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I knew my nephew had a big package as he was growing up and I needed it.
I was married at this time for a second time. I wasn't that sexually satisfied so it wasn't going all that well.
My nephew, ricky was having some trouble at home and was living in a half way house. I found out months later that he was wondering about living with me. I was thrilled at that because all I could remember was what a big set of cock and balls he had.
I was 33 years old at this time and had been through some male to male experiences but only in stages of long years between. The idea was exciting me.
Ricky called me up one night and asked if he could come over and explain his situation. I said sure come on over anytime.
It happened to be on a friday night, I was off work that weekend and everybody was at home.
Ricky now had met this part of the family and we talked and the wife was all for Ricky moving in. Was I ever happy. I was looking at his crotch and could see that it was of great size.
He was 16 years old and slim but wasn't at all smart. He suffered from an eye disorder and his speach wasn't that good. The government was taking care of him so they would pay us for it.
That even made the wife more interested.
We sat up and talked for the evening. The wife got tired and went to bed. Me and ricky decided to sit and watch a movie on TV.
I guess I opened the conversation by asking how he got along with the other guys at the half way house. He said it was ok but they always made fun of him because of his slowness.
I just said that was a mean thing for them to do. Then we startyed on the girl friend talk. He said he did have a girl friend but she was also slow and had bad nerves. I asked him if he had sex with her yet. He said no because he didn't know how to go about it. And he was a bit shy.
Then I got into what does he do for sports. I just swim a bit and ride my bike. Have you got swim trunks,I asked? Yup he said . I told him I don't have any, I swam in my shorts because I was always embarassed that people would look at my crotch and see it get hard. I have a bad habit of looking at women and dreaming of what it would be like to fuck them, then it grows hard.
I asked if I could see his swim trunks. Ok he said and went through his things to find them. He brought out these tight fitting hip riders with longer legs. This is what I wear he said so that if I get hard nothing hangs out. Wow, thats smart I said. Let me see you in them? He went into his room and came out with them on. Oh my goodness, I said to myself, look at that bulge.
That's ok I said but your rather large for those trunks. I went over to him and placed my hand on the bulge of his shorts. People will notice this though, and started rubbing my hand over it very lightly. I could see that he was enjoying this very much as he looked a little faint. Does that feel good I asked.? Yes, he said. Did any of the guys in the home touch you there? Well maybe a couple of times he said. I told him not to worry, it was a normal thing to do when people want to feel good. You don't have to do anything back to me but I sure like it when I can feel someone elses cock and balls. Ok he said. I started rubbing a little harder this time to see the look on his face. Then I reached around to his butt and started caressing his bum cheaks. He was loving this as I could hear his breathing get louder. I slipped my fingers down the fron of the trunks. I didn't have to go far as his cock came up to meet me. It was huge. Bigger than I could remember. I asked him to pull his trunks down. He did right away. There he stood, a beautiful specimen of manhood. His cock was about 7 inches long and I could not get my fingers around the whole thing.
It was too much. I bent down and started to kiss it and toungue the shaft. He moved back, startled by what I was doing. It's ok I said, you'll love it. He relaxed a bit and let me do it some more. I then took his cock into my mouth and stroked it with my lips and sucked it in deeper. It was so big, I was starting to wonder weather I was doing the right thing. But, no stopping now, I wanted to taste it bad. I felt him start to move and jerk toward me as I sucked it deeper into my throat. I was in a dase. I was pressing my fingers into his ass crack and trying to move them as if I were fucking him up the ass. I guess that even felt good to him because he eased off and was letting me do this with ease. All of a sudden Ricky started jamming his cock down my throat and shaking. I then felt his large cock pulsate and pump juices into my throat. I kept swallowing as it came. It was warm and tasted good to me. He slowed after pumping a lot of juice and I could feel it start to go limp. I cleaned it off with my lips and tongue as he pulled it from my mouth. Even though it was limp, it was still very large. What a beatiful piece of work this was.
That was the first night with my nephew. What could happen next?


2005-09-03 05:12:56
This story is way to short and unrealistic. Try quotation marks and paragraphs (they help)


2005-09-01 16:12:31
Do what? How long have you been speaking english? How old is ricky, 16, 33? When did he first hook up with him? If your lead could remember the size of his dick, why did you have to explain things to him. Is part of his retardation amnesia? One more word for you; indentation, try it. The story needs to be clear before anyone will enjoy it. Try again.


2005-09-01 15:00:52
Really good, but damn, left me hanging there

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