A story about a married couple named Amy and Nick, and their unique way of raising their family and keeping love all in the family.
Amy loved being on all fours while her breasts were heavy with milk. It allowed them to hang down unrestricted as they were milked, so that they could be completely emptied. A couple of her younger kids enjoyed suckling on her nipples after her breasts were empty, so this would often cause Amy to produce even more milk sometimes. She was completely fine with this, but occasionally her breasts would get a bit too full after too many times of dry nursing, and so she would have to re-adjust her breastfeeding schedule to accommodate for the increase in her milk supply.

As she gazed down at her two sons, Seth and Sam, she was struck by just how handsome they had become. Seth was fourteen and Sam was fifteen. They were both quite tan from spending so much time outdoors, and since her boys had been encouraged from a very young age to go without clothes if it felt more comfortable to them, this is what they both usually did. Both of her boys had sandy blonde hair and sky blue eyes, and their bodies had started changing from boys into men. This meant their shoulders and chest were becoming broader, and their uncut cocks had matured nicely as well. Amy estimated that Seth was a solid six inches in length, and Sam was an enticing seven inches. They both had a nice width to them as well, and Amy realized they would each make a special lady feel absolutely amazing someday when the time was right.

Amy was still very aroused, and she was finding it quite enjoyable simply watching her sons suckle with such enthusiasm from her milky breasts. She also noticed how Seth continued to hold onto his cock, keeping it semi-erect while he continued to nurse. Amy even noticed a bit of pre-cum on the tip of his penis, and realized as a wave of arousal rocketed through her body that she was far from being sexually satisfied today.

Nick and Amy had always been open with the children about their bodies, as well as sex in general, so while it didn't happen a lot, most of their children had seen them making love numerous times, because they rarely kept their door closed. Touching was almost always allowed, as long as certain boundaries weren't crossed, and questions were always encouraged and welcomed.

Amy noticed that Seth seemed a bit chafed in a couple of places on his cock, and she realized that he hadn't been using enough lubricant when he masturbated, so she decided to talk with him about this. She gently asked the boys to stop breastfeeding for a moment, and to move with her into the center of the bed.

She realized how the boys were watching her curiously, but they stayed silent as they watched her pick up a bottle of lubricant from her bedside table. Amy then turned to Seth and asked him to lay down on his back beside her. She then squeezed a generous amount of lubricant into her hand, and then showed Seth just how much was in the palm of her hand.

Amy then said, "You are going to chafe yourself really bad if you don't use enough lubricant when you masturbate Seth, so make sure you let me know when you're running low, because I know how good it feels to masturbate."

Seth asked in a curious tone if Amy liked to masturbate too and she smiled and said, "I do. Almost everyday in fact, because it feels that good."

Seth replied, "I like to masturbate a lot too, but sometimes my penis starts to hurt,"

Amy smiled and said, "That's because you're not using enough lubricant Seth, so you're getting chafed from the friction of stroking your cock. But if you use plenty of lubricant, you won't have that problem anymore."

Amy then proceeded to take Seth's cock into her hands and begin sensually sliding his foreskin back and forth with her index finger and thumb. When Seth was rock hard again, she liberally stroked his cock from base to tip, making sure she had enough lubricant in her hands, as well as on his cock. When Amy started increasing her strokes and gripping Seth's penis even tighter, she could tell that he was really close coming.

Seth suddenly cried out, "Oh Mom! That feels really good! Please don't stop!"

Amy whispered softly to her son, "I know Sweetheart. I want you to cum for me right now. It's okay."

Amy then stroked him even faster, while cupping and caressing his balls, until Seth finally exploded, shooting several large ropes of semen up into the air. She then grabbed a few tissues from her bedside table, and gently cleaned up the tip of her son' s cock. She smiled warmly at Seth, and told him to remember to use the same amount of lubricant as she had just used from now on. Seth smiled back at his mom and nodded, before kissing her on the cheek, and then quickly leaving her room. This left Amy and Sam alone.

Amy turned to Sam and said, "I wanted to take a moment and show Seth how I don't care how much lubricant you guys use, because I know you both are masturbating a lot more now."

Amy was acutely aware of Sam's intense stare when he suddenly asked, "Does your pussy hurt Mom?"

Amy was caught off guard and said with great mirth in her voice, "Not at all Sammy. Why do you ask?"

Sam continued to stare intently at his mom, focusing in on her vagina, which was still quite rosy and swollen after being fucked so vigorously by Nick.

Sam said in a matter of fact tone, "Because you pussy is red and swollen, and it looks like it hurts."

Amy laughed and said, "Not at all Sweetheart. In fact, the reason it's so red and swollen is because your dad made me feel really good, and because I'm still very aroused."

Amy went on, "When a woman has an orgasm, her vagina swells up like a beautiful red or pink flower, blooming full and wet, just like when your cock gets hard and red when you're aroused, and gets even redder when you finally shoot your sperm."

Sam listened intently and said, "May I see your flower Mom?"

Amy said, "Sure." and quickly laid back on the bed, spreading her legs apart so that her son could clearly see her flower."

Sam quietly gazed at his mother's aroused pussy for a moment, and then reached out and touched her pussy lips, lightly tracing down one side of her swollen lips.

Amy gasped in obvious lust, because of how good his touch felt, and Sam watched in awe as his mom's pussy became even more wet, as some drops of wetness slid down her ass in an inviting manner.

Because of Amy's reaction, and without any warning, Sam slide his middle finger deep inside his mom's vagina, making her groan in obvious delight. Sam felt empowered by her response, so he pulled his finger out, and then quickly shoved two fingers deep inside her, wiggling them around to further excite her, and then watching in fascination as her puss swelled up and bloomed even more.

Amy's legs clamped together, with Sam's fingers still buried deep inside her. They stared at each other for the longest time, green eyes meeting blue eyes, as Sam continued to watch as his mom's face flush with desire.

Sam felt his mom's pussy gripping his fingers tight, so he knew his mom liked what he was doing. At this point Amy said, "Sammy please remove your fingers."

Sam didn't move. This was uncharted territory for him, so he was unsure of what to do next. He decided to lean over and try to latch onto his mom's left nipple, but his mom quietly said, "No Sammy. Now please remove your fingers."

Amy maintained eye contact with Sam, to let him know she was serious and after another minute, she relaxed her legs so that Sam could remove his hand.

They were both quiet for a couple of minutes before Sam eventually asked if he could finish breastfeeding. Amy immediately said, "No you may not." She could tell that Sam was hurt by her answer, but she needed to nip this situation in the bud.

Amy then told Sam that he could breastfeed again tomorrow, but because he didn't respect her personal space just now, she was not going to allow him to breastfeed anymore today.

Sam's face fell, but he knew that he had crossed a line, and he knew by his mom's tone that she was not going to change her mind.

Sam got up to leave and Amy said, "I'm not angry Sammy, but I feel you need some time to reflect on what happened just now. I love you Son."

Sam quietly replied, I love you too Mom" and left the bedroom.

When Nick returned a few minutes later, he found his wife deep in thought. When Amy shared what had just transpired between her and Sam, her husband couldn't keep from chuckling.

Amy asked in a less than amused tone, "And what is so damn funny?"

Her husband replied, "You are Hun, because you just don't realize how attractive you truly are. In a way, it makes you irresistible, which is why the kids love you so very much."

Amy blushed at her husband's words and said, "I think you're exaggerating the facts just a little bit Nick."

On that note, her husband leaned in and kissed his adorable wife on the nose and said, "Whatever you say Dear."

They both started laughing at that point, and they were still laughing when Ren walked into their room.

Nick whispered into Amy's ear, "I'll talk to Sam okay?"

Amy smiled, kissed her husband sweetly and said, "Thank you. I think that's a good idea."

And with that, Nick greeted his oldest son warmly and the left the room.

Ren walked over and kissed his mom on the cheek, and then asked what was up. Amy gave Ren the highlights of the story, and he became just as amused as Nick had.

He said with great amusement, "Sam's the man, because I was just as in love with you back then, but I was too much of a chicken shit to do what he did."

Amy then asked, "So just how long have you been in love with me Ren?"

Ren looked deep into his mom's beautiful green eyes and said in a very sincere tone, "Ever since I can remember Mom. That's why you're the only woman I've ever wanted to be with, or to make a baby with."

Ren leaned over and kissed his mom's surprised lips, and found himself quickly deepening their kiss as he became extremely aroused.

Amy was just as aroused. and she found herself melting immediately into Ren's kiss. Because she was so turned on, and her breasts still had some milk inside them, she started leaking down her chest and stomach.

Ren quickly realized that his brothers hadn't finished emptying her breasts, so he laid his mom down onto her back and immediately latched onto her left nipple. Sweet milk spilled into his mouth, and he simply enjoyed drinking her milk.

Eventually, he used his left hand to tweak and roll his mom's right nipple, causing her milk to spray forcefully onto his stomach, and then stream down lower onto his cock, eventually pooling around his rock hard erection.

Amy was literally on overload, as her son continued to pleasure her with his hands and mouth, making love to her and bringing her closer to another orgasm. Amy simply couldn't fight it any more, as she cried out in a voice of pure lust and need.

Ren doubled his efforts, completely lost in his own lust as he sucked her plump left tit into his mouth even further, enjoying her sweet milk, as he played with her right tit, enjoying the way it was spraying all over him. Ren's cock was so stiff it hurt, but he just couldn't let go of his mom's nipples. Not yet anyway.

When Ren had emptied his mom's breasts, he could smell his mom's arousal in the air, so he knew she was hugely turned on and ready to fuck. He plunged two fingers into her wet pussy, and began finger fucking her with great enthusiasm, thrusting them in and out repeatedly as he masturbated her. He greatly enjoying the wet slurpy noises coming from her pussy, and he couldn't wait to slide deep inside her.

Amy was on fire and panting with desire as her tremors grew. Her first orgasm exploded throughout her entire body as she kept saying over and over again, "Yes Baby! Fuck me just like that!"

This out of control lust made Amy grab a hold of Ren's hard cock, and begin coating it with her pussy juices, by sliding his 7 inches of goodness across her honey-drenched slit, getting it ready for her swollen flower. Amy also squeezed some milk onto Ren's cock, using it as a lubricant too. When his cock was completely coated in milk and pussy juice, she began stroking his cock, masturbating him slowly at first, and then increasing the speed of her strokes as Ren got closer to coming. When he finally exploded, Amy continued to lightly stroke him as he shot his load all over her full breasts.

Amy grinned at Ren as she straddled his body, positioning her puss over his hard cock, and then swallowing him whole in one fluid motion, as she took his entire length into her. They both groaned lustily in unison when his hardness first entered her softness.

His mom then started riding his cock, until she was eventually bouncing up and down on his pole in complete abandon. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were closed, and her long red hair hung down around her shoulders and back, tickling his legs whenever she slid back down onto his pole.

Her full breasts bounced up and down in front of him with her passion, and Ren enjoyed massaging them as they bounced erotically in front of him. He squeezed them and buried his face in their feminine goodness. As Amy road his pole hard and fast, he continued to focus his attention on her breasts, dragging his thumbs across her impossibly hard nipples, or rolling them in between his thumb and fingers, and then watching as her nipples grew even longer because of all the attention he was giving them. When they started to leak a little, Ren immediately latched on, so that he could drink every drop of milk she made.

Throughout all this, Amy was in heaven as she rode his cock, having small orgasms along the way, but not yet achieving a big one. When Ren began rubbing her clit, his mom cried out because it felt so good. Ren continued to rub her swollen clit in a circular motion, while his hips began to thrust with Amy, as his felt his own orgasm building. When Amy reached the end of her climb and started coming, Ren immediately rolled her onto her back so that he could bring her home. As much as he would have liked to savor their first time more, he was simply too horny to do so, as he thrust hard and fast into her wet slit, emptying all of his cum deep inside her. He continued to pump rope after rope of come into his mom's warm pussy until he had nothing left, and then he collapsed on top of her.

As they both laid there in their afterglow, Ren realized that he had made the right decision, as he had never had a sexual experience quite like this before. He knew without a doubt that he was in love with his mom, and that there was no other woman that would ever come close to her. His cock was still buried deep inside her as they lay in each other's arms recovering. They both were covered in a sheen of sweat, and their juices filled the air, and Ren realized it was one of the sweetest smells he had ever encountered.

As his hands started to trace the curves and contours of her body, he felt himself becoming hard again, and he raised up on his arms, with his mom still laying underneath him, and began slowly stroking in and out of her. She was still soaking wet, and she moaned her contentment as he stroked completely in and out of her delicious pussy. Before they had been fucking, but this time they were making love, and Ren captured her mouth in a passionate kiss, as every part of them melted into each other, and there was no beginning and no end.

Ren continued to stroke in and out of Amy, making sweet love to her, until they both came together. They then rested in each other's arms for awhile, before sliding together so they could make love again and again. Ren simply could not get enough of his mom's pussy, and would a lot of times stayed buried deep inside her until he was hard once again.

Besides the occasional break to eat, sleep or shower, this is the way Amy and Ren stayed over the next two days. During this time, Ren barely gave Amy time to make more milk, before latching on so he could drink her milky goodness completely gone. Amy knew that she would pay for this later on when her breasts started producing a lot more milk. But for now, she simply enjoyed being in the moment, and making sweet love to her handsome son.

Ren silently hoped that his mom would become pregnant after this weekend, and Amy thought it would be a miracle if she didn't become pregnant after this weekend. Their respective thoughts made them both smile, as they realized just how happy they would both be if Amy ended up being pregnant.

To Be Continued...


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Hi again - Jeanne here; other comments are so harsh or self-c entered I want you to know that this mom and grandma appreciates the love between mothers and sons and hopes you'll begin writing more. Please don't let negative or ugly comments deter you. Thanks, and best wishes to you and yours, Jeanne

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Stupid and disgusting. The writer, mom and the teen boys are all four mentally ill and need to be locked up in a hospital. Someplace three floors up with bars over the windows Hope this story isn't based on any real life events past or present.

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