A fourteen year old girl comes up with an unusual way to thank her older brother.
Note: This story is quite a long one, and there isn't really any action till the last four paragraphs, so if you dislike the build-up, head down to the paragraph that starts with "I am unexpectedly woken" Enjoy!

I get off the bus and adjust my headphones, looking at my phone again to make sure I wasn't late. Nope, 15 minutes to spare! I leisurely make my way through the suburbs, thinking about how on Earth I'm possibly going to keep myself amused tonight. My dad and step-mum are heavily into the music scene, and are constantly going to see bands play at pubs, which usually leaves me or my 18 year old sister Charlotte babysitting their three children. Tonight was supposed to be different. I was supposed to be going to this 21st and Charlotte is sick and staying at our mothers house, so Dad organised for each of the kids to sleep over at their friends. Unfortunately however, none of Jessica's friends were available for a sleepover, so at the last minute dad called me begging me to come down and look after her. So here I am, about to waste a perfectly good Saturday night protecting my little sister from the boogeyman.

I knock on the door and almost immediately it is pulled open by dad's partner Jenny. "Hey David! Come on in, we're just about finished getting ready!" I follow her into the kitchen, where dad is busy wrapping up a slab of beer with a thick jumper. "There, that should save us money on expensive pub drinks!" Dad remarked with a grin, before coming over and patting me on the back. "Thanks so much again son, and I'm sorry that you missed out on that party, but I'm sure you'll be able to make up for it five times over next Saturday!" He's got a point, ever since I turned 21 I don't think I've had a single quiet weekend. Maybe I should welcome this change of pace, and enjoy a nice quiet night tonight. As dad went out to start the car, Jenny turned to Jess and pulled one of her headphones out. "We won't be back till 2 in the morning. Dinner is left over curry, there's some Coke in the fridge and ice creams in the freezer, but don't even think of touching the custard!" Jess is obsessed with vanilla custard, I've often wondered how many days it would take of her constantly eating vanilla custard before she got sick of it. I look over at Jess and realise something is off. Normally she is really happy and bubbly around me, but today she hasn't even looked at me, and her body language is screaming melancholy. I figured I would get to the bottom of it later, and turned to Jennifer. "Right, well I've got things covered here, you two go have fun!" Jennifer grabbed her bag, gave Jess a quick kiss on the side of the head and hugged me "thank you so much again David! Feel free to crack into the six-pack in the fridge. I'll text you later to make sure everything is going fine, maybe around 12? Be good for him Jess!" ~

As I hear the car drive off, I walk over to Jess and flick her other headphone out "Don't you think it's about time you said hello to your favourite brother?" She looks at me with eyes full of sorrow, and her lower lip starts to quiver. "Hey hey, what's wrong?! What happened Jess, I haven't seen you like this since you got too big to ride on my shoulders!" It's true, it was only 3 years ago but the way she carried on you would have thought she was going through her terrible twos. It made it extra worse for me, because I didn't put a stop to it because she was too heavy, I did it because it was at around that point that I started to notice that her groin would be constantly grinding against the back of my neck, and suddenly shoulder rides were a bit too much for me. I put my arm around her shoulders and lean in close so that the side of my head is resting against hers. "Come on Jess, you know you can tell me anything!" We sat there for a bit before she pushed her chair back and stood up. "Follow me" she said in a hoarse whisper, and silently left the room, with me following close behind. She took me into her bedroom, and closed the door behind her. Then she went over to her cupboard, pulled the bottom drawer. At this point she turns around, and looks at me seriously. "This is really big Dave, I'm going to have to make this a Heart-locked secret. ~

I was seven when Jenny gave birth to Jessica, and it was around that time that I was getting bullied pretty heavily at school. Charlotte was was 4 and Jack, my only brother, was 3. I didn't have any friends at school, and while my mother Susan tried hard to be there for me and Charlotte, she was too wrapped up in her depression and illness to give us enough time. I would spend a lot of time at Dad and Jenny's place, but apparently I was really obnoxious and whiny at 7 so, they would never really listen to my problems or even pretend to be interested in my life. That's how I ended up spilling my heart and soul to Jess at the tender age of three months every time I got a chance alone with her. I found it very soothing and uplifting to be able to go on about the mean kids at school, the difficult math problems, my mum, anything that was getting me down at the time, to a happy gurgling baby who never once broke eye contact me. Most of my free time was spent playing and talking to baby Jess, and that didn't change for the next 14 years. Of course, once she was in year 2 I started to worry that she would blab all of my secrets, so I came up with the idea of "Locking Hearts". ~

The premise is that when you know that you are always going to be an important part of someone's life, you lock hearts with them. A Heart-lock secret is very serious, for if the other person breaks their promise and tells the secret, then the bond between the locked hearts are broken, and can never be repaired. At least that's what I told innocent little Jess, and she took it all hook, line and sinker. Since then I haven't worried once about her revealing my embarrassing secrets to anyone. It's worked both ways as well, as Jess has always confided in me. I knew about her first boyfriend, her first period and even her first orgasm before her parents did (with the orgasm, she woke me up in the middle of the night freaking out because she thought she had pissed the bed. Apparently she had been playing with her clitoris, or "nub" as she called it, when all of a sudden it felt like she was peeing. This was only two years ago so her sweaty, exhausted expression and the sodden sheets were still fresh in my mind) I've often wondered if maybe I did the wrong thing when I came up with the "Locking hearts" thing, because she was telling me stuff that I wasn't sure an older brother should know. But it's always made her happy to be able to confide anything in me, and I love her so much that I know I would never hurt her or manipulate her, so I thought that I wasn't doing any harm. ~

The fact that she had made this a Heart-Lock secret meant it was big indeed, and I was a little worried. Something that could make her cry that much AND be so serious that only I could know about it? Was she pregnant? She was sitting there in front of her cupboard, with a worried look on her face, awaiting my response. Finally I sighed and held my hand out at head height, palm facing me. Immediately Jess relaxed and mirrored my hands position so that they were touching, which signified that everything that is about to take place would remain a secret between us. Jess looked at me with a smile of gratitude. "Thank you so much Dave, I really can't handle this on my own" then she turned around, and pulled something flat and sleek out of the space under the cupboard drawer. I just sat there stunned, mouth agape. It was the latest Flat-tec, the pioneering brand in electronic tablets. "Holy shit Jess, where did you get that?! They only came out last month!" Jess looked at me sorrowfully, then began to explain. "You remember my best friend Jane right? Her parents bought it for her when it first came out, and I've been bugging her ever since to let me try it out. Finally, she gave in last week and let me borrow it, but.....but......" She turned it around, and I suddenly realised what had made her so upset. ~

The screen was completely shattered. A thousand tiny reflections of my face stared back at me in shock and horror. "When I got home that day I immediately ran to my room to try it out, and I tripped over in the k-kitchen! Now she's asking for it back, b-but I can't l-let her know what happened! She told everyone that I stole her tec, and now no one will talk to me at school! She said that if she doesn't have it back by Monday she's going to tell her parents. W-what do I do, Dave?! These things cost $6000 dollars!" She really started to bawl now. I just sat there, trying to console her with one arm while my brain was thinking furiously. This was really serious. How was she supposed to replace this Flat-tec? There's no way they could repair the screen, and her parents never have enough money to pay the rent as it is. Now I understand why it took so much to get her to tell me. "You poor thing Jess! This would have been so frightening for you" I wrap both my arms around her and press my lips against her forehead, which usually calms her down when she is crying. After a while the tears subside and we just sit there on the floor, holding each other. Slowly I accept the fact that I have no other choice but to take the bullet for Jess. ~

I stand up and head for the study, and turn on the computer. "What are you doing Davey?" Jess sniffled, standing at the doorway with the flat-tec gripped in her hands. "I just need to use the computer real quick." Once it has finished loading I click on Chrome and put in my banks website address. Jess walked up to the chair and peered at the computer screen over my shoulder, and gasped, jumping back away from me. "Dave no, no you can't spend your Japan money on this, you worked so hard to earn it!" I pause for a moment and remember bitterly the three months I spent toiling in those mines in NT, the isolation and hard work driving me to my wits end. I earned $6,783 after tax, and kept $6,500 of it, which I was going to use to move to Japan and become an English teacher for a while. I have always wanted to live in Japan and fulfil all of my nerdish desires. I've never been the athletic type, more the Video Games and Books type who is slightly overweight and has had no experience with Females, not through lack of trying I might add. In any case I can just forget about going to Japan for a while, the mining boom has ended and I have struggled for ages to find a job. But, seeing Jess genuinely happy again was worth any amount of money or hard work. As I'm transferring the money to my savings account, I explain to Jess that on Monday, she should go up to Jane and apologise profusely, explaining how she let me check it out and how I then accidentally broke it, and that she's been waiting for me to go out and replace it. "Hopefully that will help to repair your relationship with her" Jess had started crying again and was tugging at my arm, begging me not to go through with this. I swivelled around to face her and took her hands in mine. "Jessica darling, I couldn't care less about Japan, it was just a silly attempt at clinging on to the child in me. I'll be fine. What matters most to me is that... that you are happy." At this point I can't even look at her face, I'm just staring at the ground and twiddling my fingers. There goes probably my only chance to go to another country for years. ~

I don't want Jess to realise how I really feel, so I smile warmly and get up off the computer chair. "Anyway, I'm hungry. How about dinner?" I microwave last night's curry and serve it up in two bowls, with plenty of sour cream and chilli sauce. Halfway through the meal Jess puts her fork down and looks at me sadly. "Dave, please, PLEASE don't do this. I know how much you want to go to Japan, no matter what you say. I'll find some way to pay her back, and if I can't, I'll just deal with the consequences. I don't want your dreams to have been ruined because of me!" I looked at her with concern, unsure of what to do here. It doesn't look like she's going to be happy either way. "Jess, that really means a lot to me, so thank you. However, unfortunately I have already made up my mind about this. Tomorrow I'm going out to get a flat-tec, and that's that!" I put my bowl in the sink and walk around to the back of where she's sitting, resting my chin on top of her head. "But if it makes you feel better, maybe we can work out a way for you to earn that money back. You can become my personal maid, you know, come over to my apartment and give it a clean every week or so. That would actually be awesome as I never clean so it's an absolute sty at the moment. After that, well, let's say anytime I need a favour or just an excuse to see my beautiful little sister I can just call it in? I think that sounds more than fair, don't you? How about it?" ~

I returned to my seat and faced her. As I sat there watching Jess think about it, I could tell she didn't like it one bit. Obviously she felt that doing some cleaning up once a week and being called in for odd errands every now and then doesn't make up for the $6,000 I'm basically giving her. Then I noticed her frown change into a slight smile. "OK Dave, I think I can live with this. Thank you so much, this makes me feel a lot better. I only have one condition: I don't want to be your maid..... I want to be your slave" and with that she giggled mischievously and ran around the table to throw her arms around my shoulders. "Oh David, thank you SO so much for this. I thought I was going to be expelled, or mum and dad would have to pay for it, which would just make life so difficult for everyone here. I promise you Davey, I WILL make this up to you" she turned my face to hers and gave me a kiss on the lips, before bouncing away joyfully. In hindsight, I probably should have been suspicious about how she was acting. The fact that she wanted to be called my slave, that she was certain that she could make it up to me (I sure didn't think that was possible) and the fact that she had kissed me on the lips for the first time in about a decade should have sent off warning signals, but I was too busy being overjoyed that she was happy and playful again. In any case, no amount of suspicion could have prepared me for what she had planned. ~

I walk into the loungeroom where I find Jess zipping around like a mad thing, preparing the only recliner with cushions, a blanket and a tray next to the arm-rest. Once she's done she turns to me and bows low while on her knees, with her hands clasped together. "Master, I have prepared your throne for you. Please get comfortable while I serve you your drink." She quickly runs off, and gets back before I even get a chance to tilt the seat back. "Allow me master" she pulls the lever back and now I'm comfortably leaning back, with my feet in the air and a west-end draught in my hand. Jess hands me the remote then gets into a kneeling position to the right of where I was sitting. I start flicking through the channels before settling on a Late-night horror movie. I notice that Jess is still kneeling beside me looking at me expectantly, so I tell her to sit somewhere more comfortable. "Of course master, where would you like for me to sit?" I tell her where ever she wants to, and before I realise what she's doing she lifts up the blanket and sits on my lap, leaning back until her head is resting against my collarbone. "Ahhh, thank you master, I feel much more comfortable here" ~

I gulp down my beer in an attempt to distract myself from Jess's body. I've been having this problem for at least a year now, as she loves to sit on my lap and every time she does she gives me these rock-hard erections. I don't worry about what she thinks, as I know that she knows how unpredictable the Male organ is (I know because I was the one who taught her all about puberty and procreation). I just hate the frustration of getting so aroused and then not being able to do something about it. After focusing on the movie for a while my erection finally subsides, and I can relax again. At about quarter to twelve my phone starts ringing in the pocket of my jeans, and Jess twists around and reaches into my pocket to retrieve it. After finally being able to fish my phone out (Reigniting my arousal in the process), she flips it open and answers. "Hello? Hey mum! Nah, he's on the toilet. How are you guys doing? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh? Fair enough, you don't want to get pulled over. Yep, I'll let him know. No worries! Okay, see you tomorrow!" She hung up the phone and re-inserted it into my pocket. "Apparently they're too drunk to drive so they're staying at a friends house. They said they won't be back till about ten tomorrow morning. Ah well!" She beamed at me then turned back to the movie. Even though I noticed that she seemed unusually happy about them not coming back till tomorrow, I didn't focus too much on it, probably because I had already had a couple of beers and I'm a lightweight when it comes to booze. ~

By the time the credits were rolling I was already starting to nod off, and I jumped when Jess suddenly swivelled around on my lap and sat cross-legged. "Master, why you can barely keep your eyes open! Allow me to get you ready for bed." She pulls me up and takes me to the spare room. She walks over to the bed, pulls the blanket back, then comes back to me and starts to lift my shirt off. "Hey, what are you doing?!" She stopped for a second to look at me with a confused expression. "I'm helping you get ready for bed, aren't I? I know you sleep in just your undies master" She says with a grin, before undoing the button at the front of my jeans and pulling them down. "Holy shit!! Jess, I appreciate the effort but I can undress myself, thank you!" I hastily pull my pants up and look at her defensively. I can feel my face burning red. "Geez, it's no big deal you silly goose! I just thought you'd have a hard time doing it yourself in that condition, that's all. You're obviously drunk, otherwise this wouldn't normally be a problem." As she says that I realise that she's right. I figure that it's just the booze, coupled with how aroused she has been making me for the past couple of hours. "I'm sorry Jess, I guess I forgot myself for a moment there." I smile sheepishly at her, and she responds with a huge smile. "Not at all Master! Just so long as you're happy." I finish stripping down to my undies, and climb into bed. She lays the blanket over me and turns off the light. I see her pause in the doorway and turn to me. "If you need anything during the night, please wake me master. My life belongs to you David.... You have no idea how much I love you." I hear her walk off to her bedroom but I don't even hear her door close before I drift off into sleep. ~

I am unexpectedly woken by the feeling of something warm, wet and completely mind-blowing engulfing my flaccid dick. I didn't understand what was going on. My entire penis had just been engulfed by this soft, velvety hole. I twitched suddenly and violently as I felt a tongue being dragged over the tip of my penis, and it was then that I realised that I was getting a blowjob, from a girl, the one girl in the world that means anything to me; Jessica!! She pokes the tip out of her mouth and looks at me with a happy and confident grin, and crawls up so that her naked breasts were resting on my stomach. "Jessie!!! I-I-I... What are you doing?! Why?!" She rests her chin on my collarbone and sighs contentedly. "Ahh Davey, I'm sorry I made my move on you once you had fallen asleep, but I just couldn't risk your stubborn over-protectiveness, you know? I told you, Master." She slides back down so that she is eye-level with my rock hard 7" penis. "I WILL make it up to you." She starts to lick at the base of my shaft but I pull back so that she is just out of reach. "Whoa whoa whoa hold up, can we talk for a second?!" ~

"This is really serious Jessie! I mean, asides from the important fact that this is illegal, I don't wan't to mess you up Jessica darling. What you're proposing, is something you should do for the first time with someone closer to your age, when you are ready, w-who isn't your brother! I... I don't want to take that from you." She looked at me with her blue eyes and spoke in a calm, clearly thought out manner. "David, I understand your concerns, all of them. You don't want to take my innocence, but you're not thinking about it the right away. My innocence is gone. It was gone the moment I pulled down your undies and stuck your dick in my mouth. The pleasure you felt, the, the amazing feeling of your cock between my lips, the pleasure I felt, there is no erasing that. And I know this is illegal, but as far as I'm concerned you had nothing to do with it, I forced what's already happened. This will all be a heart-locked secret so you don't have to worry about a thing. All I want to do is show you my love by giving you what I can and would have willingly done months ago, even without the amazing thing you have done for me. Just like..." A small tear forms in her eye "...Just like how you showed me your love by giving up on your dreams to save me. I love you David, please, please accept my love" and with that she throws herself around my neck and rests her head on my shoulder, waiting for me to make my decision. What do I do?! So many conflicting channels of thought opened up and closed simultaneously, a struggle of logic and my brotherly instincts to protect her, vs her reasoning, coupled with the amount of sincere love and affection I could feel pouring out of her when she looks at me, and my love and attraction towards her. I couldn't believe myself, but I could feel myself slowly accepting what Jess had said. Finally, with my heart beating wildly in my chest, I pulled her slightly away from me and looked into her eyes. "I really don't know what to say. I never would have guessed in a million years that this would happened..... But fuck it! I love you Jess, and umm, I have to be honest with you... There's no way I could resist your, your amazing umm, mouth, and tongue. Jesus Christ. Jessie I er, I'm sorry, for going on like this, and-" before I could finish, she pushes me down into the single mattress, places a finger to her lips, and lies down so that her face is resting against my twitching semi-hard member. The warmth and slight moistness of her lips have me twitching and moaning as they caress the tip of my penis. She talked, causing it to slightly dip into her warm, moist mouth and slightly muffle her words "Just let me take care of you David Master. I hope you don't mind but I think I'll be sleeping in this bed tonight, feel free to fall asleep while I'm *giggle* slaving away, I don't know when or if I'll be falling asleep tonight. Ah well, I'm sure you won't mind!" ~

She closed her mouth around the now soft head of my cock and started swirling her tongue around it, sucking it further in before slowly beginning to bob up and down on my shaft. I was already on the verge of an orgasm, I couldn't handle all the different waves of pleasure her mouth and tongue were extracting from my cock. I look down and see that she is looking straight into my eyes, not once breaking contact, while she furiously bobbed up and down half my length. "Hrrrrrngh I'm going to cum, oh my god, Jessie it's gonna be a big one, ugh, *huff* I don't think.... good idea..." She responds by taking me as far as she can go, with her tongue twisting and lapping at the underside of my length. "Ooooohhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!" I yell hoarsely as I explode into my sisters mouth. Rope after rope of jizz hits the back of her throat as she swallows in gulps, taking breaths in between through her nostrils. She takes the rest of my load on her tongue, swirling it around in her mouth, mixing it with her saliva before swallowing it. "Mmmm! Davey, I thought that would be horrible, but I can hardly taste any sourness, which is what all my girlfriends go on about it. In fact, I like the taste! I'm sorry Dave, I mean you're still the love of my life, but I think I've found a new master." She sucks my softening penis backs into her mouth and tries to tease any more cum that was lagging behind the others. "Yeah? uh, Good, I think I prefer to be called Dave over Master anyway" I said, breathless. I gently pulled Jess' mouth away from my cock and pulled her into a tight hug. "I just want you to know that I love you Jess, that you will always come first, and I will never want for anything else in the world than to be at your side." I kiss her full on the lips and she responds with fervor, pushing her tongue into my mouth. ~

We both spend some time exploring each others mouths. I can slightly taste what must be my cum, but otherwise I am basking in the amazingly soft and beautiful taste and feel of my sisters mouth. I curl my tongue around hers, chasing, circling, darting lovers in this forbidden lust. She breaks away and sways for a bit, dazed by the rush of feelings her body was experiencing. "D-dave, oh wow! That was incredible. I am just so ridiculously happy that this is happening! I love you so much David. Anyway it's pretty late, you should probably get some sleep. I'm not tired at the moment, I think I'll spend some time getting acquainted with my new Master" she slowly lowers her mouth to my cock and swallows three quarters of my still rock-hard penis. This is unimaginable! The amazing waves of pleasure that her sucking mouth and flurrying tongue are causing to crash down in waves. I never knew such incredible feelings existed. I realise that she isn't going to stop sucking my dick until I fall asleep, so I spend the next thirty minutes enjoying her mouth making love to my penis. However, soon after my own exhaustion proves too great and I fall asleep with a huge, content smile on my face.

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