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military, black guy, shared, fiancé
Let me start this story by saying that I am a military brat. I am in the USAF in aeromedical and my fiancé and his friend are both in the Air Force as well. They are both assigned to special operations. For the purpose of concealing everyone's identities I will leave out their respective squadrons. I will say they are both combat controllers. I'm sharing this so you will understand that they are both a little crazy and share that tight bond from being deployed together on several occasions.

My fiancé we will call him Matt and his friend Kevin both have that really physical defined muscular build. They are not too bulky just nice and defined and thick. They are both around 5’11, although Kevin may be slightly taller. Kevin is another Army brat like me. He is mixed. His dad is black and his mother is from Guam. He has this gorgeous skin that is almost a caramel bronze in color. He is very articulate and educated, as is my fiancé. My fiancé has a degree in military history and Kevin’s degree I believe is in political science. I have known Kevin for a little over two years. He only began hanging out at our house a lot in the last eight months or so since he and Matt both returned from Afghanistan. His wife left him while they were deployed. He volunteered to do a turn around and go back out with my fiancés team. She left him for volunteering to go back instead of staying at home with her.

He and Matt workout together every day, they work together, so it makes sense that he hangs out with us. He doesn’t get on my nerves so I don’t mind him being around. They are both fun to be around together. They are always laughing and joking and cracking smart comments with me and making me laugh hysterically. They are always arguing playfully at each other about some random history fact or making fun of some war movie and how it is such BS. This is like every time they are watching television. It was one night just like this when my story happened.

They were watching some movie on T.V. about storming the beach on D-Day. Matt was picking on Kevin about not being able to do that while they were just joking and giving each other grief. I asked why he couldn’t crawl and my fiancé looked at me laughing and said because he has a donkey is his pants. He shook his head at Kevin, who just laughed and said something about him being jealous. Matt replied no man you can keep that. I don’t know if it didn’t sink in what he said. Looking back I'm sure I must have known what he was saying. but for some reason I asked what do you mean he has a donkey in his pants. Matt still laughing just said, baby his dick is too big we would always joke with him when we were deployed about not letting it dangle in the dirt. I was kind of shocked for a second. Not because they were joking around and saying crazy stuff, that happens all the time. It was that Matt said he had a donkey cock.

This shocked me because my fiancé is pretty large, a little longer than seven and three quarters inches and as thick as the cardboard insert from a paper towel roll. Him saying Kevin was big made me curious. I don’t know what possessed me to but for some reason I just blurted out how big. They both kind looked at me with this crazy look on their faces and started laughing. Matt said he stole it from a rhino or something ridiculous like that which had Kevin cracking up again. He stopped himself and said it’s not as big as all that. It's just long.

Kevin is a really good looking guy. He has a strong defined face, with that rough stoic look that both he and my fiancé possess when they look at you. Well defined and stern when they are not cracking jokes on each other and smiling and laughing. Both of them looking at me and joking about all this was making me feel so wet. I knew my pussy was getting swollen. I am usually not so forward and bold but tonight for some reason I kept pushing this issue.

So how big is it I asked again now very curious and secretly aroused, I guess I figured Matt brought it up so I should be allowed to ask. Matt still laughing looked at me and said something to Kevin real quick. They both started laughing again. Then Matt said are you really that curious. I said that I didn’t know why I was but that I was just really curious. Matt kind of smirked and said okay if you want to know. He looked at Kevin and said you care if she sees it. I guess that was what he said to Kevin right before when they were joking because he said yeah man if you really don’t care.

My gosh at that instant my pussy dripped like I can’t even describe, I think it was utter surprise that made me so wet. We have a large wrap around couch and Kevin was on one side. Matt was kind of in the middle where it bends around. I was on the other side where I had been sitting and reading my Vanity Fair magazine when this whole crazy conversation started. Kevin stood up and began to unzip his pants as he walked over towards me. He opened his belt and the top of his jeans before I could even protest or react at all. He stopped in front of me. Slowly he drew out his penis let it drop down in front of him.

Holy shit it was huge. It wasn’t stupid porn star huge where it looks unproportionate and ugly. It was just big and gorgeous. It was a little bit darker than the rest of his skin but still very bright in color. It was a chocolate bronze right up to about two inches below the head. It got pinker and pinker until it reached his tip. His head was amazingly thick and round with the most beautiful pastel pink complexion I have ever seen. His cock was beautiful. I mean wow. I think my pussy fainted for a second when I saw it. I heard Matt laughing and say, I told you it was stupid big. I said it wasn’t stupid but that it was sexy. I looked over at him obviously so turned that phrases were coming out of my mouth before I could think about what I was saying. You really like it he asked. I said yes it is turning me on which it was. I was so wet all I wanted to do was touch him and feel him in my hand. I kept glancing at his penis, which was quite long. What was getting me so wet was how thick it looked just hanging there. His cock had a several large veins just stretching around it. I just wanted to run my fingers across them and watch him grow. The way his cock went from tanned to pink was all I could take. It was so nice, like a piece of candy. I wondered how it tasted. I was still glancing back and forth between Matt and his cock. All of these sexual desires were running through my mind in the period of a few seconds when Matt asked if I wanted to touch him. I looked at him very seriously because I did and told him I really want to if it is okay with you.

Kevin said don’t worry about it man I was just going to show her, I’ll put my pants back on. No it’s okay Matt said. I think Kevin and I both were kind of like what, did he just say okay. You can touch him Matt said it’s okay. It’s not like you two are running away together or anything, right? Not a chance I said.

I couldn’t control myself any longer and my hand reached out and cupped underneath his thick cock. It was so incredibly heavy. I mean heavy. I have never felt a penis that felt like that. Full with such weight and girth. I couldn’t get my hand anywhere near around him. I lifted him up and kind of pulled him to where I was sitting on the couch. He was already growing. I could feel my fingers stretching farther apart from each other as his cock grew thicker and fuller in my hand. His tip was so amazing it was almost too thick. It presented such a spectacle. Full and pink and very hard to the touch like a rubber eraser. Very round and full but with some length to it as well. It wasn’t shaped so much like a mushroom but rather like a really large strawberry. I say a really large strawberry because that is how big it probably was. Picture the largest strawberry you have ever eaten. Make it wider in girth and paint it candy pink. That was Kevin’s cock. It was so gorgeous. Writing about it now makes me so wet imgagining it.

I just wanted to share this with everyone and see if anyone liked it or had similar experiences. It was running long so I stopped. It got a lot crazier after that so if you like it comment and I will write some more of the story.

Thanks for reading ;)

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2013-09-20 05:08:31
Yes, yes, please finish the story!!

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still waiting @TinyTigeress ;*

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amazing, wana know what happened next!

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Wow...u are a nasty...nasty tease....i was so waiting for you to lick...suck...and swallow as much of the any other damm colour you wanted that penis to not even going to ask you to gonna demand you suck that cock and even fuck it....with or without Matt's

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Holy shit! Stop being such a tease and get on your damn laptop and finish this story gal!! You can write!

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