly been overworked and put it right back in my pussy as I start pumping up and down on his cock again he immediately screams from the sensitivity his dick is feeling after just squirting his cum.

“C’mon Andrew I want some cum on my face not my back lets go”

“Alex please, please, please stop” he says as he grabs me by my slender love handles and picks me up of his cock.
“Just wait, I need a minute give me a minute” he says as he is panting and breathing excessively.

Me I’m just sitting there enjoying the taste of his cock in my mouth from earlier, spreading my legs wide in front of him so he can get his grove back and wiping the cum of his thighs and rubbing my pussy with it.

“Alright ill give you a minute we still got around 3 and half hours before mom and dad get back, and I’m really really horny now that I felt how good your dick is when its inside me”


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