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Used by my straight best friend

Background information: At the time of this story I was 17, 5'8” 160lbs, and about 6.5” and thick. Everyone called me Smitty (a nickname from soccer that had been passed down from my older brother). My friend Zach was about 6'1” 210lbs (a bit on the chunky side), 6” and also 17. I was pretty good looking, smart, good at sports, and had a quick sense of humor. Whereas Zach was average looking at best, didn't do too well in school, and wasn't very good at sports, he was kind of a class clown. Our relationship kind of consisted of my being the leader who got the accolades and him following along. Sometimes he was insecure about that, but we kind of had a good give and take where I would never rub anything like that in his face and give him lots of compliments.

I was spending the night at his house, as we had on many occasions. Zach and I were best friends, and it was about a week before we would start our senior year of high school. Zach was kind of my side kick. I was always hooking up with girls, and meeting people to hang out with, and zach was generally along for the ride. In our many years of friendship, he had one real girlfriend, and they hadn't gotten past anything besides handjobs and fingering. He had broken up with her in the hopes of 'trading up' but ended up without a girlfriend and very sexually frustrated as it had been about three months since his last hookup.

At around 2am we decided to sneak into his neighborhoods pool. We had done this before with another of our friends, and ended up skinny dipping (but nothing had happened). Zach suggested that we should skinny dip again since we didn't have trunks. I had never gotten any sort of vibe that he was the slightest bit interested in me. Whereas, despite the fact that I hooked up with a lot of girls I was secretly dying to give a blowjob to a guy. We decided to strip down and hop into the pool. I wasn't really turned on or anything because I never figured anything would happen with us and I was kind of the alpha male in our relationship so I wasn't going to put myself out there and risk Zach thinking I was gay or knowing my secret.

So we started swimming around, and zach jokes about putting his dick up to a jet. He says “Smitty you gotta try this, it feels crazy.” I try it and joke that “I've had worse.” We keep talking and zach keeps kind of humping the water jet a bit. Meanwhile we start talking about how much of a drought hes in. “Dude you just need a slump buster.” I tell him. “We gotta call up that Lisa girl that was like a 5 or 6 with the big boobs, she was totally into you.” “Nah, I'm not into her. I should have never broke up with JD.” “I'm telling you....girls can sense desperation...slump busta!”

We kept swimming and joking around for another 5-10 minutes when I got out of the pool to check my cell phone. I still wasn't horny or anything, just basking in the night, so I walked around completely naked. Zach made a joke about my dick being way darker than his. I asked him how much longer he wanted to swim for before we went back and he said “I can't really get out of the water right now.” “Why?” “that jet gave me blue balls. What a bitch.” I laughed realizing he meant he was hard. Knowing he was hard and naked in the water, I got a big time rush. I felt immediate desire so I hopped back in the water before I got hard, and he'd see.

“Man I gotta try this jet, maybe I was doing it wrong.” I joked as I swam around. “She's a tease man.” Zach replied. “Gets me hard and wont even finish the job.” I laughed and responded “Bitches be crazy.” Zach said “99 problems but a jet aint one.” At this point zach and I were swimming around when Zach came up behind me and jokingly said “Smitty wanna be my slump buster?” I laughed nervously and joked “you wish, but I'm not that kind of girl.” He joked back “you're a little slut and you know it.” I laughed and said “I'm telling you...Lisa man. That girl was jonesin for your dick.” Although I wasn't really sure that she was into him, I just wanted to be nice. At this point, I was so horny and my dick was rock hard. I decided to try to see if I could get anything going, although I wasn't sure how because I didn't want Zach to know that I wanted to mess around or that I was trying to imagine what his boner would look like.

So I swam over to a jet and said “lets see what all the fuss is about.” Since I was already hard it actually felt pretty good. I made fake obnoxious moaning noises, and then said “she got me too.” Zach laughed and said “I told you.” I told him I need to give it some air, so I turned away from him and went to the shallow end that was about 2 feet deep. I stood with my butt to him. I was secretly hoping he'd check out my butt and like what he saw. I did a little stretch and commented that we were living the dream, and it would suck when summer was over. I knew I had a cute shaved tan thick bubble butt and hoped it would get him more turned on.

I went lower so I was back under water and turned and swam more towards him in the deeper end. “My boner wont go away. Stupid jet.” I said to Zach. Zach in a more serious tone said “Yeah me either. No homo but after seeing your butt I am thinking I found my slump buster.” I laughed and said “Oh yeah?” He half joking said “Seriously, I should slap a whig on you, turn you around and just take out my frustrations.” Even though I didn't think he was being serious, my dick was throbbing like crazy. “Every girl's dream” I joked sarcastically and kept swimming around. Zach responded “Cammmonnn just the tip? Just the tip?” I just laughed as I wasn't sure what else to say. Zach continued “just the tip, just the tip.” And started swimming after me. I was nervously laughing as I didn't want to give up how bad I wanted to feel and see his dick. As Zach swam after me and tried to grab me, I laughed and kind of shrieked and shrugged him off and swam away. This kept up for a minute or so. With me shrugging him off before I got away to the short end of the pool. Zach kept up “come on Smitty, you know you want it.” He jokingly sang “My minnnnnddd is tellling me noooo. But my bodddy is telling me yessssss.” I kept laughing not really saying anything as I didn't want to give up how turned on I was and wanted to pretend like I wasn't interested in case he wasn't serious. He said “$50 says you have a boner.” I told him “yeah the jet got me horny too.” And hes like “I think you said jet when you meant zach.” I flirtingly said back “you wish...sorry I'm not Lisa.” Normally, I was very clever and funny but my retorts were pretty pathetic because I was so distracted with my lust for my best friend.

Zach went after me to the short end and I dodged him and swam away. But even the little skin to skin contact of him wrestling with me made me want to blow my load in the pool. Zach kept swimming at me, and I decided to see where it went and pretend to get away but let him get me. He grabbed me on the side and began half jokingly humping my leg and hip like crazy before pretending like he was blowing his load on me. This only went on for about fifteen seconds before I pushed him off and laughed and said “whats gotten into you haha?!” “No its me thats going to get into you.” He responded semi seriously. I got kind of nervous as I didn't want him to think I was gay or anything and him fucking me would definitely make me seem gay. Although logically him fucking me would also make him seem gay, but somehow that didn't seem like it (maybe because I would be the bitch). He started swimming towards me more slowly and deliberately and I wasn't moving. The whole time we were making eye contact and it was pretty silent. Then he said “trust me dude, it'll feel good.” I responded back “wtf man, no way!! thats not my thing.” He was being dead serious at this point and he said “Come on. Dude you'll like it, just let me try it.” I was terrified that I had given myself away wondering why on earth would he think I wanted him to fuck me. Even though I desperately wanted to get him off. I responded back “if anyone is gonna fuck anyone, it would be me fucking you.” He totally ignored the comment and kept swimming towards me. At this point I decided I had to keep up the rouse and pretend to get away.

I am not sure if he picked up that I was nervous or what but he went along with the act and started joking again and was like “come on gimme dat ass bitch!” As we kind of wrestled around. At one point he got behind me and was tickling me and I was laughing hysterically when I felt his dick poke my butt cheek. I pretended like I didn't notice and was like “dude dude dude uncle you gotta stop tickling me” between laughin. He had me in kind of a bear hug and was slightly humping my butt/back with his dick while tickling me. But he had really let up a lot on the tickling. I decided to try to pretend like I didn't notice as I was so horny I could hardly resist. His dick on my butt even in the water felt so incredible. Just knowing how turned on he was and feeling like his bitch was making me soooo hot inside.

I whispered “dude did you hear that.” Having not heard anything, but thinking I could keep him on me without having to keep pretending. He got serious “hear what?!” I whispered again “dude I swear I heard something be quiet for a second.” Zach was still holding me and his dick was still pressed on my butt cheek. He kind of pulled me closer and I could feel his breath on the side of my face as we stood in the water. “Maybe it was nothing” I whispered back. Still pretending like I wasn't totally aware of how sexual this situation was. I asked “we lef the door cracked open so we can get back in without the alarm right?” Even though I knew we did, as we had snuck out dozens of times. “Yeah” Zach said, while he started to dry hump me slowly but harder. “Maybe I didn't hear anything. Is your phone on ring if your parents called?” I asked trying to keep up my rouse. “Idk.” Zach mumbled, at this point solely focused on his cock and my butt.

I decided it was too obvious, even though at this point the jig was up and there was no doubt between either of us I wanted it. But after so many years of pretending to be straight old habbits die hard. I swam to the shorter end and stood in the shallow water with my back to him, secretly hoping he would follow me. He swam up behind me and pressed himself right into my back. His chubby stomach and chest was pressed on my back with his hot rock hard/yet strangely soft skinned cock was wedged between my ass cheeks. I gasped and he silented dry humped me. He reached around and grabbed my rock hard cock and squeezed it. Then he let go of it and grabbed my hand and pulled it behind me and put it on his dick. I squeezed his dick and he moaned in my ear. I gave it a light jerk unsure what to do. He squeezed my ass cheeks with both of his hands, and let go and squeezed them again. Sexually, I loved that he was the dominant one and feeling used, but from the standpoint of our friendship I was worried about letting him have the power and servicing him as his bitch.

He grunted “come on.” and swam a few feet towards the steps. I stood still as he turned and sat down on the top step. Seeing his dick for the first time in the slight lighting from the street lights and moon. His dick was a little smaller than mine and a lot thinner, and the head didn't stick out as much from the rest of it. It was also lighter skinned. Seeing it standing straight up between his spread legs, and his balls hanging down I wanted nothing more than to put it in my mouth. “Come here” he commanded with a hint of impatience. I still stood there and he said “dude come on.” with a frustrated tone. At this point I complied and slowly moved over. “do it” he said, as if it was obvious what the next step was. (Which it was pretty obvious that he wanted me to suck his dick, and I guess it must have been obvious that I wanted to). I said “will you do me too?” Trying to maintain some semblence of manhood and he just said “just do it.” I reached out with my shaking hand, from a combination of nervousness and extreme desire and grasped his dick. He moaned again and closed his eyes. I stroked him slowly but firmly for thirty seconds before he said “what are you waiting for, get down there.” At this point there was no turning back. I got on my nees and bent between his legs. Slowly stroking his rock hard dick while trying to memorize every millimeter of how it looked. He grabbed my head, not roughly but firmly and pulled it towards his dick. I kind of resisted as there was no turning back after this. At which point he commanded “suck it dude.” I opened my mouth and put his dick into my lips. I almost came then and there. I knew that I had wanted this for so long and was so happy it was happening.

All my inhibitions went away and I was just focused on his dick and pleasuring it. I licked his balls, and slowly licked all over it. I tenderly sucked on the head and the sensitive spot right under it. While I was doing that he pulled my head back on it indicating he wanted me to put it back in my mouth. I kept sentuously licking it, when he said “put it back in.” I did as he commanded. He started to thrust as I was bobbing on it, and was grabbing my head really firmly. I was loving every second of it. All of a sudden he grabbed my head with both hands and slammed his dick all the way down my throat. I started to gag abit and got panicked. He held me this way and his dick throbbed and got super hard like steel. I dont know why I didn't realize what was happening, but I was like “mmm. Mmmm. (panicked gurgling noises)” as he loundly grunted “ungghhhh.” and then his dick pulsed and a half second later my mouth was filled with his jizz. I quickly swallowed as there was nothing else I could do, followed by another “unghhh” pulse, more cum. Again and again. And this went on for what seemed like a minute. Finally he let go of my head and was breathing heavy but relaxed his body. I took his dick out of my mouth and pumped it one more time to get the last bit of his jizz out. A little came out and I licked it clean and looked up at his face. He was watching me very seriously. Then said “ok dude thats enough, get off of it.” and kind of pushed me back by the shoulder.

Then he got up and was like “we should probably get back now.” pretending as if nothing had happened. I stayed on my nees stunned for a second before I followed him over to our clothes. His dick was going soft as he toweled off then put on a shirt. I kept staring at his dick until he said “dude come on get dressed, lets go.” Kind of annoyed. I was still rock hard, but I felt so shitty, thinking why did I do that. He pulled up his shorts and boxers and I put on my clothes, trying to tuck in my obvious hard on.

Normally we help each other jump the fence, but he just silently went over and did it himself and waited on the other side looking around impatiently with his hands on his hips. I followed him and got over the fence. While walking back I tried to make small talk but he was giving me short annoyed answers “I don't know man.” “Is the vikes game on tomorrow” “I doubt it. Who cares.” When we got back he was like “I'm going to bed.” And went into his room and shut the door. We didn't mention it or talk about it again for weeks...


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