A story about a married couple named Amy and Nick, and their unique way of raising their family and keeping love all in the family.
Amy had been dreaming a very erotic dream, so that when she suddenly awoke, her arousal was off the charts. Her body ached with such incredible need, that her pussy was sopping wet, and her flower was red and fully bloomed. Her breasts were so full of milk, that her nipples were elongated and swollen, as steady drips of milk continued to fall from each of her pink nipples.

She knew that her need was so primal, that only one thing would satisfy her completely. She needed to be fucked right now. She needed a hard cock buried deep inside her wet pussy, fucking her hard, making her come, and bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.

Her breasts were also in dire need. They needed to be suckled for awhile, since they were so full of milk. She imagined two hungry mouths latched onto her very swollen nipples at the same time, suckling her deeply, and relieving the pressure that she was currently feeling at the moment.

Amy rolled onto her back still half asleep, with one hand stealing between her legs, and the other hand trying to milk a swollen breast. She thrust three fingers into her wet puss immediately and moaned lustfully. Her moans increased, as she continued to pull and tug on her long nipples, and as milk continued to escape down her belly.

Her hands worked furiously, thrusting deep inside her puss, as she tried desperately to find some sort of relief. She became even more vocal as her need grew, and she found herself shifting and turning, trying to find any kind of relief she could, as she continued to masturbate furiously.

Her husband Nick heard her moans in the other room, but he wasn't prepared for what he was about to see. When he peeked into their bedroom, his breath caught in his chest at the sight of his beautiful wife on their bed.

Amy was on all fours, and was obviously in great need. Her full tits hung down heavy with milk, dripping from her hard nipples, and her fingers repeatedly plunged deep inside her wet slit, looking for any sort of relief. Amy was completely oblivious to Nick's presence.

God she was so beautiful he thought. Her messed up mane of long red hair hung down around her, and her fair skin was flushed by her obvious arousal. Her breasts bounced deliciously with each movement she made, as they grazed the bed below her, continuing to leak even more of her sweet milk onto the bed covers.

Nick's cock was rock hard by the time he reached her. His fingers quickly replaced hers, as he plunged two fingers deep inside her pussy, working them in and out a few times, and enjoying the slurpy noise her swollen puss made. His other hand went to her nearest breast, as he lifted it towards his lips, and then bent down to take a fat nipple in his mouth. Amy screamed out in sheer joy when he sucked her tit into his mouth, as her body was literally on fire by this time.

Amy said in an urgent and husky voice, "Please Nick. I need you so bad. Fuck me now!"

Nick didn't need to be told twice, as he pulled Amy closer to the edge of their bed, and then plunged his hard cock into her puss in one forceful thrust, bottoming out against her cervix, as his balls slapped loudly against her ass.

"Amy cried out, "Oh yes! Fuck me hard Baby!"

She ground her ass back against him, meeting each of his hard thrusts, needing to be fucked hard, and needing to cum in the worst possible way. Amy's breasts bounced and skimmed the bed, continuing to torture her, as she fucked Nick like a bitch in heat. This was not to be a soft and sweet encounter, but an animalistic and very primal fuck, where they both used each other to relieve the fires burning deep inside them.

Amy was getting close, as her pussy began to contract, gripping Nick's cock tightly, as she began to milk his his manseed deep inside her tight pussy.

She cried out, "Oh God! I'm coming! Fill me full of your cum Baby!"

Nick growled with need, as he thrust furiously into her wet slit, shooting ribbon after ribbon of hot cum deep inside her, filling her full of his manseed, and hoping that he put a child deep inside her belly.

As they finally came down off their high, they heard a noise coming from the doorway. They both looked up to find two of their sons watching them very intently, while sporting two very hard erections. They were completely caught up by the sight of their parents fucking in such a primal way right in front of them, and their arousal was almost as palpable as their parents.

The boys had been unable to spend nursing time with Amy earlier, and so she had asked them to come see her after they had finished with their homework and chores later in the afternoon.

Amy smiled sweetly and asked her boys affectionately if they wanted to nurse. They both nodded and came forward, laying down on the bed underneath Amy's full breasts, each of then immediately claiming a breast to suckle on.

Amy sighed lustfully as her boys latched onto her nipples at the same time, and quickly began emptying her breasts. As they drank her sweet milk, she noticed how her boys were holding onto their cocks, and even slowly stroking them from time to time. Amy smiled at the sight of her children, because she loved how comfortable they felt around her and Nick, as they felt completely at ease stroking themselves, and not inhibited at all. In fact, she loved the way they would latch onto her breasts no matter who was around, simply happy to be enjoying some time with her.

At the moment, all you could hear was the sound of her sons enjoying her milk, just as they had since the very first day they were born. Amy felt so happy and blessed in that moment. She turned to look at her husband lovingly, and he smiled back knowing exactly what she needed.

Nick loved how he could rebound quickly after he came the first time, because this meant he could then take his time and really enjoy their lovemaking the second time around.

He took a moment to look at his sons nursing contentedly at his wife's breasts, and knew they would be awhile because of how full her breasts were at the moment. He was taken back by just how lovely a picture they presented. A loving family, not contained by the rules of society, comfortable enough with their bodies to feel and do whatever they craved, without shame or embarrassment, even in front of their parents.

He watched his sons nursing and slowly stroking their cocks for a second longer, then he leaned in and whispered seductively into Amy's ear, "I'm going to fuck you again My Milky Goddess, and this time I'm going to make sure you come more than once, and that my seed is planted firmly inside your belly."

Amy smiled sweetly at her husband's words, and then closed her eyes in anticipation of a longer fuck this time around. Truth be told, her pussy still ached with need, and her boys suckling was making her even more horny.

Nick lowered his head and slowly licked Amy from her rosebud to her clit. He repeated this a few more times, enjoying the taste of his wife juices. The more he licked, the wetter she got, and he knew she wanted him buried deep inside her once again.

He stood up and lined his hard cock up with her fully bloomed flower, and then slowly slipped inside her inch by delicious inch, until he was fully embedded inside her juicy love tunnel. Nick knew how Amy felt about saying no to the kids when they wanted to nurse, so they would have to make love a bit more quietly this time around.

Nick then began stroking in and out of her tight puss, making sure he bumped against her cervix, before pulling completely out, and then re-entering her once again. Amy held still and let Nick do all the work this time, as he stroked her deep, eventually picking up speed as their arousal grew. Amy groaned softly when Nick began rubbing her clit, and she knew she wouldn't last long with everything that was being done to her body.

Nick continued thrusting faster, until his cock swelled even more as his balls contracted, and he filled Amy full with ribbon after ribbon of his hot cum. He continued pumping deep inside her, and the sensation of his hot sperm filling her up finally sent Amy over the edge. Nick continued to gently rub her clit, masturbating her to several more orgasms while his cock remained buried deep inside her.

After a few minutes, Nick pulled out of her and then kissed her sweetly on the neck.

Amy leaned her head closer to Nick affectionately and said, "Thank you."

Her husband smiled back at her and asked, "Are you still horny Sweetheart?"

Amy nodded yes. She was always on fire when she was ovulating and trying to be seeded. It sent her body into overdrive, and the breastfeeding only added to her arousal. And because Amy breastfeed most of their family, and had been doing so for years, her milk supply was very abundant. This meant that she had milk in her breasts most of the time, since she was nursing a family member often.

Nick caressed her flushed cheek lovingly and said, "I'll go get Ren. He was promised some uninterrupted time with you anyway."

Amy smiled and nodded in agreement, as her husband quickly left the room to go and fetch her oldest son.

After he was gone, Amy simply enjoyed a quiet moment with her sons, while she waited for her husband to find her oldest son Ren, and to send him her way.

As she watched her two sons nursing, a sense of peace descended upon her. She loved how they still enjoyed her milky tits, and even though her children had been given the ability to quit whenever they wanted to, none of them ever had. So Amy had been breastfeeding non-stop for twenty-one years. Twenty-one glorious years.

During that time, Amy's breasts had grown substantially to accommodate their families' growing needs, because there was someone almost always wanting to be breastfed, and Amy hated turning a family member away.

This meant that she was breastfeeding 4 adults and 6 children throughout the day and evening hours. Some only nursed from her once a day, others nursed two or three times a day, and her younger children nursed multiple times throughout the day. This is why Amy's breasts were constantly flowing with her sweet milk.

Amy knew some people wouldn't understand their lifestyle, and this is why she and her husband lived way out in rural California. Away from the prying eyes of judgemental people. Where she and Nick could raise their family in a loving manner, and where her children wouldn't be teased because of their parent's way of life.

This meant their whole family were practicing nudists, and they enjoyed going anywhere on their property without having to worry about clothes. They had taught their children to embrace their bodies as well, and to never be ashamed of them, and so her children felt quite comfortable being nude around both children and adults.

She and Nick were also polyamorous, and while they didn't try to make love in front of an audience, or with lots of different partners, they had an open door policy with their children, and so most of them had seen her and Nick making love with each other, or with other adults in their family before.

Amy or Nick never made a big deal about it. They simply answered any questions honestly, and asked the children to be patient and to let them finish if they came to Amy to breastfeed, and they were in the middle of making love with each other. The children had all been good about this particular rule, and would wait quietly if they caught their mom and dad having sex, since they enjoyed nursing from her so much.

Amy had come to realize that the milky tit was a very powerful thing. She also realized that by her and Nick being so open about breastfeeding and sex, as well as them being nudists and polyamorous, it would naturally lead to the kids discovering just how pleasurable touching their body could be. This is why it was quite common for Amy to see her boys touching their cocks, and her girls touching their breasts and pussies.

She sighed at how good it felt to be nursed, even moreso now, and she realized just how much she was already wanting to be fucked again.

God! She was insatiable and lusty as hell when she was trying to get pregnant. She quickly realized that she would probably be pregnant by the end of the month at the rate she was going, which was completely fine with her, because she welcomed the feeling of carrying a baby inside her once again.

To Be Continued...

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2014-07-31 03:01:48
Hello: I'm Jeanne, sister to Bobby who is the "pappawlove" on this profile. Thank you for this story, we are open family nudists and share with each other regularly, so your story touches very familiar and responsive chords for us. I'm looking forward to reading more.

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2013-09-20 15:29:34
I agree with both of the previous comments, very hot, and of course all of them fucking and getting pregnant.

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2013-09-19 10:50:39
Good premise, need to fill it out a little more, and of course all of the children fucking each other, and the her and the girls all getting pregnant.

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2013-09-18 10:40:39
Continue soon please. This was hot

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