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The cold air blew in behind me as I opened the door to the Science and Technology building of my local community college. As I walked down the hall the door slammed behind me with a loud thud. It was about 5:45 PM and my night class was at 6 so I decided to go and get a drink and snack from the bookstore. I grabbed my usual snack of Funyions and peach Snapple and headed for the lobby to wait for the elevators.
The elevator dinged and I walked on with no one else behind me so it was a quiet ride to the fifth floor by myself. As I got off the elevator there were three other people from my class sitting in the hallway waiting for the teacher to arrive.

Psychology class was my favorite not for the content but for the extremely beautiful girl that sat next to me, Alexandria was her name or Ally as she preferred. Flowing auburn hair down to about her shoulder blades, blue eyes, large C-cup breast, and the perfect ass to accentuate her long, tight, black, leg warmers that she wears. Plus she sat next to me as well so I got a fabulous look at her every Tuesday night.

The teacher arrived shortly after six while we were all waiting in the hallway. But, Alexandria wasn’t there she’d been here for all three classes thus far. So I sent her a text asking where she was and then went and sat in my seat. I sat there for about an hour as the teacher rambled on about some kind of rules. All I could think about was Alexandria and her beautiful curves. I was day dreaming for sometime probably about twenty minutes and I bulge was starting to form in my pant.

Just then my phone vibrated loudly on my desk, it was a message from Alexandria saying “here.” Just as I read the message the chair next to me gets pulled out and Alexandria sits down and slaps my leg lightly and says “hey buddy, what’d I miss?” The bulge in my pants began to grow until it was right next to her hand. I looked at her in all her beauty and trying to keep calm said “nothing much just a couple rules that are in the book.” All this time the bulge was slowly growing and her hand brushed slightly against my now fully erect penis. With a slight gasp she pulled her hand back and looked down quickly.

Now me and Alexandria had been talking to each other since the first day of class and by now we had hung out outside of class but nothing serious, so this encounter was outrageously embarrassing for me. We sat there in silence for another thirty minutes or so and now there was only an hour left in the class so I got up and went to the bathroom to sit down and relive myself.

As I walked into the bathroom I pulled my phone out and asked my mom what’s for dinner. As I sat down on the toilet my phone vibrated and my mom had responded saying “I don’t know your dads at work so it’s just me and you what do you want?” “I don’t know well figure it out when I get home” I said and put my phone back in my pants.

About two minutes later my phone vibrated again and thinking it was my mom I was just going to click it off and put it away and finish up in the bathroom. But, to my surprise the message was from Alexandria reading “You sure are taking awhile in there, what are you doing? Thinking of me? You had quite the bulge when I got here HAHA” stunned at the text I chuckled a bit and wrote back “No f you haha”. Quickly, no more than 20 seconds later she sent another text saying “Uhhmmmm, I bet you would like to” sarcastically I wrote back “Yeah! Who wouldn’t want to?” Then silence she didn’t write back at all so I finished in the bathroom and was washing my hands when the door opened.

To my surprise it was Alexandria. I turned off the water and softly said “Ally, what the hell are you doing in here?” She didn’t say anything and just slowly walked toward me with her black skin tight leg warmers, her brown ugg boots, white north face, and her book bag on. She got about a foot away from me and finally spoke, “The real question is, now that I’m in here what are you going to do?” Astonished I shot back and said “What made you come in here?” With a coy smile she responded “Your bulge really turned me on.” While she was still giggling I said “Get in here you!” and led her into the handicap bathroom stall.

Her giggling then subsided and she threw her book bag out to the ground and slowly walked toward me cornering me in the stall. She wrapped her hands around me, feeling me up before removing my jacket and then began to sensually kiss my chest. My body immediately began to responded, my erection began to grow, my heart rate quickened, and my breathing started to become shallower.

She then began to move her kisses from my chest slowly to my lips. At first they were light sensual kisses but then they more and more tongue would slip into my mouth and each time I would reach out to meet her tongue with mine. As we were kissing and she was feeling me up I began feeling her up, first with her ass that was a nice medium size, then moving up and down her sides. After rubbing her sides and ass for a while I slipped my hands under her shirt which made her push her tongue deeper into my mouth. I slowly rubbed her smooth back until I reached her bra clasp; still rubbing her with one hand I undid her bra with the other.
Her arms moved from around me and she allowed her bra to fall to her feet. Breaking the kiss to pick it up she hung it on the hanger in the bathroom and walked back over to me. Her nipples were clearly hard and poking through her shirt, when she was in front of me again she kissed my lips one more time and dropped to her knees.

Looking at me with her blue eyes and undoing my pants at the same time she said “how long have you been thinking of me doing this?” Before I could answer her she pulled my now fully erect cock out of my fly and began to run her tongue around the tip sending a jolt up my body causing my cock to twitch which made her smile. She continued to run her tongue up and down my shaft for sometime driving me crazy until she finally took my tip into her mouth. With every down stroke of her mouth she took more and more and my 6 and a half inch cock into her mouth.

After what seemed like a life time of getting my cock sucked she looked up at me and said “Eat my pussy” with a smirk on her face. Alexandria got up slowly with her mouth shinning from a mixture of her spit and my pre-cum. After getting up she grabbed the handicap bar with her bra on it and bounced her ass up and down before pulling down her leg warmers which, now, had a wet spot where her pussy juices had bled through her panties and soaked in. Her panties were a dark blue color with a black lace band around the top and her pussy was clearly visible through her now wet panties. I wasted no further time before pressing my warm tongue on her pussy lips; I didn’t even bother to take her panties off.

Pressing my tongue oh Ally’s pussy elicited a strong response from her causing her legs to begin quivering. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy enjoying her juices as they ran down my throat. Flicking her clit with my tongue as my lips created a slight suction. Alexandria’s breathing became shallower as she started to let out a slight moan every time my tongue ran across her clit.

Her breathing became more erratic and her moaning louder, her hands griped the handicap bar tighter and when I reached my hands up and gently twirled her nipples with my fingers it sent her over the edge. Alexandria’s orgasm hit like a freight train sending ripples of pleasure through her toned body, her legs shook, her arms became jelly barely capable of holding herself up, and she let out a loud scream that echoed off the bathroom walls.

Just as her orgasm was subsiding a loud knock came from the door followed by a voice that yelled out “Maintenance!” “Oh shit!” I said quietly to Ally. I replied to the maintenance guy buy saying “I’ll be right out!” I quickly got up pulling Ally’s leg warmers up with me, through my coat on and grabbed her book bag. We pieced our self sort of together and when we opened the stall door we both looked in the mirror to see our faces were shinning with each other’s juices.

We managed to grab a paper towel and wipe of faces and sneak out of the bathroom while the maintenance guy was cleaning the girl’s bathroom. I looked at my phone and realized we had been in that bathroom for over an hour fooling around so I went to our class room and got my book bag from the now empty room.

We went down the stairs in order to stay away from the maintenance people. As I was walking with Alexandria my mom texted me again saying “Me and your father are going out to eat, you have my bank card pick something up for yourself, Love you.” While walking down the stairs we were all over each other, kissing, feeling each other up, and rubbing of each other’s genitals.

We finally made it to the parking lot and found the school had turned all the lights off. So eager with anticipation after what we had just done I picked her up, the whole time our lips were locked and I ran over to my car and set her on the hood. My cock that had been fondled and sucked was now painfully pressing on my pants and Ally’s wet spot had grown larger. I flipped her over on my hood and smacked her ass gently and pulled down her long black leg warmers that contoured to her every curve and her panties in one fell swoop. She yelped a little as I went back down on her for one last taste before pulling my pants down as well.
My fully erect cock was now inches from Ally’s hot, steamy, wet pussy, I dreamed of this moment for four weeks and the best part is we were about to do it in the school parking lot. This moment is beyond my wildest fantasies I was about to fuck this extremely beautiful girl with perfect features, this was every guys dream and what did I do to deserve this, an average looking guy that just happened to sit next to this girl and it turned into this.

Without further hesitation I grabbed my six and a half inch cock and slide it up and down her pussy lips, Ally tensed up as she was surprised to feel my cock hit her pussy. But as she did I slammed the whole length of my shaft into her and a sigh of relief came from her mouth and all previous tension melted away.
I held my cock inside of her for a little bit twitching it up and down and then I began to slowly fuck her. With each withdrawing motion her pussy clamped down as if it were trying to hold me in, each push back inside of her made her pussy stretch and a soft moan would escape her lips. I picked up the pace a bit allowing my balls to slap her clit on each push forward, her soft moans eventually became louder and louder and then they turned into screams of pleasure.

Alexandria’s legs were spread on my hood, my cock slamming into her as she was yelling “Fuck Me Harder,” I watched my cock slide in and out of her young pussy expanding and contracting with the in and out motion of my cock. I reached around her and began to feel up her tits, her nipples were hard from the cold metal of my hood. As I was pounding her I once again started to roll her nipples between my fingers and this time she slapped my windshield and yelled “OOOOHHHHH GGOOODDD… I’M CUMMING!”

Her pussy muscles were contracting and retracting as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure coursed through her teenage body. I slowed my pace down as her now limp body recovered from her climax; her juices were running down my car sending steam up into the cold October night, every thrust of my cock made a sloshing noise sending more liquid down my hood. She finally picked her head up and in a soft dreamy voice said “I want to ride you.”

While still slowly fucking her I wrapped my arms around Ally and picked her up spinning us around so I was now laying face up on my car. She took over; standing straight up now and bouncing up and down on top of me. She was facing away from me but every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of her C-cup boobs bouncing with every up and down motion. The sight of her bouncing up and down and the slapping noise of her ass on me was enough to eventually send me over the edge.

I said to her in a struggled tone “Oh god I’m about to come where do you want it?” Her response surprised my saying “Inside of me!”
With one last down stroke she buried my cock deep inside her pussy and sent me over the edge. I arched my back driving my cock deeper inside of her. The first spurt of cum shot out and hit her cervix send her over the edge as well. We both we in pure bliss as we lay on top of each other while cumming. Our orgasms subsided and we continued to lay on me for some time until we saw campus security rounding the corner in front of us. Before the security officer could shine his lights on us we got dressed and hopped in my car.

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