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Isaribi woke up the next morning, a single blanket covering her naked form. She was startled for a moment and then remembered what had happened yesterday. She had been won in a battle and her ownership had changed to Naruto-sama. After the match, she had been taken to his apartment where she was given a place to sleep and then left alone so she could adjust. Like she could.

“Hello there,” said a voice behind her. Startled, Isaribi turned around to find Hinata standing behind her with something in her hand. The pale eyed girl bent down and handed her a bra and some panties. “I’m sorry about this, but please bear with us until Naruto-sama can take you shopping.”

“Where is Naruto-sama?” asked Isaribi quietly. Hinata smiled.

“He’s trying to find us a bigger home,” said Hinata. “He woke up earlier and went right to the Hokage to see if there was anything available. I mean, this place has become too small for four people. Also, we’ll need a bigger bed and…”

“How can you stand this?!” interrupted Isaribi as she stood up. “All we are to him are objects and sex toys! That’s the way it’s always been and always will be! I’m not even a real shinobi and look where I am! I’m a freak that some doctor used as his play thing and then made his slave!”

“But Naruto-sama is different,” said Hinata as she tried her best to calm Isaribi down. “I know that things have been hard for you but…”

“You know NOTHING!” screamed Isaribi. “You don’t know what it’s like to be taken from your home and experimented on. And then to have people treat you like a monster. I was raped almost every day and the only thing that got me by was a promise that someday he would turn me back. And then you Konoha-nins show up and I figured that maybe now my life can get back to normal.” Now tears were beginning to swell in her eyes. “But it only got worse. Because that doctor put this collar on me your people thought that I was a kunoichi and the one that wanted me was Kiba-sama. He said that if I didn’t submit to him then he would let his dog fuck me. I had to come to this village naked, except for these bandages, just treated like an animal and then part of a wager. And Naruto-sama is the same as him.”

“That’s not true!” yelled Haku as she entered the room. “Naruto-sama is nothing like that. I know because, even when he was breaking me, he was kind and gentle. He defended me; he gave me a home, and treats me with respect.”

“Isaribi-chan,” said Hinata softly. “Naruto-sama will understand you better than you might think.”

“No he can’t,” insisted Isaribi.

“Yes he can,” said Hinata. “He has been treated like a monster his entire life. You see, the day he was born he had the Kyuubi sealed inside of him.” At that, Isaribi’s eyes widened. “He may not look like it, but he has been treated like a monster. And so has Haku-chan because of her bloodline limit. Her own father tried to kill her. As for me, my family just see’s me as useless and was glad to be with me. But Naruto-sama, he doesn’t care. He’ll take you in regardless of how you look or how you were treated.” Hinata then crossed the short distance between them and, before Isaribi knew what was going on, began to kiss her deeply. She could feel Hinata’s tongue searching her mouth. She tried to take a step backwards, but she then pressed into Haku’s cools body which was right behind her. The ice users arms wrapped around her waist while she lightly began kissing Isaribi’s neck.

Isaribi moaned as Hinata placed a hand on her breast and slowly began to knead it. She closed her eyes, savoring the feeling. It was so much different than the rough treatment that she had in the past. For them, she had been just a sex doll and focused on their own pleasure. But now, it was different. It was gentle, warm, and caring.

Hinata soon ended the kiss which caused Isaribi to pout a bit. However, Hinata just smiled as she began a trail of light kisses that lead straight to her breast. Hinata began to kiss around her nipple and then licked it lightly. Her warm breath caused it to harden. Soon Hinata took it all in her mouth, sucking on it like a baby. Haku was taking it up a notch as well. She had moved her hands lower and spread Isaribi’s legs. Slowly, she began to insert a finger into the fish girl’s pussy. Isaribi almost cried out as Haku slowly finger fucked her

This seemed to go on for hours as Isaribi stood there being pleasured. After a while Hinata moved to her other breast and Haku added another finger. Isaribi was slowly being pushed over the edge. The warmth inside her just kept building and building. And then…it stopped as both Hinata and Haku stopped what they had been doing. Isaribi wanted to cry out, but before she could Hinata began to lightly kiss her way downwards while Haku moved her hands upwards.

“What a pretty pussy,” said Hinata once she was in front of Isaribi’s pleasure hole. “And look at the way its dripping.”

“It’s because of what you two have been doing,” said Isaribi as Haku began to knead her breasts. Hinata said nothing as she began to lick her lower lips, lapping up the fish girl’s juices with vigor.

“How does it feel Isaribi-chan?” whispered Haku into her ear as she pinched Isaribi’s nipples. “How does it feel to have your slave sister lick your pussy?” A smile crossed her lips as Isaribi moaned loudly. “Just wait for Naruto-sama to get here. Can you imagine what it’ll be like? He’ll drive you wild as he rams his hard cock into the dripping pussy as you scream for more.” And with that, Haku began to lightly kiss her new sisters neck. Lightly at first, but soon she began to suck and nibble of her flesh

This proved to be too much for her. Without any warning, Isaribi came and came hard. Hinata’s entire face was soon drenched in cum as Isaribi’s legs gave out as she fell to the ground.


It was later that night when Naruto finally got back. He had scouted several new places to stay from apartments to small houses and finally found one that fitted the bill. He had gotten a great deal on a two story house with a dojo. And the best part was he could move in tomorrow! Sadly, the reason he could afford it was because it was next to Gai’s home.

As Naruto entered his apartment, he was shocked to see Isaribi on the ground still naked. In fact, she didn’t even have her bandages on! He thought he gave Hinata and Haku something for her to wear! So, with a sigh, he went over to her and tried to nudge her awake. It took a few tries, but eventually she opened her eyes.

“Good evening,” said Naruto with a grin.

“Naruto-sama,” said Isaribi as her eyes widened. She looked down and saw that her bandages, the only things that kept the world from seeing her hideous body, were gone. “Please, don’t look at me?” Naruto blink.


“I don’t want you to see me like this,” she cried. Tears were running down her face. “I don’t want anyone to see me like this! I’m hideous!”

“I don’t think you are,” said Naruto. “In fact, I think you look kind of cute.” Isaribi seemed to calm down for a moment as she stared at Naruto who was simply grinning at her. She shook her head, as if trying to deny something. She then suddenly wrapped her arms around her master and hung on tight.

“If that’s true, then please make love to me,” she pleaded. “Show me the happiness that the others keep telling me about.” As if to seal the deal Isaribi kissed him. It was a light kiss but a kiss none the less. She had expected him to make up some excuse to say that tonight was not a good night for him and leave, proving that all men were alike especially around her. But instead, Naruto deepened the kiss catching the fish girl off guard as he press hard on her lips. She could feel his tongue on her lips, asking her permission to enter and she granted the request. Soon his tongue was all over the inside of her mouth. And as they kissed, Naruto began to undress, stopping only to take off his shirt. By the time he was naked, Isaribi’s face was green and red.

Isaribi looked down and saw his rock hard member. She reached out to touch it, but for some reason hesitated. She had seen them many times before, but they had always been forced into her pussy or mouth. This would be the first time she would ever touch one of her own free will.

“It’s ok,” said Naruto gently. “We can go slow if you want.”

“I’m fine,” she replied as she grabbed the cock. It felt hot to the touch and was warm. And it felt…right. For some reason, it just felt right to touch his cock. She then looked at Naruto and smiled as they began to kiss again while her hand began to pump Naruto’s cock. As their tongues played with each other, Isaribi began to jerk him off faster and faster. Suddenly Naruto broke off from the kiss as he shot his load all over Isaribi’s stomach.

For a while, they just stared at each other after that. Then, Naruto got on top of her causing Isaribi to land on the floor. He began to kiss her again, but this time he was rubbing his cock against her slit. Isaribi could help but moan into the kiss as Naruto also added his hand on her scale covered breast. With his hand he teased it, pinched it, and pulled on it causing her to go wild. No one had ever treated her like this, giver her this much pleasure. So much so that for the first time ever, she came all over Naruto’s cock.

“I’m going to put it in now,” he said as he stared into her eyes as she panted. Isaribi nodded and felt Naruto enter her. He was slow and gentle, making it feel so good with his long hard cock. Soon he began to thrust into her faster and faster, all the while staring at her face. Isaribi wrapped her arms and legs around him in order to keep her close and him from coming outside of her body.

“Oh Kami,” she cried out. “It feels so good Naruto-sama, it feels so good! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” She felt herself cuming once more as her walls clenched around his cock, causing him to cum inside of her at the same time. For a while they just laid there, basking in each others warmth. Then, Naruto began to thrust again and Isaribi whimpered in pleasure.

Maybe being his slave wouldn’t be as bad and she thought.

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I really hope that you continue this story. You're an amazing writer and i enjoyed the story in this more than the sex. You have a lot of talent and i would love to read more of this story

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Please don't give up on this story more than one person who agrees with me that this is a good story and u are a good writer I wish I was here for the start of your story I would have loved talking to you about what can be added and given you fed back on each chapter but it's stall awesome I read in the comments that u haven't uploaded in thee years so I hope u didn't give up on the story or forget about it.

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The funny thing is I love the story more than I like the sex lol ur that good of a writer plz finish the story it has been three years and I been dyeing to know what happens next. How is living next to guy is like. What happens with naruto and Sasuke relationship do thy become enemies till the end or become somewhat friends. Dose Sasuke leave the village with the pedo snake guy and leave Sakura behind. There are so many things that could happen in your story so plz plz plz don't quit then there is the two year Long trip dose he bring the girls with him dose he leave them at home? So I hope u get this and continue writing the story lol

Stay Safe Stay Strong

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