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naruto finds himself in a video game where he has to have sex to level up
Naruto walked alongside his team reading his
book. He found out that the 'game manual' could
actually turn into another book if he needed it to.
He found it easier to read and then have to deal
with someone's questioning if he didn't have to
try and come up with a believable lie.
Currently he was reading about a space
mercenary and was on one of the steamier
romance portions of the book. He giggled
sometimes, quite like a white haired Sannin. It
caught Sakura's attention unfortunately and she
was hovering over his shoulders trying to read.
Again, unfortunately Sakura had a tendency to
read aloud. "'After a time, the pain ebbed and
was replaced by a new pleasure. She breathed
heavily as he moved even faster and she met his
strokes, driving him even deeper into her body.'
What the hell are you reading?" Sakura asked
sounding angry.
Kakashi picked up on what she had said and was
suddenly over Naruto's shoulder reading the book
himself, rather intently on that page. "Next page
please Naruto."
"Did you two say something?" Naruto asked
looking up from his book. He then went back to it
and ducked his head down as Sakura took a
swing, her punch missing him. "Kakashi-sensei,
did a bird pass us or something?"
Sakura composed herself, barely. "What are you
reading Naruto?" she asked deceptively sweet.
"Oh, just a book. It's about a mercenary in space
protecting the princess of a planet. They end up
falling in love, and thus romance ensues. The
author was quite good, mixing humor with
violence and sex." Naruto said and instinctively
dodged under another punch.
"I didn't know you could read Dobe." Sasuke said
trying to get a rise out of the blonde.
"You two don't know much about me." Naruto
countered making his two teammates stop as
they realized the truth of that statement. "I
however enjoy reading very much. It allows me to
escape from whatever hardships that day
brought." Naruto said.
"So basically you're a bookworm. Great…another
damned one." Sasuke said shaking his head as he
pulled ahead a bit.
"Kakashi-sensei likes to read too." Naruto said and
began to absently talk with Kakashi about their
books. Naruto's was naturally better due to one
simple thing. Plot.
When they got back, they went to debriefing with
the Hokage. As soon as the door was open,
Naruto shot forward and leapt into the Hokage's
lap. "I want for Christmas a giant toad, I want a
funny hat like yours, and I want a Jonin rank."
Sarutobi rolled his eyes before shoving the blonde
off of his lap, making it pop in a plume of smoke.
Naruto walked in behind Team 7 grinning before
adopting a serious thinking look. "Wait a second!
I get the memories of my clones back!" Kakashi
and Sarutobi both smacked their foreheads with
their palms, but Naruto paid it no mind. "The
possibilities are endless!"
"No." Sarutobi said flat. "You are not allowed to
abuse the abilities of the Shadow Clones like
"Aw…" Naruto hung his head before snapping up.
"So did you miss us Jiji?"
Sarutobi muttered something under his breath.
"Report." He told Kakashi looking up.
They got debriefed from their mission which
Naruto talked about animatedly. Once he got paid
though, he almost tore out of the office.
Kakashi shook his head. "I hope that he loses that
quirk, but at the same time I hope he keeps it."
Naruto dashed, dived, flipped, spun, and danced
around people getting to his favorite ramen shop.
Three weeks in Wave without ramen nearly drove
him insane. While Tsunami's cooking was
delicious, and so were the 'treats' he got the last
week or so, it was not ramen.
Naruto landed on the stool and bounced up and
down. "Teuchi-jiji! Ayame-neechan! I'm back! I
need a refill! I need ramen…" the last came out
almost as a whimper as Teuchi and Ayame came
out from the back chuckling with amusement at
Naruto's actions. "My usual order Teuchi-jiji."
Teuchi nodded. "I'll get right on it." He said
before heading into the back to make Naruto the
ramen, leaving the blonde with Ayame
Ayame was torn. With Naruto coming back, it was
like she had never seen him and as such she was
now seeing him as a man and not her little
brother figure. But she was also on the clock and
her break would only give her a half hour. That
wasn't long enough with Naruto. She also didn't
want to upset her father and end up losing out on
seeing Naruto around more.
Naruto saw the look Ayame was giving him and
tilted his head. He knew that look; he had seen it
on Tsunami. He wouldn't have figured Ayame to
be hungry for a bit of fox. "Something wrong
Ayame-neechan?" he asked innocently.
Ayame smiled and shook her head. "Say Naruto-
kun, I'm closing late tonight and my dad is going
to play poker with his friends. I'd feel a lot safer if
you were around." She said leaning against the
counter a bit, trying to display her breasts, even
through the outfit she wore.
Naruto smiled. "Sure Nee-chan." He said and
watched as Teuchi came back with one bowl of
ramen, which Naruto enthusiastically began to
dig into. It was his life sustaining food after all
After about twenty bowls of ramen, Naruto patted
his stomach appreciatively giving a sigh of relief.
"That hit the spot, thanks old man." Naruto said
paying with the money he got from the Wave
mission. He didn't use all of it, but twenty bowls
of ramen would take a chunk of his paycheck.
"Naruto, could I talk to you for a moment?"
Teuchi asked once Ayame entered the back to
wash some dishes. He made sure she was out of
Naruto looked to the old man and nodded.
"What's up?"
"Now, I'm not blind Naruto. I'm not dumb either."
Teuchi said. "Ayame wants you pretty badly and
you seem to be going willingly with whatever plan
she has."
Naruto chuckled. "You got me there old man."
Teuchi scratched his chin. "She's old enough to
be making these types of decisions by herself I
guess…just promise me you won't hurt her."
"You do realize what you're giving me permission
to do right?" Naruto asked incredulously.
Teuchi chuckled. "She could do a lot worse than a
good friend of our family Naruto. Don't forget to
keep coming by for Ramen and we'll call it even."
Naruto grinned. "Alright Old man. You bet."
Naruto then stood up and headed back home to
get a few more looks at the book. After having sex
with Tsunami, he had been expecting a bit more
progress, yet he never got quite the same
amount after that first time.
Once inside, he flipped the book open to his
'Bingo Book' and looked at Tsunami. They had sex
seven times, and he got nine blow jobs from her.
He kept waiting for an achievement or something
about that, but maybe he was just being picky.
A few hours later, he headed out back to the
ramen shop and sat down at the bar stool. Teuchi
was nowhere in sight, but he could see Ayame
milling about as she made the ramen.
"Hey Naruto-kun, I'm glad you could make it."
Ayame said from the back. "Could you come on
back and help me out a bit with doing the dishes?
I'll give you a reward for it." She said in her best
innocent voice.
Naruto nodded. He had done dishes before for
Ayame. He slid in to the back of the ramen stand
and started to do the dishes, cleaning the bowls.
Sometimes he would watch as Ayame bent over
to grab some things. While she didn't have the
full curves like Tsunami had, Ayame wasn't badly
set either. In fact, Naruto was getting quite the
rise from watching her move about the kitchen.
He gave a soft groan as he realized it was another
two hours before she would finally close.
To someone of Naruto's impatience, those two
hours went by excruciatingly slowly. Torturously
slow even. But finally, Ayame closed up and they
were in the kitchen, the metal gratings pulled
down over the front so no one could slip in and
vandalize the stand.
"So does Naruto-kun want his reward?" Ayame
asked standing in front of Naruto with her hip
cocked some
Naruto gave her his best foxy grin before
Ayame's mind went into overdrive. Ever since
Naruto came back into the shop, she had been
getting wetter and wetter. As she thought about
it though, Naruto didn't have this kind of aura to
him before he left. Was it because he had left and
had seen new places? Was it because he was
growing up and she was worried about him not
having time for her? She didn't really know what
was happening, but she wanted Naruto as her
own. Slowly she slid over to him and kissed him,
deeply on the lips, her tongue slipping into his
mouth and probing it with her own as she slid her
leg between his own and continued to kiss him
while she rubbed her thigh against Naruto's
rapidly hardening length. She had always wanted
to have sex in the shop, just to do it, just for the
thrill of it. The fact it was going to be Naruto that
took her just made her that much more eager
about it.
She took his hands and placed one against her
ass. While she didn't have as much of an ass as
some of the other women Naruto could have, she
did have a nice shape to it. The other hand
however, she helped brush back to top she wore
and had his hand slide under her bra and against
her breast. Again, not as much as say some of the
Kunoichi, she was still a good handful.
Naruto was pleasantly surprised about the soft
delicate curves that Ayame had and her boldness.
He moved his hand away from her breast as he
pulled back from her lips. He was quick to remove
her bra with her help. He then leaded down and
captured the hardened peak in his mouth before
he started to suck on her nipple. Her soft delicate
moans told Naruto she liked that. He ran his
tongue around her nipple before rubbing the tip
of her nipple with the very tip of his tongue. Her
moans were sweet music to his ears.
He grabbed firmly onto her ass with both hands
and picked her up, setting her on the counter in
the kitchen as he continued to suck on her
nipple. The position would be awkward, but that
was what would make it fun. He was just too
short for it to be done easily. He'd have to get a
step stool.
Ayame panted slightly from the foreplay that
Naruto performed on her. She briefly wondered
where it all came from but didn't care as Naruto
began to remove his jumpsuit. She opened the
outfit she wore and worked herself out of it. The
matching panties went with revealing her bare,
nude, and wet form to Naruto.
She shivered in delight as she felt him spread her
legs open, she was expecting him to just jump
right into it but she was pleasantly surprised as
he began to kiss her legs, starting from her knee
up towards her wet pussy. Ayame had a few
lovers in the past, and none had done what she
thought Naruto was about to do. She arched her
back as she felt a very tender kiss upon her wet
Naruto looked up to Ayame with just his eyes. He
had done this a few times with Tsunami, not
many that he could say he was excellent at it, but
he knew what he was doing well enough
apparently. He slid his hands up under her ass
lifting her up a bit to his mouth. He found her clit
rather quickly and circled it with his hot tongue
slowly, sending a shudder through her body that
made her toes curl. He then blew cold air on her
heated clit, making her back arch and Ayame
give a low hiss of pleasure.
Naruto moved back from her clit, not wanting her
to think he wanted to get her pleasure out of the
way quickly. He then licked her wet slit, pressing
his tongue flat as he did so. He then pushed his
tongue into her, surprised by her taste. It was like
he was drinking a mix of honey and rain water.
He had found out from Tsunami that he had a
long and wide tongue, good for pleasing women
like this. His tongue wiggled and squirmed, not
going to anyone spot that she might be pleased
more with than others. He took his time,
exploring the moaning and writhing woman
above him because that's what he wanted to do.
Naruto began to give slight little hums as he
worked his tongue, the vibrations shooting
through her and teasing Ayame's body. He felt
her hand slid into his blonde hair before pulling
him tight into her body. "No more teasing Naruto-
kun." She whispered breathily. "Finish me off."
Naruto looked up to her and removed his tongue
from her moist entrance before he slid two fingers
into her, marveling briefly at her tightness. He
leaned down and began to suck on her clit
working the fingers at a good pace. Not too fast,
not too hard, but just right. The assault on
Ayame's body did the trick as she came biting her
hand and muffling her high moans of pleasure.
Ayame lay there for a bit, panting as she
recovered from the orgasm. While it was not quite
as powerful as the night promised, she had to
admit it was quite nice. She then slid off the
counter, electing a confused look on Naruto's face
before she spun him around and pushed him
onto the counter. She then undid his pants
freeing his rather impressive length. She licked
her lips before brushing her brown hair out of her
face. She then leaned her head down and licked
around the swollen tip.
Ayame relished in the taste of the blonde. She
hadn't done this often, and she flat out refused to
be forced to do this. It was meant for someone
she cared for and Naruto was most certainly in
that category. She reached up and with slender
fingers began to stroke his balls as she worked
her head up and down his cock. She didn't go
deep, only taking about four inches at a time, but
the way Naruto squirmed under her made it all
worth it.
Ayame felt her hair fall forward and tickle his
thighs. She was about to brush it back when
Naruto gave a soft spasm, obvious in control of
himself enough to not just savagely thrust into
her throat. She would have smiled at the
thoughtfulness if she wasn't already busy. She
was also grinning on the inside as she began to
bob her head on and off, her tongue working
around his tip when that was all she had in her
mouth. She purposely left her hair in her face,
letting it tickle Naruto's thighs and on occasion
his sac or cock. His white tight knuckle grip on
the counter was all she needed to know he
enjoyed the sensation. She felt his balls tighten in
her hand and prepared herself as he bit down on
his lip to keep from yelling out from the force of
his orgasm.
Naruto's eyes saw stars as his orgasm tapered off
in Ayame's suckling mouth. By the Log, he didn't
know such simple tenderness was so good. He felt
Ayame pull back from his length. He sat up to
look to her and she was smiling softly. Naruto
couldn't help the smile that slowly came to his
own face as he hoped off the counter and set her
down on the counter.
"Ready?" he asked her as he grabbed a step stool
and stood on it, rubbing himself against her slick
pussy. When he saw the nod, he teased her by
gently prodding the tip into her, not quite
"Naruto-kun…" Ayame said giving a needy whine.
"Quit teasing me." She said pressing her hips
forward trying in vain to get him to penetrate her.
Naruto chuckled before he moved forward and
pressed deep into her body before he leaned over
her. He then began to work his hips in and out of
her; she had a different feel than Tsunami had.
She felt tighter, but didn't quite massage his
length. It wasn't bad, just different. He felt her
hands wrap around his back and her fingers run
along his skin. He set a slow speed, tender even
as he worked in and out of the beautiful ramen
Ayame's breath caught in her throat as her body
was assaulted with the pleasure. It felt supreme;
it was glorious, like nothing she had ever felt
before. She locked her legs around Naruto's waist
as she slid her fingers down his back and then
back up. He wasn't overtly muscled, but she
could feel the strength of what he had as he
worked in and out of her giving firm solid thrusts
to her body. "Oh Kami, you feel so good Naruto-
kun." She whispered as he kissed at her neck.
Naruto felt the slow rise of pleasure as his cock
slid in and out of her pussy. He felt her tightening
up at random intervals as her body had a sharp
feeling of pleasure course through it. He leaned
over her so that he could feel her breasts and
hard nipples brush against his chest. He could
easily qualify this as the best so far.
Ayame reached up and grabbed Naruto's hair
bringing him closer to her and kissing him on the
lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth. She was
surprised when he didn't fight it as she rolled her
hips into him. This was so intense for her, she
didn't want to stop. She could feel her orgasm
approaching, her body coiling tighter and tighter.
Naruto could feel her impending orgasm so began
to give harder and faster thrusts, nothing that
would make this any less tender, but to help her
along. He felt her pussy clamp down on his cock
and he kissed her deeper, muffling her with his
mouth as she moaned loudly in orgasm. His own
orgasm took over him as he moaned into her
mouth, pumping his cum into her body. He didn't
mind the slight salty taste as they kissed. It was
not something he wanted to experience often,
but for a kiss he wasn't worried about it.
Ayame came down from her orgasmic high and
looked up to Naruto as she pulled back from his
lips. She smiled some more, happy that he didn't
seem to mind. With all the strength she could
muster, she flipped him over so he was once
again sitting on the counter. She put her hands
on his shoulders before she began to work her
pussy up and down on his cock. Her nails dug in
slightly into his shoulders and she could have
sworn she felt him get harder inside her from
Naruto was pleasantly surprised as Ayame flipped
them over and began to ride him. He would have
thought that she went once before ending, but
here they were going another round. He briefly
mused what was in the water of Fire country that
gave them higher stamina. He cupped Ayame's
ass in his hands before he kissed her neck, going
to her shoulder as she moaned above him. Soon
his mouth was at her breast and he was sucking
on her pert nipple again.
Ayame moaned loudly as Naruto began to suck
on her breast again. She moved one hand from
his shoulder and put it to the back of his head,
gently scratching his scalp egging him on. "If you
keep this up Naruto-kun, I won't last long." She
whimpered as she kept rolling her hips against
him, making sure his cock was in as deep as she
could take it.
Naruto heard what she said and began to
massage her ass squeezing and rubbing as he
thrust up into her pussy, meeting her thrusts
with his own. A sudden stab of jealousy went
through him as he imagined the beautiful ramen
waitress with someone else. He leaned up to her
neck and kissed at the swell of slight muscle
there before biting down, hard enough to draw
blood but not enough to cause pain through the
wonderful pleasure. "No matter who else I may be
intimate with, you are going to be mine, someone
I will make time to be with." Naruto said as he
continued to work in and out of her, feeling his
second orgasm fast approaching.
Ayame's breath caught in her throat as she heard
the words. While she was worried that Naruto
might not be satisfied with just her, she thought
about it and remembered that he was a stamina
freak. She gave a small smile at his words. Of
course he'd make time to be with her, he had
always made time. She kissed him again, feeling
her body tighten up and she knew the glorious
end was near. She screamed into her mouth, this
orgasm much more powerful than the last as it
took her, her pussy clamping down on his cock.
Naruto gave a long drawn out groan into the kiss
as he fired his cum into her body gripping her
ass. He pulled back and panted his eyes slightly
glazed. "Oh wow…" he managed weakly. He felt
his body recovering quickly, praise to his stamina.
Ayame slipped off Naruto's body and looked to
him. "Did you mean what you said?" she asked a
little nervously.
Naruto nodded as he stood and hugged her. "Of
course I did Ayame-neechan. I promise I'll always
make time for you." Naruto said before he leaned
up and gently kissed her lips. He then helped her
clean up their mess. She and her father still had
to cook on that counter so they made sure to
clean it off nicely.
Once Naruto was dressed and he had walked
Ayame home, he began to head back to his
house. He felt good, and not because of the sex
which had been great. He felt good because of
the tenderness of it. It felt like she was his first
true lover.
As he entered his apartment he was grinning
even more as he thought about the events.
Ayame was passionate, there was no doubt about
that and he planned to see just how passionate
she could be. His mind then replaced passionate
with kinky and he began to blush a bit. Ayame in
leather might be interesting.
He picked up the book and flipped to the level up
page curious as to what all he got this time.
BLOWJOBS! +1000 points!' Naruto watched as
the bar filled up to level 5 and he banked the
points. He then watched it continue to rise from
the ten blowjobs and rise up to level six. It then
rose just a few points up over level six.
+350 points!’ He was about four hundred points,
he guessed, from hitting level 7.
Naruto then went to the stats page and pondered
what he had. He had ten points to work with and
he supposed a higher intelligence should work.
He bumped it up by five points, allowing himself
to be at thirty intelligence, he then boosted
Chakra control up to twenty five.
He switched over to the skills. He had seventy-one
points to work with. He looked through his
Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and various other
Ninja Skills. He wasn’t sure what skill he wanted
to level up.
He found Pick Pocketing and felt a twinge. It
wasn’t a twinge he felt often, but every time he
followed it, it had worked out quite well. In fact, it
was this twinge he felt when he had noticed the
Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Without hesitating, he poured 70 points into it.
‘Pick Pocketing, 75 points. Apprentice Level. You
can now pick the pockets of a Jonin 95 percent of
the time.’
Naruto nodded to himself and put the last into his
Sexual Aura. He snapped the book closed and put
it to the side before heading to bed, wondering
what he’d need the Pick Pocketing for.
Naruto Stats
Strength: 30
Speed: 30
Endurance: 40
Acrobatics: 20
Intelligence: 30
Chakra Levels: 40
Chakra Control: 25
Luck: 30
Sexual Aura: 50 points. Apprentice level. Allied
Kunoichi are willing to have sex with Naruto.
Civilian Women are extremely horny around
Naruto now
Stealth: 60 points. Apprentice level. Naruto can
now sneak by an unsuspecting Jonin 95 percent
of the time Also boosts all Sneaky Skills: Lock
Picking, Hacking, Assassination, Lying, Pick
Pocketing, etc.
Genjutsu: 25 pts. Novice Level. Naruto can now
detect a C-ranked Genjutsu, and Dispel a D-
ranked Genjutsu.
Pick Pocketing: 70 points. Apprentice level.
Naruto can now pick the pockets of an
unsuspecting Jonin 95 percent of the time. (+6
Stealth Bonus)
Hyoton Perk: Naruto can now use the Hyoton
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