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Chapter 14w3

Erick waited outside the Ft Lauderdale Airport looking for his dad’s dark blue jeep. Seeing it he rushed to it, hugging his father when he stepped out of it.

“What in the world happened to you?” impressed with his son’s new look.

“Used the gym a little bit,”

Accepting the answer, he put his bags in the trunk and his dad drove home. Once home a similar conversation occurred with his mom, to which he replied the same thing. He texted Jenn and Lizzie confirming he arrived with no trouble. Later after long nap, he went out to surprise Nikita on his way to her apartment he received a call from Gabbie.

“Hey Erick had a nice flight,” her voice rang through the Bluetooth.

“Yeah it was good,” replying, speeding down I-95.

“So your birthday’s July 12th, that’s in like seven days,”

“Wow I’m shocked you remembered,” he teased.

“Shut up, before I take back my party invite,” she replied.

“Sure what time,”

“Later in the night, around ten eleven,”

“Yeah, just text me the address,”

“Will do bye,” he hung up after.

So you’re gonna be twenty-one, only seven days left,” Bella said

“Only three days later, it happened,” he mused.

“What happened?” She questioned

“Ohh, crap gotta buy flowers and stuff for her,” changing the subject.

He entered the Publix closest to her apartment and bought a bouquet of roses. Few minutes’ later standing in front of her door, he knocked. Nikita opened the door, a confused look on her face, which turned to joy after seeing him. She let him come in her arms wrapped around his neck, her lips locked with his.

“Aw thank you,” admiring the roses. “Why did you tell me you were coming.”

“Wanted to surprise you,”

“Oh so it wasn’t because you wanted any of this,” gesturing towards her body.

“Well I could tell you, or I could show you. Your pick,” he answered. She ushered him to her room.

Inside her room they got on the bed kissing letting their hands roam, rove, prowl, grope each other’s body. Erick bent down kissed her, coursing his fingers through her hair. She removed her shirt revealing a purple lace bra; he reached behind unhooking it letting her breast fall. He cupped the left one sucking her areola, fondling the breast with great care. At the same time, his right hand found its way between her legs rubbing her vagina through her shorts.

Carefully he made off with her shorts, dropping them on the floor. His lips brushed on her stomach, his fingers petting her inner thighs. He looked up at her biting her lip, enjoying the process thus far. The hot pink underwear, had a wet patch on the crotch area, gently he peeled it off.

“Put that big dick of yours here,” hinting at her pussy.

He rushed withdrawing his clothes.

“Oh, seems that your bicep aren’t the only things that got upgraded,” spreading her legs wider, waiting for his dick.

He plunged his cock in, causing her to gasp. Her wet snatch grabbed hold of his dick as if it was a living entity, able to adjust to his needs.

“Ahh, fuck me hard,” her carnal desire echoing from her tone.

Erick complying with her demand and hammered her pussy. With each thrust he took Nikita purposefully inched herself closer to the edge of the bed. This went on until her torso was hanging off the bed, her head upside down touching the ground. She placed her hands on the ground lifting her head slightly making it more comfortable for her. Erick looked at her confused, wanting to stop to pull her back on the bed.

“Don’t you dare stop, not when I’m this fucking close.”

Being in the same predicament himself her continued his pummeling. His hands on her hips, her legs locked behind his back. Than just like that she froze, then shook uncontrollably.

“MMHHGAAAHHAA,” she screamed bouncing all over the place.

Just when her orgasm stopped, he came in her arousing a second wave of orgasm from her. His warm sperm leaked out of her pussy and drooled on the bed. Erick watched her copper skin glistened with sweat glow in the light, before he picked her torso up of the floor. Laying her small frame atop his and fell asleep, with his dick seeping cum on her ass.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” he jumped off the bed.

His parents stood next to the bed doing the same thing they have done for as long as he could remember for his birthday.

“Thanks,” groggily replying.

They hugged him, then they all stared at each other somberly, heads laying low repressing dark secrets, after they gave him his presents they went to work.

“Ohh, I have a surprise for you, I suggest you get yourself ready to go out,” Bella intervened.

Getting out the bed, he did his morning rituals.

“Yup here it is,” she announced.

The bell rung, he paced towards the door and surprised he was, a Latina goddess had appeared at his doorstep. She was only a couple inches shorter than him, full perky breasts covered in the business suit she wore. The suit could do nothing to hide her curves nor could the dress pants hide her beautiful round ass, which they contoured. Her face was angular, with a pointing chin and strong jaw line. A thin upper lip rested above her thicker bottom lip. Her narrow nose led to her best feature, her eyes. They were emerald green, shining radiantly, and their gaze captivating his.

“Hello is Mr. Erick Smith here,” she asked her honeyed voice reaching his ears.

“This is he,” he managed to say.

“Yes, I am here to talk about your Uncle Chris’s will,”

Confused he was about to deny that he had no Uncle named Chris.

“It’s Columbus, he left you all his possession as a birthday present,” Bella said.

“Oh, yes come on in,” ushering her to the living room, “I don’t think I caught your name.”

“Sorry my name is Natalia Sanchez, and I was your Uncle’s lawyer. Although I fail to see the family resemblance,” pointing out the obvious, the noise her heels made resounded through the room.

“He married into the family,” saying the first thing that popped in his mind.

Happy with this answer she stated, “Well Mr. Smith your uncle left you quite a sum. He seems to have stocks in Disney, Google, Apple, Yahoo and various other places.”

Erick mouth dropped understanding that he was now loaded. She showed him the necessary paperwork which he signed accordingly.

“You don’t have to worry about anything I will take care of the rest sir. Oh by the way give this letter to your parents it will explain everything.” Getting up the couch she was walking out the door, “have a nice day”.

He wished her the same and closed the door behind her.

“So what was the surprise her or the inheritance,”

“She was just a bonus,
” Bella clarified.

“She was more than that. She was a younger hotter looking version of Jennifer Lopez, if that’s even possible.”

Not soon after another knock came at the door, Erick opened it this time even more in shock.

“What’s up Zero, happy birthday man,” the stranger said.

“Jim,” Erick yelled and hugged him, “come on in.”

Jim was tall, taller than Erick was, he always reminded Erick of a tall, not bald Tyrese Gibson.

“I can’t I’m just passing by. Dam Zero long time no see, you got big.”

“Bro, you know no one calls me like that anymore,” Erick said.

“Well to me you will always be Zero. So have you talked to her yet? Did she finally forgive you?”

“I haven’t talked to her since it happened, the answer to both would be no.”

“She’s gonna be in town in a few months you two should talk then,” Jim added.

“It’s complicated,”

Shaking his head Jim said, “looks like there’s one thing you can’t solve.” With that he walked away to his car and left.

So who’s Lara?” Bella asked.

The first woman I wanted to die for,” he answered.

The day went by his phone rang, chimed due to the various birthday wishes he received from friends and family. Around nine, he received a phone call from Gabbie

“Hey Erick I don’t feel well today so can we propone our plan for tonight,” she said

“Yeah, sure no problem. What’s wrong?”

“My lucky ass caught the flu, during the summer. Again sorry bye,” he hung up the phone and got his car keys.

You figured she was lying,” Bella said

Yup, gotta find out why she lied,”

He drove to Gabbie’s house ringing the bell. Angela, Gabbie’s younger sister opened the door, just like her sister she was a looker. She was marginally shorter than Gabbie, with fuller breast, and had a more childish look to her. Their other features were similar only that Angela had longer hair.

“Hey Angela, Gabbie here,” walking in the house.

“Yeah, she in her room sulking.” He started heading there to be stopped by a hand grabbing his arm. The white spaghetti strap she was wearing did nothing to hide her cleavage.

“How about we let her brood alone while you and I we have a little chat,” propping her chest up.

“Um, well let me take a rain check on that one,” pulling his arm he paced to Gabbie’s room.

He knocked softly on her door, “Go away you Bitch,” she replied through the covers.

“If that’s how you want it then bye,” he joked.

“Erick,” she flew out the bed and hugged him tightly. “What are you doing here?”

“You sounded depressed over the phone, so here I am,”

She stared at him for a while until he got uncomfortable and said “What”

“You got big, what did they feed you in New York,” as she touched his arms and chest area.

“I hit the gym a few times over there. Never mind me what’s wrong with you?”

“Was it that obvious,” he nodded. “The problem is my sister.”

“Oh again,” he said. The situation between the two had always been unfair. Angela was the baby of the family so she usually got anything she wanted while Gabbie had to work for everything.

“Sit here let me give you a massage while you recount me your tale,” he told her.

“Yeah, I was interested in this guy Drew. I stepped out the house for twenty minutes to run an errand for my parents, since their not here. I came home to find him naked with her,” she explained.

“It’s not only him it’s every guy I know,” she continued. “I mean they get one look at her and you’d think she’s casting a spell over them. Yes Erick I see the glimpses you take when she’s around. All you guys are the same, you go gah gah over her and treat me like chopped liver,” she yelled.

“Although what you just said may be true, there is one fact that you are forgetting. That I am still here with you and not with her,” he said gently.

She looked up at him; he bent down kissed her on the lips upside down. She returned the favor her tongue intertwined with his. The kissing stopped, Gabbie stood up facing him, while he removed his shirt.

“Wait I got an idea,” he said. “Do you have lotion here?”

“It’s in the bathroom, why?”

“To give you a full body massage my dear,” he pinched her tiny ass and exited out the room.

At the bathroom, he searched the cupboard until he found what he was looking for. Hearing the door close behind him he turned to see Angela clothed with a towel in front of him. In a heartbeat she erased the gap between them, then dropped the towel. Her natural cone shaped jugs along with her smooth pussy were sights behold. She embraced him, he could feel her nipples on his chest. Her hand shimmied towards his crotch.

“Stop,” he told her, grabbing her wandering hand.

“Why, you know I could give you a more pleasurable night than she could,” she whispered seductively.

“I’ll take my chances,” prying her off him her marched back to Gabbie’s bedroom.

“What took you so long at the bathroom?” the latter asked.

“Had to pee, let’s go, on the bed in your undies, on your tummy,” he ordered.

She removed her shirt and shorts; he watched her long slender body lay down on the bed. He squirted lotion on his hands and rubbed them together. Starting with the nape of her neck, he rubbed softly, and then moved to her shoulders. There he paid attention to her clavicles caressing them in a clockwise with his thumbs. After he unclasped her bra, clearing her straps so they do not hinder the process.

He poured on more lotion on her back and caressed his fingers. He moved his fingers through her back like a master controlling a puppet, and like a puppet, she responded as he wished. Her back was his instrument, the sounds she made would make Beethoven jealous. His fingers stroked her like a paintbrush over a canvas, her body squirmed as he went lower and lower reaching her panties he stopped.

“Turn over,” he instructed.

Doing as he asked she switched sides, he removed her bra allowing her perky breasts a breath of fresh air. Grabbing her softball-sized breast, he played with it, his fingers resting on her elliptical areola where her erect nipple, residing between his fingers, begged to be twiddled with. He kissed her enjoying how her soft lips intertwined with his. Biting her lips, his hand passed through the flat plains of her stomach arriving at the Promised Land. Carefully opening her legs, he saw her soaked panties. He removed them softly watching her clear juice sticking to them. After pulling them off he flicked her clit and saw her quivering near orgasm.

Hurryingly he opted out of his pants and trousers. Spreading her legs, he lined his prick penetrating her hole causing her to cum. The orgasm was slow, soft hitting her body making it vibrate gently, she smiled at him exuding a glow she did not have before.

“You ready?” reaching up she kissed him then nodded.

He gingerly stroked her pussy, his cock coated with her juice made it easier to slip in out her tight hole.

“Ohhh, yesss,” she said, grabbing his butt cheeks.

Leaning forward he nibble her earlobes increasing the speed of his thrust. Her arms reached around his broad muscular shoulder.

Pulling him closer to her, “harder,” she noted.

He pounded her pussy until he felt that she was close to cumming again, he held his orgasm so it matched hers.

“AHHHMMAA,” she screamed loud enough to raise the dead.

She looked like she was doing an exotic dance as she spasm on the bed. Erick himself seemed to be joining him. Dropping on the bed next to her he gasp for air when suddenly Smack.

“Why’d you hit me for?” he demanded.

“Because I knew you for freaking three years and I am just realizing how much of a good fuck you are. You should have hit on me sooner dumbass,” she replied haughtily.

“Oh my bad, that’s not a problem anymore now is it” he smiled kissing her.

“I’m sorry, tonight was supposed to be all about you,” apologizing to him.

“It’s ok I had a good time,”

“Well I wanted this year to be different since you always seem to be depressed around your birthday for some weird reason. I wanted to cheer you up this year.”

“Trust me I had a grand ol’ time tonight all thanks to you,” he told her.

She still did not look satisfied but accepted his answer anyway. She was not the only one to sense his displeasure Bella also could feel his mood drop like a rock and no matter how hard she tried he was still sad deep down inside.

Rearranging himself on the bed, he spooned her and slept peacefully.

The next two days that went by proved to be less joyful for Erick. He was getting progressively depressed as the hour passed, Bella for the life of her could not figure why. Try as she might his brain was locked out her reach. The only thing he found out was that he called Miss Sanchez asking her to book a private plane for San Angelo Texas. On the plane Sunday afternoon he was greeted by a cute black hostess who he paid very little attention to.

“Hello my name is Stephanie; I will be your hostess for this flight. How may I interest you?” she asked bubbling with personality.

“Can I have some water,” he said moving to the back of the jet.

“Of course,” she dashed to the front of the jet getting him a bottle of water. “Will that be all,” she asked.

“I’m kinda tired please make sure I’m not disturbed,”

“Yes sir, have a good flight,” she smiled brightly at him and walked up the front pulling a drape giving him some privacy.

Resting his head on the seat, he slept. Through the depth of his mind Bella was searching for an answer when suddenly crack appear in his Trojan like defense. Quickly she slipped through peering in uncharted territory.

A scene started to form in his mind it was a hospital. A woman was giving birth to a child a man held her hand calmly talking to her as the process went on. The doctor and nurses worked frantically to deliver the baby.

“He’s coming out,” a nurse yelled.

“Ok Mrs. Smith I’m going need you to push,” the doctor explained.

She grunted the baby’s head came out, then not long afterwards the rest of his body.

“Not done yet,” the doctor exclaimed.

A few minutes later just as the doctor said a second head appear, they repeated the process and delivered the second baby. After the umbilical cord was cut, the babies were rinsed and given to their parents.

“Twins honey, we got twins,” the father exclaimed.

“Yeah, so the older one just like we said we’ll name him Erick and the younger one,” staring at the babies

“Alex,” he finished happily.

To Be Continued…


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