School friends of my young daughter plan a 'Happy Daddy' day
(The students at my daughter’s primary school sometimes offered more than smiles to the Dad of a fellow student….if it helps you: they also are the dominating group in this Fantasy….

Part 1

I had a Teacher-Parent meeting for my 10 year old daughter, 5th Grade Primary; I was sitting outside the classroom awaiting my turn and idly watching other students and parents as they passed to and fro.
Actually, it wasn’t truly “idly watching”; every time I visited here for some reason, there seemed to be countless reasons why I should visit again, soon: an old man’s fantasy playground a school was, every smile offered by an innocent youngster seemed to be full of less-than-innocent promise.
But, of course: I am only a Fantasist.

This school had from Kindergarten to 9th Grade, so there were all ages, boys and girls; I knew some children from our Village, from our street even and of course from my daughter’s class, 10 and 11 year olds.
2 girls stopped by me and sat on the bench opposite; “Hi, Mr. Steve, do you know us?” I looked for a few moments and smiled as I nodded. ”Of course, girls, you are in the same class as Sam/Samantha. But sorry, I don’t know your names….”
“I am Lindy” said the black haired girl; “and I am April” added the brown-haired one, both with big smiles. “Pleased to meet you Lindy and April; you both have lovely hair: I love long hair on girls, on women – even on myself” I finished with a smile, as they laughed – indeed I did have long hair, in a ponytail.

(I had promised myself some 30 years earlier, during the long hair, heavy rock period of my life – when I had to cut it for a new job – that come my retirement, I would never cut it again: so far, 4 years on, I had kept that promise.)

“Have your parents finished their meetings?”
“Oh no” said Lindy, “they are the same for both of us: always late! They are probably having a fuck at home before they endure our Teacher’s talk.”

I was amazed and my mouth must have dropped open – both girls laughed uproariously! Who was ‘having a fuck’ I wondered, and how could their daughters know, and where did they learn such language? Did my own daughter know about such things, use language like this!
“Girls, ah Lindy and April, you really shouldn’t be saying that to strangers, that should be a secret…well, even if they are, it isn’t my business…and you shouldn’t use such words – well certainly not when still so young…it isn’t very good…” I was confusing myself and getting more red-faced every moment.
“It’s ok, Mr Steve, most of our neighbours and friends know” said Lindy, the more assertive, “besides, don’t you fuck your wife too?”

The answer, should I answer truthfully, was ‘No, not for a long time She has a boyfriend and so we stopped sex and I guess she gets it with him; me, I just stopped ah, fucking.’
But I couldn’t say that to these girls so I just shook my head: not lying, but not answering in words; truth was: my daughter Samantha was all I cared about these days, hence I was here for her while her mother was out at dinner, or somewhere doing something….she didn’t care about Sam’s upbringing or education, so I made all the important decisions, in consultation with Sam herself.
“You don’t fuck your wife, Mr Steve?” April asked the question this time, not willing to let go; I wished Sam’s teacher would call me in this moment!
I never tell lies – perhaps to myself, but not to Sam or others; “No, I don’t April; end of conversation girls.”

“But…” began Lindy, “Mr Steve…ok, ok…just one more…do you like sex?”
I didn’t begin the conversation again, but that is a moot point when I responded with a positive nod of my head: I do like sex, just haven’t had any except in dreams and these 2 girls were fuel for future dreams!!
Lindy smiled, along with April, before they put their heads together and whispered conspiratorially. Sam’s teacher ushered a set of parents out her door and nodded to me with a smile.
I sighed with relief, smiled a ‘bye’ to both of my interrogators, and walked thankfully towards the classroom door.
“We’ll see you soon Mr Steve” said April; “Very soon, Mr Steve” added Lindy as I quickly entered the room, blushing and groaning…’what the hell did they mean by that?’

Samantha’s Homeroom teacher spoke, but there were several other teachers there; I was given a copy of Sam’s report: A graded in all academic subjects, same in music and dance, same in English and Thai, same in Thai studies, A- in Sport, and a glowing written summation.
I looked up beaming to ask “Any problems I should know about?”

Her Homeroom teacher answered, rather soberly it seemed so I reduced the grin to a smile; “Only a minor one perhaps, but one we wanted to bring to your attention, Sir. In Sex Education, Samantha displayed a vast knowledge – rather more than the teacher expected at her tender young age. She also knew quite a lot of details of ah, diverse sexual intercourse activities, and said she had learned this from the internet and videos.”
“Now, we pride ourselves on allowing students to explore subjects beyond the curriculums, but felt you, and your wife naturally, might perhaps limit her viewing and her access conditions on your computers.”
I framed my answer carefully; “I too am surprised frankly – not that she would know this subject as well as all others, that is what research is all about, but that she would –what- not be allowed to discuss it in class? You didn’t say she said anything incorrect, or used any ‘bad’ words to describe sex, am I correct?”
She shook her head; “So it is the quantity, the degree of her knowledge which could be a ‘minor problem’? I have to disagree – all knowledge is valuable is it not?”

I looked at them, still with a small smile “However, I will certainly check how she saw videos on the subject as certainly I have no such items ‘lying around the house’ and am not aware my wife has any. If she saw them on the internet, then yes, I will change her viewing access.”
“Will that be all, Ms M.? Other than that issue you have brought to my attention, her reports seems very pleasing to me, her proud Dad.” Miss M shook her head and the group of teachers bade me a somewhat stunned, quiet ‘bye’.
I walked out, wondering: what is it with the world today: is it National Sex Day?

I found Sam in the canteen sitting with friends, 2 of whom were Lindy and April and 2 others I didn’t know, but both some years older; all were smiling and deep in conversation – the kind that looks conspiratorial at best and downright sinister if otherwise.
I stood over the table, behind Sam’s back; Lindy and April were beside her, the others opposite so they saw me first and hurriedly looked at Sam to be quiet – just as she said “… ok, I will ask him.”

I reached down and gave her a hug, startling her and then asked “What will you ask ‘him’, honey?”
“Daddy, you scared me! Um, we were just talking about having a sleep-over and the girls wondered if we could have it at our place – because we have the big extra room….can we, Daddy?”
“What do you think Mum would say?”
She rolled her eyes at me, “Daddy, you know she won’t even be aware of us there, or won’t care, or won’t even be home probably.” “Samantha, you shouldn’t talk like that, please” I leaned down and said to her quietly.
“Sorry, Daddy – but can we have it at our place, please?”

She knew – before she even asked me the first time – her Dad would refuse her almost nothing; when I hesitated for a second before answering, she knew I was about to say “Ok, Sam, but how many girls, their parents must agree, no alcohol or tobacco or porn movies – and asleep by 9.00pm, all ok?”
Sam and the others were nodding at almost everything until the sleep time, at which they all gawked at me as if I was a dinosaur – and I burst out laughing “Got you, girls!”
“Alright, Sam, you can have it – but all girls must have permission and you are responsible for looking after them AND tidying up the next morning: agreed?” She nodded and reached up to hug and to kiss me, something natural between us, but which made Lindy say resignedly “Wish you were my Daddy, Mr Steve.”

“Are you coming home now Sam?” “Ah, no Daddy; we are going to buy a snack outside School and then I will walk with Amy and Lisa home.”
I looked blankly at her; “Daddy, this is Amy and Lisa – they both live in the soi 2 before ours; they are in Year 7 and both 12.”
They were the 2 older girls; well, older by 2 years in age, but developing I couldn’t fail but notice: both had long black hair, both had beautiful smiles for me, both had budding breasts which they seemed proud to thrust forward at me/to me/for me….I blushed at my eyes direction of stare (and the thoughts which popped into my head) and Amy noticed “Something wrong, Mr Steve?”
I blushed even more probably, and more when I looked at her face: her mouth was slightly open and her tongue was out slowly licking her lips around and around – they were glistening with moisture, pink and wet and…inviting!

Sam interrupted “So, they will go home and check with their Mums and come around and Lindy and April will be coming later; I will give them all your mobile number for their parents, ok Daddy.”
I shook my head, “Tonight Sam – the sleep-over is tonight?” “Well, it is Friday, Daddy and we are allowed to go after our Parents have met the Teachers…so we can get an early start; its perfect Daddy – not much sleep tonight, tired Saturday and recovered by Sunday for School Monday; see Daddy, perfect!”

I didn’t argue when my daughter came out with such rational, cohesive, well thought-out plans: she always won. I just nodded, told her to be careful and, waving and nodding to the girls I made my escape….I mean, I left, hearing Lindy call “See, Mr Steve, said we would see you soon!” Then Amy had the last comment at my retreating back; “Your Dad is really nice, Sam; we need to do something nice for him too….Bye Mr Steve.”

Part 2

I drove home wondering why I felt so out of control – they were 10 and 12 year old girls, for heaven’s sake! 4 of them – well, 5 with Sam, but she seemed totally innocent of the byplay the other 3-4 showed towards me.
My pants felt tight on the car seat and I realized I had a rare hard cock – even more disconcerting, my hand found my crotch was wet: I had leaked pre-cum – really, just because of some comments and smiles and a pair of lips which even now I could picture as inviting me inside them…I needed to get home, sit down, swallow a calming beer and smoke a cigarette, anything to re-find my normalcy.
I parked the car in my space and went up in the elevator and into our – yes, Sam, our spacious apartment.

But I wasn’t alone for long: Amy came to the door; my blushing face was just what she needed to see and to show me that smile again.
“Ah, where’s Sam…Samantha?”
“Oh, I didn’t need anything from home so she went home with Lisa; they’ll be here soon – can I come in and wait Mr. Steve?”
I was nonplussed, “You didn’t need anything Amy – no clothes, and pyjamas, toothbrush, and makeup…you girls always seem to need so much…?”
She grinned “Oh, Lisa will bring some of my clothes from her place; Sam said I could get a toothbrush here; we all share makeup…and I don’t wear anything to bed…Steve… is that ok with you?”
I was red-faced, I knew, and open-mouthed and probably looking apoplectic and stupid…all I could do was nod my head and try and shake out the immediate image her words had given me of a naked 12 year old in my house, a budding woman who seemed to be a woman already.
I needed another beer.

I knew what the problem was, what was causing my anxiety and shame-faced look, what had caused me to feel like this since Lindy and April had begun this day’s strange happenings, what Amy was now reinforcing by offering images of herself naked going to bed: I had felt these feelings in my dreams, my fantasies. Not about specific women – well, if I was honest, they were all about very young women – but I accepted them as being a natural alternative to a life without sex these past years.
But now, today, this moment, they seemed real, touchable – gosh, this girl really was so close as to be touchable! – And it was turning into a reality.

“Could I go down and have a swim, Mr. Steve, while I am waiting for the others?”
She didn’t jolt me out of my stupefied state, but Amy did at least make me somewhat aware of my surroundings…I am in my house with a 12 year old who is putting my long-dormant sex drive into overdrive!
“Yes, of course, Amy” then the thought “do you have a swimming costume?”
Heaven forbid if she said ‘I don’t wear any Mr Steve’ – what would I say then?
“Sam said she has a pair which should fit me; can I go and find them – you can tell me if they are ok.”
I nodded – there was little else my brain could get my body to do, though my cock seemed not to need my brain: it just jumped of its own accord every few seconds these past few minutes.

I sat down, shook my head, telling myself how stupid I am behaving: they were dreams, this is just a little girl, friend of my daughter, asking a normal question about having a swim when come somewhere with a swimming pool. I shook my head again and got up to check if we had any snacks – low salt ones – and soft drinks – low-sugar ones – or if I should go shopping for Sam and her friends.
Then Amy made me jump, exclaiming behind my back “These might be a little small, Mr Steve; what do you think?”
I turned with a start just as Amy was still adjusting those small budding breasts within the top of Sam’s black one-piece – which even I knew Sam had outgrown the year before.

Apart from mounds of little breasts – I had held and sucked such as those in my dreams…get your mind off that… - the too-tight outfit pulled right up into her crotch and made a camel toe outline push against the fabric – oh, was that some wisps of hair sticking out the sides; I groaned and then she turned around, as if embarrassed while she adjusted herself, but she thus gave me the view of her so slim body from behind, the so long legs taking my eyes up to the ‘v’ between her legs – in which the too-small costume was stuck between the crack of her delectable tiny, moulded buttocks.
I swooned and I knew it for what it was: lust.

“A little small, yes Amy, but I guess ok for one swim; I am surprised Sam still has them – even she has outgrown those costumes, though I always loved them on her.” I was regaining control, I was sure.
She turned to face me, a wide smile, those inviting lips and mouth; “And on me, ‘Daddy’, do you love them on me also?”
She stuck out her chest, those breasts thrust forward by her strong, young diaphragm; I knew I was not in control of anything!
“Yes” I whispered, “I do love them on you, my young lady.” She smiled again, recognizing my truthful words and knowing she had captured me.
“When the others come, tell them to change and come for a swim with me; would you like to swim with me Mr Steve, do something while we wait for Sam and the others?”
I nodded – no, I shook my head surely – and managed to go to the hall closet and find a towel for her; I almost dropped it in my haste to not touch her hand, or any part of her body, and get her out of the apartment: I was a nervous wreck.

I plopped down on the sofa and had regained some semblance of composure when my phone beeped a message; I opened it but as soon as I saw it was from my wife, I knew the words which would appear “Late ka”.
These came regularly – I guess at least she had the decency to let Sam and I be aware she was going out again, and so Dad and Daughter just carried on our lives as a twosome; didn’t worry me (it had all happened to me twice previously) but wasn’t a way to foster a daughter-mother relationship.

Musing on this, the door flew open and in came a storm of laughing, running girls, pausing to kick off their shoes in the vestibule, then Sam leading and coming to me to give the expected ‘Daddy, I’m home’ kiss and a hug.
Today was different however, as a parade followed her and I was kissed on my red cheek and given a little hug by April, Lindy following and almost managing to plant her mouth on mine with her kiss and a hug which pulled me towards her; Lisa was last and she paused momentarily as the others began running towards Sam’s room – when she was satisfied, she stepped between my legs, leaned down and held my cheeks as she did give me an open mouth kiss: her mouth open and her tongue pushing out trying to open mine.

I was a model of stone and restraint – until she stood, shuffled even further inside my legs and thrust her breasts at me, almost prodding my mouth with one mound until stone became jelly and my tongue probed her breast’s outline through her t-shirt for one everlasting moment.
She lifted my head up to face her smile beaming down at me and leaned back down with her mouth knowing, this time, my mouth would open to hers and I was powerless to resist.
To reinforce her control, her hand dropped from one cheek and rested on my thigh and, as her tongue gained entrance and swirled me into giddy heights, she moved that hand the fraction needed to feel and then gently stroke the jerking, straining cock she clearly knew she would find.
Lisa stepped back while my mouth wanted to prolong this forbidden contact and my cock plunged into a fantasy of the most extreme kind.
She must have been studying my flushed face and she echoed Amy’s words from earlier at school: “Anything wrong, Mr Steve?” Her feet pattered away across the polished wooden floor as I slumped back into the sofa.

I dragged myself up and slouched down the hallway towards the bedrooms; I paused at Sam’s closed door and knocked, “Sam, Amy is waiting down at the pool…” The door burst open and Sam and 3 more costume-clad girls all rushed out, brushing past me without thought, except Lisa’s ‘brush’ was closer, harder and knowing exactly where to ‘brush’. “Towels, Sam!” I called and stepped away to my room.

I showered, needing to change pants and underwear anyway, and hoping to wash away the fuzziness in my brain - as well as cool down the cock which had no need of a brain but which responded and reacted to the minimum of stimuli of its own natural accord.

Mindful of the guests, I chose underpants and shorts more carefully than just the light nylon shorts-only I habitually wore at home; I also put a t-shirt on, another non-essential when just Sam and I here.
Mr brain remembered something…ah yes, go to the local minimart and buy some snacks and drinks; I grabbed money and keys, locked the door and took the spare house key with me, heading for the swimming pool.
I quickly scanned for Sam and called and motioned her over, told her I was going to buy stuff and here is the key; she jumped out of the pool in one lithe movement and took the key across to the jumble of gear which was thrown haphazardly on some lounges.
She ran back to me, a wet hug – “Sam!” – I held her away from my clothes; gosh, she is beautiful, my brain processed: slim and svelte, dark brown skin glistening with water, long black hair, healthy white teeth shining in her grinning mouth – her mother certainly had borne us a glorious example of Beauty.

“Do you girls know what you want or are doing for dinner?” I had to ask quickly as she jumped back into the water, wiping her face of excess to look back up at me; “Wait a minute, Daddy, please.”
She called out to the girls and they all swam over, close to the side of the pool while they had an animated discussion; Lisa and Amy glanced up at me, at my face, at my groin, smiled – and I turned away to sit in a chair lest my body betray the immediate impact their looks had on my anatomy.

“Can we order pizza in, Daddy – we will all share the cost…? But could we maybe have real bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow?”
Before I could respond, April said “’Breakfast’ might be closer to lunch-time, Mr Steve” She giggled and the others joined in. “Ok, girls, dinner and ‘brunch’ is fine with me; I’ll be back soon – if you finish and go upstairs, please remember: be a bit tidy with wet towels and costumes!”
They nodded and I couldn’t help myself “I will press the bell when I am about to come inside – please make sure there aren’t 5 girls running around with no clothes on!”
They all laughed and fell about and I smiled: ha, I made a fun joke that time.
My victory of sorts was short-lived when Lindy said sweetly “What about if only 1 or 2 are running around naked Mr Steve – will that be ok?”
I was a brighter red than the sky at night can be sometimes and could only make a throwaway gesture with my hand as I turned and walked away, the images clouding my judgement and my bodily control.

I drove to the shop, bought what I had to, but no bacon – rather naturally as very few local shops in Thailand stock such an item, so I decided to offer Sam breakfast out tomorrow, where someone else could cook the bacon and eggs for them; I smiled: good idea Dad.

Part 3

Back home, all was quiet when I knocked on the door, waiting there 2 full minutes before I loudly inserted the key and turned the lock…no-one screaming and naked inside the main lounge room, so I headed to the kitchen to unload.
I could see a pile of wet towels in the laundry basket, so that was good anyway: no great mess to start with.
I put the soft drink and juice in the fridge to keep cool, snacks on the bench top and went to relax on the sofa…and slumped down to a late afternoon nap; my last thought was: the girls are very quiet….

I am having a dream…that was almost what I thought next – or am I thinking that is the thought - but the sensation was just too incredible to be a brain-generated feeling: this was my body and it was being licked and eaten by a seeming-multitude of parasitic ‘somethings’ with small mouths and small teeth and small hands…it wasn’t a dream – was it?

A voice whispered in my ear “A snack before pizza” and another voice hummed on my cock “Me too!”
I never had wet dreams, well not for a long time, but I had fantasies of them and perhaps I was in one of those; the feeling was real - surely: I was ejaculating and I was euphoric – I thought I had been well retired from sex, but a fantasy which could make me cum was a beautiful thing!
My mouth was agape, breathing shallow and then deep and laboured; I was being drained of energy and then a mouth was opened over mine and that very same energy was being dribbled back into my body even as a pair of lips sucked my virtual, dreaming penis clean and back to sleep.

But the taste in my mouth was also no fantasy – it couldn’t be: salty, somewhat bitter, somewhat sweet, thick like cream, and pushed down by a tongue which was too sensual to be fantasised and a breath too aromatic of youth to be known to my memory – wasn’t it?
I had never really tasted myself, my own cum, though I had licked wives cunts after having sex – was this that same taste? Surely: yes, but delivered to me like this…oh no, I am waking up….I don’t want to wake up! Who had it been – there was no-one there when I did open my eyes and took a final swallow!

All was quiet yet again as I stirred myself, washed my face in the basin in my room, urinated and flushed and cleaned my teeth of the lingering taste of …whatever it was, but it must just be a fantasy: my shorts weren’t soaked from cumming in them, my cock felt clean and normal size…the taste must just have been I hadn’t cleaned my teeth since lunch-time.

The sun was setting as I paused outside Sam’s room, listening before knocking; it was unnaturally quiet, no answer, so I opened the door a little and saw…an empty room. Where have they gone – Sam always let me know so I left the door open, noting the room was quite tidy for 5 girls having a ‘party’ and found a note on the dining table: “Daddy, just downstairs on the grass; you were sleeping – did we wake you, hehe! Love Sam”
What was the “...hehe...” about – yes, something woke me, but did Sam have anything to do with it…with what…with my dream…?
As it darkened I turned some lights on and then the girls returned, just as I took my café from the microwave and found the latest Pizza leaflet in the recycling box to put on the kitchen bench-top. I sat down and turned on BBC News as they made the usual cacophony of talk and giggles that young girls do naturally, especially when 5 of them were discussing what to order in for their dinner.

10 minutes later, most of this edition of the News being a repeat of what I had seen earlier in the day (given the time difference of GMT+7), Sam came bouncing over, Amy and Lisa with her; they all plunked themselves down, Sam and Lisa either side while Amy felt buoyant and brave enough to jump on my lap, as Sam clutched the leaflet and said “We need your phone Daddy: that’s the number the Pizza place knows and to deliver, ok; we are ready to order now – what would you like Daddy?”
‘I would like Amy to stop squirming on top of my cock’ is what I needed to say – or did I want that? I was in a perpetual state of confusion and arousal with these girls here: it wasn’t a good idea; next time I would have our housekeeper take care of them and fly off somewhere I could have them physically away from me at least!
“Ah, is some Hawaiian on the order? 2 pieces of anything will do me – you know that is enough to fill me Sam…”
Amy jumped in my lap, and my cock jumped into the empty space her jump allowed it, so when she came down she almost speared herself on a constricted, hard, bowed rod in my pants: it hurt! “I ordered that, Daddy Steve, you can share with me and fill me up too!”
‘Fill her up too’ – if the stitching on my pants broke, she was likely to get exactly that, without even ordering a pizza!

I had to excuse myself; I gingerly, very carefully, lifted Amy off my lap – assuming her nightie covered her panties and buttocks…and other parts, I put my hands and arms under her: just a Dad of a friend, but – yes, you can guess – she had no panties and she wriggled in my hands so much I picked her up with hands on her bare buttocks; a short wriggle later, some of my fingers were scraping the bare front of her, as in: her naked, open - wet! – Vagina!
I dropped her hastily on the sofa, told Sam to get my phone and call in the order…”I have to go to the toilet…and then you girls get plates and everything ready, ok!” and I stumbled away, around the far side of the sofa trying to hide the erection which wouldn’t be hidden.

Lindy stopped me on the way “We” indicating herself and April, “are having Hawaiian too, Daddy, so you can share with us as well as Amy! We will take care of you!” She looked down at my shorts, at my groin, at the wet spot and the poking cock throbbing there; “We will take care of you….”
In the relative safety of my bathroom, stripping off my shorts and underwear again, as well as my t-shirt, I splashed cold water on my face and chest, under my arms and even rinsed off the head of my jutting penis.
Today was like no other; it had been so long since I had felt aroused, let alone had pre-cum several times or erections several times in a short space of hours and only in dreams had there been younger females to stir these passions – and one of them was my own 10y.o. daughter for heavens’ sake!

They were lovely and beautiful and sexy, true, all of them; they were also coquettish and manipulative and dominating – well, not all of them: I didn’t, couldn’t, think this of my own Sam, could I? Though, to be fair to the others, she did or could fit most of the adjectives on occasions.
Musing through these tortuous paths of why I was so affected today, I stood at my clothes cupboard without reaching for anything.

“Daddy, can we have your money for dinner please – we are 100 baht short.” Sam pushed open the bedroom door and entered: normal between us when her mother was not home.
However, she didn’t generally - or ever - find her Dad with a bobbing, alive and extended cock as she found now!
“Why have you been aroused today Daddy – I have noticed it several times, but I never see it when you are with Mum?” She had stared for a few seconds before asking this and now kept her eyes on my nakedness awaiting a response – a response of words, one assumes, rather than bounces from a proudly displayed prick (I was rather proud actually – proud I could even get it erected so well when I had thought it retired and on its way to wherever dead pricks go).
I wasn’t frozen, nor was I an extrovert, but I felt comfortable standing there under the gaze of my daughter; a wave of sensuality flowed through me as I realised she was looking at me as a Man, not just her Daddy, and I was awash with pleasure and egocentric happiness that my body could do this to her.

Or was I perverted – and this flash of a thought sent me scurrying into my drawer for a pair of briefs to start with, pulling open the door of the cupboard to partially conceal me while I put them on and bashed my penis down and inside, before finding a stronger (though hotter) pair of shorts to wear.
I turned around “Remember our ‘Birds and the Bees’ talks, Sam?” Sam laughed “Oh Daddy, I am grown up now; I know so much more than that – just ask my Teachers!”

Ah, I didn’t need to say ‘they have already told me Samantha’; that might have backfired at this delicate stage, so I said “I know you do, but remember when 2 birds, generally of the same species and generally a male and female, like each other, or 2 bees similarly….” I waited for her nod, “Well, that happens, as I am sure you know, between males and females of the human species too….”

“Of course I know, Daddy – some people call it ‘being turned on’; what are you trying to say about you?”
“Ah, well [I never lie to her, remember] that is a good way to put it: it seems today I have felt ‘turned on’ – just a little – by you girls.” Oh hell, that wasn’t what I should have said was it!

Sam stood and contemplated my words before choosing her own; “You mean my friends – Lindy and April and Lisa and Amy….” I nodded my head “….and me?”
I nodded my head again.
“Which one of them, of us, turned you on, Daddy; or all of them, all of us?” I nodded my head yet again.

“Cool! Now can I have the 100 baht, Daddy – the pizza should be here soon.” I motioned her over and found a 100 note for her on my desktop, turning to hand it to her; she was right beside me, close, so close as she leaned in and put her arms around my waist to hug me, taking the money at the same time…
“The girls knew they turned you on, Daddy – they are having fun playing with you, but I felt a bit left out that I didn’t have the same effect; now I know, my wonderful Daddy: I do, I can see it – and feel it.” Her hand slipped from my waist to my erection and she stroked it tip to base, ever so lightly and wonderingly; “It’s been a long time since I played with this in the shower Daddy; I never knew it was so big!”

Well, now you know, my baby girl I thought as she skipped happily out after a final caress of the betraying prick, though it hasn’t happened before – and it shouldn’t happen again either – it isn’t right for an old man to give in to – lust – for young girls, for his daughter and let his body show it: I have to be stronger I told myself….yeah, right!

Part 4

I crept out sheepishly, scanning ahead….my own hallway for goodness’ sake! I straightened and walked authoritatively towards the lounge and dining areas, but quickly changed direction to the kitchen when I heard voices.
A café, I decided: perhaps I had had too many beers today; I prepared it, put the mug in the microwave and then the doorbell rang: pizza is here.
My café was ready just as the girls all ran into the kitchen and put the boxes of food and bottles of (sugar-hyping) cola on the bench; Sam was last having settled up the bill and she smiled broadly at me, “Come on Daddy, sit at the table – see it’s all ready – and we will serve you first.”

Lindy was closest to me and she took my hand and pulled me out of the kitchen and over to sit at my customary place on the side of the table – Sam and I sat opposite each other if we ate at the table, generally without her mother at home – and thus I was seated now. Lindy went back to help the others cut and serve the pizzas, put the garlic bread on a plate, the chicken wings and other extras also, and in marched a troop with enough food for twice the number!
Thankfully, Sam came and sat beside me, but worryingly perhaps, Lindy sat to my right at the head of that end of the table; I looked at her and her smile said ‘I will take care of you….’

A plate was in front of me already so it only needed a piece of pizza – 3 of them appeared simultaneously, courtesy of Lindy, Amy and April, who had to lean across Sam to place hers on my plate last. “Girls, thanks, but I can’t eat 3 pieces – heavens, I have to watch my weight…just like you girls!”

I got them laughing anyway: my 51kgs was hardly ‘overweight’, in fact I was skinny and always had been, and none of the girls could be described as anything more than slim…. and lovely and perfectly weighted and gorgeous and delectable and ripe for the opening….I shook my head: where are these thoughts coming from!
I downed the rest of my café, preferring a beer with pizza, and picked up the first piece and gingerly bit into the still-hot crust – just as my phone beeped a message.
Sam had yet to sit down so I nodded at her unspoken question and she picked up my phone from the lounge room table; “It’s from Mum, will I read it, Daddy?” I nodded, still chewing a hot mouthful of pizza; “Away overnight with office social club, home tomorrow night. Love you both.”

Sam looked at me, sympathy on her young lovely face “I’m sorry, Daddy, another lonely night for you….”
“Maybe not” Lindy said quietly, at the same time as I felt her foot rubbing against my leg under the table; I jumped and choked and rushed to the kitchen for some water, and to escape.

When I had calmed, I took a beer from the fridge, opened it, took a swallow followed by a deep breath and walked back in, all the girls looking at me; I smiled, “Sorry, food went down the wrong way. Sam, it’s ok, we have been just us before, it doesn’t matter – besides, tonight, you have all your friends here; Mum just lives her own life, she loves us in her own way, but we have each other when we need more ok – so come on, sit down and let’s eat while it is still hot!”

The next hour was spent in juvenile conversation, giggling, eating, drinking and wiping pizza sauces from cute mouths.
That period didn’t include Dad; I ate my normal 2 pieces, pronounced myself full and excused myself from the table, slumping on the sofa with a full stomach of food but a need for more beer when I drained the empty bottle.

I didn’t get to rise to head for the kitchen before my dead bottle was taken from my hand from behind the sofa and a cold bottle was exchanged for it and the small hands of April pushed it into my beer holder and held it over to me. She was leaning down over the sofa behind me, her long brown hair (how I knew who it was) loose and brushing my cheeks as she leaned forward, almost nuzzling my neck in her stretch to put the new bottle into my hands – clearly, I could have reached my hands up towards her to make it easier, but her presence froze me in position with perhaps only the new twitch of my cock a sign that I was not a statue.
Her arm was along my arm, her dainty hand touching mine as she struggled to get me to grasp the bottle in its holder, her breath was on the skin of my neck, and then her lips were pressing against my earlobe and erogenous spot underneath as she nipped me delicately with her teeth, before whispering “Back soon, Daddy” and leaving with a slurp of her tongue in my sensitive ear.

Where do these girls learn this stuff, I asked myself in awe of their 10 and 12y.o. talents as sultry women, provocative with every word and gesture today, seducing me with sex barely concealed behind their clothes and their ages, exciting me like nothing perhaps ever had.
This was a bad idea, this sleep-over – wasn’t it?
I mean, ok if my dreams could now include the fantasies generated by these girls today, by Sam, but dreams and fantasies aren’t real are they: they come, they give pleasure or quench desires unfulfilled, and then they disappear and real, true reality returns, right?
But a hard cock in my pants as many times today as probably I’d had in the past couple or few years was making reality of a fantasy (and a lot of washing for our housekeeper on Monday too!)

“Daddy, are you all right – you look stuck in stone there for the past 10 minutes?” Sam settled into my lap, yes: on a lump in my pants she couldn’t fail to recognise. “Daddy, are you aroused again? Is that what pizza can do for you – gee, can it do that for me too?” She laughed and gave me a hug when I smiled at her joke; “Or was it April perhaps, giving you a beer – was it the pizza, April or the beer Daddy which has made this?” She wriggled her bottom on me, knowing I could feel her even as she could feel me; “Oh Daddy it is getting bigger again…so was it the pizza, April, beer or perhaps even me, your little girl which has made this?”

“Sam, where is the detergent?” called a voice from the kitchen; Sam extricated herself from lying across me, seemingly with more trouble than necessary and using her hands to push herself up by means of a shove against my groin; “We’ll clean up the table and the kitchen Daddy; funny, I feel I need to clean up myself too, and you should also Daddy!” She stood, looked at my own groin and I guess the wetness I could feel yet again and then she felt her own groin – was she wet, from me or herself?
“Maybe it is you, Daddy – you making all the girls, and me, and yourself like this today!”

How could it be me, I asked myself: I have been just a Dad, haven’t I? Going to my daughter’s school, listening to her friends, agreeing to a sleep-over, to pizza and tomorrow’s breakfast…what had I done to cause these young girls to tease and seduce me?

Well, I suppose honestly, it was my loss of body control which showed them my thoughts were centred around my cock at times; I suppose I had ogled Amy in Sam’s too-small swimming costume, and I had allowed my tongue to covet the offered breast of Lisa as well as opening my mouth to hers, and I had joked about catching them naked (an innocent joke surely…) and both Amy and Sam had sat on my lap when a raging cock was under their tiny bottoms, and I had felt – inadvertently – Amy’s wet vagina when I lifted her off, and had allowed my erection to remain erect when Sam came to get my pizza money and hadn’t complained when she stroked it as she used to do – flaccid – in the shower in her baby years, and I had confided to her all the girls, including her, turned my arousal on, and I had felt sensuous when April gave me my new beer just before….
And I had experienced a dream so real, in which I had been sucked off by some young girl, or girls….
Now I had had my daughter on my lap again and made her wet, or wet her with myself….Was all this because of ME, or because of THEM?

I adjusted myself in my shorts, hoped the slightly wet spot would quickly dry/disappear, and turned on the TV to sport, picking up the new beer which April had so sexily delivered to me before.

Part 5

Lindy was the first to appear from the kitchen, so she chose the spot next to me; apart from the words at school this morning which, frankly, shocked me and her foot under the table at dinner, and her jibe about finding only 1-2 girls naked when I came home from shopping – well, apart from all this torment, she had been rather quiet.
She sat close to my side, legs touching, but thankfully only for a moment as all the girls came running in from the kitchen; “All done, Daddy!” Sam announced proudly, “Can we watch TV or a video out here; mine is too small; ok, daddy, thanks, and we’ll all even go and get ready for bed so you don’t even have to tell us later to do this; thanks Daddy, you are a wonderful Daddy, and a nice, handsome Man too.” She leaned down and grasped my face in both hands and held me straight as she kissed me on the mouth – something Sam and I hadn’t done in several years!
She backed off, but Lindy immediately took her place, her physical actions the same except she made sure she accomplished what she had tried to do earlier in the day: entrap my mouth to allow her to join with my body via her tongue.

I moaned, I know I did, and let her have her way, just as Lisa had with my mouth; but as I closed my lips with hers, a jolt of remembrance hit me: Lindy’s mouth took me to the mouth covering mine and dribbling in the energy which had seemed sucked from my cock, from my body, in that fantastic dream I had had on this very sofa!

They both ran off to join the others in Sam’s bedroom - and I hadn’t said a word!

I tried to move my mind ( and my straining cock) to give its attention to the TV, but it was hopeless; it could have been Rugby, which I thought I had been watching a while earlier, but now it might be golf or skiing, or even – heaven forbid – ice hockey or one of those odd sports I never watched…my eyes were focused, but my brain wasn’t – it was recalling Sam’s, then Lindy’s mouths against mine, and trying to match those feels to ones on my cock in my dream, which was becoming less like a dream throughout the afternoon and evening as other things happened….

I stood and shook my head, managed to focus and I was actually watching the BBC News Sports Report, hence the amalgam of different blurred images; I took a sip of beer; a growing noise intruded and I found the 5 girls back, dancing and jumping around in front of me.
I swooned; there is no other expression: I was seated or would have fallen over without a doubt in a faint, so luckily I was only subject to a swoon as I tried to absorb the picture in front of me, all around me, over me when they jumped on the sofa!

5 girls, all dressed in ‘shorty’ pyjamas – shorts and short-sleeved tops; it didn’t take an x-ray machine to see none of them had bras under the sheer nylon tops they all bounced in, nor to discern that none of them had any panties on under their shorts.
3 colours seemed familiar as Sam’s: she was in one set and had pointed tips of breasts even if they weren’t big enough to bounce; (I kept my eyes averted from her groin area).
Lisa had a borrowed one on also, as did Amy – a la Sam’s too-small costume for swimming she had also borrowed. Clearly they were some way more advanced than Sam, Lindy and April, but in choosing Sam’s old ones, they were ensuring their boobs and camel’s toes were highly visible – certainly to me, this tortured man!

I groaned and it was April who sat by me on one side and leaned in for a hug on my shoulder; “Don’t worry, Mr Steve, this is just a game to make you happy!” “You are happy aren’t you, Daddy?” Another voice questioning my mental state – surely Sam’s – joined my other side, but it was the hand slowly stroking along the length of my cock within my shorts which went straight to the point: “You must be happy to have grown this, Mr Steve – so we must be doing a good job of being nice to you and yes, making you happy today.”

One of them, another, placed their lips on mine and pushed me against the back of the sofa while forcing her tongue down my throat; this presence had strong bulbs of breasts and hard – really hard – nipples poking into my chest: must be Lisa (who seemed to like being in my mouth) or Amy who might now be adding to her collection of memories of this day: me gaping as she adjusted her breasts inside Sam’s costume; my cock poking at her as she sat on my lap; my hand feeling her up as I lifted her off…oh my, was there more!

A hand was under my t-shirt, making for and finding my chest, rubbing all over before sensually, maturely, rubbing my nipples in turn, tweaking them as I might do to a woman - and something never done to me before! No, there were 2 hands, different owners, one either side, on either nipple and side of my chest, changing over to the other, bodies stretching across mine, points and bumps into my skin-and-bones sensitive body, and then the moment when my eyes flew open and my brain cleared: that moment when Sam, my daughter, reached her hand down inside my shorts and began cupping and stroking my cock – and this was no baby-playing-with-Daddy-in-the-shower!

“Samantha!” I jumped up, knocking her hand out, knocking my beer over and dislodging the other hands from my chest; “What’s happened to you, to all of you today? You are so young, girls, this behaviour should be way, a long way, ahead of you!”

“Daddy, stop it; stop pretending with us!” The strength in her voice stopped me abruptly and I faced her, my own daughter about to launch into a speech, I could see.
“You confessed to me we all turn you on, because we are all young right? You told Lindy and April you don’t have sex, but do like sex; I know you don’t have any, don’t ever go out with another woman to have any sex, don’t really have a wife, and me not really a mother. You have spent almost every minute since we came from school with a hard prick in your shorts, we have all felt it – and do you know how many times you have changed shorts just in a few hours Daddy? You need something in your life, Daddy, and we all agreed we would try and give you a special night and day with us. We know what we are doing – we have some DVDs which have shown us all what a Man likes; so just give in and let us get on with our project ‘Happy Daddy’, ok?”

I walked to the kitchen, fixing my mind on the basic need to get a towel to wipe up my spilled beer from the table, keep my thoughts away from ‘The True Confessions of a Daughter and her Friends about her ‘Happy Daddy Project’’.
I ambled back towards the table with the towel, but Lindy stepped in front of me, her young bumps of breasts clearly visible through her top and heading towards me, arms encircling me in a hug of her slim arms, pressing against me to whisper up “Sam wants to make you happy, Mr Steve, but she was sure you wouldn’t let her do anything with you, so we all offered to help; it is ok to be happy, and we all know what we are doing, nobody else will know and we trust you – we all love you.”
She kissed my chest and stepped back, taking the towel from my hand but holding my hand and leading me back to the dining room table; “Sit here for a few minutes while we clean up.”
I wasn’t in control anymore, was I?

I glanced over to them and found my eyes looking at the pink nylon-covered bottom of April facing back at me as she wiped the wooden floor of beer; her shorts were tight, outlining her buttocks and pulled tightly into the crease and down between her thighs; I groaned: a man lost to his lust.

Then I saw a row of white teeth flashing at me from her smiling mouth as she looked at me upside down back through her legs – she knew what I was staring at, and that body part wriggled at me. My face suffused with blood and then drained when the blood flowed instead to my cock and it jutted and jerked, almost screaming to be unfettered and unrestrained by my shorts.
Sam came over after firstly getting me a new beer; placing it on a mat on the table, she said quietly “Sorry I spoke so strongly, Daddy, but you seemed to be ignoring our messages – so I had to make you understand.” She leaned in to me for a hug and a kiss and this time I let her find my mouth with hers as she melded herself to my side and I put an arm around her holding her closer, feeling her lips part and her tongue probe out to my lips, sensuously running the tip around them before poking it between them, asking them to open to her.
My hand caressed her back and her buttocks through the thin material; a jolt of static electricity between my rubbing hand and her nylon jolted us both and my mouth gave her full access as her hand again stroked my cock through my own material, thicker but not thick enough to hide it or to stop its arousal and its jumping around at the feel of her hand so close; perhaps it knew this was the hand which had so recently been on its bare skin for a few moments.

Her body was tiny, as was her mouth and her hand, but she seemed all too aware that smallness could be as alluring as any larger size; she may even have been thinking, as her Dad was: ‘Dad hasn’t kissed Mum like this for, maybe forever, but he is kissing me, his Daughter, like this.

Part 6

Someone said loudly, “Let’s all get a drink and the snacks and, Sam, we could bring a DVD out to watch here with your Daddy….”
Sam stepped back, her beaming face evidence of her enjoyment and her knowledge that I had finally ‘got the message’.
“Will you watch a film with us Daddy?” I nodded, releasing her from my embrace so she could go to the kitchen and natter with the others, heads close together; when obviously they had reached agreement, they put snacks on various plates, grabbed cans of drink – not sugar-filled ones I noted with a brain still working it seemed.
They transferred all this to the lounge room, clustered around the sofa and the 2 side chairs; when satisfied, Lindy motioned to me to bring my beer and choose a seat while they all ran to the bedroom and some to one of the bathrooms available.
I chose a sofa chair, placing my beer carefully on a mat on the side table; then I decided on some crackers and cheese and set about making a plate of those, adding some pickle relish – wishing I had some Branston pickle – and then wiping down the benches and sinks.
I could hear their voices getting settled and the DVD and TV and stereo turn on and the movie was starting as I returned to my chair, put my plate down and made myself comfortable.

“Comfortable’ lasted all of 30 seconds as I saw the ads for other available titles with their flashes of scenes from those movies: they were all what I would class as ‘pornographic’ – certainly the ads were very graphic!
“It’s all right, Mr Steve” Lisa spoke quietly as she moved to my chair and inserted herself in my chair, squeezing me across so she could sit beside me and against one armrest. Then she had to lean across me to put her can of drink on the side table on my far side; this seemed to be a careful and slow process – was she concerned about spilling it – as her body pressed across my front and she stretched her arm out to reach.
Her breasts were easily the largest of the group as they rubbed and squashed themselves on my abdomen, flattening like a squashed scoop of light chocolate ice-cream then regenerating as she dragged them across and up and away from me – well, away from close contact with my body but not from my mesmerised longing gaze down the flared opening of her top – and they were like scoops of ice-cream with a small cherry on top: waiting to be licked and sucked, savoured in the mouth, as indeed was exactly the way I enjoyed ice-cream, rarely eaten but made into a thoroughly sensual experience when it was eaten.
Was I about to enjoy such an experience with real cherry-topped ice-cream…it seemed it was being served to me for my enjoyment

When dialogue began, Lisa settled beside me, lifted my arm and placed it around her shoulders, draping over her front, my hand only needing a final few millimetres of movement to be resting on one of those breasts.
I resisted for now and looked, for the first time, at the screen: it was a shot of a young girl snuggled up beside an older man in a sofa chair, his arm around her shoulder; they were watching a video – the only difference to the reality I was in was that the screen man was indeed fondling the girls young breasts.

“Daddy, don’t you want to touch and hold that young breast?”
“Look at the screen, Daddy Steve – doesn’t he look like he likes it, wants it, loves it?”
“See how gentle he is Daddy Steve, caressing her body – he must be taking care of the girl or she wouldn’t let him would she?”
“Look at the girl, Daddy Steve; she is happy and she looks at the man and wants him to be happy too.”

Voices in my head, directing my vision and my thoughts; I was submissive and agreed with everything which had been spoken to me and, as the man again enveloped one of the girl’s breasts on the screen, I did the same to the one waiting under my hand, on Lisa’s enticing body, and that first touch of a budding woman’s breast, with skin so unnaturally smooth, finally took my resolve and I knew this was what I harboured in my thoughts and fantasies and dreams: this perfection of a young woman in my hands, my arms.

I touched Lisa’s nipple; she jumped beside me, sighing, and her nipple jumped upright against my finger – my fingers as I twirled it, growing it harder, a woman’s nipple on a young girl’s mammary.
I looked at my daughter and the others: Sam was smiling at me, Amy and Lindy had their hands down their shorts, and April was licking her lips with her eyes fixed on Lisa and I. Changing my view to the screen, I copied the man, now looking at April – for some reason, she drew me to see how she was reacting.
I had 2 arms and hands; I picked up Lisa’s drink and offered the straw to her mouth: it was open already but she closed her lips and sucked greedily, freeing the straw and craning her neck to look up at me, smiling and mouthing ‘thank you’.

Putting the drink back, I picked Lisa’s body up and lay her on me, facing the TV, her buttocks were lying on top of my extended cock and her back was relaxed up against my abdomen and chest, her face nestling into the crook of my neck as I undid the 2 buttons of her top, spread the sides away and placed two hands on her two breasts and began to gently cup them, stroke them, caress them with my man-sized hands and stop to tweak her nipples in a non-random cycle.

Lisa was moaning and she now had to copy the girl on the screen, the girls in our room, and her hand delved below her waistband and was furiously fingering herself, twitching and sighing and uttering noises.
Glancing at April, her hand was now in her shorts, copying the others – even Sam I also saw; they both looked at me, their eyes boring into mine with a lust I couldn’t have imagined yesterday in any 10 year old girls.

The man on the screen hadn’t copied me, other than opening her pyjama top, but he did something else which I now copied from him: I rolled Lisa over, pulled her upwards to my mouth for a fast, deep, open kiss, her thighs widening and then closing as my prick was encased within them, but then pulled her up further, my tongue slipping down her neck and only stopping when one of those cones was at my mouth ready for the devouring of the cherry topping before beginning the sucking of that which I couldn’t ignore: the mound which would hold the milk of life within in the future.

Lisa moaned and her hand, still within her pyjama pants, but now also sliding along the length of my cock, became locked within her and she began writhing under me, on top of me really, as I moulded her breasts with my mouth and lips and tongue, and my man-sized prick jumped repeatedly up at her young woman-sized cunt, and she squealed into my neck, her free hand clawing at my hands on her breasts and she gushed out at me – she literally had an orgasm which caused her juices to be thrust forth and out of her body, obviously soaking her hand as well as her pyjamas and my groin underneath.

My cock wanted to join the eruption, but I somehow calmed it: I didn’t know if this was Lisa’s first major climax or not, but it was a violent orgasm and I wanted her to feel it without a rampant cock joining the action.
My lips reached her forehead and cheek, lightly placing my lips there; my hands slowed and feathery light roved around her breasts, not touching her nipples at all, but my arms were enclosing her in safety and warmth: I loved her at this moment and wanted her to feel the emotions within me and herself.

Perhaps 10 minutes passed; the movie was showing a new scene, a different girl, straddling the lap of the same man sitting in the sofa chair.
Lisa stirred and slid her mouth to mine, gently kissing; she hummed “I am wet – did you do that, Daddy?”
I kissed her, shaking my head; “Not me, young woman, you wet us both! I hope it was something enjoyable which made you feel like doing this?”
“Oh my heavens did I; I have never felt anything like that before – I have seen it on the movies, but…oh, I want to have that again!”

“Lisa, the movie has changed; you need to get up now.”
I looked at April standing beside me; “Just give her another minute, April; she needs time…” “No, Mr Steve, the movie changes: we change; it is my turn in this chair with you.”
Lisa struggled to rise, but April helped/pulled at her arms; a little slowly, I realised this was part of the game: a new girl on the movie, a new girl with me here. Well, I had entered the game already, so I helped Lisa also and she staggered off with her drink to collapse on some cushions thrown on the floor, curling her legs up and mewling like a kitten which has finished the first bowl of milk but wants more.
April looked at my shorts, then at the movie; “He will take his shorts off soon, Mr Steve; you can beat him and take yours off now please – I don’t want to sit in Lisa’s cum.”

I did as requested – ordered – by this young forceful girl: 10 years old, her long brown hair falling in gentle waves setting her apart from the other 4 with their natural, straight long black hair; it seemed to give April an added alluring trait, a slight advantage as a seductress - well I felt it to be so as I tugged my shorts down, forcing them over the hump of my prick and dropping them to the floor, sitting back in the chair at the gentle shove she gave me.

She glanced at the screen, my eyes following; April smiled at me, cocking an eyebrow as I saw the screen man remove his shorts and sit back down, his girl straddling his lap as April now did to me, facing me, seeming to know through repeated viewings what was happening behind her in the movie: she removed her top, slowly undoing each button and shrugging it off her shoulders.
Her nipples were the only signs of a woman on her young girl’s chest, buds of breasts not yet reaching their Spring of beginning to flower – but her nipples had run ahead in the maturity stakes and were jutting out like those of a much older girl: how erotic!

I glanced past her and the little girl on screen was exactly the same – my daughter and her friends seem to have choreographed their parts to mimic as closely as possible the girls on screen. Except for Lisa’s momentous orgasm, not seen on screen by me anyway, they were following the script.

I didn’t care about the script anymore; I leaned my mouth in and grabbed a nipple with my teeth, not biting, just holding while my tongue slurped at it. April groaned and slid herself along the length of my cock, her body weight (slight as it is) holding my cock straight in my underpants after I pushed it down under her.

Her thin shorts and my thin underpants felt like membranes between our raw selves, which seemed both to want to be touching in the real flesh. She scraped and dragged herself along and back, the girth of my cock enough for her to feel it widening her thighs and pushing at the lips of her cunt, perhaps rubbing her clit, and certainly causing juices to wet through to me, through my jockeys and coating my skin.
Her movements caused her nipple to be alternately stretched a little and relaxed, still held within my grasp and subject to my tongue’s ministrations; I released one and quickly repeated what I wanted on the other. April took my head in her hands and pulled me into her chest closer, her mouth agape and she was collapsing against my neck, that cascaded hair – as she had before – tickling my neck and her mouth sensuous on my skin and near my ear.

My hands were free, travelling up and down her back, counting ribs and feeling every little piece of satin skin; I wanted to rip her shorts off and feel her buttocks and thighs and all the forbidden places. Instead, I placed them around her waist, just above the hips which had yet to develop into a woman’s, and I lifted her up, allowing my cock to jut back upwards, stretching my underpants, and I sat her down again; she squeaked and squirmed.
The head of my cock was now rubbing vertically up her slit at the front to her bared abdomen, and her lower slit was sitting on my ball sac; it must have been stimulating her clitoris and she began panting, sitting herself up and down at her leisure, while I swapped tits back and forth and swooped my tongue off them to slurp her chest up to her neck, making her crane her head upwards and then I could burrow through her hair and I nibbled her earlobe for a long minute, as she had done to me.

If the object of each part of the movie was to get an orgasm from the girl, I was doing better than the screen guy, as April took 5 minutes, no more, to decide this new position sent her mind to the mountain top and she almost yelled ‘hallelujah’ as she must have climaxed, perhaps twice after I quickly switched my teeth and tongue back to her nipple and pulled and sucked hard and quickly; the result was eventually a slumped body against me and underpants now uselessly wet.

Soon, I stirred from a minute’s nap and found Sam and Lindy helping April to the floor; she just lay there, collapsed, but did mumble for some water.

Sam and Lindy then stood in front of me and stripped – tops and bottoms. Was I supposed to study them, compare them, hug them….I did have time to notice the puffiness and redness of Sam’s vagina lips, but actually the questions required no answer as each of them straddled one leg and sat their vulvas down, their 2 legs side-by-side in the middle of my thighs stretching me so that my cock was centrally outlined in the frame between them, straining for the wet material to just break and be gone.

Sam squished as she sat and ejected an easy sliding trail of her juices as she moved closer along my leg, exciting herself further; Lindy seemed somewhat less wetly prepared, but she was a wanton young woman and she just plonked herself right at my body so she could get at my mouth – she clearly loved kissing and French kissing most of all it seemed, taking her chance to again delve inside mine and search every spot as if seeking hidden treasure. She pulled slightly back and breathed “Now you are letting Sam and I make you happy, Mr Steve, thank you: I love you.”

She pulled my head down to kiss me again and this time it was my tongue causing her to moan as I probed the depths of her far smaller mouth and mashed my lips against hers in a surge of desire to feel the inner sensuality of this girl, friend of my daughter, and my lover at this moment in Time.
Sam had not been idle while Lindy took over my mouth and head; she quickly retrieved that which I had denied her before I accepted all which was to come, and which was now happening; she pulled my jockeys away from my groin, scraped her fingers through the bush inside and struggled to free my cock to the outside world – a welcome relief to it to be sure, after all this time of constriction.

“Daddy, these have to come off” Sam said, tugging at my freed pulsing, weeping cock and my underpants and, as if this was the signal, Lindy peeled her mouth from mine and they both stood and reached for my arms to pull me upright from the chair.

Lisa, recovered and smiling, appeared with a pair of scissors in her hand; for a moment I stared at the instrument, a fleeting thought that my cock was about to be cut off as punishment!
Instead she grabbed the waistband and cut my jockeys away, her hand not neglecting to hold my cock as if protecting it, but rubbing it seemed rather superfluous – I was as rigid and of a size I couldn’t recall having before, certainly not for a very long time – though she appeared to enjoy the contact of her hand trying to circle my girth, the wet coating allowing her to masturbate me as she cut with her other hand; I groaned and she giggled.

It was Lindy who pried Lisa’s hand away when my underpants fell to the floor and I was now joined in nakedness with my daughter – nothing new there – and her friend, a newly erotic state which threatened, all by itself, to cause an eruption from my cock.
Now I glanced at the movie characters: 3 of them, but Lindy pulled my arm downwards and I found I was to lie on the floor (on a couple of cushions which a thoughtful Sam dragged there for me); Lisa was standing above me, moulding her breasts in my view as she stared at the TV, but Sam’s visage interjected and she squatted behind my head, her knees cradling it, her hands reaching forward to take hold of my nipples and lower her own pointy ones – almost identical to April’s – to my mouth, but this was only a prelude as she quickly moved her abdomen across my face and used her own mouth to nip and suck my nipples.

My eyes could see nothing other than her perfect olive-brown skin, and a tiny indented belly button which my tongue flicked out into; she bit a little too hard and I twitched, and twitched more when a hand took hold of my cock and I found it slurped by a hungry pair of lips: Lindy wanting something else in her mouth.
And with that mouth working over my manhood, my daughter moved her young womanhood to my mouth.

I dived in, knowing how wet she had been moments ago I wanted to suck my Sam’s bodily essences, not waste them leaking away. I had 2 hands and I raised her childish hips a few centimetres to absorb the sight of her swollen pink labia in front of my eyes, in front of my mouth, before lowering her to my greed, and I slurped my flat tongue from top to bottom of her, slipping my hands up to her buttocks and kneading them as her body pressed down to my mouth.
She groaned loudly and tensed, letting go of my nipples, straightening her arms on my chest and absorbing these first minutes of her Daddy ravaging her young cunt.

[Sam wouldn’t tell him this was why the DVDs she had were all of incest between daughters and their dads, of how many times she had watched them, planning this moment and readying herself for this moment; she wouldn’t tell him this had been her fantasy for such a long time, but now she knew, she had the proof right there inside her vagina: her Daddy only needed to be pushed into living what she was sure was his very own fantasy: starting on the road to making love with his Daughter.]

Her Daddy groaned into her, his breath blowing right inside the spread labia and causing Sam to shiver; but it wasn’t only being within Sam’s body which caused the groan – it was my body being similarly pulled into the body of Lindy as she opened her mouth and held my whole cock head within, surely stretching her lips with the girth, but she slurped and sucked and I was so overwrought and sensitive, after all this time of sexual foreplay I had endured and provided, I wasn’t sure I could control the rising volcano which threatened to erupt.

I had never been with 2 women simultaneously: what a waste! Perhaps a woman felt the same if she had 2 men at the same time: a cock in a mouth and a cunt in a mouth providing multiple sensations to the recipients, with 6 hands able to roam and add pleasure to any areas they could reach and stroke and caress and grab and hold and electrify each moment of these couplings beyond anyone’s normal life – beyond any fantasyland the dreaming mind could offer the body: this was Real.

I took my right hand down from stroking Sam’s back and buttocks, my tongue working of its own accord – on primordial automatic perhaps – and I gently tugged at the flowing hair of Lindy’s left side, her mouth buried over my cock as she continued to entice my length inside her mouth millimetre at a time.
I couldn’t see her reaction – with my whole face covered by Sam’s groin – but Lindy seemed in tune with my thoughts and released me for a moment, swinging her body around to the side and then raising a leg over my body and re-positioning herself and taking my cock quickly back in her mouth.

Her buttocks and groin were now sitting on my stomach, light as a feather it seemed to me, and if she had been less wet than Sam before when sitting on my leg, she wasn’t now: I could feel a puddle forming on me after just a few moments and my right hand needed no greater invitation to slip down under the crack of her buttocks, between our bodies and angle upwards to find my extended finger sliding easily up and between her cunt lips.
She tensed and bit me slightly, causing me to jab Sam; we all paused, groaned and resumed as before within a few moments, Lindy’s cunt pushing now against my finger, wanting more inside.

The Time stood still, or it flew past – I didn’t know, absorbed with tongue-fucking my daughter’s virgin (surely) cunt, while not trying to stop my cock’s build-up to its necessary release as Lindy worked miracles and was taking perhaps half of my length into her mouth as she experimented with what she could and couldn’t do: clearly her mouth was her favourite sexual tool and it was a wonderful mouth!
Her juices flowed over my hand and abdomen, dribbling, tickling down the sides of my body; Sam was panting above me now, releasing nectar better than any beer, down my tongue as I probed it as deep as I could within her body and her soul.

When I felt it right, I added a second gentle finger to Lindy and used my thumb to rub the young clitoris I had known would be there; she squeaked, but if that was a complaint, it was countered by the hunched pelvis bearing down on my fingers with speed now, and the moans and groans which became constant on my cock, and her mouth increased its attempt to swallow me and her lips sucked me more greedily.

Ironically, I now felt more in control of my cock and, while it felt ready to burst, it felt as if it could prolong its own pleasure – if not indefinitely then at least until I did what my heart wanted : give Sam and Lindy their own orgasms.
So I turned my concentration to my mouth on Sam and my fingers in Lindy and diligently and pleasurably enjoyed them, until I realised what was missing, so I twisted my left arm down to my front, to find and squeeze my fingers around Sam’s taut nipples, at the same time as I my tongue retracted somewhat and swiped hard over her clitoris, even as my thumb was doing to her friend.

It was the sudden loudness of the TV which did it, I guessed, flooding the room with the squeals of 2 girls’ voices….

But I was still amazed, certainly thrilled – even proud – when 2 young girls’ bodies throbbed with built-up excitement, until they had no choice but to explode: juices flew out, bodies heaved and jumped, primeval sounds came forth, and Sam collapsed down on my face, her head to lie flat on my abdomen, her cunt away from my tormenting tongue, while Lindy thrashed even as she tried to bring on my own climax.
I twisted my face so I could breathe under Sam and stroked Lindy very gently with the hand I removed slowly from between us, trying to show her by a tug on her waist she should relax and come down from the ‘high’ I hoped she had reached. She stretched out along me, my cock released from her mouth and now squashed between us, but happily so, I felt, as I caressed her buttocks and back with tenderness and love.

Sam’s nipples would be sensitive, I was sure, so I only stroked around them between our bodies, and at my left arm’s reach – where one day she would have mounds of breasts and I couldn’t help but wonder if my fingers would still get to caress them then….? I could use my lips to kiss the parts of her on my face and I did, lightly and lovingly giving my feelings to my daughter.

As they settled, I felt Sam squirm a way further down my body, a trail of wetness left on my skin; Lindy’s body, stretched along me as it was, must have been in contact with Sam’s, and then Sam’s hair was under the arm and hand I was using to rub Lindy’s back and I felt her bobbing movements and Lindy’s legs squeezing along my sides.
It was only a minute before it was obvious: Sam wanted to taste Lindy’s aroused and very wet cunt, and Lindy was enjoying the sensation of her small mouth, burrowing under her buttocks and slurping at the juices which Lindy had secreted.

Perhaps Sam had hit Lindy’s clit, but she jumped and my cock suddenly found itself with enough room to spring up and it found the small space between Lindy’s spread legs, thighs and the open air – but it was quickly smothered by Sam’s mouth which now found a new target: me and my cock.
She gulped it in, pushing both her mouth and my cock hard against Lindy’s open cunt and she squeaked and squawked with the sensations, while Sam seemed overwhelmed that she now had captured perhaps the prize she wanted most, and she lost herself in fellatio (for her first time I assumed and hoped).
Meanwhile, I was covered by 2 bodies over most of me: a bystander in the sex being done to me and around me.

“Come on girls – the movie changed a long time ago and I am waiting here nearly dying while you enjoy yourselves!” My eyes opened from their reverie and looked up, straight at the cunt of Amy standing with a leg either side of my shoulders; the light shining down even showed me wisps of hair on her groin, and it also threw shadows of her breasts and straining nipples: a body bare and beckoning to me.

Whatever time had elapsed, it had to have been a long time for Amy to wait her turn, last in the queue; now she wanted her just desserts, but I was rather afraid to look at the TV to find out what that might be.
Lindy and Sam both groaned, but it was a measure of these girls’ friendship and agreement, I assumed, which meant they both gave up their enjoyments of the moment and I was suddenly uncovered of bodies with no-one at my cock and no-one within reach of my mouth: Sam turned herself around and her mouth burrowed against mine for a long minute before Lindy’s hand took my face away from my daughter’s and resumed, perhaps her rightful place on and in my mouth.

Sam’s voice came through “That was the most wonderful I have ever felt Daddy!” Lindy moaned – agreement I assumed, as Sam went on “But now Amy, who is the oldest, gets the final time with you – well, final time for the moment, Daddy.”
“Daddy, 4 of us girls are virgins, but Amy began experimenting with ‘things’ quite a while ago and she is not a physical virgin now. But she is an emotional virgin, Daddy, and she wants you to be the first man to fuck her – sorry, Daddy: she wants you to show her what losing her virginity can truly feel like with a Man who cares for her, and she wants you.”

Lindy’s mouth jumped off mine and she said “Oh, and I want you too, Mr Steve, but Amy is last tonight because she will be first to truly feel you inside her…the rest of us have to wait a little while…” she sighed as if exasperated with her own delay, before they both pecked my cheeks and stood up to go to the sofa, and flop down.

Amy hadn’t moved; if she had I wouldn’t have these minutes I needed to process what Sam, and Lindy, had said; but now she did move.
She stretched her body along mine, brought her lips to mine and said “This body is now yours, Daddy Steve; I have waited and watched and I want you in me, inside me, and I want to make love with you.”
Her mouth came down on mine, her breasts – and she had breasts – pressed against my chest, and her wispy-haired groin slid along my own as she rubbed her sopping cunt against the bushy hair surrounding the object she came for.

Amy was in control; she sat up, though reluctant to leave my mouth; she crouched over my groin and I saw Sam and the others all behind or beside her, back a little thankfully, as Amy grasped my cock in her hands, matter-of-factly said “I heard this was the best first position for a virgin young girl with an older, bigger man” and she set my cock at her entrance and plunged herself down, probably 15 centimetres or ¾ of my length inside her at first attempt!

She didn’t scream or squirm but rather just sat there on my prick, a sensuous smile playing on her mouth. She kept her eyes closed and seemed to be swimming in the emotions of her first joining. I didn’t say a word, but my hands played with her breasts, her mounds surprisingly heavy, her cherry-coloured nipples above the olive colouring of her whole body a turn-on in their own right, and I wanted them in my mouth – later.
Her hands came down to lean on the sides of the floor and she smiled at me “Can you help me go the rest of the way, Steve; yes, I want to” she finished before I could ask the question, so I lifted her by her waist slightly up from my cock, hearing her breath sucked in as her cunt was trying to suck my cock back in, and I lowered her, neither harshly nor gingerly, but rather continuously, until my rod had disappeared and her few hairs were linked and matted in with my own where our groins were now joined.

What an amazing young woman was my thought – whatever had she practiced with, and how many times?
I was content to play with her body, breasts especially, and let her dominate and control the actual fucking: if it gave her pleasure, I certainly was having no problems of my own enduring and enjoying her stuck to me – and it was evident Amy wanted an endurance event, not a sprint, as she explored this new bodily frontier into the unknown.
Her cunt was tight, as one would expect, no matter what practice toys, and she seemed to smile broader every time she raised herself and made her cunt’s walls cling to my departing prick, slowing the process and then seeming totally satisfied as she pulled me down within her again, bumping her cervix at the most extreme depths I reached inside her body.

But the expected – to me – had to happen; my cock had been on full arousal status since this morning at School, with only short breaks of remission. It now communicated its wish to climax; simple as that.
I put a small amount of pressure on Amy’s left breast, indicating to her I wanted to roll us over, to let me make love to her from above her. She understood without words as I smiled, hopefully conveying the message ‘trust me: it will be even more wonderful.’

Holding her buttocks with one hand to maintain the join of our bodies, I easily lifted her with my thighs and steadied her with my other hand as I laid her face up on the cushions and towered over her for a few moments.
She was smiling up at me now, her mouth open and beckoning so I lowered myself on top of her very small body, loving the feel of her breasts and nipples rustling in my chest hair and squashing down under me, and my mouth joined us there while my cock and Amy’s cunt joined us together below.

But my cock was incessantly lurching in her now, and my balls were beginning to let it be known they wanted emptying; I pulled up from her and then slid all the way back, the new support under her back giving her a greater feeling of being filled to the end of her tunnel, and she shuddered.
Pulling my lips away from hers, I was able to crane my head down enough to get hold of her nipple with my teeth and lips and now she was moaning and grunting as I set up an irregular rhythm of long and short strokes, no pattern to them, so as to keep her on edge, waiting for what stroke might come next.

Amy hissed at me “Get in there, stop the game, I have to have it…please, Steve!”
In the next breath, Sam was at my ear; “Daddy, fuck her to the end; all the girls know you can’t get us pregnant, so don’t hold back, Daddy – Amy, and us, want to feel you do everything!” “But save some for me, Daddy Steve!” Lindy added her need for something more in her mouth, I was sure…she was insatiably hungry….get your mind off Lindy and back to satisfying Amy, I berated myself.

Looking up for a moment, I could see Lisa and April with their hands in their cunts, dreamy looks on their faces; Sam was behind Amy’s head and leaned down for a quick deep kiss for me; Lindy had spoken from behind me, I thought, and now I felt a tongue, her tongue, on my scrotum, and then lying there waiting for any part of my cock to slide back for a moment’s licking it seemed!
So, a communal fuck it was; I said to Amy “Amy is it hurting?” She shook her head and pulled at my buttocks; so I let myself go and ploughed her more forcefully than to date; she screamed once, but didn’t let me pause and then she began writhing, bucking under me, spittle drooling from her mouth and on to my neck and she held her pelvis up and must have been climaxing, shuddering and shivering as my cock held its full length in.

It was Lindy’s tongue which did it; my cock swelled when my balls were licked once more and I couldn’t hold back from the final episode of my first fuck for a very long time, and that in a 12y.o. girl from my fantasies, and I began pouring forth the built up semen, bereft of sperm of no mind, and as it gushed I felt myself uplifted and Amy seemed to float up with me, her back arched as she drove her pelvis at my spear, and it was to the mountain top I felt us floating: one of those rare climaxes when the body becomes the soul and it is among the clouds and the rain of ecstasy.

I held myself within Amy, and we indeed seemed suspended, as I let forth cream at a rate which was too much for her tiny body to contain; it didn’t matter as I felt Lindy’s head lifting my buttocks and burrowing her mouth to Amy’s slit where the overflow was beginning to run out the sides and her tongue lapped and lapped at the underside of my cock and Amy’s twitching cunt.

When Lindy had finally refreshed herself on the excess and pulled her head away – she must have nearly suffocated down there – I stroked and whispered gentle nothings to Amy, allowing her as much time as she needed to come down to real surroundings, my wilting cock slipping down in size and toward exiting her being a help.
I glanced at the TV – the movie must have finished; the other girls were all lying around in varying states of composure and I was feeling as tired as an old man, which of course I rather was.
I rolled to the side of Amy and when she had enough energy to sit up and lean to kiss me, whispering ‘thank you’ over and over, I embraced her and stood up, excusing myself to my bathroom.

Part 7-Epilogue

I cleaned my teeth, rather slowly ‘jumped’ in the shower, put on yet another pair of shorts – deciding to put a load of my washing on tonight and have it dry before the housekeeper wondered what on earth I had done with so many underpants and shorts.
The lounge room was tidy and empty; the girls must all be in Sam’s bedroom, so I took a new beer and my cigarettes and sat on the balcony in the darkness (such as there ever is in a city with lights everywhere), my mind awash with the memories and feelings of today: such a day as I had never had!

When that beer was emptied, I went to put the washing in the machine and on, took another beer and found the girls still quiet and not showing themselves.
I put the beer bottle on the table and had a nap, so tired, but when my head snapped downwards It not only hurt my neck but certainly woke me; my beer was warm so it had been a while and I groaned standing up, heading to the laundry off the kitchen. The washing was finished so I hung it on the clothes racks on the balcony, tipped the beer away, locked doors and turned off lights and decided to join the girls in going to sleep, as they seemed they must be.

I hadn’t meant to find them all in my bed, waiting for me to join them….

(End of what might be Chapter 1; should my imagination and fantasies lead me further, I might be back, or we all might be back…. )

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