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Julia gets mugged and loses everything.
On the coast in Italy July 2013

Julia was bored, a typical American tourist wearing a floral print skirt and a tight red blouse which emphasised her ample D cup breasts she strolled along in the sunshine. One of the horde of foreign tourists thronging this ancient metropolis she had really wanted to spend the summer in California but her mother insisted they took a tour of the Mediterranean instead,

Seven cites in two weeks with the long days filled with short flights and long bus rides and now inn the late afternoon Julia was desperate for some peace and tranquility. She strolled idly towards the headland with its cliff top park and stunning views of the Mediterranean sea and the legendary golden sunset as the sun set behind the far horizon.

The cliff top park came alive each evening at sunset as the sun setting was the cue for an open air party which spontaneously erupted in the park, a large almost triangular grassy open space between the town and the cliff edge, a swathe of grass with plentiful picnic tables and benches with the headland's cliff edges on two sides. A curving row of shop fronts pierced by narrow streets leading through the old town formed the third side of the triangle.

The old town, unchanged for thousands of years, narrow streets with stone sets for pavement, too narrow for cars or trucks so everything was carried on hand carts since even donkey carts were too wide and even two hand carts struggled to pass in places.

Traditional Mediterranean low rise buildings provided the shop fronts, seemingly hundreds of years old all painted white against the glare of the sun and each with gaily painted shutters, and all closed during the heat of the afternoon as they awaited the sunset and the cool of the evening, the time when the old town came alive.

"Don't go anywhere alone," the tour guide advised, "There are pick pockets and worse and when you get away from the main part of the town, the old town is known for drugs and prostitution and the Mafioso is very active so please do not rely on the police and be careful."

Julia ignored the advice if she ever heard it, she just strolled along in the sunshine, past the stunted trees bent into the prevailing wind, towards the obelisk marked which marked the point of the promontory and occasionally stopped to hold the stout handrail along the actual cliff edge.

She saw no drug dealers or prostitutes or even gangsters, and after her stroll in the sunlight as she gripped the cliff edge handrail and gazed at the ocean she didn't even realise she was in danger.

She didn't even realise someone was behind her until she felt the strap of her handbag suddenly snap.

She grabbed at the bag but a teenage boy was already ten yards away running like the wind with her handbag in his left hand and the blade of the knife he held in his right hand flashing in the summer sun.

She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out, shocked, she grasped the cliff edge handrail and in panic she looked for help.

Two uniformed police standing by the shops in the distance so she gathered her wits together and shakily made her way towards them.

"I was robbed," she explained as she met them.

"Robbed," said the policeman, and launched into a tirade in a language Julia could not understand.

"English, por favor?" Julia tried hopefully.

"You is robbed, what is robbed?" the second policeman asked.

"My money, my phone everything!" Julia explained.

The police conferred.

"You have papers?" the second policeman asked.

"No, they are." Julia explained.

"No?" the first policeman queried and he again patiently explained something in a language Julia could not even begin to comprehend.

"Must have papers," the second policeman explained, "Is law."

"But my bag," Julia protested and the first policeman again began to explain.

A couple approached, he in a smart suit with open neck shirt, she in a black dress reaching to her knee, the woman smiled, "Are you having trouble?" she asked.

"My bag," Julia explained, "Someone stole my bag!"

"Ah, no papers?" the woman agreed, "I am Carla and this is Giorgio, yes, you need papers or ID in the old town, you have no ID?"

"No," said Julia.

Carla smiled, "Lots of girls come here from all over Europe, it is famous so the police crack down," she explained, "Shall I tell him you are with us?"

"Please," said Julia.

Carla spoke to the policemen, they agreed, "I have told them you work for us," she said and she reached in her bag and extracted a dog collar and leash, "Put this around your neck," she suggested.

"What no way," Julia protested.

"Or they will arrest you," Carla explained, "They think you are an unlicensed prostitute who didn't get her money."

"No, he stole my handbag," Julia protested.

"We do this all the time," Carla explained, "We rescue tourists and working girls, look either you play the game, pretend that you are with us and pay our rescue fee, or you will spend at least a night in the cells and maybe get a six month prison sentence."

"No, that can't be," Julia shook visibly with emotion.

"It will be fine," Giorgio explained, "Wear the collar which shows you are ours and we pay the bribe and you pay us back, five hundred dollar fee plus the bribe."

"That's outrageous!" Julia protested.

"It's what we do," Carla explained, "Do you want our help or not?"

"Ok," Julia said reluctantly and she took the collar and tried to fasten it, it was too short.

"Oh, try this," Carla sighed and she pulled a heavy metal slave collar with a chain from her bag
and handed it to Giorgio.

"Look!" Julia protested but Giorgio gently lifted her long blonde hair and pried the springy collar apart to slide it around her neck, but she realised to refuse would probably mean she was arrested so she just let him ease the heavy collar around her neck and fasten it with a padlock .

Carla handed each policeman an American hundred dollar bill and they saluted and walked away smiling.

"They've gone," Julia said, "Can we lose the thing?"

"When you pay us," Carla said, "Until then you are our slave whore."

"What!" Julia protested.

"Look, if you have no ID you have to be collared and chained it is the law," Carla explained,
"The city law, the town law from the days of Julius Caesar. It was for the protection of the slave girls originally but has remained in force."

"Ok," Julia agreed, "Look get me out of here."

"You should have handcuffs," Giorgio explained, "To look authentic."

"Right," Julia agreed, "In your dreams."

"No," he said as he gently took Julia's hands and pushed them behind her back.

She felt the cold steel and heard the click as Carla fastened the hand cuffs around her wrists.

"Look, ok this is weird," Julia protested.

"But we will all get arrested if we are found out," Carla explained, "We will wait until it gets busy and sneak you away."

"Why not now?" Julia asked.

"No, we need darkness," Giorgio explained.

"Let me phone my dad," Julia demanded.

"And where is he?" Carla asked.

"Down town someplace I guess," Julia explained, "We are on vacation, we fly back to JFK on Thursday."

"American? There is no cell phone reception in the old town, and it is probably best not to involve him yet otherwise you could be arrested again." Carla explained.

"Why exactly?" Julia enquired.

"Believe me they don't need a reason, but a rich Americans are expected to pay big bribes," Carla smiled, "But don't worry."

Julia shivered, she felt cold despite the afternoon heat, her thin white skirt and stretchy red top had seemed more than enough when she left the hotel, but now suddenly she had goose bumps.

"Lets sit down and talk," Carla suggested.

"OK," Julia agreed so they went across to a picnic table with a bench and Julia carefully sat down.

"It's odd how traditions persist," Carla explained, "It was in Roman times, you see the slaves were being abducted so for their own protection they brought in the collar and chain."

"Before that the slave girls would be raped and robbed but with the chain their minder had to stand there while they did what they did, and the minder took the money and protected them."

Julia nodded, "But that was a thousand years ago?"

"It's the same today, girls form Romania, Lithuania, Iran, Iraq everywhere come her to make a few dollars," Carla explained," Without laws we would be over run with foreign whores, but this way only the prettiest can trade and that way we keep the prices high."

"I don't understand." Julia protested.

"Soon as the sun touches the sea you can open up for business," Giorgio said helpfully as the sun cast golden rays across the ocean as it slowly descended, "Seven hundred dollars, sixty dollars a John, two evenings, but then there's rent for the collar and room, you better hope you do it in one because otherwise you could be here for a very long time."

"All summer maybe, in a little back room, because you won't stay pretty enough for the park for very long." Carla added.

"No you can't be serious!" Julia protested.

"Sure we are," Giorgio suggested, "Now just slip off your panties and we can get started."

"No way help!" Julia cried but no one paid any attention.

"Hush!" Carla said, "Or we'll gag you as well."

"No!" Julia gasped.

Giorgio produced a small but wickedly sharp pen knife, "Hold still," he said as he eased it down the waistband of Julia's skirt and cut easily through the sides and elastic waistband of her panties, first the left and then the right.

Next he cut through her bra straps before undoing the clasp and pulling the bra out from under her top.

"I'll get the rest of the stuff," Carla said, "Give me her shoes."

"No!" Julia protested but Giorgio grabbed Julia's plastic flip flops and handed them to Carla.

"Watch the sea, chill," he suggested.

Julia looked around desperately for a means of escape, there was no one close who looked American, she could not trust the police, it seemed hopeless and then Carla returned.

"Your size?" she queried as she produced some very worn black strap shoes with maybe four or five inch heels, she jammed them on Julia's feet and clicked them in place with a padlock through the ankle strap.

"I can't walk in heels," Julia protested.

"Sure you can," Carla laughed, now a couple of final touches, she said as she took stout leather cuffs from her bag and fastened one around Julia's left ankle fastening three straps and then the right before attaching a short chain between them.

Next Giorgio held Julia's arms while Carla fitted similar cuffs around Juila's wrists instead of the handcuffs, leather cuffs with a connecting chain, and then she put the shiny handcuffs away.

A crowd was gathering, spilling out from the old town and approaching along the cliff path, almost exclusively young men, "It is nearly time," Carla announced, "Look the sun!"

Julia looked, "You see Arab whores could not come out in the sun or they burn brown like negroes so after the fall of Egypt Caesar pronounced no whore should be abroad before sun down."

Someone chanted, "Ten," then someone elase joined, "Nine," "Eight" the cry grew louder."

"One last thing," Giorgio declared, "You must show your tits so the men can see you are aroused," and he pulled Julia's red top down over her breasts.

"Oh god, you are aren't you?" Carla asked, "Aroused?".

Julia nodded sadly.

"What shall the men call you?" Carla asked.

"Julia," Julia replied.

"It suits you," Giorgio replied as he lifted Julia's skirt and placed an exploratory finger on her belly where the soft down of her pubes commenced and moved down towards her clit and beyond.

"No!" Julia moaned yet again but it was hopeless and soon Giorgio's fingers were on the hot moist spot that began to spread as his fingers began to ease within her.

Julia gasped, "Oh god." and the chanting reached One.

A great cheer rose up as quite suddenly all the shutters on the shop fronts opened revealing bright red lights illuminating the near naked women within.

"Seven hundred dollars, time to go to work!" Giorgio whispered as he wormed a third finger into Julia's sopping vagina.

Carla gently squeezed Julia's nipples, and then took a jar from her bag and removed the lid before holding it for Giorgio..

He dipped his thumb into it, and showed Julia, "A special blend of herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits."

"Like KFC?" Juila asked.

"Maybe," Carla laughed, "But I never caught anything when I used it," and Giorgio eased his spice covered thumb deep inside Julia's increasingly moist sex.

The crowd was moving towards her Julia noticed and she became aware of a line of near naked girls approaching, all bare breasted and collared and chained as she was and attended by a minder, "Twelve," Carla explained, "One for each table, but you get the best table, fresh meat fresh today."

"Prime cunt," Giorgio agreed, "We'll see if they will pay a hundred dollars, maybe give a discount later."

"And if I dont make the money?" Julia asked hopelessly.

Carla shrugged, "Maybe someone will buy you, otherwise we take you home and try again tomorrow!"

"Please," Julia pleaded, "Daddy will pay!"

"Si Signor, One hundred dollars American," Giorgio explained.

"Looks dog rough," a tall bronzed young Australian explained, "How's about fifty."

"Seventy five?" Julia suggested as she stared at his broad shoulders and rugged weatherbeaten face.

"Fifty," he repeated.

"Fifty," Giorgio replied, "For a blow job."

"Nah I need a fuck mate, hows about sixty five?" the Australian suggested.

"OK," Giorgio says.

"Great," he agreed, "I reckon its best to fuck al fresco, don't need t change the sheets," he laughed as he handed over the ten dollar bills.

Carla gave him five dollars change, "Open up then doll, lets see the fuck hole," the Australian quipped as he dropped his pants to reveal the biggest penis and testicles Julia had ever seen.

"Oh my god!" she wailed.

"Yeah, satisfaction guaranteed!" he said, "I'm Mike by the way."

"Julia," Julia explained, "Look!" but Giorgio had swung her onto the table top.

"Nah doggy," Mike suggested so Giorgio pulled Julia back to have her bend over the table end.

Giorgio showed Mike how wet she was by thrusting three fingers deep inside her and then Mike's cock was pressing against her soft pink cunt lips.

They spread easily and his cock slowly eased into her slippery and spiced cavern, "She uses that gook stuff right?" he asked as he eased in.

"Naturally, and she has regular health checks," Carla lied.

"Ohhh it's too big!" Julia gasped, "Oh Jesus, its too big! it hurts oh god it hurts."

"Pipe down," Mike hissed, "Its not half in yet," he said and he thrust real hard against her.

"Agggghhh!" she squealed, but he was right inside her now and the pain filled her whole body for a fleeting moment before it dissolved into a warm feeling of pure ecstasy. She was floating on a cloud, looking down at her own body from heaven as waves of illicit pleasure coursed through her whole being.

"Ohhh," she gasped, "Oh that's soooo good."

"Gee that's some randy Sheila," Mike said, "You sure she's a pro and not some amateur?"

"Yes," Carla agreed, "Enjoy!"

"Gee," Mike agreed, "Oh fucking hell I'm cumming!"

Perspiration dripped from Mike's forehead as he let fly within Julia's over filled cunt. Her mind exploded in a series of flashing white lights as his cum forced its way into her furthest most secret parts.

"Gee," Mike said inadequately as he pulled out and pulled his pants up, "That Sheila puts a hell of a squeeze on, I haven't cum that quick since high school!"

"You finished?" a tall Australian asked.

"Sure, cum too bloody quick, Johnno," Mike admitted, "Reckon we should stick to ugly Shielas."

"More like you should lay off the booze!" the second Australian quipped, "How much."

"Charged me sixty five mate," Mike admitted.

"Sixty five?" he asked.

"Sure," Carla agreed, "For a short time!"

"Here you go," he replied, as he handed Carla the cash, "Got a Johnny?"

"If you like," Carla replied and she fished a Durex from the bag, "But the local."

"Better safe than sorry," he said as he pushed down his khaki shorts and slid the rubber over his cock, "You ready Sheila, I'm Bruce by the way!" he laughed and he quickly took up position behind Julia and rammed his cock right into her with a singe thrust.

"Fucking hell she's slippery, like a Haddock!" he gasped, "So squeeze me, do something, I'm like a mop in a bucket here."

Julia twisted round to look at her assailant.

"Oh fuck that's so good," Johnno wailed as she twisted his cock by moving, "Shit Mike I'm cumming already!" he wailed and he shot his load without humping her more than a dozen times.

"Told you mate," Mike laughed, "Stick to the uglies OK," he suggested as Johnno pulled out.

"What's she like mat?" a third Australian asked.

"Like a Ferrari mate, massive rush and its all over," Mike said, "Guess I'd rather have a nice slow fuck with ugly Sheila if I had my time again."

"Fair do," said the third Aussie, "I'll give it a miss they hey?"

Julia flopped back onto the table, "You're doing well, a hundred and thirty in fifteen minutes!" Carla chuckled.

"I need a drink," Julia replied, "Gee my puss is on fire."

"So do I," Carla agreed, "But we have a queue, it will have to wait."

"A hundred, senor," Julia confirmed to a waiting Spaniard, "American Dollars, or Euros!"

"Si," he agreed and handed over the cash.

The sunset was spectacular, great spears of golden flame lighting up the ocean as the Spaniard eased his throbbing erection into Julia's fiery pussy.

He thrust briefly and grunted and all too soon Julia felt her insides showered by pints of sticky cum, her whole body shook with frustration, and the waiting men muttered among themselves.

"Make it last more than two minutes and get a refund!" Giorgio taunted, "Roll up Roll up, one hundred dollars."

By now all the tables were occupied and hundreds or maybe thousands of young men wandered around the park looking for sex, the safe unprotected sex that they naively believed the ancient recipe of lubricant provided.

"Two minutes right?" an English lad enquired, "No probs!" and he handed his cash to Carla.

He undid his zipper and pulled out six inches of pink muscle, Carla stifled a giggle, and watched as he fumbled as he tried to guide it into Julia's waiting cunt.

"Fuck she's hot," he admitted.

Julia was desperate now, she needed to cum, she gripped his cock as best she could but he was barely half as far into her as the Australians, "On blimy, this is bloody fantastic, is it two minutes yet?" he asked.

Carla shook her head, "Not yet," it was actually twenty seven seconds."

"Can't hold out much longer, Ohhhhh!" he exclaimed.

He collapsed across Julia's back, "Not quite was it?" he asked.

"No," Carla replied, "Not quite."

"Bollocks," he replied.

"Drink," Julia pleaded

Carla saw the group of men move away, obviously Julia was not providing what they wanted, she spoke to Giorgio.

"Have a word with Marco, maybe a swap?" she suggested.

Giorgio handed Julia's chain to Carla and went to find Marco who he saw some way away.

A slim French boy approached, "Bon nuit!" he said awkwardly.

"Fifty dollars American for you," Carla smiled, "One fifty for big men!"

"Oui!" he agreed and paid Carla with a fifty dollar bill, "Is there somewhere private?"

"And miss the sunset, no, the experience is the experience of lifetime, enjoy!" Carla replied.

The French boy dropped his denim jeans and boxers and his penis hung limp and lifeless.

"Julia, suck him OK," Carla ordered.

"Drink," Julia replied.

"Ok, one moment," Carla replied, she took a bottle of Perrier water from her bag, took a swig and knelt down before the frenchman, "Allow me," she said as she grasped his shaft and kissed it.

It stiffened instantly, she licked it and finally opened her mouth to take the tip between her teeth.

"Ready," Carla laughed, "You see I still have it!"

"Oui!" he agreed and Carla guided his cock into Julia's waiting cunt.

"Ohhhh," he exclaimed, "Is good!"

"So do something with her tits, give her a good time too," Carla suggested.

"Oui, Jean - Jaques, go for it!" his friend said as he walked up beside them.

"Merde! Phillipe, where have you been." he asked.

"Fucking in the brothel bar of course," he laughed, "Nice and warm and private!"

"Ohhhh," Juila gasped as Jean-Jaques twisted her nipples and humped against her, "Thats so good!"

Jean-Jacques suddenly grunted his hips spasmed and he started to shudder as he started to shoot his load, "Ohhh," he cried.

"Oh shit!" Julia cried in frustration as her whole being craved orgasm, oblivious now to the crowd of onlookers surrounding her as he fucked into her.

Giorgio|they returned Jean-Jacques was zippering up his pants as he was leaving.

"She OK?" Marco asked, "Good ride?"

"Oui," he replied simply.

"Francais," Giorio explained, "But what you think."

"Nice ass," Marco said, "Can I try?"

"Sure, hold her down Carla," Giorgio ordered.

Julia was exhausted, she didn't need Julia's hand to hold her, she just lay over the bench with her bottom raised.

"She take it up the ass?" Marco asked.

"Not yet," Giorgio admitted as he watched Marco slip a condom onto his short fat cock and move around behind Julia ready to fuck her.

"Freebie right?" he asked.

"Taster," Carla agreed, "You like her then she's one thousand dollars American."

"OK," Marco agreed as he pushed the tip of his cock past Julia's now slightly swollen cunt lips and into her sopping wet vagina.

"Good, very good," Marco agreed and he slid back out of her again.
"Let us have a drink, I get Sabrina to fill in here, one moment." Marco agreed, he wiped his still rigid cock and forced it back in his pants.

Marco returned before Carla had finished arguing with a couple of young men who were trying to negotiate a discount.

"This is Sabrina, and Franco," Marco explained.

Sabrina was completely naked except for leather wrist, ankle and collar restraints identical to those Julia word, the dying rays of sunlight shone on her ebony skin, "She usually works in the bar, the fresh air will be good!"

Carla helped Julia up, her puss throbbed and her knees buckled as she tried to walk but Giorgio and Carla supported her as they helped her to walk the hundred yards or so to the shops.

The shops were identical low rise Mediterranean style whitewashed against the sun, each narrow frontage had a narrow door and a wide window in which a girl posed provocatively or against which the curtains were drawn as she entertained.

Each shop had one girl, only one girl and one customer was allowed by tradition and local law, and only after sunset until before sunrise.

Julia stared, was this to be her future.

Bars and clubs lined the narrow streets leading to the old town, too narrow even for donkey carts people jostled to move around.

Julia saw a line of uniformed officers blocking the street, hope flared briefly and died as she saw they were preventing unlicensed women passing a line of bollards, which separated the brothel bars from the rest of the street, "You should have read the notices," Carla said, "No unlicensed whores after 5pm."

"It wasn't," she said, "I don't understand the language!"

A young woman peered at them through the window beside the entrance door, she looked bored.

The admission charge was one hundred dollars but the doorman ushered them in on Marco's instruction.

A barman looked on, swarthy, Spanish maybe, medium height and dressed only in rubber shorts and a bow tie he stood grinning from behind the bar.

Several middle aged men sat at tables in the small room.

"Fresh meat," Marco laughed, "Feel it!"

Julia froze as a fat middle aged man lifted her skirt, his fingers touched her sex sending shivers of anticipation and longing coursing through her veins.

"She suck?" his friend asked.

"Fifty," Marco chuckled, "On your knees bitch!" he said.

Julia flared angrily, but Carla reassured her, "He calls all the girls bitch, don't worry," she said.

"But!" Julia pleaded.

"He is a good man, he understands girls," Carla said reassuringly, "We caught almost all his girls didn't we Marco?"

"Yes, you know what I likes," Marco agreed, "Not too fat, nice tits, sexy, you know juice up real fast."

"But!" Julia pleaded, "You can't, not sell me!"

"Oh no, just hire," Carla said, "A week maybe, after that you can decide whether to stay on or not, that's if he likes you."

"Oh god!" Julia exclaimed.

"So show me how you suck cock," Marco demanded as the man paid his fifty dollars.

"No!" Julia protested but Carla pushed her face into the man's crotch.

"Suck!" Carl ordered.

Julia tried to resist but Carla pried her mouth open and the swarthy middle aged man began to fuck her face.

"Is good," he said , "Is very good, she suck, Agghh she bite, she bite," he screamed ad they dragged Julia off him with the chain attached to her collar.

"She no good," Marco explained, "For brothel whore, put her in the cubicle!"

"Ok," Carla agreed, "Why?"

"I want to fuck her tight ass," Marco explained, "Nice virgin asshole."

Carla went towards the entrance door, just to one side was another door which she opened to reveal the buttocks of a young woman with the number 299 tattooed on her left cheek

"Hanna," Carla said softly, "Break time," and she lifted a wooden screen to reveal the naked
woman's top half and the street scene beyond the window.

"Good, I get cramp," the woman replied as she stepped backwards to pass Carla, "I do blow jobs yes?"

"Yes," Marco agreed, "Get the bitch naked."

Julia's skirt came down easily but then had to release her hands to remove her blouse, "One false move and we cut it off, Giorgio cautioned and then Julia was naked.

They manhandled her into the cubicle, ot was as big as a lavatory cubicle but the window was set in a thick wall and there was a stone shelf with half round cups in it where generations of whores had been bent while men had used them.

A convenient hook secured Julia's collar and as Carla eased her tits into the stone cups so she stared out of the tiny window at the people passing by as Carla secured her hands and feet to iron rings and finally brought down the screen against her lower back.

Marco was first up, but after five minutes of trying to force his fat cock up Julia's tight ass he gave up and rammed it brutally into Julia's eager pussy.

"Ohhhh," Julia wailed.

"See, natural born whore," Giorgio exclaimed.

Julia's mind was exploding again, she hallucinated, she thought she saw her dad.

She saw her dad, with a chained naked whore, in the street outside her window trying to do a deal.

"Dad!" she screamed, "In here!"

He looked at her, "Sure honey!" he said, "Why you're the spit if my girl Julia!"

He went inside, "Hey how much for the whore in the window?"

"One hundred dollars American," Giorgio explained, "She is new Mr Marchesso is trying her out him self."

"Right, so how much to fuck you darlin?"he asked Carla.

"One thousand euros and you use a condom," she said looking him straight in the eye.

"How about fifty?" he asked.

"How about you lose fifty pounds and take a bath?" Carla replied.

"Hey, no need to be personal," he replied, "I'll wait."

Marco finished up, and opened the small dark boarded door, "Five hundred maybe?" he suggested.

"Say you finished, I got some serious business with that whore!" Julia's father insisted, "She reminds me of my little Julia!"

Carla smiled, maybe just maybe a big paycheck was waiting.

To be continued?

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