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Incest between brother and sister through years
Let me throw some little information about myself first.
I am 18 years old, tall person and my sister is 21, my main language isn't english so forgive me for my spelling mistakes

it all started years ago when I was about 11 years old and my sister was 14 years old.
she was already got in puberty and she had large C cups breasts that you would love to play with for hours with big round nipples.

it all started one night we were alone in the house and bored, my parents were out for a wedding and they usually get back home at around 12am at midnight.
so we usually play a game called houses where she would be the wife and I'm the husband
we pretend to do simple stuff like going to work and she would cook for me like normal husband and wife do.
so I was pretending I got back from work and she came to me and kissed me on the cheek.

so I said
"hey what are you doing that's disgusting, dont you kiss me"

"but you have soft cute cheeks" she said

"still I don't like being kissed!"

"well that's not fair, in the game we are married and that's what married people do!"

"yeah I guess but kissing is really weird" I said

"you should try kissing on the lips like mummy and daddy do when we are not looking"

all of the sudden she came to me holding my hands and pushing her body into mine and starting kissing me on the lips

I struggled for a few seconds but when I tasted her lips on mine I loved it and I liked the feeling of her body against mine

seconds later she became so wet and horny you can smell her lust in the air,she started to dry humping me and putting her tongue in my mouth, I reached under her shirt feeling all her warm body
untill I grabbed her tits and started playing with them and feeling them , she saw I was enjoying her boobs so she took off her shirt and I had a big erection sucking on her tits and dry humping my penis on her wet pussy

I went to reach under her pants for her ass but she wouldn't let me. I didn't really mind skipping that part while she was topless
she started to hump and I could see her sweet little ass humping up and down on my penis
"uh uh uh uh uh yeh uhhh yeaah uhhhh uhhhh" she held my hands upper my head and started kissing me and moaning untill she came in her panties

we laid on the floor for a couple of minutes thinking what just happened
and we never actually talked about it in the next few days
but when we had the chance we would die to do it again, and I would be so excited to touch her tits and suck on them.

I had alittle fetish about feet back then and sometimes I would grab her feet and start to suck on her toes like I'm sucking on a penis, I grab both feet one on my penis and one in my mouth.

we once played rolls where shes the mommy and I'm the baby and she would let me suck on her tits while im in her arms , while I was doing that she took my hands and putted it on her wet pussy and tells me to scratch it
so I did while I was sucking her tits, i could feel the warmth of her wetness and it was getting hotter
"yeah like that keep going... dont stop...please go faster...."
and as I did you could see the orgasm coming through on her.
"uhhh uhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhh uh uh.."

I wanted to take off her panties btu she didn't let me probably becaues she was still alittle bit hairy down there and didn't want me to see it.
tho I would love dry humping on skin with a hairy pussy on my penis.

we used to go sleep over my aunt, she's lives alone in her house and before we go to bed while she was in the other room we would get in the same bed under the covers and play with each other
we always did dry humping because I wasn't aware of that I could do more stuff to her since I'm at that young age.

I got on top of her and started hump her and grabbing her tits. she was close to orgasm so I started slapping my pens on her pussy.
she open her legs for me wide "yes sam yess keep doing that please that makes me feel good, yess yess, uhh uhh uhh uhhh uhh uhh"
she tried to keep quiet so my aunt doesn't hear us and when she comes in the room we pretend to be playing silly game under the sheets and be innocent.

I looked forward everyday to touch her body, she had an amazing body with a great ass, it was the most beautiful body I ever saw.

we used to do it in the middle of the night when my parents were asleep. if we didn't have a chance to do it in a while .

at some point at that age we stopped doing it and I forgot about it through the years

I turned to be 16 and she was 19
I used to watch alot of porn every chance I get

I passed by a video about incest brother and his mother having sex, When I first saw it I found it disgusting but thinking about it I had something simliar when I was young and incest started to be hotter than any normal porn there was. Because it was the closest thing for me to having sex with a woman. (I was still a virgin)

I started to research about incest sex and there was alot of people having the same thing that happened to me.
There was alot going on between a mother and her son and it got my attention.
I started checking out my sister again though she have much bigger boobs now and an amazing body..
and I couldn't hold back, I had to do something ..

To be continued ..

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2015-01-21 23:42:43
I love dry humping stories

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2014-12-11 23:15:46
oh for fu(k sake, learn how to write in a complete though. I didn't even get 1/2 way through

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2013-10-25 11:59:51
I remember how my sister use to let me touc on her dam her pussy is nice


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awesome incest wow really

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