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Miss Tiny Tits

By Blueheatt

….As an almost every day customer, I slowly became friends with the one waitress. She looked very young as she had a slim build. She was a little skinny but average height. She had to wear a company ball cap so her long beautiful hair was hidden under the cap. She had a beautiful face and was always smiling and friendly with me. She had no tits to speak of. One cool morning I saw these two little bumps where a girls tits would be. No need for her to wear a bra. I looked at them picturing some day they might be big. She smiled at me as she caught me looking at her tiny starter nipples. I looked up smiling at her and whispered: (“You need a breast reduction bad.”) She began to giggle and got red in the face. She cleared her throat and replied:

(“I’ve had 3 already, but these giant jugs just keep growing back and bigger.”)

(“It’s disgusting the way you flaunt them in my face, using them just to get my attention.) I said.
She looked around and unbuttoned her top button and leaned over to let me peek at her two little tits.
(“It’s working isn’t it.”) she said as she reached in her blouse and felt her own little tits. I got shot of fullness in my cock. Her little tits were beautiful. Her new tits when she leaned over were like little cones of beautiful white skin. She twisted her nipples and she looked at me all sexy,…. right in my eyes.

…That was the beginning of our private joking about her non-boobs. We privately kept it up more and more. Our hot whispers became sexy and very suggestive. I asked her if her nipples ever got hard. She got a little pink in the face and whispered in my ear: (“…only when you…look at them.“)

We were getting very attracted to each other. She had nice hips, legs and ass as I checked her over. I told her that her ass was way to cute, her legs were way to sexy and her hips would probably fit my hands just right. She began to get the same hot feelings for me, as she was not use to compliments on her body. We began to kick up our attraction for each other.

I said I wanted to get my hands on her tits real bad. She hotly whispered that my hands were to small to feel her giant boobs…but….she ’might’ just give me a ’tryout’ to see if I could ’handle’ the job. She said I was a pervert because I liked to feel little girls tits. I said all men do. Feeling small tits makes them think they are doing something taboo to a ‘to young’ girl. I just admit it.

She said: “You’re the first guy who admitted that to me. You deserve a…reward.”

…As time went by our attraction grew and I met her after work one night when she had the late shift. We were in my car and it didn’t take long and we were having a hot kiss. She had not had a real boyfriend. Guy’s were just not attracted to her, skinny with no boobs meant no action. She had never had a guy feel her chest…but she still had all the feelings a girl has there. As they began a real good feel up session, I began to unbutton her blouse. Her heart raced with this new thrill of a guy actually going to feel her small tits. I gently slipped my hand into her chest and my fingers searched for a nipple. They found their mark and began to gently rub the small sweet nipples. She was very aroused and felt my leg. I looked around and put my head down on her open blouse. She felt my tongue circling her nipples.

This was the hottest thing she had ever felt in her life….. She gasp for air as I licked her tiny nipples. She felt also a new wetness between her legs. She let her hand move closer to my warm erection bulging in my pants. We spent a long time feeling each other in that parking lot and now she unzipped my pants and her hand went in for more. My hand went up her uniform dress and headed for her pussy.

…Shock…as I felt a nice bush on my fingers. Her pubic hair was not only full but so soft. She parted her legs more as this was her first time to have a guy feel her pussy. Now she was really breathing hard as my fingers went for her clit. I gently rubbed it as she began to moan quietly. Soon my fingers went for her entrance and in went my finger to a warm and wet pussy. Her hand now found my erection along my leg and she began to feel her first cock.

The warm bare skin of it gave her new feelings of wanting to have a close look at it and an urge to put her lips on it like the girls did in the porn videos she’d seen. She raised up a little and now the parking lot was dark and empty. She started her slow decent down to do it for real, for the first time.

I pulled her hips up on the seat and I started my decent to lick her full bushed pussy. I happened to love full bushed women and was very turned on by her. I worked my finger in and out of her wet pussy as his tongue now fondled her clit. She undid my pants and pulled them down to release my erection. She held it and pulled it to her cheek. She seemed to love the warm feel of it. Her tongue encircled the head and she slowly let her lips go over it. She slowly jacked it and had to stop to take a big breath. Back down she went as I was making her squirm with my licking of her clit. My fingers were making her pussy feel alive with feelings. She had fingered herself before, but never like this……

….As time went on I got a van and we got naked…I loved the bush she had and I ate it all the time…..her boobs never did grow much but I didn’t care…..with her legs wrapped around me…and dime-size nipples…I just love to fuck
that pussy…..

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2013-09-18 22:10:19
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2013-09-17 21:29:28
tell us your dirty secret at americasdirtysecrets dot us

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2013-09-17 17:05:05
It started out a good story and a decent build up to their first sexual encounter and the you just "..." most of the sex and then quickly end the story, leaving all of us readers hanging with no payoff. Did you purposely aim to make this a text version of a cock tease? If so you suck.

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2013-09-17 14:02:36
You should proof-read your story prior to submitting it. You have several misspelled words (i.e. "decent" when you meant "descent") that proper proof-reading would detect and allow you to correct. Learn the difference between "to" and "too". Using "..." means that words have been omitted, However you use it all over the place, even to begin a new paragraph. It was a still good read, but with a little care, you could easily have made it much better.

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