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School Girls helps ladies with dog and finds herself bound in a basement
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Jenna lay in the dark, bound and gagged. She had no idea where she was or how she got there.
The last thing she remembered she was helping a couple ladies find their dog on her way home from
school. She was by their van with the dog and next thing she was waking up in the dark.
The ropes hurt her wrists and ankles. She was thirsty, scared.

She was in darkness but could hear voices. It sounded like they were preparing something. What?
What was going to happen to her? Who did this? It couldn’t be the women, they seemed so nice?
Why did she stop to help? She should be home to take her dog Lad, out.

The ropes hurt her wrists but she kept trying to pull loose. Jenna kept trying to loosen the rope
with her teeth through the gag. If she could only get the knot free. It was so hot. She kept hearing noises. The knots were looser but she could not get free.

The door opened, it was hard to see since she had been in the dark. She looked up, helpless; to see an older scruffy man and one of the women she had seen earlier. “Where do you think you are going?”
The man laughed as Jenna struggled. He pushed her over with his foot.

The woman knelt over her and removed her gag. Jenna started to spurt out questions.
“I was trying to help you, why are you doing this.”
“Shut up or we will put the gag back on your bitch mouth. “
The woman looked at her chewed ropes. “Ha Ha, trying to chew your way out like a rat.”

“Should I strip her now?” Laughed the man.
“Leave the clothes on, I think he will like the look. Nice blonde American Bitch Girl. “
The woman bent over Jenna. “That’s what you are, American Bitch Girl.”
My boy is going to like you.
“Wait, what do you mean?” “Please, I just want to go Home.”
“Oh the little white pussy wants to go home? I don’t think soooo.”
“No, please, I have to be home.” The woman and man just laughed.

Jenna was dragged out into a warehouse room. There were ribbons, banners and decorations.
“What’s is going on. Stop this. As she lay on the ground two men lowered a cable and attached
a hook to her tied wrists.. Slowly they began to raise her up.

“Wait what are you doing.” “NO NO” Jenna screamed as they raised her up, stretching out her teen body.
She was still bound at the wrists and ankles, only Jenna’s toes touched the ground.
She hung suspended. Light brown hair, 5 foot, 5 inches and muscular in build Jenna
was totally helpless, strung up like a piece of meat.
“Lets see what we got here. “ The men ran their hands over Jenna. “Feels good, real nice”.
Jenna cried out as hands ran over her white blouse fondling her breasts. The other man
slipped his hands under her jumper uniform shorts. Fingers pinched and prodded.
Hands ran up and down her legs moving closer and closer to her crotch.
The men took turns probing between her legs. Fingers ran up and down her slit.

“Nice, no other shorts, just white panties.” “Miguel is going to like you.”
“Who is Miguel? Who are you.” “I am his uncle and this is his godfather.”
“Miguel is 21 and you are his birthday Pinata.” “You can’t do this. Let me GO.”
Jenna was cut short as the gruff man kissed her hard, his body up against hers.
The other man pressed up against her from behind as they both ground their
hips into her.
“Dam, WE would like to fuck you now but we will wait our turn at the party.”
“They are going to like you, tight little American Bitch.
“You been fucked before sweetie.” “No No. Please stop this.”

“Oh a virgin Anglo, Miguel is going to like you.”

“What ar you doing?” They started to pull up a paper and cloth wrap over her.
This is your Pinata. Jenna twisted her body trying to stop them.
The man opened a mean looking knife and put it to Jenna’s cheek.
If you don’t stop I am gonna have to cut you, till you do.
He held his cigar up to her face, took a drag and blew the smoke over her.
Jenna choke and coughed. As she coughed he pushed his mouth up against hers
and pushed his tongue inside her.

“I like to put my tongue inside you here.” He laughed as he grabbed Jenna’s crotch.

Terrified, Jenna held still as they continued to with the Pinata.
“We stuff this with gifts. “ Esmeralda held up a 12 inch thick black rubber cock.
“Guess what this is for.”
“There were little pockets in the wrap and they stuck the
gifts in the pockets tying up the wrap from top to bottom.
Esmeralda held up a wooden rod.
“What is that.” Asked Jenna in a terrified voice.
Esmeralda waved through the air and laughed.
Next she showed Jenna a heavy leather paddle. There were clamps and ropes
which were all tucked away in the Pinata.

Slowly they wrapped Jenna in the cloth and paper.
Jenna was almost totally encased in the Pinata.
“Wait.mmmf.” A ball gag was pulled over her mouth.
Esmeralda attached a leather collar around Jenna’s neck.
The Pinata was closed up and Jenna was raised up feet off the ground.

Jenna’s arms and shoulders burned as she hung suspended with the extra weight of
the Pinata and gifts. It was very hard to breath, hot, close. Jenna was panicked.
She struggled but then stopped realizing it only added to her discomfort.
Sweat dripped down her face but she was helpless to wipe it off.

Jenna could not see but she could hear voices and more men entered the room.
She could smell food being brought in. Bottles of beer were being opened up.
There was laughter and jokes. Jenna strained to hear what they were saying but the sounds were
all jumble. How could this happen, she had only wanted to help. It was so hot she felt she could pass out. What was going to happen next? Would they really do what they said?

Jenna could not see but there was light. Suddenly the lights went out. She waited in the dark.
In the dark, waited. Fear, pain in her arms, sweat dripping down, panic was overcoming her.
As much as she feared what may happen she was desperate to escape from the Pinata.
What crazy, sick, demented person would think of this?
It was hot, so hot. When would they let her out.

“SURPRISE!!” The lights turned back on and there was cheering and laughing and singing.
Mexican music started up and then a chant. It was hard for Jenna to hear what they were saying.
What were they saying. There were so many voices. Everyone was laughing.
What would happen.

“WHOOOOOSH” A stick hit the paper Pinata. It was a terrible boom
to Jenna encased inside. Though she only felt an indirect impact she shuddered in
complete fear. She shook and struggled as the spectators laughed at the shaking

To Be Continued


2013-10-08 10:57:51
Good story... I'm happily surprised you're not being bombarded with anti-feminist comments :)

Some people can't distinguish between fantasy and reality.


2013-09-23 09:51:30
Very good story so far. Please finish.

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2013-09-15 21:32:00
id like a school girl for my b'day every year

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