This is a story about how one of my teachers made me her baby girl.

I was in the 10th grade, I had just turned 15. I was a small little thing. About 5'0, short black hair, barely an chest, and a lot of bum, that I inherited from my mother. It was late September, so everyone is still settling in to the whole school schedule. I went to an all girls school, including the staff.
I was walking down the hallway in my school uniform. A sweater that was a little loose on me, and a fairly conservative skirt. The previous week I had been caught cheating on a pretty important test. This was one of those test's that you feared for a year. It was a test that you took every year, to see which level you would be learning at. So you could imagine how important it was to do well.
I thought I'd be expelled on the spot, but my teacher sent me home. And I was told to report to the principals office on the following Monday. Obviously I was living in fear the whole weekend. Finally Monday rolled around, I just hoped for the best. The best being me staying in school, and my parents not finding out about the whole incident.
I reached the principal's office, "Principal Grace" is etched on the door. I knock and wait. The door swings open. Standing in the room, is Ms. Grace herself. 5'5, about 50 years old, blond hair, dressed in a knee length skirt and white blouse covered by a black blazer.
"Ms. Young, please come in, sit down." She says. I hate when people addressed me by my last name. Especially Ms. Grace, she had me shaking in my boots.
I strut over to the chair in front of her desk, I sit, and the chair sinks in deep. Ms. Grace sits in her chair behind the desk. Her chair towers over me, I feel so small.
"I was told you were caught cheating on the placement exam. Can you tell me why?" She ask's me. I had to think.
"I was worried, I didn't want to do poorly." I tell her. This was the truth, I hated school.
"Well there is nothing to be afraid of. You know we help all of our students, no matter what learning level." She tells me, with a reassuring, soothing voice. A voice that calmed me.
"It's not so much the school I'm afraid of, it's more my parents." I say.
Ms. Grace stands out of her chair, and walks in front of her desk, she sits in the chair next to me.
"I'm sorry to hear that. We all wish we had different parents sometimes." She says. Still so reassuring.
"Yeah, my parents are pretty harsh when it comes to school." I say. At this Ms. Grace places her hand on mine.
"Well don't worry, I can refrain from calling your parents." She says to me, with a sly grin on her face.
"Oh I thank you very much Ms. Grace." I'm absolutely beaming, I live to see another day.
"Although, I will have to be strict. You will have to come into school earlier, and help me out. And stay late after school. Can you do that for me?"
"Of course I can." I reply.
Her hand slides over my thigh. I feel her hand rubbing my thigh, up and down. And I begin to worry. What have I agreed to?
"You don't have to worry about your parents. Alright? Just think of me as your new mother, and everything will be all right?" She tells me. At this point I am scared of whats next. Yet her voice is so soothing, and comforting.
"Yes Ms. Grace." I tell her. Her voice convinced me.
"Now, there is still a matter of punishment." She says. I begin to worry.
"What did you have in mind Ms. Grace? Writing lines? Cleaning class rooms? Community service?" I ask her.
"No, I think I have a better idea." She whispers, a devilish grin across her face. "I think a spanking is in order, it's the only proper punishment." She says. I am shocked at her boldness. I would have never guessed Ms. Grace would want to do such things. Her hand rubbing even further up my thigh.
"Do you think that is really appropriate Ms. Grace?" I ask, my voice shaking in fear.
"Now now Ms. Young, you wouldn't want your parents finding out would you?" She says, she's using my parents to get what she wants, and I must say it was a smart move. Her comforting, motherly voice made me feel okay with what was about to happen. She made everything alright.
"Ok, if you say so Ms. Grace." I say, surprised by my own confidence.
"Bend over my knee, baby girl. And call me Mommy. Ms. Grace is what my students call me. And you're my baby girl. Don't worry, mommy wont spank you too hard." She says to me. I bend over her knee, a mixture of fear, and excitement from her sensual voice.
I lay over her lap, and feel her hand smack my ass. It wasn't hard, but I felt it. I felt it deep. It was slightly painful, and embarrassing. I felt my cheeks flush red. It was embarrassing, but it felt sexy.
"Now that wasn't so hard was it baby girl?" She asked me.
"No Ms. Grace." I replied, as a swift, and more painful smack came down hard on my tight bum. I yelped in pain.
"How dare you call your mother by her real name. Mommy deserves more respect." She says. Her voice more sharp, and less soothing.
"I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to." I say, with tears in my eyes. The last spank was painful, but very arousing. I felt my thick pussy lips begin to moisten. My mommy lifts my skirt up, my white panties now on display.
"That's a good girl. Such a pretty bum you have. I may need to have a taste some time." She whispers, her words again very soothing. She smacks my ass again, and then rubs it softly. I can feel my pussy flaring with arousal. I feel embarrassed that this domination is turning me on. I hope that I don't leak through my panties.
"It's gonna get a little harder ok baby? But don't worry, it will be worth it." She says, with that sexy whisper of a voice. And her hand comes down hard once again. I moan in pleasure. The pain begins to feel good, and feel my panties cling to my wet lips.
"It sounds like my little girl is enjoying her punishment." She whispers.
"Yes mommy, your hands are very soft." I tell her, I hear the longing in my voice, for another smack. And I get it. My mommy lays a thunderous smack on my bottom. And I cry out in pain and pleasure.
"Oh no hunny, you are making your panties all wet." My mommy tells me, I can almost feel her eyes inspecting my behind. Her hand travels between my legs, and she begins to rub the wet spot. She rubs me where only I have touched before. I spread my legs to allow more access. I want her to feel my juices.
"Mommy's punishment is not supposed to make you feel good." She tells me. She removes her hand from my wet panties. I feel a quick and sharp slap to my wet spot. The noise echos through the room. The sound of my mothers hand coming down swiftly on my wet lips. I cry out in pain. A sharp sting to my pussy.
"Your little cunny should not be happy about this punishment." She says. I still feel her sharp slap on my tight pussy.
"This is mommy's property now."
"Yes mommy." I reply through tears. My juices now flowing rapidly.
"Yes what?" She say, as her hand delivers another smack to my wet pussy. I shriek in pain.
"Yes mommy, this is your cunny." I cry out. My mommy runs my wet cunny.
"That's a good girl. You are really making my hand wet. You shouldn't be enjoying this." She says. She rubs my now swollen clit. She moves her hand from my pussy, and it appears in front of my face.
"You better clean up mommy's dirty hand." She says, with a grin on her face. I can smell my musky lady scent on her hand. It was a musky but sweet, arousing scent. She begins to rub her hand all over my face, It tastes just as it smells. I am disgusted at how much I enjoy tasting myself.
"Do you like the way you taste baby girl?" She asks.
"I do mommy." I reply. Which evidently was the wrong answer.
"I told you, this is not to be enjoyed." She says. And she delivers the hardest slap, full on my clit. I shriek, and yell. I feel the sting on my pussy, and then it begins to get warm. I can feel the flood gates open. I feel piss begin to trickle out.
"I'm sorry mommy. I'm so sorry." I say.
"It's ok hunny." She tells me. Again reassuring me. Piss begins to run down my leg. My mommy begins to rub my pussy.
"It's ok baby girl, just let it all out." She whispers. The embarrassment of pissing in front of my mother is overwhelming. It was a very pungent smell, I could feel her hand, soaking up my piss, as she rubbed my soaked lips. My flow came to a stop. And my mother continued to rub me, consoling me.
"It's ok to be embarrassed baby girl. Mommy likes when you're embarrassed. Mommy thinks it's sexy. Now stand up, and take those dirty panties off." She says to me. I stand up with tears in my eyes. I slowly slide the dirty panties down my legs. They are soaked, and dark yellow. The site warms my cunny.
Mommy pats her lap, gesturing for me to sit on her lap. I do as I'm told. She takes my filthy panties, reaches under my skirt, and begins to wipe my pussy clean. I hike my skirt up, giving both of us a view of the tightly trimmed bush, that hides my thick lips.
"My baby girl has a yummy looking cunny." She says. She takes my panties, and wipes my tears away. I smell my salty, musky piss, and turn my head away.
"Never turn your head away from mommy, little girl." She says. She gives my cunny another sharp slap. I squeal in pain and pleasure.
"Open your mouth." She tells me. I do what she says. I feel my dirty panties slide in my mouth. I taste my pissed panties, I am once again aroused by the filth. I like my dirty panties in my mouth.
"That's a good girl. Now let mommy make you feel good." She says. And she begins to rub my hairy cunny.
I moan and squirm as my mommy rubs me. She kisses my neck.
"That's a good girl." She whispers in my ear.
I moan from behind my dirty panties.
"Good girl. Mommy wants to watch you cum." She whispers.
I feel it in my legs and thighs. A warm feeling building up all over. Mommy slides a finger inside of me. I start grinding my wet cunny all over her hand.
"That's my girl, fuck my hand." She whispers.
I grind harder and harder. Her finger deep in my pussy, my clit rubbing in the palm of her hand. No one has made me cum before. No one has touched me before. I cry out in pleasure, as I climax. My juices all over mommies hand. My whole body explodes, and I collapse in my mommy's lap. She slowly pulls her finger out of me, while kissing my neck. She pulls the panties out of my mouth, and slides her finger in. I suck my juices of her finger, loving every musky dirty second of it. She throws the panties on her desk.
"You will spend the rest of the day pantyless. Don't let anyone see. I want you here an hour before school tomorrow, you understand?" She ask's.
"Yes mommy." I tell her. She removes her hand from my mouth, and gives me a soft slap on my pussy. I moan, and sink in closer to her.
"That's a good girl." She says.

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2014-05-14 02:36:36
Great story keep going please

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2013-12-28 04:57:02
nice dominant mommy role play. Very erotic.

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2013-11-24 08:47:55
I love the way the Older seductress steals the authoritarian role from the birth mother of the young girl, solidified by making her sub call her "Mommy"!

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When you do the next part, let d girl drink her mommy's urine straight from the source


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I'm not doing another Mommy's Little Boy. I'm over it for now.

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