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It had been about a week since Naruto, his girls, and his sensei had returned to the village. Haku was the talk of the town and not just because of her bloodline limit. All of Naruto’s classmates were shocked to see that he had captured such a hottie that went along so well with Hinata. He had also heard that several of the others had also captured some kunoichi. Shikamaru, for example, captured a blond from Suna named Temari.

So far Haku had been adjusting well. Naruto got a futon for her to sleep on while Hinata slept with him. At first Haku was jealous of this, believing that her master was playing favorites. But she got used to it seeing how much they cared for each other. Besides, Hinata was the Prime, the first slave of their master so she should get special treatment from their master. Their days followed a similar routine. Wake their master up with a blow job, eat breakfast, train, come home and fuck, and sleep.

One morning, however, Naruto awoke to the sound of his alarm clock and not the warm sensation of a mouth wrapped around his cock. In fact, neither girl was in the room. With a bit of disappointment, Naruto got out of bed and slowly walked to the kitchen. As he did, he considered punishing the girls for forgetting how he liked to be woken up. But those thoughts ended once he entered the kitchen. Haku was tied up on top of the table each of her limbs tied to one of the legs of a small wooden square table that went up to his knee. Covering her naked flesh was a variety of foods. On each breast was a single pancake with a strawberry in the middle. Along her flat stomach were slices of kiwi, oranges, and apples. Finally along her shaved pussy were peeled bananas. And standing next to this delicious dish was the chief, Hinata who was also naked.

“Naruto-sama,” she said getting her masters intention. “I t-thought you might like to try s-something different today. So I prepared you a… special b-breakfast.” Naruto couldn’t help but grin.

“It looks so tasty,” said Naruto as he moved over towards Hinata. He then kissed her with great passion. “Now how about we both get something to eat.” With that, Naruto turned towards Haku, got on his knees, bent down, and went right for her pancake breasts. Without using his hand he began to nibble away at the pancake. He started in the middle where the strawberry was. He bit and sucked it into his mouth along with Haku’s nipple. Said girl jerked and moaned, but did her best to stay quiet. After all, she was the dish and dishes don’t talk.

Meanwhile, Hinata was helping herself to some sausage. She was on all fours, head low as she licked the tool that her master used to give her so much pleasure and happiness. She licked his cock up and down until it was coated with her saliva. She sucked on his balls and then let them go with a loud pop sound. Finally, with Naruto harder than ever, she took the whole thing into her mouth.

While Hinata was doing this, Naruto had finished with the pancakes and was now working on the fruit. Using only his mouth and tongue, Naruto went after each slice while sucking on Haku’s skin. Said girl began to shake her hips back and forth which put a grin on her masters face. True, it made it harder to eat, but it was rewarding to see Haku struggle like this. Then, a familiar feeling began to grow. Naruto tried his best to hold it back until finally he came into Hinata’s greedy mouth; swallowing it all without missing a drop.

“I think you’ll need more than my cum Hinata-chan,” said Naruto. “And Haku will need something to drink. So I want you to get into a 69 position.” Hinata nodded and she stood up and moved towards the front of the table. She then got on it and placed her leg beside Haku’s head and lowed her hips so that her sister slave could lick her pussy. Moments later Hinata began to moan as a tongue entered her folds and began to lap up her juices.

“Sooo good,” moaned Hinata. Naruto moved in front of Hinata and reached down for a banana. Each banana was as thick as his cock and several inches long. Before bringing it back up, Naruto decided it needed some extra flavor. Naruto began to brush it along Haku’s slit in slow motions. The rubbing caused Haku to moan into Hinata’s pussy and then gasp as Naruto quickly plunged the fruit into her pussy and right back out. With a grin, Naruto repeated this a few more times until he was satisfied with the newly added flavor of the banana and ate it.

“Maybe you should try some Hinata-chan,” said Naruto after he had finished. With a nod, Hinata took one of the other bananas and began to rub the ice user’s pussy. And while she did this, Naruto walked around to the front of the table and spotted his target: Hinata’s asshole. With his member still very hard, Naruto began to push his way into the tight hole. Hinata cringed in pain and pleasure as she sped up her work on Haku’s pussy.

“You m-must love my ass Naruto-sama,” moaned Hinata. Naruto took her by the hips and pulled her up so that she was sitting on Haku’s face.

“Only your ass,” said Naruto as he sped up. “Your ass is the only one my cock will touch. This will show your place above the others for you belong to me completely. Only you, my Hinata-chan, will have my cum in all three of your holes.”

“YES!” screamed Hinata as she came. Moments later, Naruto shot his load into her ass. But he wasn’t done. He moved over to Haku’s waiting pussy and began to rub his dick against her slit.

“Now here is your turn Haku-chan.” With that, Naruto plunged into Haku in one strike. Haku cried out into Hinata’s pussy only to be flooded with the pale eyes girl juices. Said girl then moved up a bit so that now her ass was right above Haku’s mouth.

“Go on H-Haku-chan,” said Hinata. “I know you w-want our masters cum. There is plenty in my a-ass.” Haku was slightly repulsed to the idea. However her hunger for cum began to overpower that feeling and her tongue began to lick at Hinata’s cum covered hole.

“So hot,” groaned Naruto as he watched Haku give Hinata a rim job. He suddenly grabbed Hinata by the head and pulled her into a deep kiss as he began to pour his cum into Haku as she came as well.


“So Kurenai-sensei told you to do that?” asked Naruto about an hour later. The three of them were now walking to the Bloody Kunai for some supplies. Well, after they had washed up of course. Haku giggled.

“Well, she asked us to make sure you were getting a proper breakfast,” replied the ice user. “And even thought Hinata-chan has been getting you to eat other things, you are still eating a lot of ramen. Actually, it was Anko-sensei’s idea to do something like this.” Naruto sighed.

“Somehow, I can believe that.”

“Well I got something else for you to believe in,” said a gruff voice from behind them. Naruto turned around and saw Kiba standing there with his arms crossed. “And now I’ll be taking back what belongs to me!” Naruto blinked.

“Look, if this is about that money I borrowed from you…”

“NO!” yelled Kiba. “I’m talking about Hinata-chan. She should have been mine! So now I’m taking her from you!” Upon hearing that, Naruto took Hinata’s hand and gave it a light squeeze.

“I’m not going to let you take her away from me,” stated Naruto. “So get lost.”

“You don’t have a choice. According to the rules, I have the right to challenge you for ownership of any of your kunoichi that I want! And as long as you are still her master and are from the same village, you must accept!”

“One small problem,” said Haku as she stepped forward. “You have to put up a kunoichi as well or else Naruto-sama has the right to refuse.”

“And who said I wasn’t risking my kunoichi?” asked Kiba. The dog user then turned his head and glared at a corner. “Get out here!” A moment later, a scarred looking girl that caused everyone to gasp. It was a girl of about 15 to 16 years old with purple hair that was tied up on each side of her head. The parts that weren’t covered in bandages were red with a blush due to the fact that she was naked. “This is my bitch, Isaribi.”

“What the hell?!” yelled Naruto. “Why is she naked?!”

“Because she doesn’t deserve clothing,” said Kiba. “This is how I try my slaves. Epically freaks like this one. She was used as a lab rat until my team took down her master. I really didn’t want the freak, but I can use her to get Hinata-chan.”

Naruto clenched his fists. He hated to see any treated like that. And what was worse was that he didn’t care at all about her. For Naruto, the way Kiba treated Isaribi set something off. She was like them, treated as something less than human for something she had no control over. And that was going to end!

“Fine then,” growled Naruto. “Meet me at training field 10 in an hour.”


An hour later, Naruto stood in front of Kiba. On the sidelines was an official judge: Anko. Apparently she was the one to go to in these kinds of situations. Besides her were Hinata, Haku, Isaribi and a few others. Ino had heard about what was going on and then dragged Choji who dragged Shikamaru and Temari as well. Also on the sidelines was Akamaru. According to the official rules, this had to be fought one on one and in this fight a dog counted as another person and not a weapon.

“Alright,” said Anko in a loud voice. “This match is against Naruto vs. Kiba. No rules. The match will continue until one of you can’t go on any longer or gives up. Loser gives up their kunoichi. Fight!”

As soon as she said that, Naruto pulled out his kodachis’ and Kiba took out some shuriken. Deciding to make the first move, Kiba threw them at Naruto and then went on all fours. As Naruto easily deflected the shuriken Kiba yelled out “Shikyaku no Jutsu!” as he shot towards Naruto. Instead on dodging the attack, Naruto brought his weapons together in a X formation and yelled out “FÅ«ton: Yokokaze!” and from his shot out a mass on wind shaped like an X. Kiba dodged it just barely and kept on going for Naruto. Yet his movement had slowed down and allowed Naruto to slash at Kiba’s chest. Blood filled the air as Kiba fell to the ground.

“What happened?” asked Ino.

“Troublesome,” said Shikamaru. Temari shook her head.

“Those weapons of his still had some wind chakra in them which enhanced their power to cut,” she explained. “Also, add that together with the blonds physical strength and the speed of dog boy and this is what you get.”

“The winner Naruto!” yelled Anko.

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