Hey guys baller here with a new story. Hope you guys like it and part 2 will be out ASAP. I don't know how many parts there will be and I'm not definite on what will happen. I have some ideas but if you have ideas then comment on this and tell me what they are and you may see them later. Lastly I want to thank all the positivity on "savannah".
"Mr gray" my math teacher said. I went to the front of the room to retreive my paper. "Another failure, jake." She said again. I returned to my seat angry at myself. "Miss O'conner" my teacher called "nice work". She handed mikayla her paper she turned and looked at me with a sympathetic smile. She was so pretty, her long blonde hair, her beautiful hazel eyes, her perfect height of about 5 8' and her sexy toned body. The bell rang and I left the room and went to my locker. I grabbed my bag, wanting to get out of school ASAP! Mikayla caught up with me as I was walking home, her being my neighbor. "Jake... Hey jake!" Mikayla called after me. I turned around "ya?"
"Well I was wondering if you wanted a Tudor? I'm for hire." She said. I thought about it. I was always looking for time alone with her given how nice she is to me dispute her popularity and her stunningly gorgeous body and her general beauty.
"I, um... Suppose" I said trying to be cool about it.
"Sweet my house tomorrow 8?". I nodded and walked beside her in silence. When we got to her house she spoke again. "See you tomorrow" she kissed me on the cheek and went inside. I was surprised she had never done that before. I went in my house and tried to study... Failing miserably I took a nap. When I woke up I looked out my window. The sun was setting, I had slept awhile. I looked at mikayla's window, she was sitting at her desk and looked up. She smiled and waved to me. I waved back and motioned to ask what she was doing. She held up her literature book. She did a motion back but I couldn't understand, we went back and forth before just opening our windows. "What were you doing?" She asked
"Sleeping. Preparing to fail another test Friday." She gave me a look.
"I refuse to let you fail"
"Well we'll see how tomorrow work. How much do you charge?" I asked
"Free, for my favorite neighbor." I smiled at her, she always had a soft spot for me. Helping me with work I had to do, silently watching out for me and now tutoring me. She denies it but she has sent me pictures of her in a bikini and said they were meant for friends but I only received them when she knew I was down in the dumps. "Well thanks" I told her "I gotta go for a hot date with my bed now.". "Be gentle with her." She said and closed her window. I closed mine then went back to sleep.
I woke up from the my monotoned alarm clock. No homework done. I went through the day getting chewed out in literature for my lack of completed homework. Mikayla once again caught me on my way home, like most days. "You little fucker you didn't do your work. Come on we aren't waiting we're doing it now." She pulled me though her garage and into her house, up to her room. "This is cutting into my doing nothing time" I told her. She laughed and shrugged like 'its your fault'. She opened the book and sat on my lap while I worked a problem. I was getting a major hard-on from it. She had never been like this before, what was up with her. She shifted back a little a pushed her lower back into my hard cock. She made a strange face "jake what is that?" She asked already knowing the answer. I started fumbling for words " uh it's... It's...". She smiled.
"So what's the answer to this question"
"Um... 13?" I guessed
"Good job Jacob!" She moved her hand to my dick. I didn't know what she was doing. As we went through the home work she progressed in her rewards. By the second last question she had my prick sticking out of my jeans and she was stroking me nicely. After I answer the last question she spoke up. "Jake! You got it all done so here's your reward." She got on her knees and started stucking me off. I started grunting, getting close. "Mikayla I'm gonna..." Before I even finished the sentence I was sending streams of thick white cum into her mouth. She continued flicking her tongue over my head while jerking me and fondling my balls. It was much better than masturbating and she just kept gulping it down. When I finished she got up. "Studying again tomorrow same time." She said and lay on her bed texting someone. I didn't know what to say and I just stood there for a second. She looked up "...bye." She said questioning why I hadn't left. I grabbed my stuff and let myself out. The rest of the day I wondered what the hell was up with her. She was never like this. She never even joked about anything sexual. Later in the night she text me, 'by the way can you not tell anyone? Thanks.' I texted her back and told her I wouldn't.

The next day we walked home together again and we went to her room to study again. "So mikayla?" I said.
"Ya" she answered
"What was up with that yesterday. You have never done anything like that before."
"What do you mean?"
"You sucked my dick!"
"Oh well I don't know I guess I just wanted to. I'm still a virgin even though none of my friends are, and... I guess I just, like, trust you more than any other guy." She said and looked a little ashamed. "Well thanks" I said and gave her a hug from behind. She smiled and kissed my cheek. "K lets get started." She said and cracked open a book. It was the same as last time progressing through the pleasure levels until we were done. Then she acted as nothing happened again and laid on her bed. I left and went home and chilled on my bed with music playing loud. My room was sound proof so my parents probably couldn't hear anyway. Mikayla text me 'can I come over?' I responded and told her and told her I'd be chilling at my window. I turned down my music and went to my window to sit on the ledge. After about five minutes she appeared. "Hey babe!" She said with a smile. "Hey. What did you need?" I asked.
"This..." She lifted her shirt revealing she had no bra and her nice perky tits. "Um... Wow." I unbuttoned my jeans expecting the usual treatment but she unbuttoned hers too. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I'm ready for you." She said. I got hard immediately, looking at her in nothing but her thong and shoes. She slid her finger in one of the elastic bands of the thong and stretched it out far, then snapped it. She turned around and bent over the window sill displaying her beautiful ass. She reached back with one hand and smacked her nice tight ass, hard. I crossed to my door and engaged the lock. She reached back with her other hand now and started sliding her thong down. She looked back at me and smiled with her really white strait teeth. When she got it down past her she stopped being slow and seductive and pushed them down quickly, kicking off her shoes too. She jumped on my bed laying on her back. She spread her legs to show her perfectly hairless pussy. "Fuck my cunt baby! Please please please." She begged me. I climbed on top of her and started kissing her from her naval up to her mouth. When I reached her mouth I slid my tongue in her mouth and started kissing her passionately. We lay there kissing and grouping each other for a minute. A was gently caressing her beautiful perky breasts and she was stroking my long hard shaft. "I can't wait any longer baby, please." She asked. I grabbed my dick and put my head at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit, tickling her clit and libia, teasing her. She moaned in anger and pleasure. I finally stopped teasing her and slowly pushed in being gentle with her virgin pussy. When I finally after a minute or two reached her hymen she spoke. "Hold on just give me a second..." After a few seconds she told me to do it. I tried to be easy, but there was no getting around the pain to come. So ripped the bandage off quick, and in one fluid motion, took her virginity. Right when I broke it i could feel her already tight pussy get even tighter, like an anaconda. I could also feel the blood start to run, and I could hear her scream. An ear shattering scream that made my ears ring the rest of the night. I kept still not daring to move a muscle for fear she would hit me. Finally after what seemed like ever, she opened her eyes, wiped a single tear and told me she was good. I started pumping in and out of her, and as her cries of pain became moans of pleasure It was much better for us both. She had already cum twice and I was nearing my first. "Ahhh... Mikayla get on your knees" I managed to say, pulling out while keeping my dick stimulated. She did as commanded and waited. As I got in front of her I shot my first of many streams. The first landed right across her nose. Then on her tits and stomach, then to many to keep track of. When I was done I collapsed on my bed. Mikayla cleaned herself of my semen and curled up next to me, her body curving to mine like elastic. "Tomorrow's Saturday. Got anything to do?" I asked.
"Cool. Go get pj's and lock your door" I instructed and she slipped out the window, still naked. When she returned she was wearing pink flannel pants and a matching button down shirt with big buttons. "Back" she said with a smile and crawled in my bed under the covers. She kissed my lips, long and with a passion. "Thank you. For being my first. For being so caring. For being so gentle... For being born." She whispered as I killed the music and cut the lights. "Your very welcome babe." I whispered back and we both fell asleep. Her curled against me and me holding her like a precious gem.


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