a nasty bad tale of what I did with all of them
PS: It is really nasty and I advise readers that who are not so much into porn and stuffs should not read it. It is all dark fantasy which I have.

PPS: It starts with what I did with my friend's girlfriend. This is a long story. I really want to post something with incest and lesbian content along with little blackmail. Here it goes. It starts with what I did with my wife. Subsequent parts will include what my wife did with my friend's gf and then how I finally creep in.

Friend's GF-Amanda, Wife-Lucy and Mom is mom.

College days:

“Give me my mobile, it is Amanda's call”, said my friend. I finally have to stop playing fruit ninja on it and give it to him. He really loved his girlfriend very much. We all 3 became good friends. Although Amanda used to take me as a brother but sometimes I used to feel that she hits on me. Her friends tried to hit on me but they were not hot enough to arouse me.

We went over weekends to meet her. She studied in a different university. I did not have specific work but I just went to have some fun in the city and meet different people.

Meanwhile my friend and Amanda used to enjoy their time with love and romance , I used to squander on streets or watch TV at her hostel or anything. Sometimes I also bumped into some of her flatmates , but they were not my type.

This time they both went out to have lunch at pizza hut. I was as usual watching tv but was feeling sleepy instead. So I just layed down on the bed of Amanda. I felt something at my back. I checked the bed and tried to find that object by removing bedsheets and also tried changing them but did not. I finally removed the mattress on the bed. I found a little envelope.

I was although not surprised because one might keep her personal things here. I decided not to touch it. But my inner mind drove me to open it. It started with some X-ray films and medical reports regarding her health and all usual stuffs. I was about to pack it back, my eye fell on something. It was in yellow cover. I opened it as well.

And BANG! I found her pics with a guy other than my friend. She might have dated him earlier. His pics under her bed is really astonishing but it didn't concern me. I was already horny and could have mingled with any hottie. Amanda was 37-27-36. One of the hottest girl I have ever seen. She had long beautiful hairs too. I thought lets make it with Amanda. I took all pictures and scanned them by my phone camera.

They both came home after an hour. My friend wanted to use the loo. I thought its the perfect time to strike.

“Hey Amanda!”, I said.
“Hello bro, I hope you were not bored. We got you pizza. Have it”, she said.
I took a slice.
“Amanda , I wanted to ask you something”, I said.
“What ?”, she said.
“I got these pics and they really err...”, and I tossed all those pics of hers with that guy.
She glanced at her pics and knew right what they were.
“How the hell did you dare to touch my personal stuffs, you are not supposed to touch it.” she shouted.
“But I already did”, I said.
“Fine just forget all those, its about my previous relation. Don't tell your friend about him else he would be annoyed.”she said.
“Really , do you want to go so easy on that?”, I asked.
“What do you want then? Don't you wanna see us happy?”, she was astonished as she did not expect it.
“Well I want to be happy as well and …........ I just want to have some fun wit...”, I said.
“Shuuuut up. Are you out of your mind? Why would you such a thing?”, she asked.
“Because I wanna have fun”.,I replied.
“I WON'T”.she protested.

“Its okay, if he comes along , I would tell whole story to him, now its your choice”, I gambled. Since she really loved my friend. She pleaded and pleaded but I did not bow down. She almost cried in front of me.

“Fine I agree. I would do whatever you want to do. After you have your fun, do not ever show your face to me”, she blurted.

I replied “the feelings might be temporary but fun must be permanent”. I said that be alone next weekend and I am gonna storm you up and down. She almost slapped me but resisted because I knew her secrets.

Since I and my friend were leaving , I asked her to just give her panties so that I can enjoy with them and come over next weekend.

She agreed. She opened her drawer and gave me 2 red panties. I demanded more but she replied that rest are in for washing. Okay.

I and my friend went back to our university. Next week it was my friend's exam and I had nothing.

For 1 complete week I kept on smelling and masturbating on those panties. Oh man its real fun when you see your cum on red panties. I kept on imagining what fits into that panty. The sexy pussy of Amanda used to live there. I got so much out of it. I cummed cummed and cummed. I was just waiting for the weekends to come up. 5 days seemed like 5 years for me.

Infact one of the panties completely turned white yellow due to my cum loading on it.. I gave another panty to my room mate (another guy) and I really don't know what he did. Last heard , he sold it to someone.

I was ass and analsex fan. Big fan. I also loved imagining girl peeing on me and then I fuck her. It did sound dirty but I was too in for all of it. I decided to try all of it with Amanda. I bought 3 lubes , a large candle and vaseline too. It was Friday night.

I called my friend and said “hey I am going home, kinda feeling home sick. I would return soon by Sunday”. He said “Fine. Even I have exams and assignments to finish. So we won't be going at Amanda's.”.

I left. Instead I went to Amanda's place. She was all ready there. She informed her friends that she is gonna be doing her sister's project so she would be busy and won't come out much. I landed at her place right by Saturday morning and slept at her sofa for 4-5 hours and got fresh.

I had already brought over a 100 condoms etc just to make sure my fantasies get over without going out again for such things. I was not even sure whether I would put them or not. So I bought 2 sets of pills too and asked Amanda to take them right in morning itself to avoid surprises if she misses them afterwards.

<%** till here story was fast , but from here the story would be slow but nasty. All my thoughts and actions will be given in detail. I still warn you to go away if you don't like nasty stuffs. **%>

I just love girl asses. Oh dear they are my fantasies, to touch them , lick them and eat them. I woke up soon after and called Amanda.
“Look Amanda , you would have to obey my all orders and do not stop me unless you feel pain. If you feel awkward , well keep it to yourself.” I forced her.
“Noooooo you jerk” , she glared.
“Hmm fine I take that as YES”. I smiled at her. She pleaded once more but who she was kidding with.
“So Amanda , your carnage with me starts. YOU ARE GOING TO OBEY MY ALL ORDERS. Get off all your clothes. We are going to play many games.” I demanded.

Tears came out of her eyes. But she did. Oh dear, her body was the best. Nice boobs , mango shaped. Licking good they were. Her asses were large and hard. I wondered what is gonna become of them after I start my game. Her pussy was not shaved. But they were sexy. Like the one I see in porn movies. I was so happy , after all I was the owner of all now.

“So Amanda , the first game is empying stomach. Since I love asshole , I want it to be clean first. We both need to shit first. Come with me and we are going to share the toilet too.” I smiled. The monster inside me was rising.

“What ??? you want to shit together ??? Disgusting. You are such a creepy guy.” she replied and cried.
“Come with me.” I said. Then I gave her a digestion pill which facilitates cleaning stomach.

We both sat on the toilet sharing half each. Just after a minute , our dumps came out. It took 3-4 mins before our stomachs were empty.
Clean bowel is important I thought.

“Are you done?” I asked.
“Yes you bastard”. She said.
“Enough of your words and abuses. Call me daddy from now on. STRICTLY” I demanded.
“…...........................okay”, she replied after a long pause.

“Fine now grab the toilet paper and clean your self. Do clean my ass too” I asked. I think the creepy-me was really in full form.

“Yes daddy I would clean your ass too”. She said. It was so awesome that you have a bitch to clean your ass too. It took a minute for her before she did it.

“Well done , you did good. Now starts game 2. I am gonna shave all of your pussy and ass and you would return the favour by doing it in mine. I would too love a clean ass”

“Okay daddy” she said and sat in the doggy position. I could see her ass fully now. The most beautiful hole ever I have seen was hers. I put on foam and lather and shaved all of it. I kept on playing , rubbing poking and tickling her clean ass. I also shaved her pussy. Then I inserted a little brush inside her little asshole to clean it. I had enema set. I used it to clean her asshole. It made me messy but her asshole passage was clean now. I washed my self.

She did the same to me. She was shivering at start but soon caught up. She shaved me, totally and perfectly.

“Good job” I said.
“I hate you” she replied.

Fine now do a pole dance and lap dance. In the middle of dance , you must pee on my face once.
“How do I ..”, she asked and I slapped her. “NO more questions please”. I smiled.

She did a pole dance. I saw all her ass in action. The moving ass was , oh I cannot describe it.

Then she peed on me. Its good. Infact you feel warm and nice after that. I was enjoying it.

“Fine now squirt on me” I demanded.
She started fingering herself and soon a large splash of squirt came out. I took it all in my mouth and drank it. It was so tasty.

I forced her to bein doggy position and I put in my large dripping penis in her pussy.
“Aaahhhh.... “ she shouted.
“No please don't do that.” she requested. But I did not stop. I kept on ramming my gun in her and 20 mins it was all in her. It made her tired too. I saw a little smile on her face as well. Perhaps she was enjoying too.

“Go wash all of it, clean your ass as well. I need you to give me the taste of your ass. You need to sit on my face with your asshole on.

She did exactly the same. I was enjoying her asshole. Licking tickling and sucking it with my tongue. The feeling was mutual and amazing.

I moved on to her pussy as well. I licked it too.

“fine now give me a blowjob” I demanded. She was kinda tired after such a long session.
But still she gave me a blowjob. She took my penis inside her mouth and started moving. She kept on doing for 30 mins before I cummed on her boobs.

I said this is enough for today. Lets sleep. I have more things to do tomorrow. Keep your asshole ready for some cute things to go in.

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No bad for English not being you first language. I'll read a part two, when and if the character gets married.

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