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Year 1969 with no birth control available. Three teens with nothing to do on a day off from school.
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Billy laid there watching Linda and Rob swapping spit, he was still embarrassed from it but patiently waited for his turn. They had been here before, the three of them, on her bed, as lately as last week when both took turns kneading Linda's petite titties through her shirt. She only objected slightly when they slid a hand up under her shirt feeling the silkiness of her bra. But then it was over, they had to leave before her Mom returned. But today was quite different, no one would be home for hours. It was apparent the boys were excited with all three noticing the bulges showing through their tight shorts. Linda's reluctance was missing today and it was their delight. Billy didn't see it at first but Rob's shorts were unbuttoned at the snap. It was new territory for all of them, none had any sexual experience, eager but still hesitant they all knew what was about to transpire.

They remembered the talk in school, it was at the same time intriguing and scary. Sex was a whole new concept and they still remembered when they thought girls got pregnant from kissing and swallowing saliva. At school teachers taught them that sexually transmitted diseases were contagious and could in fact kill. However, all three of them were virgins, so it was safe for them, at least that was what they thought.

The few times before when they tried this ‘foreplay’ it turned out rushed and nerve making, never really enjoyable because Linda’s mom was always returning home at unexpected timings. There was one time when she opened Linda’s door without a warning, but fortunately they were already getting ready to leave. Today was different, Linda’s mom was on a business trip in Canada and her dad would only come home late at night after work. It was the perfect opportunity for them to take things to the next level.

Rob and Linda were already so turned on by kissing. Right then, Rob’s hands moved to caress Linda’s neck. The increase in depth and pace of Linda’s breaths simply showed that she was enjoying it. This scene only made Billy harder, his face was apple red and he could feel the heat radiating from his body.

Soon Rob was all over her, without breaking the kiss, his hands reached to Linda’s breasts and massaged them over her shirt. She let out a small moan and broke the kiss, she was almost breathless from the kissing and panting softly while closing her eyes to feel Rob’s hands on her tits. She was not usually like this, she knew what such acts could lead to and was always in control of the situation to prevent it from going any further than this. She wanted more, it was simply not enough to just feel the boys’ hands between the clothing. She pushed Rob away.

“Sorry, I needa use the washroom.” She glanced at Billy.

“Umm” Rob laughed “Sure, it’s your house you know”

Linda got up and went out of the room.

Rob immediately turned to Billy “She’s quite turned on today, did you see?”

“Yeah, you guys got me so hard just by watching!”

A few moments later Linda returned. “Wow that was fast!” Billy commented.

Linda just smiled at him, seeming to blush more than before. She went back on the bed and gestured for Billy to come closer “You turn Billy...” she practically purred. He went straight at it. Linda grabbed him and planted a huge kiss on his lips they started kissing passionately and felt every second of it. They were lost, their minds were blank, both simply falling into ‘limbo’. Both had their eyes closed and their tongues in each other’s mouths dancing furiously. Linda reached for Billy’s hand and placed it on her chest as he began to caress her boobs. His eyes opened in surprise when he felt Linda’s nipples directly underneath her clothing.

Linda bit her lip with a half smile “Do you like it?”

Billy only nodded, only realizing that Linda went to the washroom to remove her bra. He started to gently massage Linda in a circular motion causing her to moan. She was right about feeling Billy touch her without the bra, it was so much better. She could feel the heat from Billy’s hands and every movement he made was felt by her sensitive breasts, every nerve in her breasts was screaming sex. Billy softly squeezed her boobs and made her gasp, she loved it. Every thing Billy did to her breasts were felt at a greater level than before when her thick bra was in the way. Now it was practically skin on skin.

“Rob” She called out half moaning, “lick me...” she pulled off her pants along with her panties. Rob was taken aback by her request because she was never really this horny. Nevertheless he moved closer to inspect her already slick wet pussy. It was a gorgeous sight, Rob had never seen a woman’s vagina before. It was virtually seeing the ‘Niagara Falls’ for the first time, Linda’s pussy was so wet it dampened the bed sheets right where her pussy was. It was oozing lady juices and throbbing every time Billy applied pressure on her breasts. Rob put his face close to her entrance and smelled the fragrance of her body. He proceeded to licking the puffed-up pussy like an ice-cream. Linda’s moans increased in volume in response. She could not take it anymore, her hands reached down to Billy’s crotch and stroked his cock through his shorts, it was rock hard. She reached into his trousers and pulled out his cock stroking it at the same time, Linda could tell that Billy was extremely horny and aroused by her actions because he was dripping pre cum which she used to rub around the head of the penis. Billy felt a shiver run though him and he immediately let out the sexiest moan Linda has ever heard.

Her hips arched forward into Rob’s face when she felt him flicking her clit with his tongue. It was a feeling she never felt before. Intense and exhilarating. Same goes to Rob as he has never licked a girl’s private part before, he was new at this but was definitely getting the hang of it. He love the taste of Linda’s pussy and he literally devoured it. Of course, Linda did not let Billy miss out in the action, she was stroking his cock bare, as his trousers were ripped off only a few moments ago. She could feel the blood pulsing through his manhood and pre cum was constantly dripping out like a broken tap.

Linda loved this, it was the best feeling she had ever felt! Two of her best friends causing her so much pleasure, it was so wrong yet at the same time so right! Suddenly, she felt Rob stop licking her. “OOOHHHH MY GOD!” her eyes were wide open and her heart pumping fast, she felt Rob plunge his cock into her pussy. I shock was mixed with pain, it was her first time and she did not exactly picture it to be like that, but soon her shock turned into a smile, it felt so good to be impaled without knowing it before hand. Rob started to pump his dick in and out of her pussy, her moans were louder than ever, she was literally screaming. Such a scene! Two guys on one girl all overwhelmed by the pleasure of sex. Linda was stroking Billy’s cock as he squeezed her boobs and Rob at the bottom plunging deep into her.

All three of them got the momentum and continued the motion like pistons pumping in a machine.

It did not take long before they were at their climax.

“I’m cumming!” Rob practically shouted over all the moaning (screaming).

“Me too!” Billy was panting hard.

“Just cum into me, pour your amazing man juice into my hungry pussy, I want to make a baby with you!” Linda screamed.

“Ughhh” Rob could not hold it any longer, his cock exploded ropes of cum into her and it just kept going, he had so much to squirt! At the same time, Billy burst out and ropes of cum shot into the air landing on Linda’s face, shirt and her hand. Finally, when Rob finished he pulled his cock out of Linda. She could feel the motion, every inch he moved out she shuddered. Cum was still dripping out of her pussy as she licked Billy clean and swallowed the cum she licked off.

They lay there exhausted and drained, realizing what they did was pretty stupid, they were teenagers they had no ability to raise a child yet that was not their concern. Linda was just overwhelmed by the awesome sex she had.

“Guys, wanna do this again sometime?” She smiled

“Of course!” both boys said in unison.

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-04 19:27:42
Anonymous, you are only half right about BC. In 1969 BC was available BUT, if you were a teen you COULD NOT walk into CVS Walgreen's or your local drug store and buy a pack of rubbers as they were called in that time era. First they were kept behind the counter and if you did have the courage to ask for them it was doubtful that the druggist would sell them to you. If you were a girl there were no clinics or a school nurse to go ask for BC pills. The only BC available was the good old fashion and popular pull out before you cum method!

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-19 12:03:23
The story was okay and I gave a positive rating. However, the opening statement about birth control being unavailable in 1969 is not accurate. Also the term "STD" was not even used until much later on. What we now call STDs were referred to then as VD or venereal disease.

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