After the mission stopping a group of thugs near a neighbouring town naruto went to the store to try and take a good look at the porn mags again. Naruto quietly opened the door to the store to find out the owner was in the backroom for a minute. Naruto rushed to the mag rack, but not wanting to get caught he quickly grabbed one, put it under his shirt, and darted out of the store , not even looking at which one he got. He went inside his house and said" he he finally got one, stupid old man..." he took it from under his shirt but to his shock there was no women on the cover but instead two guys holding each other. " what is this!?" naruto yelled as he opened it only to see a centerfold of a guy getting it up his ass.

Naruto was freaked out to see this and threw the mag at his wall and said " ugh i cant believe guys would do that , i mean come on its supposed to be a guy and a chick like how me and sakura-chan should be!" naruto continued to rant on and on about it and picked the mag back up and started to look through it for fire to use as he ranted, but as he went on he started to get a hard on!

Naruto then thought to himself " I wonder why they arent doing it to chicks, I mean do guys feel better or something?" Then as Naruto was on that thought he yelled "KAGE BUNSHIN!" and made a copy of himself. He bent his copy over and pulled its pants down, then naruto took out his dick and spat on it for lubrication, and slowly put it into his clone's ass.

The feeling Naruto was getting was incredible. He started to go in and out of his clone's ass, as he continued he started to speed up his pace as this feeling was incredible. He started to ram it in with all his worth, his clone's ass seemed to squeeze his cock and massage it, naruto then felt he was going to cum soon and yelled" AHHH!", and shot his load of hot cum into his clone's ass.

Naruto was abit exhausted, but his experimentation was not over yet. Naruto stripped off his clothing and then once again screamed "KAGE BUNSHIN!" and made 3 more clones. Naruto then got on all fours, he found out why the guy who was dominating liked it, but he still had to find out why the guy taking it liked it. The first clone went up to naruto's face and pulled out its cock. Naruto grabbed it and timidly licked at it, the taste of stale piss and sweat was making him horny for more. He began to suck on his clone's cock, as he sucked on it he felt the other clone coming up behind him slowly trying to put its cock in his ass.

As it shoved the head of its cock in, naruto let out a cry of pain. His clone saw that he was hurting him, so it waited till he got use to the feeling and put it in deeper, bit by bit until it was all the way to the hilt of its cock in naruto's ass. It slowly started to hump naruto's ass as naruto started to suck more on his clone's cock making sure to not use his teeth, and to use his tongue and not miss a spot on it. His other two clones were masturbateing to this show as naruto explored this new world. Naruto could feel the cock in his mouth and ass starting to spasm, then without a moments notice, his clones shot their cum up his ass, and down his throat.

The taste of the cum tasted abit salty but naruto liked the taste, and the cum oozing in his ass felt warm, and nice as it dripped out of his ass. The other two clones being horny as they were, seeing naruto like this made them want something more than their hand. As naruto was getting ready to get up off the floor the other clones came over. One shoved its cock in his mouth and started fucking it, while the other rammed its cock into naruto's ass and started to ram it in and out.

The feeling was great as naruto started moaning to his clones sudden act of aggresiveness. He started to buck his hips against the cock in his ass, while he ajusted to the cock fucking his mouth. Naruto noticed his cock was hard again, he motioned one of his clones to come over. The clone fucking his mouth took it out for a second to let the other clone position itself in front of naruto, as naruto put his cock in its ass." God this is better than any woman i bet.." said naruto. Naruto began sucking on the other clone's hot cock again as this feeling of pure ecstasy continued.

Naruto once again felt the cock in his ass spasming as it shot its hot load into his ass, it caused naruto to clench his ass, as he felt his own cock getting ready to shoot its load. Naruto increased the speed in which he was fucking his clone as he shot his warm cum into its ass, as the clone he was sucking, took its cock out of his mouth, and shot its cum on his face. his clone's werent done tho, they made naruto kneel in front of him as they jerked off. Naruto seeing this felt like it was torture not being able to do anything except wait. As that thought left his mind they all shot their cum on his face.

As naruto fell on his back, 3 of his clones disappeared while one remained and began to suck his cock. it didnt take long for it to get hard again as naruto's clone expertly sucked his cock taking it all into its mouth. Naruto moaned in pleasure as it massaged his cock with its tongue. Naruto grabbed its head and pushed it up and down on his cock as he came in its mouth. Instead of swallowing his cum it went up to naruto and kissed him. Their tongues met mingleing with each other as they swapped cum. Naruto then turned his clone around so they were in a 69 position. He then began to lap at his clone's ass, licking up all of his cum. He hungrily ate his cum while at the same time exploring his clone's ass with his tongue.

"God how much longer can i hold on to this great feeling" said naruto as his clone began sucking his cok again.Naruto changed his attention to his clone's dick as he began to suck on it. His close started shoving its cock deeper into naruto's mouth to the point where naruto was deep throating his clone, but naruto returned the favour as he did the same to his clone. They continued to suck each others cock until eventually they cummed into each other's mouth. Naruto swallowed all of his clone's cum as it did the same, naruto was fulfilled more than he ever was before when he use to masturbate.

As his clone disappeared, he went to the bathroom and had a shower to wash off all of the cum. When he got out he layed down on his bed and as he drifted to sleep he thought, "Now I can see why the girls like Sasuke so much, he must be like a stallion down there.."


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