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This story was inspired by a friend and a discussion we had one day. If you like then please leave positive comments and of course vote for it. If there is enough of a positive response I will continue the story.
This story was inspired by a friend and a discussion we had one day. If you like then please leave positive comments and of course vote for it. If there is enough of a positive response I will continue the story.

The Watcher
By Dunchan

As she walked through the Mall she looked at all the clothing and jewelry stores. She looked in the reflections to see if anyone was following her, she had a feeling for quite some time that she was being watched and followed. She did not see anyone, but the feeling was still there none the less.
She finished her walk at the food court and got herself something to eat and drink. She watched the people wander around and wondered what most of them where there for. She loved going to the Mall and people watch. She would make up stories about them, some erotic, some exciting, most just interesting.
- From the back of the food court he sat, he had been watching and following her for some time now. He was a master at hiding, and blending in with his environments. She may have seen him, but since he never tried to hide his face or not be seen, she most likely did not even notice him. He loved watching her movements, the way her body flowed, her hair moving in the breeze and when she walked.
I first saw her at the hair salon I worked for. She came in to get her hair washed and cut. Where I worked the stylist did not wash their clients hair, they had a shop person do it. Most of the time I do it, gives me a chance to discreetly look down a woman’s blouse as well as to do something sensual to her via the washing of their hair. I have noticed several women at least get flushed if not have small orgasms. Because I made the clients happy and out them in a good mood; the stylist tipped me at the end of the day.
Let me give a quick deion: I am five foot and six inches, plain looking; nothing about me stands out at all until I am naked and then I have a long and thick cock. My mother owns the salon so I have been working there almost all my life. The lady I am watching is about five foot and five inches tall, long red hair that she likes to have styled weekly. She does not wear a lot of makeup and always dresses professionally. I would guess that she is well endowed, at least a 44DD busts with a 36 waist. She is not skinny, and I think that is why I have been lusting after her for a long time. She is not like the ladies that work for my mother or even some of their clients.
Anyhow, I knew she was scheduled to come into the salon today and had heard that she usually walks the Mall before hand to get a little bit of exercise in before her appointments. I looked at my watch and decided it was time to return to the salon. There would be a couple of other customers waiting for their hair to be washed soon. He quietly exited the food court and went to the salon.
- She sat her table and saw movement from the rear of the seating area. She looked over and saw a young man gather his stuff from a table, throw it away and walk off. As she looked at him she thought he looked familiar, but was not sure from where. Maybe she had seen him in the Mall before. She returned to finish her drink and watch some more people when she noticed the time. It was close enough to her appointment.
She gathered her trash, and then headed to the opposite end of the Mall. She took her time, looking at people as she walked by, wondering about them. She couldn’t resist wondering whether or not they were kinky or vanilla. She has always been into the kinky/fetish lifestyle and wondering who else was. She walked into the salon and signed the book. One of the stylists came out and greeted her. After a few minutes she was called back to get her hair washed.
“Hello D’Amber, how has your week been?”
“Hi Laura, about the same, how are things going here?”
“Oh you know the same. Business is steady; luckily the boss’s son is able to help with washing and a few other things around the shop. If he were not here, well I think we would all go nuts. So what do you want to do this week?”
D’Amber thought about it a while then responded, “Let’s try a waterfall braid, I saw it online the other night. I think we need to touch up the color and trim any dead ends as well. Of course, can’t forget the hair wash.”
Laura proceeded to get everything set up. She looked over where the sinks were and saw that William was finishing a lady and would be available shortly. She escorted D’Amber to the changing area so she could put on a robe since they were going to be dying her hair today then escorted her to an empty chair at the sinks.
- William say her come in and had to contain himself. He finished the client he was with and got his supplies ready for D’Amber; he saw that she was in a robe so he knew she was going to get color for her hair. He knew which shampoo to use that would help the process take as well as which conditioner would work best for maintaining the health of the hair. As D’Amber came out, he noticed her robe was not tied very tight and he knew that if he was smart and did not make a big deal he would get a good view of her ample breasts.
She laid back and sure enough he was able to see almost all of her breasts. Laura did not notice as she went to gather her supplies, William had to get control and fight the urge to just grab a hold of them and start kneading and massaging them. He quickly got to work and started washing her long hair. He knew it would take some time and she did too. She hummed softly as he worked, making sure he got all of her hair wet and washed, he took some extra time with washing and massaging her scalp, something he was good at and knew the ladies loved. He rinsed her hair and then started the conditioner.
As he gathered her hair up and put it into a bag, he moved around and started to massage her feet. Something he had never done before, but since it was close to closing there were no other clients in and was sure that he would be safe. Laura looked over and saw what he was doing. He pointed to D’Amber’s hair in the bag with the conditioner and Laura nodded and gave him thumbs up. William started massaging D’Amber’s feet and he was sure that he heard her moan. He was glad that he was kneeling at her feet; otherwise anyone looking would see his erection through his slacks.
- D’Amber was enjoying having her hair washed, it was always a divine treat to have done and the young man doing it was very talented. She felt him put the bag over her hair and figured it was the conditioner treatment that he had masterminded. Then suddenly she felt him at her feet. She was not used to this but relaxed and decided to let him have a go at it. Sure enough within seconds he had her relaxed even more than usual. In fact, if they were not in the middle of his mother’s salon she would be on edge of an orgasm, as it was she had to restrain herself and try not to respond to how marvelous his hands felt on her feet. This young man was amazing.
After several minutes he was finished with both of her feet. He had massaged up her calves as well and she had not felt so relaxed in a very long time, and almost thought of flashing him before he got up, but hesitated. She did not want him getting the wrong idea; she was so tempted, than he moved away from her feet and back to the sink. She felt that she needed to do something for the young man, especially when she barely opened her eyes and saw that he was extremely hard and trying to hide it from everyone.
She repressed a wicked grin and tried to adjust herself without him realizing it. Her nipples were achingly hard and she wanted him to see. When he turned his back after removing the bag, she popped a nipple free, knowing he would see it. He returned to rinse the conditioner out and she heard him grunt and moan when he saw her. She looked over and sure enough his slacks were a little wet. She was pretty sure that she may have made him cum. She chuckled to herself and then tried as best as she could to rub against his hard on.
- William was almost in pain, he could not remember ever being so hard. Her feet and legs were so smooth; he couldn’t even feel any stubble on her legs. He had to stop himself when he got to her knees, but he had a feeling he could have gone higher and she would not have stopped him. Just as he finished massaging her feet it looked like she was going to adjust herself but he got up as the timer was about to ring. Was she going to flash him?
He adjusted himself as quickly as he could and removed the bag from her hair. He threw it away and when he stepped back over… he could see her bare, erect nipple. He couldn’t restrain himself and came in his slacks. He was so embarrassed; he would have to make sure to make a small mess when he rinsed her hair so that way it looked like he got hit with some water instead of the truth. What was worse was that he was still hard. Then she was making it worse, she kept nudging and bumping his erection. If she didn’t stop he was going to make a bigger mess of his slacks.
Finally, he got down with her hair, wrapped a big towel around her head and hair and helped her sit up. She was smiling wide and he could see that both of her nipples were very hard and pushing against her bra and the robe, well one nipple was pressing against the robe only. He escorted her over to Laura’s station and just as he was walking away he heard.
- “Wow he is so talented. You really need to talk to his mother about having him give massages to the clients while we are waiting. They could make a fortune off of his skilled hands.” D’Amber looked around real quick then added quietly, “It was orgasmic!”
Laura chuckled then responded, “I will let her know, she is always looking for a way to bring in a few more dollars and clients. He is that good huh?’
D’Amber looked Laura in the face. “You mean you work here and never had that man wash your hair or anything?”
Laura blushes a little and said, “No I don’t usually get my hair washed when I get it cut. Maybe I should, everyone talks about how magical it is. So let’s get your color in so that can get started and then we will cut and style it. I will have to put you under the dryer for a bit, will help the color set and I have a quick hair cut to do if that is okay.”
Laura got started and before too long had all the color in and guided D’Amber over to the dryers. By this time William had disappeared, but D’Amber was thinking about his foot massage once again and how it would feel good to get some more while she waited. No one else was in this part of the shop. Laura came by real quick to check on her.
“Do you need anything before I get started on my other haircut?’
“Yes can you have William bring me a drink and if he is not busy maybe he could massage my feet some more?”
“No problem.” Laura walked away and found William in back. “William, I have a client in the dryers, she would like something to drink and has asked for you to massage her feet again. She says when you did it earlier it felt really good. Maybe you should ask your mom to start letting you do that for other clients. Could make you some extra money.”
- William was shocked and not sure what to say. He nodded his head and grabbed a bottle of water from the small refrigerator they had in back. He found some oil that was not too thick or too smelly and went out to the dryers. There was no one else around; he grabbed a couple of towels and a small stool that one of the other stylists used when she pedicures.
He handed D’Amber the bottled water and sat on the stool. He put a towel in his lap, figured it would hide his erection as well as makes it more comfortable. He lifted her leg and used a little bit of oil this time. As soon as he touched her foot he could see a relaxed look on her face. She also spread her other leg wide so he could see up her skirt. He could almost see all the way to her underwear.
He started slowly and then used his fingers to really work into the muscles of her feet. He got distracted with the massage and realized that he was not that hard. Maybe he could do this for other clients. As he placed her foot down and reached for the other, he saw something he was not prepared for. She was not wearing any underwear. He could see that she was clean shaven and was very wet. Even though he had not seen that many pussies in his life, he knew she was excited.
He quickly picked her other foot up and started to work on it. He looked at her beautiful face and realized she must have been having an orgasm. She was glowing a bit and her cheeks were flushed. Her breathing was quick and she was trying not to touch herself. He was instantly hard again. He did not know what do. He poured a little oil on her foot and started to work it in. He wasn’t sure what to do, he had never been around a woman that drove him this crazy or filled him with such lust. He knew that he wanted her, but how could he get her interest beyond what he was doing at this moment.
- D’Amber was beside herself in pleasure. She had never experienced anything like this before. She was used to rough sex, kinky sex, and even vanilla sex at times, but this was something different. This was so sensual and erotic. She never had anyone massage her feet like this before; she wondered what this young man could do to the rest of her body if she allowed him to. When he moved to her other foot, she let her courage through and flashed him.
She never wore panties unless it was done to excite or frustrate someone. So she knew that her legs spread the way they were that he was going to get an eyeful. She was meticulous about keeping herself shaved, she did so every day whether she needed to or not. So she was confident that William would see her bare pussy and just how wet and excited she was from his ministrations.
Before she knew it the dryer timer dinged and William started to end his massaging. She wanted to touch herself so bad. She was so close to an orgasm, all it would take would be touching her wet pussy or even nipples. She say William stop and pull his hands free of her flesh. She knew she was flush she could feel it. She couldn’t resist anymore and reached under the plastic cape and pinched her nipples. She felt the orgasm course through her body like a tidal wave. When it hit her pussy she felt like she had exploded and was worried that she had.
She sat still for a few seconds, catching her breath. She looked into Williams eyes and knew that he saw what she had done. She was not ashamed or embarrassed. She smiled at him, pushed her hands down between her business skirt. She looked him in the eyes, felt how wet she was, and grinned wider.
“Thank you William, I really needed that. Could I possible use that towel please, don’t need Laura knowing what happened back here.”
- William handed her the towel. He was surprised that she had orgasmed, as well as the fact that she did not actually squirt like he had seen on some videos, but she certainly gushed her juices. She did not seem embarrassed so he wasn’t either. She handed him the towel back just as Laura came into the room. He helped D’Amber stand up then proceeded to clean up when the ladies left the room.
When he saw that it was clear, he leaned over the seat and saw that there were some of her juices left. Looking around once again, he bent down and licked it from the vinyl seat. It was sweat and a little tangy. He had never tasted anything like it. He quickly finished cleaning and made sure to not use the towel that she used. He went to the back room, knowing that only Laura was there, he put the towel to his and inhaled deeply and was intoxicated with the scent and taste.
- D’Amber was in the chair getting the color treatment finished. She looked around and realized that there was no one else in the salon. She looked to Laura and asked, “You’re not going to get in trouble for staying so late are you?”
“Oh no, the boss understands, that is why we aren’t paid hourly. As long as I make sure everything is cleaned up for morning and everything is locked up we are good. In fact when my last hair cut left, I locked up and as far as anyone knows we are closed. So just William, you and me here. I am sure that William is getting everything cleaned that is left over so we will just have to sweep and mop then head home.”
“He is such a quiet young man; does he have a girlfriend that you know of?” Asked D’Amber.
Laura looked at her oddly, and then stopped for a second before responding, “I don’t think so. I have never him heard talk about any girl, but that doesn’t mean anything. I know he still lives at home. Well he lives in the basement. I remember him talking about how they rebuilt the basement so it was like an apartment for him. That way he can feel independent, yet still be around to help his mom if she needed him.”
D’Amber thought on that for a while as they finished her hair cut. After several minutes Laura was finished and started on the style. It took her a few minutes to figure out the style, D’Amber pulled up a few images on her tablet. They finished up; D’Amber hopped out of the seat and saw William standing nearby with a big smile on his face. He had the broom and mop out so he could get the floors clean. D’Amber paid and gave a good tip to Laura. Then she stepped over to William and gave him a tip of his own. “This is for the massage. Look forward to another one real soon.”
- William was shocked from the tip. He put the money in his pocket, watched D’Amber leave and he started to sweep and mop. Laura came by a few minutes later, gave him a hug and some money. “Wanted to think you for help William and for keeping my clients happy have a good night.” Laura walked out the front door and waited for William to lock the doors. He looked out the door and saw D’Amber standing close by. He figured that she was waiting for Laura and gets to work. He figures if he gets done quickly enough he could follow them.
It only takes him a few minutes to finish everything and head out. He put in the security code and locked up. He looked around and saw one of the Mall security come by. He waved and headed to the doors so they could lock up. He sees that Laura’s car is gone and the parking lot is virtually empty. He goes over to his little car and decides it is best to go home. He plans to talk to his mom about adding the massage to the shop and see if he can make some more money. As he drives home he thinks about D’Amber and feels his erection grow.
He gets home and goes done to his apartment and changes. He pulls out the money in his pocket and counts out the bills. He is surprised to see he made fifty dollars today from tips, than he notices something written on a bill. He picks it and sees a phone number written across the bill. He knows it’s not Laura’s he has her number already anyhow, then it dawns on him that it is D’Amber’s. He puts the bill aside and goes to talk to his mom and thinks about what to do with the number.

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