Paul's cock grew faster than the rest of him and a lot of people noticed, including his sister.
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.


I'm just a normal 16 year old kid. Actually I'm a normal 16 year old nerd kid. I'm 5'7" and weigh 125 pounds. I wear pretty strong glasses, have short brown hair and love science and math in school and I am a little shy. I don't play sports. The only thing that is not normal about me is that I already have a thick, rock hard, almost eight inch cock. My cock started growing rapidly when I was 11.

Lately I have noticed many girls and women and a few guys looking at the size of the lump in my pants. I even get some smiles and have had a few kisses blown to me. Sometimes a couple of girls will look at me, whisper to each other and then giggle. My 35 year old English teacher smiled and then apologized when her hand accidently touched me between the legs. At least I think it was an accident.

Our school building is an old one. Our gym still has a group shower room with lots of shower heads and no dividers, and after gym class we all shower at the same time, only the guys of course. I'm by far the biggest down there of all the guys in my class, even soft. Several of the guys have said how lucky I am or that they wished they had my cock. One of the jocks said, "I bet you get to fuck a lot of girls with that baseball bat." I did not answer him because I was still a virgin but did not want to admit it.

It's not that I don't know about sex. I watch a lot of porn on my computer and I love to masturbate. My favorite place is in the shower. I get my prick all soapy and stroke it long and fast till I blow my load while thinking about it being in the tight pussy of one of the beautiful big busted girls that I just watched in a porn video. When I come, I can shoot almost three feet and I shoot three or four big strings of thick yellowish cum against the far wall of the shower. It slowly runs down the wall and makes a big puddle on the floor. Damn, that feels good.

A month or so ago, something happened that changed my life. I was in the shower and had just coated the wall with cum when the bathroom door flew open and one of my two older sisters rushed in. It was Jane, my oldest sister who was almost 18. I did not have the curtain fully closed as I didn't expect anyone else to come into the bathroom while I was showering. "Sorry Paul but I've gotta go real bad. I won't look, I promise. Close your eyes." I closed my eyes. Jane rushed over to the toilet, pulled her skirt up and her bikini panties down, sat and started spraying piss into the bowl. I could hear it splashing into the toilet water. She was right, she really had to go a lot.

I couldn't help myself. I opened my eyes and looked over at my sister sitting on the toilet. Her skirt was around her waist, her lacey red bikini panties were around the ankles, her knees were spread wide and a stream of yellow piss was pouring from her pussy. I grabbed my cock which was quickly re-hardening. My hand only covered about half of my shaft.

Then I noticed that she had not kept her promise. Her eyes were wide open and she was staring straight at my rapidly growing manhood in my hand. "Wow Paul, I knew from the way your pants fit that you were getting big down there but I never imagined that you had a cock like that." I blushed and quickly pulled the curtain the rest of the way closed.

Jane stood up, leaving her panties on the floor. She walked over to the shower and pulled the curtain wide open. "You don't need to hide it. I think it's real nice, little brother." I had my hands over my package. "Would you like me to join you?" Before I could say a word, Jane started stripping out of her clothes. It didn't take long as she was not wearing a bra and already had her panties off. Naked, she stepped into the shower with me. She stepped in the puddle of cum that I had previously blown. It was slippery and her foot slid, almost making her fall. I watched her big tits bounce. She looked down, "That's a big load of cum. Do you still have any more in that nice big cock?"

I had always liked and gotten along with my sisters. They teased me sometimes but were never mean about it. Jane had grown into a beautiful young woman. She was the same height as me and had a small trim body with high firm boobs that I guessed were C-cups. Jane's looks reminded me a lot of our mom. My other sister, Debbie was 5'3" and a little chubby with pretty small tits but she was still cute and had a very bubbly personality. She was almost exactly a year older than me.

Jane reached out and moved my hands away and took my now fully hard erection in her hand.
As she stroked her hand up and down my excited shaft she looked me in the eye and said, "Oh, how nice. I see that my little brother is really my big brother." Her hand covered less than half of my length. She could have but both hands around it and the head would have still stuck out and she could not come close to reaching all the way around it. It felt so much better having a girl jacking me off than when I did it with my own hand and the thrill of it being so wrong because it was my sister made it even hotter. Jane leaned forward, pressing her tits against my chest and gave me a long firm kiss on the lips. It took me a few seconds but soon I was returning her affection.

Jane stepped back a little and dropped to her knees in front of me. Still holding me in her hand, she slid her lips down over the first couple inches on my prick. Her mouth had to stretch pretty wide to get around me. She sucked hard on my cockhead while her tongue rubbed against the underside. I could see her cheeks pull in. Jane rapidly stroked the remaining length of my cock, sliding the loose outer skin over the steel hard inner tube. My knees went weak and my cock jumped and became even harder. I never thought anything could feel that good. I'm sure that I was leaking pre-cum but Jane did not object.

After a couple minutes of her heavenly blowjob, Jane stopped, stood up, turned around and leaned forward putting her hands on the opposite wall of the shower. "Shove your cock in me and fuck me hard. I want to feel that big hard prick deep inside me." I was nervous and told her, "I've never had sex before and I'm not sure how to do it right." "Move up and put your cock between my legs and I'll help you find the right place."

I did what Jane said and she reached back between her legs with one hand, grasped my throbbing cock and lined it up with her fuck hole. "OK, that's the right place. Now just push it in all the way. I'm sure you have watched porn movies and will know what to do with it after you get it in."

She was right and even though she was tight I had no problem burying myself deep in my sister's slippery wet cunt. She put her hand back on the wall and I put mine on her hips. I started to fuck into her and I heard her moaning in pleasure. The third time I pulled back, I pulled back too far and fell out but when I put my cock back, it was in just the right position and I slid right back into her depths. I started stroking in and out of Jane's pussy like a pro.

"God Paul, you've got such a wonderful cock. Fuck me harder. You're going to make me come." Jane pushed back to meet each of my thrusts and was grunting with each impact of our bodies. I knew that I was doing it right. Then Jane screamed out, "Oh fuck, I'm comming. Fuck, don't stop. Don't stop. Fuckkkkkkk !" Her ass jerked wildly and her vaginal muscles squeezed my shaft as she climaxed.

Very soon after that, I could feel my ball sack tighten and my orgasm building. My cock tingled and grew even bigger, thicker and harder. "Jane, I'm gonna come and I'm not wearing a condom. What should I do?" I got ready to pull out. "Come in me. Fill my cunt with your hot seed. Mom put me on the pill when I was 12 and she found out that Dad had fucked me for the first time. I want to feel your wonderful hot cum filling me." Now I knew why Mom and Dad divorced right about then and why we never see Dad any more.

Just as she finished, I exploded inside her. I felt my prick throb four times as I emptied my seed in a woman's cunt for the first time, into my sister's cunt. I'm sure that I came more than I had ever come before. Jane had another hard and loud orgasm as I came in her and we both slumped back against the shower. She spun around and pushed my boner deep into her mouth. I felt her suck one more shot out of my cum covered cock. Jane stood up, "That was wonderful. I'm so happy that I was your first."

We heavily soaped each other and took a long time washing each other all over, spending a lot of time on the sexy parts. I got her pretty excited when I rubbed my finger over her clit. By the time we were done, I was hard again but we decided that Mom was due home soon and we had better call it quits for now. Jane and I shared another deep kiss and she said, "I can't wait to tell Debbie what a great cock you have and how good you fuck. She will be as happy as I am that we now have more to do at home than just licking each other’s pussies. I'm sure that she will be excited and anxious to feel you inside of her. The three of us are going to have a lot of fun together. I hope we don't wear you out."

We got dressed and were sitting in the living room, in separate chairs watching TV when not ten minutes later Mom walked in. "Hi Mom." "Hi guys. Having a nice day?" "Sure are, Mom." I looked at Mom and started thinking about how much she and Jane looked alike and how sexy my mom was. I felt my balls tingle.


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