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A man and wife find oout about group sex
Fun At The Campground

My wife and I had been camping at this site for quite a few years and had met many people over that time. This time though, one particular couple gained our fancy. They were a little younger than us but had many of the same interests and especially sexual interests.
They liked hiking so one day my wife went on a hike with the woman why her husband and I stayed at the camp site. The two of us talked for a while then the it turned to sex and this is when it got interesting.
It turned out he was bisexual and me being straight, wasn't too interested, at least, not at first. After a third drink, I loosened up a bit and we talked about more intimate things especially sexual situations with our wives.
His wife was bisexual also and I soon found out my wife liked having another woman make love to her while I watched. The two women had returned and went into our camper on the pretence of making dinner. I thought it was a little early to be making dinner but her husband kept talking so I stayed in my chair.
After about a half hour, I heard what I was sure was a groan coming from the camper. I made an excuse and entered the camper to find my wife and the woman making love in our bed. The woman had my wife on her back with her legs spread wide open while her head was glued to my wife's cunt. I could see the woman's tongue fucking my wife as my wife was groaned and moaned while she held the woman's head against herself.
I then felt a hand on my ass and turned to find the man behind me, caressing my cheeks. I must admit, at the time it felt good and so I let him continue while I watched my wife get tongue fucked. Suddenly, his hands were at my belt buckle and had it undone along with my pants in a flash. Pulling them down my legs to my ankles, he pulled my shorts down too. There I was, standing almost completely naked, watching my wife getting fucked while a man was caressing my cheeks and running his fingers up and down my crack.
I should have stopped him right there as I knew where this was leading but it felt so good that I let him continue and would have let him do anything to me he wanted, which was just what he did in a few minutes. He then pulled my shirt over my head and had me step out of my clothes wrapped around my ankles. Now I was completely naked and watched him get undressed while listening to my wife's moaning next to me.

He got me to lie down on the bed and joined me, his hands never stopping the caresses and exploring. I opened my legs a little to give him more access to my balls and crack and he took advantage of it by pushing a finger against my hole. I was too far gone by this time so I pushed back against his finger and it popped into me.
I felt a sharp stab of pain then pleasure as he pushed his finger further and further into me. Once he got his finger into me as far as he could, he stopped and wiggled it around a little. It felt good and different at the same time. He then started to finger fuck my ass while I raised my legs up in the air, exposing more of my crack and giving him easier movement.
I could still hear my wife moaning beside me while the man continued to finger fuck me. Now I wanted to feel his cock inside me so I asked him to fuck me. He grinned and got between my spread legs, putting them over his shoulders. Easing his hard cock into me, he pushed in a little at a time until he was fully inside me. Waiting for a minute, I could feel his cock pulsing in me and could feel his heavy balls resting against the back of my thighs. After waiting, he pulled almost completely out of me then thrust fully back up into me. I groaned loudly when he thrust into me and soon he was fucking me slowly and completely.
I just happened to look over at the two women and saw that the woman was now fucking my wife with a large black strap on dildo. She was thrusting it in and out of my wife's cunt while they both moaned and groaned. I saw her stop thrusting and pull the dildo out of my wife and push her legs further up into the air. She then put the head of the strap on at the entrance to my wife's ass and pushed.
She entered my wife easily and started to ass fuck her just like her husband was ass fucking me. I suddenly wanted him to come inside me so I told him to take off the condom and fuck me with his bare cock. He quickly removed the soaking wet condom and plunged back up into my canal again.
I groaned as he pushed in and out of me and soon felt his cock twitch then a warm feeling started to fill my canal. He came and spurted his hot juice into me over and over again, filling my canal around his still hard cock. When he finished coming, he slowly pulled his cock out of me and I felt his come start to run down my legs. I opened my eyes and watched as he and his wife changed places and she soon had her large strap on dildo buried deep in my ass while her husband fucked my wife.

They both took their time and I watched my wife get fucked in both her cunt and her ass while the woman thrust the large fake cock in and out of me. God, what a feeling. After they exhausted themselves and our asses were too sore to fuck any more, they left and my wife and I just looked at each other for several minutes, not knowing what to say or do.
We finally just pulled the bed covers over us and slept. Waking up, I found my wife lying on her side, facing away from me. I ran my hand over her ass and she opened her legs, giving my access to her crack and cunt. She was still soaking wet so when I moved to her, I entered her easily. I fucked her for a few strokes in her cunt then moved to her ass and thrust up into her. I fucked her for quite a long time before filling her ass with my juices.
That was the start of a new life style for the both of us as we, many times, had sex with the other couple. We became very open about our sexual life and had many affairs with both couples, and singles. Many of the singles would fuck the both of us and we even met a group of bikers who had a good time with the two of us. We never joined a swingers club or group because we found that finding people was not a problem and most of them happily fucked us.

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I wanna get pegged while watching my lady get her ass fucked, then I can suck the cum out of her used ass.

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I wanna get pegged while watching my lady get her ass fucked, then I can suck the cum out of her used ass.

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