Daddy Comes Home. This chapter requires some exposition to help the characters and their actions. Please be patient and let the tension build. Enjoy.
The sign read “Departures” with a left arrow and “Arrivals” to the right as Theresa nervously turned onto the ramp to the upper concourse. Phil’s car was in Long-Term Parking but she had called to tell him that she wanted to pick him up and take him to a nice dinner after his very successful business trip.

He and his partners had secured a deal to basically double the size of their company by buying out an older distributorship whose founder had passed several years ago. His death had left the company in less-capable hands, resulting in a struggling operation and a family that wanted out of the business. Phil and his partners saw an opportunity and moved in to create a deal that was mutually beneficial.

Theresa was so proud of her husband. He worked very hard, made a good living for the family, and travelled a lot to build his company. This takeover would mean another boost in income and eventually, he had said, a bit less travel. Her pride and her deep love for him were also the source of her guilt, because of the things she had been doing with their children while Phil was away on business.

She had made the delicate decision to disclose their activities to Phil, and she hoped that a celebratory dinner could diffuse the uncomfortable situation and give them a chance to talk things out. The kids had gotten a bit gussied-up for the evening: Jimmy and Sam wore Khakis and button-down shirts, with leather loafers each. Missy had pulled out the dress from her last birthday party; a light-weight cotton shift with a pattern of leaves and purple flowers over white. Susan had aimed at being mature-looking and donned a knee-length cream-colored skirt, black pumps and a gauzy black silk blouse, with a camisole under it instead of a bra.

Theresa had reached to the back of her closet for the ‘little black dress’, the one that she pulled out for weddings and anniversary parties. The spaghetti straps meant no bra for her either, but her breasts were still firm and the stitching of the bosom-area of the dress accentuated her B-cups nicely. Setting off her ensemble were her 4-inch stiletto, patent-leather CFM’s; her “come-fuck-me” shoes, that she would wear when she expected an evening with her husband to end with carnal activity. If she had stopped in at the local martini bar, she would have been hit upon in a matter of minutes.

“OK kids” Theresa reiterated, “just small talk until we get to the restaurant and have a chance to relax. Just follow my lead when it comes to talking about what has been going on for the last few months.”

“More than a few, mom” interjected Susan.

“I know Sue, but we have to approach things in little steps, not big chunks, OK? I’m just going to say this once kids, so pay attention. Dad deserves to know what has been going on, and I will not keep this from him any longer. We’ll see how he feels about it and HE will determine if anything will be continuing after this. I know we’ve done a bunch of things that were exciting and fun, at the time, but we are a family, and your dad is my husband. We need to respect him and not lie to him, OK?”

“You’re right mom” said Jimmy. “I feel a bit guilty about what we did, but I’m also so glad that you did help me learn about sex and my body.”

“Me telling you guys anything you need to know about sex is part of my job as a mom, but actually doing it with you is a different matter.”

Her phone vibrated. ‘At baggage claim, out in a minute’ the text read. She pulled up to the loading-unloading zone and waved cheerily to the police officer directing traffic.

“Dad will be out in a minute, guys. Jim, you help him with the bags, I’ll pop the tailgate.”

Missy and Sam jumped out along with Jimmy, so they could get their hugs in first. Phil came through the sliding glass doors of the terminal with his garment bag over one shoulder, pulling his large roll-along bag which had a duffle and his briefcase strapped to it. He was dressed in his standard travel apparel, dark slacks, a white pinpoint cotton button-down and casual sport coat. He broke into a grin as Missy and Sam came running to him, setting aside his bags so he could pull his two little ones into a hug, picking them both up in the air. Theresa took note of the bottom of Missy’s bare ass as her dress rode up. “That little slut!” she couldn’t help but laugh to herself.

“Isn’t this a nice surprise!” he laughed “I didn’t know you kids were coming to the airport too!”

Theresa had gotten out of the driver’s seat and spoke across the car “Well, I’ve made reservation at ‘Trent’s’ for 7 and it made sense to bring them along, instead of heading back home.” She tried to sound casual, but in her mind Phil saw through her at the secret she was holding in her soul.

“Trent’s, huh?” said Phil. “No wonder you kids are dressed so nice!” ‘Trent’s’ was an upscale steakhouse that they reserved for special occasions.

Theresa came around the car and planted a warm kiss on him. “Wow” Phil exclaimed, “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, you look great Terry.”

“Aw, just a little something I threw on” she said, blushing.

Sue had scooched out of the back seat to get her hug and Phil paused and held her at arm’s length, taking her appearance into full account. “Terry, who is this beautiful young lady you brought along, and where is my little Susan?”

“Oh, Daddy!” exclaimed Sue. “I just wanted to get dressed up nice. Mom helped me with my hair and make-up.”

“Just a little make-up” Theresa corrected, “some blush, eye-liner, and a touch of lip gloss, but it does make her look a bit older, doesn’t it?”

“I’d think she was 20 if I just passed her on the street” Phil responded. “You look so grown-up sweetheart!”

“Thanks, Daddy.”

“Phil, are you too tired to go to dinner? I’d understand if you just want to get home and crash.”

“No, I’m fine. I dozed for a solid hour on the plane and I wouldn’t miss a chance like this to show off my beautiful wife and kids! Besides, I’m starving!”

“Great, you sit in the passenger seat, I’ll drive.”

Missy jumped back in to middle of the front seat, with Susan, Sam and Jimmy in the back.

*** *** ***

The savory aroma of sizzling beef surrounded them as they took their place in the circular corner booth at Trent’s. The booth had 4-foot high sidewalls of dark walnut for some privacy. Missy and Sam scooted around the leather seating first, leaving Jimmy sitting next to Theresa at the far side and Susan on the near side next to her dad, who was at the opening of the booth.

“How ‘bout some wine, dear?” Theresa asked. She figured that a little liquid courage couldn’t hurt her efforts tonight.

“Sure” Phil responded as the bus-boy filled their water glasses. The waiter was over in a few seconds and he ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir, which he knew Theresa enjoyed.

“So, tell us about your trip, dad. Mom said your company is going to buy out another one?” Jimmy asked to get the conversation started.

Phil went into as much detail as was necessary without boring everyone and the kids listened attentively as they ate their salads. The second bottle of wine arrived with the entrees and Phil savored the first delicious bite from his 2-inch thick Porterhouse.

“So, what’s been going on with you guys?” he inquired. “Everybody doing ok at school? Soccer going good Jimmy?”

“They’re all getting real good grades at school, honey” Theresa informed. “We’ve got a good system worked out to make sure they get all their homework and assignments done.” She paused, took a gulp of wine, and steeled her resolve to continue. “Um . . . uh, that’s one of the things I really needed to talk to you about dear. We’ve, uh . . . well, you know, the kids are growing up and they needed to learn about, um, sex, and such. You know, like about their bodies changing, and things that they are experiencing.”

“Well, sure, honey” Phil replied. “I’m sorry I’m away so often and haven’t been much help with these things. I know Jim took sex-ed in Health class last year and I’m assuming you’ve already gone through these things with Susan. Would you like me to have “The Talk” with Sam?”

“Not exactly, dear. We’ve pretty much covered that ground and the kids all know about how babies are made. It came up because, well, we were, uh . . . um, talking about masturbation one evening.”

“Really?” Phil looked a bit flustered at the subject matter. “Is this something we should be talking about in front of Sam and Missy?”

“Well, they were there when we, um, talked about it. And they, um, saw what it was about.”

“Saw? What do you mean, saw?”

“Well, Jimmy was getting erections all the time; you know how boys are! And I explained how to make them go away, you know, by, uh . . . masturbating.” Theresa took a long swallow of wine before continuing. “So, I, um, helped him.”

Jimmy was staring at his food while his father’s neck grew a bit flush. Phil wasn’t exactly sure how to take this news. It was certainly an unconventional approach to teaching a boy about his body, but he also felt a bit of a curiosity as he created a mental image for himself.

“And the rest of you kids watched this?” Phil queried.

Sue, Sam and Missy nodded affirmation. Missy and Sam sported wide grins on their angelic faces.

“We didn’t just watch, Daddy” added Missy, just above a whisper. “We touched ourselves too!”

“And each other” Sam piled on.

“I had an orgasm Daddy, it was wonderful” Missy followed to ensure she had made her point.

“I think I need something a bit stronger. Waiter, can I please have a Grey Goose Martini, dry and dirty, please?”

“Dry and dirty?” the wine in Theresa asked. “That sounds kinda kinky!”

“It just means dry vermouth instead of sweet, and some of the juice from the green olives. I’ve learned to appreciate some of the tastes of the clients and vendors I take to dinner.” Phil’s head was spinning as he tried to come to grips with the information he was receiving.

“So, let me just get this straight. You” he said, looking Theresa squarely in the eyes, “HELPED our son masturbate? And the other kids were there… and they watched … and were involved themselves?”

“I know it sounds really perverse, honey, I do!” Theresa pleaded in a loud whisper. “But it just kind of HAPPENED, and the kids were very glad for the exposure to sexuality.” A silence hung in the air for what seemed an eternity. None of the kids knew what exactly to expect from their father. Susan gently placed her hand on his leg and looked up at him, her eyes moist with burgeoning tears.

“It’s true Dad” Jimmy finally made himself heard. “Mom has been so great about helping me out. No one did anything they didn’t want to do and I think it really drew all of us closer together.”

“No one did anything they didn’t want to do?” Phil echoed. “So what other THINGS did you kids do?” His martini had arrived and he downed half of it in one gulp.

“Well, . . . I got naked for everyone and mom helped me have an orgasm, too” Susan said shyly.

“I learned about girls having periods, and boys cumming, and vaginas” Sam said quietly, but proudly.

“Mommy licked my pussy and I licked Sue’s” Missy offered boldly. “It was so cool, Dad. Sue came so hard she fell off the couch!” Phil choked on the next sip of his martini and began coughing loudly. This broke the tension a bit as Missy giggled at the response she had evoked from her dad.

Another silence then followed, and Phil sensed a foreboding, waiting for the hammer to fall. “I . . ., had sex with Mom” Jimmy broke the barrier. He looked up at his father and mustered what he could of his masculinity. “She didn’t make me do it, Dad. I wanted to.” A sudden coating of sweat broke on his brow. “We . . . felt, . . . so TOGETHER when it was happening, and it didn’t feel wrong.” He searched inside himself for a proper way to handle this. “I know that I’ve done something you might not be able to forgive me for, and if you never want to speak to me again, or if you need to hit me or hurt me . . ., I understand. But I Love Mom. And I never meant to hurt you, or her, or US!”

Phil downed the remainder of his martini and looked around at the faces and bodies of his family, seeing them in a perspective that had never entered his mind before.

“Phil” Theresa tried to pick up where Jimmy had left off. “Remember when you were in college and we used to go at it like rabbits? Remember when you, me and my girlfriend Lizzy got together one night?”

“We were young! We were drunk off our asses!” Phil tried to explain.

“Yeah, we were.” Theresa pressed, “but we still DID IT, didn’t we?”

Phil looked at her with whatever sobriety remained and nodded.

“THAT is what this felt like, Phil. It was so erotic, so sensual. We just went with the flow that had somehow started, and I felt so ALIVE. A bit kinky, maybe . . . and dirty; definitely slutty, and really, really horny; but loving. Like we used to be? Like I haven’t felt in a long, long time.”

As his head leaned down she reached over and pulled his chin up. “I’m not blaming you, baby, not in the least. We’ve been married a long time and we have four wonderful children. You’ve been working your ass off to make your company profitable. I’ve discussed this with the kids on many occasions. They know what you do for us and they know how much you show your love for them both when you are at home and when you’re away.”

The low light reflected off the wet sheen of her eyes as she looked at her husband. “I want this to be OK with you Phil. But if it’s not, we’ve all agreed that it is DONE.”

Susan, who had been the least vocal but was watching her dad’s reactions closely, took her father’s right hand and held it tight. “Dad, we’re all in this together and we’d really like to continue learning together.” She then pulled her father’s hand up her smooth warm thigh, under her skirt to her bare pussy lips. Missy was not the only girl in the family to forego underwear that evening. Phil flinched as his pinky came in contact with the soft wet flesh of his daughter’s lower lips, but she grasped his hand with both of hers and pushed his finger into her slit. The amount of juice in his young daughters snatch amazed and mesmerized Phil. He held an astonished look on his face as Susan held his hand against her pussy.

“Susan, what the heck?”

“It feels good, Daddy. I’m not a little girl anymore and I want you to touch me!”

“This is a lot for me to handle right now. Let’s get out of here and we can talk more in the car and at home.”

*** *** ***

As Phil drove home he found that he had an itch on his nose that he needed to scratch with his right hand, multiple times. His daughter's aroma only seemed to add to his level of intoxication. “I can’t believe you went out to dinner not wearing any underwear Susan. Did you put her up to this Terry?”

“No, that was her own decision . . . but I’m not wearing underwear either.”

“Or me, Daddy. I like to feel cool air on my coochie!” Missy said with that girlish giggle, as she pulled the bottom of her dress up to expose herself to her Dad, sitting next to her in the front seat.

Despite his best efforts not to, Phil couldn’t help but be a bit aroused by the sight of his baby girls slit. He felt a stir beneath his trousers. Missy slid her butt forward slightly on the seat so that she wouldn’t have to hold her dress up, and began lightly toying with her adorable muffin.

Phil tried to keep his eyes on the road but they kept darting down to the pre-pubescent eroticism going on next to him. “So, uhum, are there any other things that have happened between you guys that I should know about?” His voice cracked slightly as he pressed on into the darkness of his family’s new-found sexual depravity.

“Well, we’ve tried a bunch of things together, Dad” Jimmy tried to take the lead, being the oldest. “Sam and Missy have had sex twice, but she still hasn’t had her period so she can’t get pregnant or anything. Obviously you know Mom is on the pill and Susan is now too. We’ve all learned ways to make each other feel good, with our hands, tongues, you know, right?”

“Yeah, I know how that works Jim.”

Phil felt an excitement growing inside him. The kind of thrill that he assumed had been left in his youth and wouldn’t be returning; but it was.

“Oh, and we watch pornos together Dad” Sam filled in another one of the puzzle pieces. “It helps get us excited and gives us ideas of things to try.”

“Pornos, huh?”

“I bought a few of them at that adult bookstore a while back, Phil” Theresa admitted.

“And you’ve had sex too Susan, I assume? Was it with you Jim?”

“Ahhhh, no dad” Sue spoke very quietly, “it was Mason, and it just happened a few days ago.”

“Mason?! So you’ve involved other people in this too? You guys do realize that some of what you’re doing is illegal, right? That’s statutory rape right there!”

“That’s my fault too, Dad” admitted Jimmy. “I brought him home for one of our Movie Nights and I guess I knew what might happen. But, I can assure you, Mason can be trusted by us. He has had some similar experiences with his mom, and he knows that has to be kept secret as well.”

“He didn’t rape me Daddy! I knew what I was doing and I wanted to have sex with him. I needed to have sex with him!”

As Phil pulled them into their driveway and put the vehicle into park he said “I think I need another drink.”

“I’ll make you something dear. Go shower and get comfortable, I’ll bring something up to you and then we’ll meet in the family room after. OK?”

“That sounds good, Terry, thanks” he said resignedly.

*** *** ***

Phil had finished the rather strong vodka tonic Terry had brought up to him in the shower and was feeling no pain when he entered the family room wearing cotton lounge pants and a t-shirt. He was greeted with the sight of his family relaxing in their night clothes that a month ago had appeared so innocent, but now seemed to have a sexual undertone. Terry and Missy were wearing loose knee-length night shirts, most likely with nothing on underneath. Jim and Sam both wore boxers and t-shirts and Susan wore a lightweight yellow pajama set, shorts and a top with frilly straps; the shape of her breasts drawing his attention. As she lounged in her normal corner of the sectional, her beautiful, long copper legs stretched out before Phil’s eyes. It was like he’d never seen them before. They were the legs of a woman. A sexy, hot woman.

Theresa stood and turned to face him, beaming a broad smile. Her erect nipples were poking proudly at the thin fabric of the night shirt. “Well, honey?” she paused and gave him a loving look of concern, contrition and also hopefulness. “How are you feeling about what we’ve told you?”

“This has all come on very suddenly for me guys, and I’m a little bit pissed that it obviously took quite a while for you to decide to let me in on your little secret. But, I’ve got to admit Terry, I’ve been feeling rather excited by the whole situation. Sue, you look so gorgeous and mature. You’ve grown up so quick, and it’s like I hadn’t really noticed. And Sam and Missy, I don’t know that I’ve seen you two happier or more enthusiastic about anything in your lives!” he turned to Jim. “You’re just a little younger than I was when I had my first time. Mine was awkward and fumbling and not very satisfying. My guess is that mom made yours very memorable, and I won’t be angry at you or her for that.”

“Terry” he continued, “you look so friggin’ hot right now, I can’t remember when I’ve wanted you so much as I do right now. Can we go upstairs and help relieve some of this pressure you guys have built up in me?”

“We can relieve that pressure, mister. And we can do it right here!” his wife replied.

“In front of the kids?”

“In front of the kids” she deadpanned, “Oh, and it’s OK to say ‘fuck’ in front of them, they all know the words now.”

Theresa the slut-mommy brought the kids to laughter with her naughty mouth once again, as she had so many times before. She crossed her arms to grab the bottom of her night shirt and pulled it over her head in one smooth motion. No, she had not bothered to put ON panties when she changed to her night shirt. “Come on over here, big boy” she commanded to Phil and beckoned with a finger.

Phil was under her control and could only walk dumbly around the side of the sectional to stand in the middle of it facing Theresa. His erection was changing the shape of his pants by the second.

“Drop ‘em soldier” she demanded.

He mutely pulled his lounge pants off, then did the same with his boxer-briefs, allowing his ¾ erection to spring free and into his children’s view. He was like a puppet, and she held the strings.

“It doesn’t seem like I quite have your attention” his master chided, looking at his still partially-soft member.

“I think it looks HUGE Mommy’ said Missy, who sat closest to the scene and could have reached out and touched him.

“I had a lot to drink, Terry. I’ll get there” he said apologetically.

“Daddy” Missy continued “you can look at my pussy if that will help make you harder!” she offered so sweetly.
Phil turned to the sofa to find his baby girl spread wide for his viewing pleasure. Her knees were bent up tight to her naked chest (‘when did she take her shirt off?’ vaguely entered Phil’s mind) and her lovely lower lips were being gently parted by her nimble fingers.

“Oh, God. I’m going to hell, I know it” he breathed while a fresh flow of blood had his dick springing upward and practically bouncing in anticipation.

“That a boy” encouraged Theresa as she grasped his thick shaft, giving it a few test pulls.

“Dad, your dick is a monster!” Susan complimented. “I don’t think that could ever fit inside of ME.”

“You’d be surprised what your pussy can do, dear” Theresa beamed at her sexy daughter, who had a breast in each hand so she could pinch her nipples as she stared at her dad’s glorious boner.

“Now” she returned to an authoritative tone, “on your back soldier, I want to see that dick sticking straight up! And you’d better fuck me hard!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Phil fell into his role so easily; memories from when he was 22 and his hot-as-hell, then-19-year old girlfriend Terry would play dominant with him. They didn’t do anything sadistic or painful, but she would tell him what to do . . . and he would obey. It had been like that when she brought her equally hot girlfriend Lizzy over, and the three of them had had sex together for over 5 hours. Teasing, tempting, ordering, demanding, submitting, performing, and recovering. Thoughts of it made Phil’s erection rage like he had not felt in years. It’s not like he needed Cialis or anything. He had no trouble with performing; but sex had become rote for he and his wife, and he knew that his travel schedule and the demands of his job were the reason. What he felt now in his cock was an URGENCY, a need. That is something that had been absent for the last decade.

Phil lay on his back and looked up at his wife straddling him, her cunt open and very wet. She reached down to stroke her lips and play with her neatly trimmed pubic hair. “You want this pussy, don’t you?”

He nodded.

“Say it!” she said, forcefully, surprising her children with her tone.

“I want that pussy!”
“That wasn’t very convincing, mister!” she lashed back.

“I want that PUSSY!” Phil practically shouted.

“I thought so” she said more gently as she continued to rub herself.

The kids were entranced watching the show. Jimmy had his dick out of his shorts and Sam had pulled his off. Missy continued to play with her cooch as Susan succumbed and put a hand down her PJ’s.

“What do you want to do with this pussy?” Theresa kept going.

“I want to fuck that pussy” Phil replied, getting over his language barrier.

“You talk like that in front of your kids?” Theresa scolded.

“I want to fuck that fuckin’ pussy!”

Terry knelt down over his stomach and felt his raging hard-on pressing up against her ass. “Well, let’s see if we can do anything about that.” With the easy familiarity of each other’s bodies, Theresa rolled her hips up to accept her husband into her hungry, gaping gash. He slid in easily and she sat back to fully impale herself upon his spear. “Uh, uh, gaaaaaaaaah-d, I needed that too!” Theresa admitted, briefly breaking character.

She began rocking up and down on Phil, first with her hands on his chest, then sitting upright to display her bouncing breasts and their coupling to her kids. She turned to look at each of them as she continued to hump up and down on their dad.

“God Mom, you are so fuckin’ sexy” Jimmy complimented; his right hand stroking his turgid cock.

“Get up Jim and get those shorts off, I want that beautiful cock in my mouth!” Theresa turned her authoritarian voice on her son, and he responded quickly. “Missy, I think your Daddy needs something to do with his mouth, and he hasn’t had the pleasure of tasting your sweet pussy.”

She looked down at her husband. “I’m gonna suck on Jim’s cock Phil. I’m gonna suck on it until he cums. Do you want to watch me suck your sons cock Phil?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You’re gonna eat your daughters cunt too, mister. She has a sweet, beautiful cunt. Do you want to eat your daughter’s cunt mister?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Missy stood over her dad’s head looking at her mom. “Like this, mommy?”

“Just like that. Now get on your knees and put that snatch right on daddy’s mouth” Theresa was the conductor of the sex symphony and everyone accepted that she was in charge. It gave her such a thrill to have all these pieces of pleasure to put in place. Her body was shaking in excitement as she continued to rock up and down on Phil while reaching out to grab Jimmy’s cock and guide it to her mouth.

Susan didn’t wait for instructions from her mom. She pulled off her bottoms and crawled over to Sam, who was just holding his dick in his hand. He had stopped stroking because he didn’t want to cum too soon. Watching his mom and dad fuck and Missy squatting down on his face was a mind-blowing experience, and he was just trying to take it all in. “You want to put that inside me, Sam?” Susan asked gently. He just nodded.

She turned and swung her left leg over him so she could face mom and dad. “Sam, push your dick forward so you can find my hole” she urged. She reached back between her legs to help him find her opening, leaning back to help line herself up with him and feeling the satisfying penetration into her sopping wet cunt.

“Oh, yeah, Sam . . . you feel really good. Grab my tits!” Sue was finding a bit of authority herself.

Theresa pulled her head up from Jimmy’s dick and watched Sue humping her little Sam. “Did I tell you two you could fuck?” she asked in her sexy, scolding tone.

Sue looked right at her as she pulled her jammy top off, giving Sam full access to her mounds. “No Mom, but I’m gonna fuck him anyway!” she held her mom’s gaze firmly.

Theresa bobbed back on Jim’s cock once more then laughed, “That’s my girl!” she said with no small amount of pride.

Missy’s eyes were closed as she approached her orgasm. Theresa reached out to her and rubbed her budding breasts and nipples, then leaned forward to place a very grown-up kiss on her 10-year olds lips. That must have been enough to set Missy off because she fell forward onto Phil’s chest and clamped her knees on the sides of his head. Phil sucked his baby’s clit to pull as much pleasure out of her as he could.

“I’m gonna cum mom” Jimmy warned as she continued to pull and returned to sucking him.

Theresa sloppily popped him out of her mouth, his cock glistening with her saliva. “Where should Jimmy cum, mister!? Tell me where your boy should cum!” she commanded with urgency.

Missy had rolled off of Phil so he could respond “On your tits, ma’am and, . . . on me!” He had no idea where the thought came from but as he watched his wife give his son a blowjob he knew that he wanted some of that spunk splashed on him. He was bad, he was naughty, and he was in a very different world from the one he had woken up in that morning.

“You heard him Jim, shoot that load!” She pumped him furiously and pointed him at Phil’s chest. As his balls clenched tight Jim’s body spasmed in an orgasm that transcended any prior. His mom suddenly gripping his ass with her left hand as she jerked him with her right only heightened his climax. His first stream of cum shot through the air and a bit of it landed on Missy’s face as she lay curled next to her dad, leaving the majority to splash on his dad’s chest and belly. After the first two ropes flew at dad, Theresa pointed his dick at her chest, and rubbed the pulsing head against her nipples.

The raw sexual energy in the room, the smells, the grunts, the whole erotic situation pushed Theresa to her own climax, which she amazingly had put off for so long. She began bouncing frenetically on Phil’s dick and felt him unload his sperm inside her quim. Then, watching Sue and Sam finish their fuck in a tight, satisfied embrace, she let go and screamed out her orgasm.

“Ah-ah-ah-ah-aaaaah! Fuck, fuuuuuuuuuck, fuck!!!” She collapsed forward onto Phil, breathing heavily.

Sam was the first to break the semi-silence of their breathing as they all recovered from their sexual release. He just laughed a little laugh, which made Missy perk up from her fetal position on the floor and laugh also. Within a few seconds they all joined in to an almost hysterical laughter, like they had all just heard the funniest joke in the world.

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