The Thing inside
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I was in and out of consciousness for a while as the thin tentacles from the massaging weeds kept up their teasing assault on my young body.

In the moments where I was fully aware I had my gaze locked upon my sisters body as the thing inside her swam around exploring its new home, her body constantly shook with tremors of pleasure.

I began to start crawling over to her which was extremely difficult as the little tentacles squirmed and squeezed around my throbbing clit, shudders of blissful pleasure washed over me as I inched closer and closer to my sisters shaking form.

She lay just out of arms reach as I felt myself trembling from the never ending assault of her tentacles that teased my cunt, I began thrusting my hips, humping downwards against the floor forcing my juicy pussy to grind against the massaging leaves which only increased the intensity of the oncoming climax that stopped me dead in my tracks.

The oasis began to fill with screams, whimpers and moans of agonising pleasure once again, the climax inside me was now at boiling point as blistering hot heat spilled through my shuddering body , my pussy felt like it was melting as rivers of molten juices squirted down my shaking thighs and covering the massaging leaves in my sweet cum.

Again I felt my losing consciousness just out of reach as my fingertips flicked her leg...

I awoke again maybe an hour later finding Tara's little body snuggled against mine, the tremors of pleasure that filled her body vibrated into my skin causing that familiar feeling to emerge once more.

I tried to ignore it while checking Tara's body as the thing inside her continued to swim around inside her.

She seemed to be mostly fine, the eel type creature swimming around inside her twitching body was another matter and this was not the time to investigate the thing, it is nearly dark now and I have to get Tara home before Mom gets back.

I stumbled around the ground grabbing our things before kneeling by Tara's side trying to dress her as best as I could, afterwards I climbed back into my clothes and decided it was time to wake Tara up.

"Hey Tara, you alright? Tara? can you hear me?" I questioned but got no response.

I began to poke and shake her trying to provoke some sort of response before her eyes flickered open.

"Hey sis, how are you feeling?" I asked.

"Mm, al...alright I guess." she mumbled while trying to sit up.

Bulges from the creature could be seen as it swam around in her belly, I wrapped my arm around her trying to steady her as I helped her to her feet.

She stumbled for a moment but my firm grip around her kept her steady enough to begin walking home.

Half way home Tara began to close her eyes moaning out as the creature inside her lodged itself inside her womb causing tremendous surges of pleasure to pummel her already beaten body.

I tried my hardest to keep her upright but her intense spasms of agonising pleasure caused her to fall to the ground shaking.

I knelt beside her body trying to calm her as waves of ecstasy exploded inside her sending powerful spikes of orgasmic energy to rush through her.

I noticed a group of people in the distance and panicked.

"Tara!! Shush, please try to be quiet." I pleaded with her.

It was no use, her tormented body lay twisted on the ground as her pussy gushed insane amounts of juice that pooled beneath her.

The group of people were close now, not close enough to see anything but close enough, I pulled at Tara's arms trying to get her to stand but her continuous orgasm kept her firmly on the ground.

I could hear the group of strangers talking now, laughing and joking around.

A group of teenagers it seemed as one of them became visible, it was a boy about 15 years old.
Another came into view and immediately she recognised Tara's twisted body laying on the ground moaning and groaning.

She rushed over by us kneeling down, "Hey are you alright Tara?" She asked.

Now I could see her properly I noticed it was Emma, Tara's best friend.

Tara continued to groan out as her body twitched from the aftermath her insane climax, her body continued to spasm out of control as her friend Emma watched on in shock.

She ran to her friends explaining something before coming back and helping me to get Tara back on her feet.

"We'll take her to my house, I live about 5 minutes down the road." She said.

I stood for a second trying to think, perhaps staying at her friends house is a good idea, keeping Tara away from my Mom for now would be best.

"Ok." I said as we walked down the road towards Emma's house.

The journey was short but very much eventful as Tara's body never stopped shaking and trembling.

"What the hell is wrong with her?" Emma's asked.

"I don't know...I think she's just sick or something." I lied to her.

"Hmm ok..." she replied.

Finally we walked up the driveway to her house, the lights were off and her parents car was gone.

I decided not to ask about it for now as Tara's condition was much more important.
We helped Tara up the steps towards Emma's front door, Emma's fumbled around in her pocket for a second searching for her key.

When she finally found it she unlocked the door and we walked inside with Tara.

Emma's flipped the light switch on and helped me to carry Tara up the stairs into her bedroom, as we walked inside her bedroom I couldn't help myself but to look around her room, her room was purple with posters of various rock bands on the wall.

A few fluffy teddies scattered on the bed and across the room her computer was switched on with some weird Goth site on the screen.

Emma was a good looking girl really about thirteen or fourteen years old, she wore black eye shadow and dark purple lipstick.

Her hair was dyed red with purple streaks running through, my eyes wandered lower checking her skimpy clothes, she had a black very short skirt on with a small tight white T-shirt on.

"You gonna stop staring and help me?" Emma asked me.

"Oh sure, sorry." I replied as we lay Tara back on her bed to rest.

Standing back I watched as Emma sat by Tara's side holding her hand as Tara lay mostly still for the moment.

"She's drenched... what happened to her? and don't give me any bullshit like she's ill again." Emma asked me.

"Yes ok, I lied about her being sick but you wouldn't believe the truth anyway." I told her.

"Try me." She said.

I decided what the hell and I started from the beginning telling her every little detail of what happened since I found that oasis two days ago.

As the story unfolded, Emma seemed to be getting aroused as she squirmed around on her ass but at the same time the look on her face told me she wasn't buying any of it.

"I said no bullshit..." She mumbled at me.

"I swear, that's the truth... I said you wouldn't believe me." I replied.

"Well anyway, we cant let her stay in her clothes like that, help me get her undressed." She told me.

We started to undress Tara slowly pulling her top over her head revealing her little breasts for Emma to see, as we pulled her skirt off Emma left the room and returned a moment later with a wet cloth.

She put the cloth down for a moment while helping me to take off her panties, Tara was now totally naked in front of us still twitching a little.

Emma grabbed the cloth and began to clean around her body, she started with her arms cleaning the mud off and working her way over her breasts, when she reached Tara's stomach though and began to rub the cloth around in circles she jumped back in shock.

"Wha...What was that." she mumbled.

The bulge in Tara's stomach began moving again, it swam around slowly causing Tara's eyes to open as she began to moan softly.

"I told you Emma." I said.

Emma's eyes were wide in shock as she watched the bulge in Tara move around toward her little pussy.
Tara continued to moan out as the thing inside her bulged its way to her cunt, Emma's leaned in a little looking at her crotch in amazement.

"Emma? can I use your phone to call my mom?" I asked.

"Sure its downstairs by the TV." She told me.

I rushed down the stairs for the phone, I picked it up and called my house to find no answer... Perhaps she aint coming back again tonight.

I started my way back up the stairs as that strange sweet smell once again lingered in the air...

As I neared the top of the stairs I heard wailing screams of tormented pleasure howling from Emma's room and I rushed inside to see what the hell was going on.

Emma was rolling around the floor screaming in a fit, her hands rapidly removing what little clothing she had on before running her hands up and down her beautiful pale skin. She continued to moan and groan as she thrashed about on the floor, it was then I noticed the coiled shape of the eel type thing moving inside her tight body.
Emma's hands began to rub and massage her own body as the thing inside her caused tremendous amounts of pleasure to surge through her entire body, I ran over to her kneeling by her side as she began pulling her top off revealing her beautiful tits.

I felt my pussy tingling as Emma continued to massage and rub her body, she pushed one hand down rubbing and massaging as she howled out in sexual agony.

I watched on as she began thrusting her hips into air as the body went into overdrive, she seemed to be in ecstasy as the creature inside her swam around, she pushed her thumbs into her waistline and ripped her skirt down her shaking thighs as I watched her furiously rub her moist cunt.

My eyes were glued to her little pussy as she buried two fingers up her dripping cunt canal, she wailed in delightful pleasure again as her entire body shook releasing spurts of juice out of her juicy pussy.

Tara lay back on the bed watching as her best friend Emma was tormented by the same creature that not long ago caused her so much pleasure.

I could no longer just sit there and watch, I pulled my top over my head before pulling my shorts down and moving closer to Emma's trembling body.

I bent down locking my mouth on her right tit sucking hand while rubbing her stomach with my right hand, I could feel the creature inside her darting around as Emma continued to thrust her hips.

I began biting softly on each nipple before sliding down her body pushing my hand down to her soaking cunt rubbing in circles around her hard clit, as I got closer to the gushing cunt I noticed the sweet scent again and couldn't resist burying my face into her pussy.

I mashed my mouth against her forcing my tongue up and down her juicy slit before pushing hard piercing her hole with my tongue, I felt the creature brush past my invading tongue as I tried to push deeper.

Suddenly her cunt squeezed around my tongue before flooding my mouth with her hot sweet juices, I slurped and gulped at her running pussy trying to drink all the sweet nectar that gushed out.

It was simply too much as it poured out the sides of my mouth and dripped down my chin, I was forced to pull away for air as she screamed out loud.

I sat there with my face dripping with sweet pussy juice watching Emma's body spasm around on her floor as I felt something behind me.

It was Tara, she crawled up behind me and began to lick and suck on my hard little clit, "Oh god..Don't stop you little slut.." I begged her.

As Tara went crazy on my pussy I pushed my drenched face back down towards Emma's and pushed my tongue into her tiny little butt hole, "Urrggh, FUCK FUCK FUCK." she screamed as my tongue slipped inside her anal cavity.

Tara meanwhile was sliding two fingers up my ass while sucking and slurping my juicy cunt hole, I smashed my hips back against her face trying to force her tongue deeper inside me.

Emma was bucking her hips up and down as the creature inside began to push its way out of her pussy.

Just inches from my face the creature was hanging from Emma's dripping cunt, I opened my mouth willingly for the creature as it slipped past my lips and snaked its way down my throat.

It was thick and slimy as it forced it's way down my throat, I could feel it passing by organs as it explored my body as it had with Emma.

I felt myself trembling as the creature found it's way inside my womb, the sensations it created were out of this world as I felt an enormous climax erupt.

I ground my ass back against Tara as the orgasmic waves flew through my body and bursting in my cunt flooding Tara's mouth with my juices.

I heard her gulping my sweet juices down as the creature inside me headed to my cunt, I felt my pussy stretching as it snaked out of my young cunt and into Tara's mouth.

I turned to watch as the thing disappeared down her throat, her eyes were wide as the bulge from the creature headed down to her stomach once more.

Tara immediately began shaking from head to toe just like before as the creature swam around inside her again, her hips lifted of the ground as she screamed out in pleasure.

The bulges from the creature squirmed down towards her tiny young cunt which was leaking rivers of sweet juice, she thrashed about on the floor continuing to thrust her hips into air as I noticed the head of creature poke out of her pussy.

Its long slimy body slithered out of her gaping hole until it hung half way out and stopped, its head began to swell as it's body started to harden and point upwards like a long thick hard dick, its black slimy body twitched slightly in the air as drips of strange goo oozed from its mouth.

Tara stopped shaking and trembling as her head dropped down admiring her new slimy black cock, I was amazed at the sheer length of the creature and felt myself once again tingling between my legs.

Emma had crawled beside me also staring at the appendage dangling from Tara's cunt, I watched her as she opened her mouth and licked her lips, her eyes widened and she moved forward towards Tara.

Emma was now kneeling down just inches from the long creature that curved upwards, she reached out wrapping her still shaky hands around the slimy shaft and began to jerk it slowly, her hand moved up and down in long slow strokes as the creatures mouth opened releasing more strange goo that dribbled down over her hand.

"It's so hot!!" She mumbled.

She bent down sticking her tongue out and tasting some of the goo that covered her fingers, "Mm so sweet." she said before sliding her mouth over the tip and sucking softly as the creature sank into her mouth.

I pushed my hand between my legs rubbing my hard little clit as I watched Emma suck on the creature hanging from Tara's little cunt, I rubbed my soaking cunt for a for moments before sliding a finger between the moist lips of my labia and deep into my hole.

I thrust my finger in and out fast causing juices to run down my thighs as I watched Emma sucking and slurping down all the goo that leaked from the creature.

Tara wrapped her hand's around Emma's hair pulling her closer, she pushed her new cock deep inside Emma's throat.

Soon enough Emma was pushing Tara away as she gasped for air, I could no longer sit still now as my cunt ached for more than fingers.

I crawled over beside Emma and grabbed Tara's cock squeezing tightly causing more strange goo to ooze from its mouth, I leaned down towards the slimy head and slipped my tongue around gathering the sweet goo.

As I gulped down the weird liquid I immediately felt the fire in my stomach increase in intensity, I slipped my mouth over the slimy head of the creature and sucked hard feeling it slide deeper to back of my mouth before I pulled away gasping for air.

After a second to breath I leaned back in and began to lick the underside of the creature as Emma also leaned in sucking on the leaking head, we sucked and licked all over the creature for a few minutes until Tara began to moan out in pleasure she had never before experienced.

Suddenly she pulled the creature out of my mouth and pushed me on my back, she pushed behind my knees forcing them apart while placing the creature at my wet hole.

The look on Emma's face was filled with lust as she watched Tara plunge her new slimy creature dick into my cunt, I felt myself stretching wide as the creature slipped in easily and squirmed its large head up my pussy canal causing surging spikes of pleasure to fill my body.

I let my head fall to the side as Tara began thrusting into me hard and fast, her creature cock kept squirming around sliding up the walls of my cunt searching and exploring.

Its huge head past my G-spot causing me to howl out in agonising ecstasy as I ground my hips back against Tara.

I felt something strange happening inside me now as something long, thin and extremely wet lashed at my G-spot repeatedly before it wrapped around several times and squeezed.

My body went into orgasmic shock as shudders of a new climax surged to my pussy, I felt as if my cunt was a waterfall as rivers of hot sweet juice gushed out of my filled cunt.

Emma had crawled closer and placed her hand down my body gathering the sweet nectar that continued to spill out of my sloppy hole, she scooped up a hand full of my juice and began to slurp it back greedily.

Her eyes lit up as my juice dripped down her throat, she licked her lips and stared back at my drenched cunt as she leaned down pushing Tara away.

Tara stumbled backwards forcing the creature to leave my cunt in a hurry as Emma licked and lashed her tongue up and down my soaking slit before pushing her tongue half way inside me, I felt her fingers spreading my pussy lips apart as her mouth clamped down on my pulsating clit and suck hard.

I was thrashing around the floor now as another orgasm exploded within, my hips started to thrust upwards off the floor again but Emma's mouth remained firmly locked on my juicy hole.

She slurped and gulped as I filled her mouth with my nectar, Tara moved behind Emma lining up the creature with her little pussy.

I continued to spasm out of control as continuous waves of orgasmic pleasure rushed through my body, the pleasure crashed violently into my loins before erupting more streams of juice out of my hole.

I was so lost in my pleasure filled world I didn't notice Emma was no longer licking my pussy but instead she was screaming the house down as the creatures mouth was fully open as its long,thin and slimy tongue was firmly wrapped around her hard clit.

It squeezed and twisted around causing violent vibrations of pleasure to surge up her spine, I managed to pull myself up and sit back against the bed watching in amazement at the scene before me.

"Aaah, FUCK....fuck fuck fuck." Emma screamed as the creatures tongue squeezed tighter around her throbbing clit.

Tara's eyes were closed and her legs were trembling, I don't think she can last much longer.

The creature was starting to illuminate a strange dark red colour as its body shook and pulsated, Tara started grunting and moaning and I watched in amazement as the creatures mouth started to open wide as a long thing murky looking thing slithered out and landed on Emma's shaking young body.

This new murky creature wasted little time as it darted for Emma's open wet hole and made its way deep inside the young girl.

Tara stumbled backward before grabbing the bed for support as she rolled over on her back as the creature retreated back into her shaking body.

Emma was lying on the floor trembling as she continued to moan out, Tara immediately past out on the bed.

I moved over to Emma pulling her up a little as she wrapped her arms around me holding as the body shook with the last waves of pleasure, I pulled her up some more and helped her onto her bed next to Tara before she passed out.

I covered them both up before snuggling next to Tara and joining them both in a long deep sleep...

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Oh really? Enough bull. Snaked into your mouth then into your womb! Where do the two connect? You messed up and all interest is gone. Study your Anatomy and Physiology please, hey!

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