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This here is my first storie. Feel free to coment and make suggestions
My parents died in a car accident on the night I turned 14. It took me as a shock because I was really close to them, especially my dad. My mothers brother, Uncle Jack and his wife Aunt Lucy, was living somewhere in the country. They had one daughter, Brenda, who at that time when my parents died 12 years old, now she is 14. They took me into there care. But I still would miss my parents for many years to come.

The farm they stayed on was a big farm with many acres of land. It was a beautiful place. My aunt and uncle tried to make everything as comfortable for me. They were nice folks, but even after the 2 years I stayed with them, the loss of my parents didn't want to leave my mind.

At school the girls didn't exactly fight over me but I had a fair share of girls that liked me. I'm 5'8 with dark hair and green eyes, my name is Bobby by the way. From the years I lived on the farm helping my uncle in any way I could, had sculpted my body. I was by no means big, but my muscles were toned and I had a nice tan on me too. This was what got the girls attentions. I got a girlfriend after a year of livening with my aunt, a nice girl, Amanda. She too lived on a farm that was about 5 miles from my uncles farm. She had dark drown hair, a sweet face with deep brown eyes. She was about 5'5 and a year younger than me. She looked like a real country girl, my kind of girl.

So on my 16 birthday, two years from when my parents died, my Aunt, Uncle and Brenda came and woke me up real early. It was a Saturday so which meant no school. Aunt Lucy and Brenda gave me a box rapped in gift paper. I opened it in a hurry and there was a new pair of real cowboy boots with a jean jacket and a cowboy hat. I jumped up and gave them each a hug. Uncle Jack said that I needed to get dressed for he wanted me outside. They left me alone and I got dressed in my new jacket and jeans with my boots and hat. I went downstairs and saw my uncle heading for the barn. I wanted to go out but Aunt Lucy said I needed to eat first. I ate quickly and as soon as I finished I ran to my uncle. He was at the barn with one of the horses, the one I always rode. A black stallion, magnificent creature with strong legs. He was tamed, I helped my Uncle to tame him after we caught him a few months ago. I named him Prince. My uncle saw me and handed me a saddle. "Boy this here horse is yours now. I know how much you like him so I'm giving him to you. But remember he is your responsibility from now on." He looked at me with a smile. Then said. "You look just like your mama. She would have been so proud of you for being the young man that you are today." He hugged me as I felt tears form in my eyes, I missed my parents so much.

Later I asked my uncle if I could take Prince for a ride over to Amanda's house. Prince saw me as I took the saddle. I saddled up and led him out of the barn. I got up and headed up in the direction of Amanda's house. I rode along the green grass field east of out house. I went up to a small dirt path which led up to a big lake. I felt good, free, knowing that Prince is now my horse. A few minutes later I got to Amanda's house. I saw her dad at the back of the house. He saw me and waved. "Howdy Bobby. What a nice surprise. That is a fine horse you have there. Really fine horse." He said as he looked at Prince and stroked him as I tied him up to a pole. "Well come on in. Amanda is already up and she'll be glad to see you." He led me into their house.

Amanda was helping her mother in the kitchen. She saw me and her face lit up. "Heya birthday boy." she came closer and gave me a hug and a kiss which I didn't expect. I must have turned really red. I have kissed her before but not in front of her parents. "Happy birthday." She kissed me again. Her parents didn't seem to mind. "Oh Bobby you look like a real cowboy in that uniform,so handsome. Happy birthday dear." Amanda's mon said to me and came and gave me a hug. "Congrats son, hope you have a fine day."

I sat a while and talked to them. They were good people and very good friends with Uncle Jack and Aunt Lucy. Brenda my cousin was the one who introduced me to Amanda. After an half an hour, Amanda and I got on our horses. She had her own horse named Cindy. We wanted to go to lake for a while. She rode in front of me. She was wearing a jean shorts that covered just what it needed to cover, but her legs I could gaze on. She wore her cowgirl boots and with a purple checkered shirt. She looked sexy to me. I stared at her ass the whole way. She looked back once and saw me staring and just smiled. I turned red again. We got to the lake and took the horses to drink before we tie them up.

It was mid summer. The mornings were warm, but not as warm as the afternoons. Amanda and I laid under a tree and made out. We have been together for 8 months now. She broke our kiss and looked at me with her brown eyes. "I love you Bobby" I replied by kissing her again and telling her that I love her too. The sun was now hot and Amanda decided we should go for a swim. The problem was neither of us had brought swimming clothes with us. She looked at me with a smile. "Well we could you know, skinny dip." She got up and stared to take of her shirt, undoing the buttons one by one. I stared at her in amazement. Was she serious? Her shirt came off and she had a purple bra on. She had already began to develop boobs. They weren't big, but they were very tempting for any guy. She smiled then turned around. She undid her bra and let it fell to the ground. She walked to the water. At a point she stopped and undid her shorts. She let them fall to her ankles. She had purple laced panties on. She took them off too. I saw her ass which I stared at while back. She walked to the water. She walked straight into the water. Only after her whole body was in the water she turned to me.

"Come on in. The water is good." She said splashing water. I got up and my cock had now sprang to life and was hurting in my jeans. I took off my shirt and undid my jeans. I had boxers on but the bulge was clearly visible. I hesitated but took off my boxers revealing my 5,5inch cock. I ran to the water and jumped in. It was actually very cold. Amanda swam closer and kissed me again. I could feel my cock rubbing between her legs. I kissed her back as I held her. Without asking I took my hand and squeezed her left breast in my hand. She stop and looked at me puzzled but then began to kiss me again, with more passion. I felt her nipples were hard. She was moaning as I pinched her nipples.

We continued this for a while, the we got out of the water and went to our blanket. I saw her pussy for the first time. It was kind of bushy, but it turned me on like that. We laid down and kissed again. My cock was now about to explode. She took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it. I moved on top of her. I began to suck on her nipples, to see if she would like it like I saw once in a porn magazine from one of my friends. This was my first time with a girl naked. I never had sex before(but I do masturbate).

I took my hand down to her pussy. She brushed trough her pubic hair until I reached her pussy lips. I could feel she was wet. My friends always told me girls liked it when you play with their vagina's. She didn't stop me so I got bolder. I inserted a finger in her pussy. "Oh Bobby what are you doing?" She asked me. "Must I stop?" I asked hoping she would say no. "No don't stop, I just didn't expect that." She said with a smile. I took pushed my finger in and pulled it out a bit. I saw once in a porn movie that a guy did this to a girl. She seemed to enjoy it because she had her eyes closed and was moaning a softly.

I sucked on her nipples as I finger fucked her. She moaned with pleasure."Oh fuck Bobby that feels good, oh fuucck "she yelled out. I felt her pussy got tighter and then she screamed. She bucked her hips wildly with my finger still insider her. I never saw a girl have an orgasm before, but I thought that she must have had an orgasm. She smiled at me and kissed me again. I removed my finger from her. "My turn she." She said as she came on top of me. "This is my first try ever, I saw it only in a porn movie once. Just tell me what you think." She said. She went down to my cock and stroked it. Her soft hands felt good as it wrapped around my cock.

She then licked the tip of my cock which made me jump. She licked up my shaft and fondled with my bolls. Then she took a deep breath and began too take my cock in her mouth. It was heaven. She took half of my cock in her mouth. She began to buck her head up and down. "oh god Amanda." Was all I could say. She began to take more and more of my cock in her mouth. I felt my bolls tighten. "I'm gonna cuuummm" I warned her but it was too late, I shot my sperm in her mouth. She coughed a bit and then looked at me. "It doesn't tasted that bad." She said then cleaning my semi hard cock.

Then all the sudden we heard a voice behind us. "What are you guys doing?" My cousin Brenda was standing over us watching us with wide eyes.

If I get a good response I will bring out part 2

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2013-09-16 01:48:34
Do you promise NOT to submit a part 3 if we ask you nicely?

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2013-09-16 01:45:21
I quit reading this horrible excuse for a story after noticing two misspelled words in your Introduction. You misspelled "storie(sic) and "coment(sic)". That must have set a record for poor writing for this site. Normally even the middle school drop-outs can do all right on the Introduction. No matter how many different names you use, you still cannot hide your total inability to write. Why not give the readers a break and QUIT? Or at least wait until you finish elementary school to try again, PLEASE.

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2013-09-16 01:35:48
O and thanks for all those who read my stories and liked them and for those who didn't like them, well that's fine by me also

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2013-09-16 01:34:08
Yeah well you guys see that english is not my language. I will keep my stories for myself then. Maybe I'm not suppose to be writing stories. And I know my spelling sucks ass, haha.

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2013-09-15 20:09:34
quit listeniong to the self appointed grammer cops and nay sayers they talk about "all" your stories that must mean they read them and stroke to them as well. keep up the stories

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