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It had to end somewhere
When Howard got home that afternoon, he found Lucy, just finishing up her cleaning in the bedroom. She had fell asleep in the tub, had she slept for another thirty minutes, she definitely would have been caught. When she began cleaning the bedroom up, she had stripped the bed, because the sheets were stained with cum. As she cleaned the bedroom, she spread a pine disinfectant several times to mask the strong odor of sex that was prevalent in the air. She was just putting the last pillowcase on the bed when Howard walked in.
"Hi honey, I'm home." He said, walking into the bedroom. Looking around the room, he wondered why Lucy was doing her housework so late in the day.
"Hi, baby." Lucy said, looking up at her husband and smiling. She knew immediately what he was thinking. "You caught me, I slept all day." She said quickly. "I haven't been feeling very well, must be some sort of bug going around. She stood up and faked a little wooziness for Howard, then sat down on the edge of the bed.
"I'm sorry honey, can I get you anything?" A concerned look came over Howard’s face.
"I'll be alright, the sleep did me good, I just get a little dizzy every little bit." Lucy smiled weakly at her husband.
"Why don't you just lay down honey and I'll fix us a little something to eat?" Howard said, turning and walking out of the bedroom. He walked straight into the kitchen, then to the laundry room. Picking up the soiled sheet from the hamper, he smiled. He could feel the dried crusty cum. Lucy had been fucking around. He wondered who it was. He was upset at himself that he hadn't noticed that morning something was going on. He could have come home early and caught them.
Walking back into the kitchen, he opened the cupboard and got a can of soup out. Emptying the contents into a pan, he then went about making a couple of sandwiches. Fixing a tray, he carried it into the bedroom to his wife.
"Here you go baby." He said, sitting the tray across her lap, then kissing her on the forehead. "I wish you would have called me, I would have came home and taken care of you."
"It wasn't that bad Howard, just a little flu bug." She smiled back at him." She sipped her soup, and ate one of the sandwiches, while Howard fretted over her. He was such a good man; she sometimes wondered why she couldn't control herself around other men. She really didn't know what she would do if he ever found out what she was doing.
Howard took the tray when she was finished and carried it back to the kitchen. His mind was ablaze with what might have happened that afternoon. He was going crazy trying to figure things out. Had it been a repairman, the paperboy, one of the neighbors. He knew he would probably never know, whomever it was they had made a hell of a mess of the sheets.
As Howard finished the dishes, Lucy came out of the bedroom, and sat down on the couch. She turned on the television, then patted the sofa beside her. Howard wiped his hands off and walked over to where she was sitting. He sat down beside her and they spent the evening watching television. A nice quiet evening at home was relaxing for a change
Wanda became a regular visitor, after the day with the boys. She had never been that excited in her life. In Lucy she had found the person she had been waiting for all her life, someone who would free her of all inhibitions about sex. She wanted to go completely wild and experience everything imaginable. She knew Lucy would be the one to push her over the edge.
One afternoon as they cuddled on the couch, naked, playfully touching each other, and watching a talk show about women who love women. Wanda asked Lucy if she would help her open up more, like that day with the boys.
"Help you, it looked like you did just fine yourself." Lucy grinned.
"I mean I want to do totally crazy things Lucy, like you."
"Hey it was you that drug me to the back of the store that first day we met." Lucy said.
"But is was you that made it clear that you wouldn't mind going to the back with me."
"So what is it you want to do honey, I'll help you anyway I can."
Lucy reached over and stroked her young friends stomach, just above her sparse patch of hair.
"I don't know, just crazy things."
"You realize when you put yourself in positions like I do, there is no backing down. You can't all of the sudden change your mind." Lucy's hand slipped into the dark mat of hair.
"Ok, lets just do something really wild today, ok." Wanda closed her eyes as she felt Lucy's finger slip between the folds of her damp cunt. It took very little searching to find her already hard little love button. Lucy turned so she could work her hand into Wanda's pussy, easier. She liked watching people’s faces, as they were being turned on. Men and women, it was such a thrill to see their faces awash with passion.
Lucy pushed a second finger in beside the first. Wanda sighed; a smile slightly creased her lips. Her eyelids fluttered just a bit as Lucy made sure she bounced her thumb off of the swollen little bud that protruded from her young friends now wet cunt. She watched closely as Wanda began to gyrate her hips, causing even more friction on her hot pussy.
Just as her body began to tense in an orgasm, Lucy abruptly stopped her assault. Wanda's eyes shot open like she had been awaken by a bad dream. Lucy had already got up from the couch and was walking toward the bedroom. "Lucy!" Wanda cried watching her friend abandon her at her moment of need.
"We need to get you dressed and ready to go, if we are going to do something crazy and wild today." Lucy said, turning to her friend and smiling. "You need to be ready to get whatever relief you can at a moments notice." Wanda reached down and touched her pussy, running a finger all of the way up through it, ending by lightly scratching her fingernail of her throbbing clitoris. She then got up off of the couch and followed Lucy into the bedroom. She had no idea what lay in store for her, but she had asked for it and now she was no doubt going to get it.
This was the first time Lucy had a partner in crime, as it were. She had always found herself alone whenever these crazy urges hit her. She wondered now how things would change, with Wanda along. They had definitely dressed for the day. Lucy had chosen one of her favorite light sundresses, thin straps and low cut. She had dressed Wanda in a blue jean halter and mini dress. Neither wore any underwear.
Lucy realized this was the first time she had consciously decided to go in search of a sexual adventure also. All of the other times just happened, now she was actually looking for men and maybe women who could feed her never ending need for sexual release. She thought of Howard but only for a moment, a twinge of guilt pulsed through her body but that only seemed to heighten what she was about to do.
Wanda sat nervously beside her friend, quietly thinking about what she had talked herself into. She was not overly experienced with sex, especially with men. She had found out early in life that women were much more gentle and in most cases more sensitive to her needs than was a man. That afternoon in Lucy's apartment had pushed her in a new direction though. She had found the entire experience, once she got over her nervousness the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her sexually. If she could go back and relive that day over again, she would. She kept glancing at her lover as Lucy drove downtown.
Why she trusted Lucy, she didn't know, she just did. Whatever happened to them today would be ok, because she was with Lucy. Her cunt was still slick from the fingering Lucy had given her before they had dressed. Each time she moved, she could feel the slight dampness on her thighs. The more they drove the more excited and anxious Wanda got.
She was surprised when Lucy pulled into a small nearly deserted bar, just on the edge of the downtown district. There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. Lucy glanced over to her young friend and smiled. "Lets see what happens in here." She said pulling in beside a late model luxury car.
Shutting the car off, Lucy looked over at Wanda one more time, then on impulse leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Are you ready honey?" She nearly whispered, letting her hand drop to Wanda’s lap. Wanda opened her legs slightly, to let Lucy feel just how ready she was. "Does that answer your question?" She murmured, letting her own hand trace under the sundress Lucy was wearing, until her own fingers came in contact with the equally wet pussy of her friend.
One more quick kiss, this time on the lips, and the two women got out of the car and walked into the bar. On a quick count Lucy saw four men. Two were older men, sitting near the pool tables, one young man sat at the bar talking to another young man that was pouring a drink.
"Come in ladies." The man behind the bar said, glancing up for a moment and smiling. "Welcome to Wally's, I'm Wally."
The two women smiled but said nothing as they walked through the small bar and settled on a table near the jukebox. "What can I get for you today?" He asked, still not moving from his spot from behind the bar. "Two fuzzy navels." Lucy said, glancing at Wanda for approval.
"Well their not fuzzy, more like hairy, but will me and Jack here do?" He smiled at his joke. "Just kidding, two fuzzy navels coming up."
While he busied himself with the drinks, Jack, the young man at the bar glanced over at the two women. He was a good-looking young man. His body was tight and lean. He smiled at them, and when he got a smile from both, he decided to move to their table to see if they were interested in some company. He paid for the two drinks before he walked over to them. "Looking for some company, or is this a private gathering?" He asked, politely waiting for acknowledgement.
"Sit down Jack, the more the merrier." Lucy said. Wanda nervously squirmed in her seat. The man sat his drink down, then pulled a chair out and sat down also.
"Well now, you know my name, but I haven't a clue who I'm talking too."
"My names Lucy, this is Wanda."
"And what brings you too Wally's?"
"I hear the hairy navels are the best in town, oh I mean fuzzy navels." She grinned at her own little joke, so did Jack. Wally brought the drinks over and sat them down, then walked over to the two men by the pool table.
"So tell me three things about yourself that I don't know, and I should." Jack said, leaning forward.
"Well let's see, one is I'm married to a wonderful man, the second is I was raised in the Midwest, the Bible belt. And the third is, oh lets see I'm not wearing any panties, and neither is my friend. Damn, that’s four things, I never was much good at these kind of games.
The man sitting across from them nearly fell over at the third thing. He regained his composure quickly. "Your kidding, the Midwest." Lucy liked this young guy already. She looked over at Wanda who, even in the darkness of the bar had a pretty crimson color to her cheeks. Jack made no sudden moves to verify her story; he just sipped his drink and continued the small talk.
"So are you a native of the city?" He directed his question to Wanda.
"Born and raised." Wanda replied, smiling, her cheeks still blushed. "How about you?"
"Not born, but raised, I was born, in the Midwest, the Bible belt." He grinned at Lucy. "Are you two out for the afternoon, or the day?"
"Whatever it takes." Lucy seemed to be the spokesperson for the duo; Wanda was still fidgeting in her seat.
Jack finished his drink, and waved Wally over to the table. "I'll take another ol' bud, and bring another for the ladies."
"Thought you had an appointment?" Wally asked, glancing at the clock.
"Aw shit, that’s right, well then, just one for the ladies." Jack stood up and smiled at the two women. "Are you really not wearing any panties?" Lucy shook her head and smiled.
"Sit back down for a minute, here, between us and find out for yourself." Jack didn't let the invitation pass. He walked around the table, glanced at the two men, who were getting ready to play a game of pool, then over to Wally who was fixing the drinks he had ordered. He sat down and put a hand on each of the two women’s thighs. He pushed his hand up slowly, just in case they decided to stop him. When he realized they weren't, he slid his hands up the soft skin until both hands cupped their naked cunts. Both women jumped a bit when his hands came in contact with their wet fulcrums of sex. Wanda moaned and pushed into his hand immediately. She was only a few strokes away from cumming. The electric charge of his fingers rubbing the outer lips of her aching cunt nearly sent her over the edge. She glanced wildly around knowing full well if either of the men at the pool table glanced her way would be able to see exactly what was going on. Her own fingers dug into the armrest of the chair as Jack pushed a finger passed the damp outer folds of her cunt and into the soft warm confines within. She looked at Lucy who now was pushing onto the invading digits herself.
Pulling his hands from under the table, Jack looked at the clock one more time. Bending slightly toward Lucy, he kissed her fully on the lips, then turned his attention to Wanda. Each woman kissed him back. "The story of my life, a Penthouse moment and I gotta go to work." He said, standing up, as Wally brought the two drinks over. "How long are you two going to be here?" He asked, his voice losing control for the first time.
"Like I said baby, as long as it takes, try hard and maybe you will get back before it’s over."
"Before what’s over." The excitement in his voice was now very audible. Lucy only smiled, reached up behind him and rubbed his ass for a moment, then slid her hand between his legs, and cupped his balls through the material of his slacks.
"Fuck, I'll be back." He said heading for the door at full speed.
Lucy smiled at Wanda as she sipped her drink, watching their new young friend leave. "That must be one important meeting he has got to be at." She said, turning her attention to the two men at the pool table. "Are you ok, honey?" She asked turning back toward Wanda.
"Can't we go to the car for a minute and you get me off, Lucy, I'm about to explode."
"Have you ever played any pool?" Lucy ignored the request, even though at the moment it sounded good. Wanda looked over at the two men.
"Lucy, they must be sixty years old!" She exclaimed.
"What, you don't think they would like a little?" Smiling, she stood up and walked over to the table. She laid fifty cents down and smiled at the two men then walked back over to Wanda. "This will be fun, trust me." Lucy sat back down at the table and watched the two men, neither was a very good pool player. Lucy had played a little pool when she was younger, but it had been years. She doubted if she would do much good.
"Lucy I don't think they are my type, can't we try somewhere else?" Wanda kept glancing at the men. Both were slightly overweight, mostly beer bellies, one was unshaven, the other looked as though he had spent most of his life on the streets.
"You were the one that wanted different and crazy, why didn't you just tell me you wanted to pick up a couple of young studs." Lucy patted Wanda on the knee. "I tell you, this will be different and crazy."
"Hey lady, your up." The unshaven man said, after his friend sank the cue ball with the eight. For the first time since they had gotten to the bar, the two men actually checked the two women out, as Lucy walked over to the table. She knew they could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, her large breasts pushed the fabric of the sundress side to side as she walked.
"What are we playing for?" She asked walking over to the cues in the corner and picking one.
"Just the table, I reckon." The unshaven man said, turning to rack the balls. "This is just a friendly table."
"Oh, I hope so." Lucy chalked the end of her cue, then walked to the opposite end of the table and waited for the man to finish the rack.
"My name is Lucy, my friends name is Wanda." She held the cue, so the tip pushed between her breasts.
"This is Hugh, I'm Lester." Lucy smiled at the man sitting at the table. "Nice to meet you."
When she bent over the table to break, she knew both men could see down the front of her dress, just enough to see the full roundness of her breasts. When she brought the cue back it slid across her right breast and nipple. Her break was strong, she surprised herself, no balls dropped, but they did scatter. Straightening up she looked over at the table where Wanda was sitting. She had finished her second drink, and was working on Lucy's second one. Lucy smiled she knew before too long, Wanda would be into it. She hadn't known the young woman long, but she had never seen her take a drink, Lucy figured the third fuzzy navel would probably loosen her young friend up quite a bit.
Turning her attention back to the game, she watched as Lester sank a couple of balls, then missed. He stood staring at the shot he missed; Lucy took the opportunity to move over next to him. Pretending she was studying the table, she brushed past him. "Excuse me," she said trying to squeeze between him and the table. He stepped back, but no before Lucy rubbed her ass across the front of his jeans. She glanced over at Hugh, who now had a smile on his face. Bending over for the shot, she was straight across from him. He was staring down the front of her dress. She winked at him, then made her shot.
She made another ball, then missed.
Standing up, she walked around the table, and stood next to Hugh, keeping her eyes on the table. "You guys come here often?" She asked, while Lester took his turn shooting.
"Yea, its pretty much our hang out, even before Wally took it over a couple of months ago."
"Does it ever get busy?"
"Not until later in the day, about five o'clock is when the crowd starts coming in, for happy hour." The man paused for a moment while his friend took a shot. "Sometimes we're the only ones in her all afternoon." Lester had missed his shot.
"Good." Lucy said, moving back toward the table. She didn't look back at Hugh, she wondered if he caught what she had said. As she walked around the table looking for a shot, Lester walked over to his buddy. She could here them whispering, but not what they were saying.
Lester was probably telling his friend that he didn't think she was wearing anything under the dress, Hugh if he caught her last comment was probably passing that on to his buddy. Bending over the table she took a long time lining the shot up, before missing it. She walked back over to Hugh, and stood beside him again. No words were spoken this time as Lester walked around the table; he had three balls left.
Suddenly Lucy felt a rough calloused hand just below the back of her knee. She didn't move she kept her eyes focused on the table. Hugh's hand slowly moved up the back of her thigh, a little at a time. He rubbed her soft creamy thigh as lightly as he could. Lucy leaned back, so her back rested on wall. Her eyes never left the table as Lester made two of the balls. Hugh's hand had made its way about halfway up her thigh now; she shivered slightly as he continued to rub her. Glancing down quickly she saw that Hugh was watching the table also. Lester missed the third ball. Lucy straightened up and walked away from the groping hand. She knew that Lester had seen what was happening. He walked over behind where she would take her shot from, and waited for her to make her way around the table.
She glanced back over to the table where Wanda was sitting. She had finished the third drink and was watching the pool game. Her long slender legs were crossed; her short mini nearly exposed all of her creamy white thighs. As she bent to line up her shot, she immediately felt Lester's pool cue rub against the side of her leg. Steadying herself she tried to take aim on the ball. The pool cue touched her sopping cunt, just as she shot. Somehow she made the shot. She didn't move for a moment, as the thick end of the cue rolled over her puffy, drenched lips.
When she stood to move to her next shot, she turned toward Lester, a knowing leer on his face. Licking her lips and smiling, she made her way around the table to her next shot, which was directly in front of where Hugh was sitting. Once again bending over the table she waited for a moment. Hugh stood up and walked to the table, standing next to her, he bent so he could also see the shot. His hand rested full on her ass. "Need some help lining this shot up, baby." He said, his face just inches from hers.
"I need all the help I can get." She said. As they studied the shot, Hugh pushed his rough calloused fingers into the crevice of her ass. Through her dress, he rubbed her aching ass, then slid down until his fingers were pushing the thin fabric into her pussy. "That looks like the shot to me he said, standing up and smiling at his buddy. His hand didn't come away from her cunt. He continued to finger her through the material of her dress as she drew the pool cue back and shot. Once again the ball went in. "I think we've found a new way to shoot pool." She said, letting Hugh rub her a moment more before straightening up.
Lucy was about to get fucked while playing pool, and she knew it. As she walked around the edge of the pool table, she smiled wickedly at Lester. He had his cock dangling out of his pants a leer on his face. Lucy walked to where she could get to the next shot, then bent over the table. Almost instantly Lester was behind her pulling up the back of her dress. A moment later the hard bulbous head of his cock pushed into her wet cunt. She pushed back, impaling herself as much as she could. Lester fucked her hard a couple of strokes, then stopped. Lucy drew the pool cue back and shot. She missed pushing back one more time she then straightened up and turned around as she did, she sat on the edge of the pool table. "Its your shot." She said, pulling him back into her. Once again he fucked into her as deep as he could. She put her hands on his ass trying to draw him in deeper.
She then pushed him away and got off of the table. She saw her glistening juices on his cock, and wanted to drop to her knees then and lick it off, but she didn't. Turning, she walked back around the table to where Hugh was now sitting. He had his cock out also. It wasn't as big as Lester's was, but twice as big around. Once again Lucy glanced over to where Wanda was sitting. She could see Wanda's hand stuffed between her legs. Looking toward the bar, she could see Wally, nervously going about his business. He evidently knew what was going on, and hoping the authorities didn't decide to make today the day they checked on him.
Lucy didn't wait for an invitation; she turned and sat down on Hugh’s lap. His thick cock slid into her easily. She rocked back and forth on his hard member as his rough calloused hands squeezed her tits. She watched as Lester sank the last ball and won the game. She could feel her orgasm begin to build, but this wasn't what she was here for. Abruptly she stood up. Turning toward her young friend, she said. "Wanda, its your table, I lost." She then walked across the room to where Wanda was sitting. Taking her hand she pulled her to her feet and escorted her over to where the two flabbergasted men were, neither had bothered to stuff their hard cocks back into their pants. "Rack 'em Lester." Turning she walked back over to the table where they had been sitting.
She sat down and watched, as the pool game pretense vanished. Hugh had already grabbed Wanda and pulled her down on his cock and was roughly forcing his way into her. Lester moved over in front of the young woman and was feeding his rock hard cock into her waiting mouth. It took a few minutes but finally they found a good rhythm and Wanda started to get into what was going on. With that Lucy stood up and walked over to the bar. Moving behind the bar she saw Wally had not let the action go unattended his cock was out and he was fisting it for all he was worth. Lucy didn't wait for an invitation, she got down on her knees and took him into her mouth her pussy was boiling over, but for the moment all she could think about was taking Wally's load into her mouth. He was doing everything possible to grant her wish. He fucked into her mouth, grabbing her hair as he did. She could feel his balls slapping her chin as he forced his hot rod into her throat.
As quickly as he had started, Wally abruptly stopped. Lucy was confused for a moment, then she heard the front door close. More customers. "Jack, you made it back awfully quickly." The strain in Wally’s voice was very audible.
"I decided to bring the meeting here, I'm meeting my accountant here in a few minutes, did I miss the two WO............” Lucy knew Jack had realized something was going on at the pool table besides pool.
"Holy shit!" He exclaimed. "Give me a beer, where's the other one?" Lucy had taken back up where she had left off, as soon as she found out who had come in the door. Looking up she could see the smile on Wally's face as he pointed down to her. A moment later Jacks head popped over the bar. "The mid west, huh." He said grinning. "I think this deals going to go over big time."
Lucy got back to business after that, she sucked Wally deep into her throat, slurping loudly with each stroke. His hand came back down on the top of her head and he once again picked up the rhythm he had started before. His salty pre-cum juices coated Lucy's tongue as she sucked him deeply into her mouth. As he pulled out, he groaned, Lucy let his cock slip from her mouth, then bent her head so she could lick his cum filled balls and suck each of them for a moment. Then it was back to his cock. Her hand had slipped between her legs now and she was forcing her fingers into her hot box, with an urgency that would bring her off hopefully at the same time as Wally filled her mouth with his steaming semen.
She knew he was only moments away from rewarding her with his juice, when she heard the door open again. This time she didn't care who it was. She could here Jack though.
"Hey man, come on in, I didn't realize I was inviting you to a free sex show, hope your not offended." Whoever had just came in the door was speechless. Lucy sucked Wally into her deeply one more time when she felt him begin to twitch. "Ohhhhhhhh.......I'm cumming baby." He yelled, releasing her head. The sudden absence of his hand on her head made his spurting cock plop from her mouth. As the first splash of cum hit her face, several things happened, her own orgasm spread through her body, she looked up at her young lovers lust filled face, and she saw Howard’s head pop over the bar.
"HOWARD." She screamed as stream after stream of cum shot onto her face and upper chest. "I.....a...a.....a...." A sudden rush of tears burst into her eyes as she looked into her husbands astonished eyes. Then a lust filled look came over his face, and he smiled down at his wife, her cum stained face aghast at being caught. His head disappeared for a moment and he came around the bar. Helping her to her feet he smiled at her then pulled her back around the bar.
"Lucy, its ok, I.....I.....I've been watching you for a long time, it's time this all came out in the open. There is just one thing I want you to do for me."
"Anything, Howard, anything." She weeped, not realizing what he had just said.
"I want you to show Jack here and the bartender how you can fist yourself, like you did with those two men that night at the apartment, and then, I want you to fuck me and Jack the way you did those two, you know, standing up and taking both of us."
"I....." Lucy was flabbergasted at what her husband was asking her to do. She didn't say a word as Howard sat her down in a chair and bunched her dress up around her waist. Lucy rubbed her fingers across her still aching cunt, as her loving husband and his client pulled her legs across the arms of the chair. Lucy fisted herself while the two men held her; Howard’s hard cock grazed her cheek. Taking it in her mouth she let him slide it down her throat. Slowly she worked four fingers into her soaked, stretched cunt. Howard’s hand came up to the back of her head pulling her to him until his pubic hair tickled her nostrils. She gazed into her lust filled husbands eyes as she forced her thumb in alongside her four fingers. In the background she could faintly make out Wanda’s voice as she urged the two old men to fuck her harder. Jack erupted on the side of her face nearly at the same time Howard unloaded down her throat. She gurgled and choked as Howard’s hot cum spewed into her hungry mouth, at the same time jamming her fist into her convulsing pussy. She had finally been found out and too her relief, or was it concern, her husband understood.


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Excellent series.


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A good series. As much fucking Lucy and Wanda have been doing, get them both pregnant.


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male reader: the story is great. but you left Wanda with the two old men, what happen afterward, yea could imagine, but your story writing is great. I did have a feeling about Howard showing up sooner or later.


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