Fuckfest with 3 dogs, a pony, and a stallion
Next morning when I awoke, I took a shower, dressed, and had
some breakfast. As I ate a bowl of cereal I saw all 3 dogs
sitting on the porch. I had the feeling they actually remembered
I said I was going to let them all fuck me as well as the pony
and stallion, one after another. My dick got hard thinking
about it. Knowing this was my intention today I didn't bother
wearing any underwear and just slipped on some shorts and a

I finished my breakfast and went outside. All 3 dogs stood up
immediately, wagging their tails. Again it appeared they knew what
was awaiting them. I was hard again thinking about all of them
fucking me one right after another. I walked to the stalls with
the dogs following close behind. The pony and stallion started
prancing in their stalls and snorting as if knowing what was
coming also. My cock was so stiff I figured I might as well get
this started.

With all 3 dogs jumping around me I chose a place between both
stalls where the pony and stallion could see everything that was
going on. As I slipped off my shorts the shepherd was immediately
on me knocking me to my hands and knees. He quickly mounted me.
I was so excited I already had precum leaking. As the shepherd
penetrated my asshole and began a furiously fast fuck I shot a load
of cum. I began pushing back wanting the shepherd to slip his knot
into me quickly. I felt the knot go in as he gripped me harder and
began to fuck harder. I felt the knot grow knowing we would tie.
Then the shepherd was still as he began to spurt his cum into me.

I kept pushing back as my cock hardened more than imaginable. With
each tie I knew I was actually able to take a break from all the
pounding I knew my ass was going to take today. I felt the shepherd's
knot slip out along with a load of cum. The dobie quickly took his
place and penetrated me after only a few thrusts. He was pounding me
hard as my cock leaked more precum. I pushed back and felt his knot
slip in. He fucked me another 5 minutes as his knot locked inside my
ass and he began to shoot his cum. It felt so good feeling the dogs
shoot their cum deep inside me. About 15 minutes later the dobie's knot
slid out and more cum was leaking out of my ass and down my legs.

As the dane quickly took his turn he mounted me and penetrated me so
hard that I shot another load of cum. He was fucking me so hard I was
moving forward with the force of his thrusts. I fell foward and the knot
slipped in. He kept fucking hard as my cock kept throbbing. As I felt
his knot grow I knew he would tie soon. My cock was throbbing but having
cum twice already, I knew it would take a while for me to produce more
cum to shoot. I also realized that the shepherd was already up and
excited again since he had time to recuperate. I needed to get away from
the dogs though once the dobie emptied his load into me. As the dane
was finishing shooting his cum deep inside my ass his knot started
shrinking. As the knot slipped out leaking more cum from my ass, I
quickly stood up and slipped into the pony's stall.

I noticed quickly that the pony already had some cock hanging so I knew
he had been watching the action as I hoped and was ready to go. I took
my place on the table in the stall with the pony following. He was
quickly behind me and mounted me. He was thrusting wildly so I tried to
line up with his thrusts and felt his cock penetrate me. I had more
precum leak. The pony was thrusting hard now walking forward with each
thrust trying to get every bit of his 15 inches in me. I pushed back with
each thrust wanting all of his cock in me. As I felt the pony give a hard
thrust I felt his cum filling my ass as he kept thrusting and then
stopped as he emptied his load into me. As he pulled out a load of cum
poured out of my ass. I already had 3 dog loads and a pony load in me.

As I walked out of the stalls to go to the stallion, the shepherd was able
to knock me down and mount me. Since I was going to let them all fuck me
as much as they could today I let it happen. He penetrated me and started to
fuck me hard. Having already cum once he fucked me for much longer as his
knot slipped in again. I began to push back and I felt him cumming as he
kept thrusting. He suddenly slipped his knot out without having tied. I
wasn't expecting this so the dobie was quick to mount me and go for his
sloppy seconds.

He was fucking a mile a minute and I was enjoying it so much. "Oh guys
you are fucking me so good - uuuhhnnn". My cock was hard but I hadn't cum
for a 3rd time yet. I wanted to make sure to get up quickly and have the
stallion take me next cause I wanted to cum with him. I felt the dobie's
knot slip in as he kept fucking me hard and fast. I felt him shooting his
cum inside me. Just like the shepherd, he didn't tie and I felt his knot
start to slip out. I pulled away and quickly got up and went to the
stallion's stall before the dane was able to get to me. He jumped for me
but I was able to avoid him and get inside the stallion's stall. He was
prancing and snorting like the pony was and his cock was also hanging out.

My cock was hard as a rock as I looked at the stallion's cock growing.
I took my place at the table as the stallion came up behind me and mounted
me. He was in me quicker than I expected and the force of the penetration
almost made me cum. But I wanted to cum when the stallion shot his load into
me. The stallion was thrusting so hard he was actually lifting my legs off
the ground. "OMG horsie. Give me the fuck of my life. Make me cum with you".
I pushed back with each hard thrust of the stallion. I then realized he had
all of his 20 inch cock in me and his thrusts continued to lift my legs off
the ground. Just as I felt the stallion begin to shoot his cum into me I
started cumming. Oh what a feeling as I continued to empty my balls. "Oh
what a fuck". The stallion pulled out as a river of cum leaked out of my ass.

My legs were weak from the force of the fuck the stallion gave me. I stood
in the stall and saw the dane was anxiously waiting for his second turn. I
wasn't sure how long it took horses to recuperate after shooting their loads.
I began to think I could let the dane take his second turn then maybe take
a break before letting the pony and stallion have a second round with me. As
I walked out of the stall my legs were so weak that as the dane jumped up
behind me I fell hard to the ground my ass high up in the air. The dane
penetrated me hard and I was actually too tired to even push back so I just
took the pounding. But it still felt good as the dane actually fucked me for
about 10 minutes before his knot slipped in. I felt it growing and realized he
was going to tie again. I also realized I had been getting fucked for an hour
and a half already. The dane started shooting his cum inside me as he rested
his head on my back. That is the 8th load I have taken this morning.

As the dane was still cumming in my ass I saw the pony walk up to the
end of his stall looking at us. He reared up and snorted. I realized then
that he was ready for round 2 with me. I just wasn't sure I was ready. As much
as I was enjoying all the fucking my ass was numb. I was so full of cum my
stomach felt full as if I had just eaten a big meal. If the pony fucked me as
hard as the stallion did I'm not sure I could survive it. And if the pony was
ready for a second round that means the stallion would be ready for his second
round once the pony finished with me.

As the dane kept cumming in me I felt his knot shrinking so I had to decide
quickly if I was going to get up right away and go into the pony's stall for
his second round with me. The dane's knot slipped out and more cum leaked out
of my ass. I quickly got up, still with weak legs, and went into the pony's
stall. The pony was prancing and snorting. He actually came up behind me, his
cock hanging, and nudged me from behind toward the table. He kept nudging me
so I complied and bent over on the table. The pony was quick to mount me and
started thrusting. I decided to let him find the mark on his own. Maybe this
would give me a breather. "Uuuuhhhnnn". The pony was in me and fucking me
harder than the first time. Just like the stallion he was fucking me so hard
my legs were lifting off the ground. "Oh what a fucking". I started cumming for
the fourth time as the pony drove his cock to the hilt and started flooding
me with his cum. He kept thrusting til he emptied his load and went soft. As
he pulled out another load of cum leaked out of my ass.

I weakly got up and saw the stallion at the edge of his stall. "What have I
gotten myself into"? As much as I was enjoying all the fucking, all the cum
loads, all the orgasms, and the feel of so much cum contiuously leak from my
ass down my legs after each fuck, I was tired. "Ok guys I realize you all can
probably keep this up all morning, I can't". But it is only fair I give the
stallion his second shot at me. I quickly exited the pony's stall and with the
dogs trying to jump up on me, ran into the stallion's stall. I just stood
there as the stallion looked at me with his cock hanging down. The stallion's
cock continued to grow. He actually tried to mount me before I even got to the
table. I saw he was stiff so I quickly bent over the table as he mounted me.

He penetrated me so hard and deep that I shot a load of cum. Once again he was
fucking me so hard that he was lifting my legs off the ground. "Oh fuck - you
are definitely the master around here. Uuhhhnnn - fuck me harder damn it". I
couldn't believe I started pushing back meeting his hard thrusts. He had been
fucking me for a while now lifting me off the table. I just kept pushing back
until suddenly I felt the stallion cum in me. He kept thrusting hard and then
pulled out. I had been fucked for two and a half hours straight. As I was
about to get up from the table I collapsed from exhaustion.

When I awoke I realized I had been out for almost an hour. As I began to get
up the stallion suddenly mounted me and drove his cock into me. I realized
I couldn't really get away from him so I took anouther pounding from him. He
shot his third cum load into me and then pulled out. I rested a moment then
got up. I saw the pony and all the dogs ready to go again. "Guys I'm sorry
but I can't any more. I need to rest. Maybe we can go at it again this
afternoon or tomorrow". I opened the stall and without even picking up my
shorts from the ground ran off to the house. The dogs were giving chase
clipping at my heels but not biting. I made it inside. "Wow - what a morning".

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Horny story!! I don't think id manage taking a horse cock up me, but really horny thought!!! id love to suck a massive horse cock and make it cum into my mouth so I could taste it.
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