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Notes on my writing. I am greatly interested in writing, using good style. If you notice errors, please feel free to comment. If on the other hand, if you don’t quite like what I write about, then read someone else’s stuff. The point of what I am writing, is to be erotic, without the distractions of bad grammar or punctuation.

The Shaman 1

By Mod Man Copyright 2013

My wife, Sara, and I had a pretty flexible sex life. We did threesomes occasionally, and a few foursomes, but what we dreamed about doing was much more adventuresome than what we did. I occasionally had sex with other women, and she with other men, but it was made more complex by the fact that although I was totally unaffected by jealousy, she was not. She didn’t believe in jealousy, but there it was, haunting her when she didn't know what I was doing. Whereas, I really enjoyed hearing about her encounters with other men. I am bisexual, but did not tell her about my relations with men. She guessed the existence of those relations, but did not seem to be aware of my relations with other women. She once told me that she would be really turned on by seeing me having sex with another man, but the opportunity never presented itself. The threesomes we had never were with bisexual men. We saw a movie in which a German Shepard fucked a women in the next room, and it really turned her on, but we never found the right dog to try it out ourselves. When we had a threesome and I fucked her in the pussy while another guy fucked her anally, she really came hard, but this only happened once. The other guy though it was too gay, and didn’t want to try it again, although he was perfectly happy fucking my wife, and did when he came over to visit. She would stay home from work and climb into his bed after I left. She would then tell me about it when I got home and we would make love with great enthusiasm.

Our sex lives had become a little repetitive though. Friends moved, and one died in a plane crash. We did not know how to recruit new open minded friends. But then two buddies, Doug and Phil invited me to go to Sturgis. For the uninitiated, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, in South Dakota was the main event in motorcycling (If you rode a Harley), a week long party with motorcycles. We had two motorcycles. Hers was a Yamaha 2007 YZF600R and mine was a Yamaha YZF-R 1000, but I couldn't go. On the other hand, my wife, Sara, could ride her bike very well, and needed an adventure…

Next thing, Sara, Doug, and Phil were riding out of the driveway heading north. I had extracted a promise from Sara to keep the round side down and to practice safe sex. I wasn't too worried about the first, but I didn’t want her bringing home any surprises. Doug and Phil were not aware of our open-minded ways, but since Sara was a 5’ 4”, blond with 34-DD tits, neatly in-cased in her custom leathers, they were happy to have her along, if just as eye candy. They figured that no-one would complain about HER riding around on a Yamaha crotch rocket at Sturgis. Both of them rode Harley road machines, one a Fat Boy and the other a V-Rod. She had storage for her extra clothes, her makeup and a few extra pairs of panties and bras, and some other stuff in a bag bungeed to the seat behind her. Since they didn't have room for camping gear, they planned to stop in Santa Fe and stay in the local Holiday Inn, in two separate rooms, one for her, and one for the guys. Since they were friends, and not FRIENDS, that was the plan. With Sara, that plan was not necessarily fixed, but she did not plan any threesomes.

The trip to Santa Fe was not quite as slow as the two guys planned. Sara's cruising speed on the crotch rocket was a little higher than the guys anticipated, but they couldn't face not keeping up with a girl, so they left early, averaged over 90 mph and got there before happy hour. After getting their rooms, they headed to a well-known bar in the Santa Fe night scene. Sara danced with each of the guys, but then noticed a tall, dark and handsome man, looking to be in his twenties and a native-American. She asked him to dance and he accepted. He danced pretty well for not being in war paint, and soon they were in a conversation, which started with Sara asking him about the reputation that native-Americans had in the sack… With such a start, there was only one way the talk could go, but it didn’t follow the usual path. His name was John White Eagle, and he claimed to be a shaman. He told Sara that native-American lore promised much more than simple expertise in sexual lore. Sara's interest was piqued. Quickly, she told Doug and Phil she would see them in the morning, but that if she didn't show up, to head on to Sturgis without them. A little pissed that any hopes they may have had were quashed, they said “Sure, have fun.” And watched her walk out the door, wearing her sexy leathers and her butt switching back and forth.

Sara and John headed to her room, but again, things did not progress the way she expected. She changed out of her leathers into shorts and a shirt, with John right there but not staring, wondering when anything was going to happen.

John said, “Lets go to my lodge.”

Sara had visions of a room in a Motor Lodge, and immediately became a little more excited. She chained down her motorcycle, and hopped in his pickup truck. Immediately, she noticed that they were going away from motel row, and heading out into the country. Sara began to wonder if she was in trouble, remembering the many movies she had seen where the Indians kidnapped and raped the paleface woman. Though concerned, and bondage & dominance, not one of her favorite fantasies, she was convinced she could handle anything but severe bodily harm. She felt her martial arts training could ward that off too. But fortunately John seemed kindly and relatively harmless. Her chain of thought finished, she noticed that they were pulling up to what looked like a great mound of dirt with an improbable door in it.

Chapter 2
The Lodge

“Lodge? A sweat lodge! Native-American customs!! This could be fun,“ she thought. They walked inside. John tossed a bucket of water on an already hot pile of stones.

"Take off your clothes", he said. At last, something she understood... Or thought she did. But when John squatted down and began chanting, she lost her patience. "Where is the great native-American sex you promised me?"

"When did I promise you that?" asked John. "Besides, you are putting the travois before the horse." He reached into a small bag she hadn't noticed before... A small dark green cactus came out. "But first we imbibe" he said.

"Say", she said, noticing a change in the way he was talking, "What's up? Where are you from?"

"Berkeley, most recently." He said.

"As in UC Berkeley? What’s your degree?" she said.

"Trust me, I’m a doctor. I have a PHD in Anthropological psychology, that is. With a specialty in obscure religious and other magical practices," he joked.

"What's that all mean?" She said.

"You're about to find out. Drink this and keep it down. I don't have any more right now." He said.

Sara, thought to herself, "Wellll, in for a pound, I guess.”, and, pretty sure she knew what it was, chugged it down. Almost instantly, she noticed moderate nausea and soon a strange feeling of mental receptivity and clarity. As the nausea wore off, she also noticed a high state of sexual excitement. Her next thought was, "At last, what I'm here for! He didn't have to drug me... But, what a trip!"

But then John started chanting, not touching! At first, disappointed, her vagina began tingling. And lubricating. And then it spasmed and clinched. And then she came and came... And had one of her best orgasms ever. "Wow, that's some GOOD shit!", she said, impressed.

"Now you begin to learn." said John. He took off his breechcloth… “Breechcloth, where did he get that?’, Sara thought. “He was wearing pants when we came in.”

He stroked her hair and then asked her, “What, other than direct sexual contact, would you imagine to turn yourself on?“

“Nibble my ears, and work down to my neck.” Sara said. “Do nipples count as direct sexual contact?”

“Yes” he said.

“Damn! Then kiss along my spine, “Sara said. “At first gently, then harder.”

He kissed her down her spine, harder and harder, until he got to the dimple above her butt crack. He drew circles around it with his tongue, which, strangely, drove her crazy. It was almost as if he was drawing circles around her clitoris. He kissed it, and then she exploded into another orgasm. She looked down at his penis. It was pretty small. She liked big cocks, but strangely, she wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t like she wasn’t getting aroused. She had already come twice. But she felt the need to comment. “Damn, you’ve got a small cock,” she said. Not quite a nice thing to say.

He didn’t take offense. “It can be any size I want it to.” He said mysteriously, “But it isn’t the size of the canoe. It’s the way the paddler swings the paddle.”

“Oops, sorry I said that, it just came out,” she said. “But haven’t I heard something like the canoe thing before?”

“Sure, the palefaces stole it from us” he said. “My penis’s this size for teaching purposes. You have more to learn.” Then he pulled out a soda straw and a cup of water. “Put this in your vagina.” And handed her the straw.”

“Huh, that’s too small, it would get lost.” She said, but she did it anyway. “Squeeze down on it.” He said. No way, I can’t,” she said.

“Just try” he said and put his hand on her shoulder. He murmured a few short phrases.

“Oww, my pussy cramped.” She said. “Kneel and stick the other end of the straw in this cup of water.” She felt her pelvic muscles move and her vagina expand. The water sucked out of the cup into her vagina. “Now, without dropping the straw, push it out. The water shot out in a stream from the straw and bounced off the floor and made a puddle.

“I didn’t know I could do that. I sort of came when I did,” She said.

“You can’t, without my help… Yet!” He said. Her vagina stayed tight. He reached down and pulled out the straw. Her vagina tightened up even more. His penis was now stiff and standing up. He stroked her clitoris gently, and slid his finger down between her labia and the inner lips of her vagina to the tightly closed opening. He smoothly stroked it, and began working a fingertip into it.

“Whoa, my pussy has never felt that tight before, but don’t stop. DON’T STOP.” Sara said. John smoothly slid his finger into her vagina and thrust it as deep as he could. “Wow. Is that really your finger? It feels SO big, and how can you stick it SO deep.” Saying nothing, John substituted his penis for the finger. “Huh, is that your cock? It’s enormous. It’s really stretching me out.” Said Sara.

“I thought you said it was small,” said John. “Well, it looked small, but it feels BIG.” She said.

“Everything’s relative”, he said, and thrust it in as far as it would go. “Oh my God, that’s going in deep”, she said.

He stroked in and out slowly, being careful not to let it pull completely out. Her vagina was so tight, he wasn’t sure he could get it back in easily. She was on her back, and he was kneeling between her legs, which were clinched around his back with the ankles locked together. Every time he started to pull out, her heels would push him back in. She started pulling him in faster and faster, and she started moaning loudly. Though John had great control, this was very exciting, and he decided to go with it, his penis sliding in and out of her very tight vagina. As he would pull out, he could feel her contracting on his shaft, grabbing behind the head of his penis. He was semi upright, with his knees under her legs, so he could support his weight with his hands free. He slid them up her body and first touched then tweeked her highly erect nipples. She moaned louder, and arched her back some to thrust her breasts into his hands. He felt her mammary glands behind the nipples, and took the hint, carefully squeezing them like he was trying to work milk out of her breasts. This drove Sara over the brink, and her body contorted in a jerk just short of throwing him off. She screamed loudly, but not with pain, the scream evoked by the power of the orgasm. John let this trigger his orgasm too, and he again thrust his penis in her as deep as it would go, semen jetting out of him and into her. As his sensitivity wore off, he began thrusting into her again, until after a minute or so, his penis started getting soft, with some difficulty considering how tight her vagina was holding him, and finally slid out of her vagina. She reached down to feel his giant member, but found it was almost tiny. “Size is not the most important thing in your lovemaking.” He said. “That is your second lesson.”
“How did you do that”, she asked?

“Most of it, I didn’t do”, he said. “You did. When you gain full control of your body, you will be able to do it easily without my help.”

“No shit”, she asked?

“Absolutely”, he said, and fell asleep.

Relaxed by the absolutely mind blowing orgasm. She said, “I’ve got to ask…”. And then fell asleep too.

The next morning, the fire in the sweat lodge had gone out and the rocks had cooled off. They were woken by the cold air They got up, dressed, went outside and began to talk.

“Why did you pick me to teach this stuff” asked Sara?

“For a number of reasons”, John said. “First, I saw you ride up on an iron horse. Second, you were wearing leather from a cow, third, you had big breasts, big hips and a small waist, which meant that you were built for loving, but not fat. Fourth, you were attractive but not so beautiful that you were likely to think too much of yourself. Fifth, you danced well, which told me you would be good in bed. Sixth, you seemed smart enough to carry a conversation, which I needed to be with you, and Seventh… I just felt like it.” John said. “Why did you decide to go with me?”
“You looked kind and gentle, and your looks made my pussy wet.” She said.

“Good enough! That settles that,” John said. “Now for your third lesson. Do you know how to hunt?”

“A little, but I believe in eating what you kill, and respecting what you eat, so that you don’t kill lightly.”

“Hmmm, a very Indian thing to say,” said John, “You sure you’re not just saying what I want to hear?”

“My friends know that I say what I want to say, not what they want to hear. Are you my friend?”

“I wouldn’t have selected you if I didn’t know we would be friends. And I believe you, I was just putting you on.” By the way, I may call myself and my people Indian, but YOU, please, call us native-Americans. We both know Indians live in India.”

“Done. Friends AND lovers.” Said Sara.. But for the record, I am married, and I do love my husband. I will be telling him about this, and he WILL be cool with it.”

Chapter 3

“Shooting practice”

“Do you know how to shoot a bow and arrow?” he asked. He expected her to say no.

“Yes, I learned in Girl Scout camp, and liked it enough to take it in PE in college.”

“Do you know about compound bows? He asked.

“Huh, You mean that you don’t use a handmade bow made of Birch with a sinew string,” she asked?

“Compound bows are much more powerful. I got mine off the internet, and a smaller one too for you.”

“How did you know I was going to be here,” she asked?

“I AM a shaman, after all! Be prepared, be prepared, that’s the Shaman’s hunting song!” He sang.

“Oh funny,” she said!

After spending a few hours familiarizing Sara with a compound bow, into the pickup truck and off they went.

Hunting consisted of finding a game trail and waiting motionless and silent for a number of hours, after which Sara and John shot an antelope, humped it back to the lodge and cleaned it. “What about hunting season?” She said.

“We’re on the rez.” was all he said.

“What was this supposed to teach me?” she said.

“Staying motionless and silent is always a valuable skill, especially for a squaw.” He said.

She whacked him on the arm. “Oh, funny” she said.

“Ow”, he said.

After they ate Antelope cooked over an open fire,” she asked, “What do you have planned for tonight?”

“Do you like big penises” he asked.

“The bigger, the better. I’m a size queen.” She said.

“Oh, so do you know what it’s like to have an enormous penis?” He asked. That’s our lesson for the night.

“Hmmm, what’s he getting at?” she thought, but didn’t say anything.

That night, John pulled out a shabby old stick that he told Sara was a medicine stick, heated the stones back up, created some steam, pulled out the Cactus tea and they both drank some. He then hit the back of her head, not hard, and said “That’s what you get for hitting me.” Then muttered some more phrases.

Suddenly, she felt something growing in her panties and down between her legs. She reached down into her panties, and there was no vagina, but a very large penis hanging between her legs. She had a scrotum too, with testicles the size of eggs. “Damn, those are big balls… And when I said I liked big cocks, I didn’t mean on me!” John said, “It’s your turn to see what swinging a big dick, so to speak, is like. Go, look at your breasts in the mirror.”

Sure enough there was a mirror leaning up against the inside of the lodge. “Wow, those are good looking tits.” Rapidly her penis was getting hard. Seeing her own tits was getting her aroused. She had never been turned on by tits before. She had to reach down and pull her penis up to keep it from being kinked. It was really long, longer than the longest that had been in her vagina. It stuck out the top of her panties, and it felt really good to touch it. But as sexy as she saw herself in the mirror, obviously, she couldn’t fuck herself, and she had no vagina. She said something to John.

He said, “look at me” and gestured between his legs. John had a vagina that looked just like her missing one.

“So that’s where it went,” she said, relieved. “At least, it’s not lost forever! And since I have this big cock right now, it’s in a place where I can still use it.” She reached over and stroked John’s breasts. “Where did those come from; they weren’t there a minute ago.” His nipples got big and hard. The breasts were a nice size for his chest, and made bigger by his large pecs. She found herself holding them with both hands and they felt really nice. She slid a hand down to John’s pussy, and found it was wet, and the clitoris was hard. “Well, I know what to do with that,” she thought, and pulled her panties off. She grabbed her penis and put it against the mouth of John’s pussy.

“Careful, I don’t think your penis will fit in there. It is very thick,” said John.

“If it’s my pussy, I have had a man’s hand in it, a big hand at that.”

“Well then, go for it, it’s your vagina, after all.”

She pushed the big head of her cock into John’s cunt. Oh, it felt good. Then she slowly, slid her cock part way in, remembering that just thrusting it in as far as it would go, done quickly, would hurt. She pulled her cock out all the way to the tip, it was so erect that it did not fall, but stayed there. She quickly pushed it back in an inch then paused, to build up the tension. Then she shoved it in deeper. She felt like she could both feel her cock in the vagina, and at the same time, feel a large cock entering in her ghost pussy. What an incredible sensation! She couldn’t resist, and shoved her penis into John’s vagina all the way.

“Ouch,” said John.

“Ouch,” said her ghost vagina.

At the same time, it felt really good. She didn’t know there was that much room in John’s (or her) vagina. She didn’t know if John had a uterus, but she knew that her penis hadn’t gone into it, if he did. If he did have a uterus, and his anatomy was the same as a regular woman, the vagina extended past the opening to the womb, as she called it, and further up into the abdomen. She hoped she hadn’t bruised his liver or something, but her ghost vagina felt really good, as did her very real cock.

She rubbed her nipples against John’s. The feeling of her nipples and breasts felt really good against his. She had never felt the sensation before, and coupled with the feeling of her penis in his vagina, it felt great. It was the first time that she had penetrated a vagina with a penis, and she reacted as a teen-age boy would the first time he hit a home run (sexually that is), and shot a geyser of come into John’s vagina.

“Hope he’s on the pill.” She thought, “like I am. Hmmm, how would that work? When we go back to normal, would I be pregnant, by ME?”

Then she realized that John was coming too. Apparently, her orgasm triggered his. Then she collapsed on top of John, and they both went to sleep.

Her last thought was, “Thankfully, I’m still 112 lb. and he is 200. Wouldn’t want to smother him. It would be hard to expl…” and she fell fast asleep.

When they woke up, his cock was imbedded in her pussy, and his breasts were gone. Was it a dream?

“No, I have never had that realistic a dream,” she thought,” but what did happen?” She could remember her cock sliding into his cunt, and feeling his cock inside her at the same time, not as intense but clear as day. As John woke up, she started questioning him. “Was that real?”

“Yes,” he said.

“How come we both had tits?” She said.

“Well, I really like tits,” he said.

“So you were in control of the whole process?” she said.

“Yes,” he said.

“How come I could feel my pussy as well as my dick?” She said.

“It was my pussy you felt!” John said.

“How does that work?” said Sara.

“I linked our sexual feelings together, so that each of us could feel the other, sort of in the background, so it wouldn’t be confusing. I wanted you to feel how it was to have a cock, and the other was sort of reassurance, or maybe icing on the cake,” he said.

“How come your cunt looked just like mine?” She said.

“It was yours. I just borrowed it, since it was really nice, and big enough to handle your new penis,” he said.

“Glad for that. That penis might have killed a smaller girl,” she said.

“Probably not,” he said, nonchalantly, “even little women have babies.”

“That was REALLY hot. Where do we go next?” She said.

“I have some plans.” He said with a mysterious smile.

Chapter 4

“The Kachina Doll”

They spent the day swimming at a local quarry, private enough to skinny dip, but did not fuck or even caress each other. Some of the time they spent racing across the quarry, which was satisfying to Sara, because she was clearly faster than John; outdoing him satisfied her competitive nature. They did some diving off of the side of the quarry, from which she demonstrated her two and one half with a full twist, which she had learned on the diving team. John, when diving, showed more courage than skill, but turned out to be a quick learner and mastered a forward one and one half and a back flip with little difficulty from about 25 ft. high. Sara had no doubt she liked this guy. He showed talent at a lot of things. He wasn’t just a typical egghead. She was beginning to wish he lived nearer to her and her husband. She could hardly wait to call her husband and tell him what had happened so far.

That night, John fashioned a Kachina Doll. This was a magical totem, which he gave many of his powers, sort of a Swiss Army knife of Pueblo and Navajo lore.

“I cannot teach you all of my powers, but use of this doll will allow you to do the sexual things I know how to do. Shape changing and some powers the white man would call Psi will be part of what this can do. It is limited in that it cannot be used to harm anyone.”

“Let’s try it out. What are your favorite fantasies?” asked John.

Sara was a little reluctant to parade all her weird thoughts, as she had quite an imagination, to go along with a very horny nature. So she told one of her milder ones. “I have always wanted to see two handsome guys suck and fuck each other.”

“I can do that” said John. “Hold the doll with me and visualize what you want.”

They grasped the doll. “What about the peyote?” She said. “Oh, that was just to prime the pump and make you suggestible. Now, you already believe. If you use this with a non-believer, your belief will be enough.” They grasped the doll and began thinking hard.

Suddenly, Sara felt different. She looked down and found her body was male, and muscled with great definition. Definitely ripped. John didn’t change, but then he was already that way. “Well, that wasn’t exactly what I expected” She said. “Better have a stern talk with your subconscious, then.” He said.

“Have you ever sucked a cock before?” She asked. “Part of the training.” He said. “Had anal sex too. Our tribe is very open minded.”

He reached down and grasped her penis. It was already getting hard, just from looking at him. He laid down in 69 position, and drew it into his mouth. She had plenty of experience sucking a penis, so she just went right down on him. She licked the head of his penis, stroked the slit on the end with her tongue, and then thrust the end of her tongue 2 inches down his penis. This didn’t hurt him, and he liked it. But Sara was astonished that it was even possible.

So she asked, “How could I do that?”

“Magic” he said. “Try licking your eyebrows” Which she did, totally astonishing herself.

“When you are making love to a woman, that skill will be very handy”

“I’ve never made love to a woman.” She said.

“We’ll look into that.” He said.

She went back to sucking on his penis, which she noticed was now a normal girth but very long. She suddenly had a strong desire to deep throat him, which she had never done before, either. She slipped his penis into the back of her throat, then hit a turn in her throat and found she couldn’t breathe. She took a breath anyway, and gagged. She pulled his penis out, and took several deep breaths. She slid his penis back into her throat, straightened out her neck and slid it down her throat until her lips were on the base of his penis. Just the feel of a penis going down her throat to the bottom of her neck excited her so much that she came right then in John’s mouth. But she started working John’s penis up and down to make her throat feel like a vagina, and John thrust it in and out in unison with her. When she ran short of breath, she would pull it out and stroke the shaft until she could catch her breath. Rapidly, she stimulated John until he came to an orgasm in her throat, which excited her so much that she got another erection. John, meanwhile, was becoming really excited too, and put some lube on his anus. He pulled Sara’s penis out of his mouth, and his penis out of hers, turned around and directed her penis into his anus. He was facing Sara, and she was kneeling so that she could easily suck his long penis while fucking his anus. She put the head of his penis in her mouth and ran her tongue around it then slid it deep into her throat, sliding it in and out rapidly. John rapped his legs around her and arched his back. Quickly he came again. She reacted to this by strongly shooting more semen into him. She pulled out, and they laid together.

She laid on her back, and said to the ceiling, “Well, that was interesting, if not quite what I thought I asked for!”

“Believe me, you asked for it. Would you do it again?” Asked John.

“Yes, for sure. But not just now. It is one of many things that I will want to try again, in the future,” Sara said.

After several days, and lots of sweat, Sara HAD learned a lot. The very first lesson she learned, John told her, was that, sex was, first and foremost, in the mind. The peyote hadn’t aroused her. Her expectations had. His chant was attuned to her wants and needs, and freed her imagination to let her come without physical stimulation. All the other lessons were icing on the cake.

“But fun, John, lots of fun,” said Sara.

“Now it’s time for you to go,” said John. With that, they jumped in John’s pickup and went back to the hotel. Sara’s motorcycle was still there, and John smiled and waved as she rode out of Santa Fe towards Sturgis.

Meanwhile, I was still holding down the home front, wondering what was happening. Doug had called me to tell that Sara had run off with an Indian, expecting me to be shocked. I told him not to worry and that Sara was likely to catch up with them at Sturgis. He told me where they were going to be staying and hung up. Then I just waited for Sara to call.

More to come.
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