Here is a modifide version of my orginal story to now go with my new part one. plase let me if you like and if I should continue.
Next morning I get online and change my reservations until later in the week there was a small up charge but over all I still save money. Get ready for what I hope will be a good long day shopping and organizing a nice house makeover. I just go over to Jen’s house and see what she got. I probably just go with the flow and let make up her mind. I went picked out a nice outfit a nice blouse and skirt. Granted that the outfit was form fitting and show some cleavage who know I been able to get some very good discounts in my time.

I arrive at Jen’s house just about 10:15 a little early but not too out of the time frame. Knocking at the door I had some good time to glance around her house. The house was not really isolated but there was a good size yard around her place. It a two story town house with a good side porch. Yard was nicely groomed. I know she is single but see her as a yard person. She must have a gardener that does her yard work. I hear the door open behind me, I turn and there is Jen in a hot little outfit. Jen is wearing a tight fitting jeans and sweater outfit that emphasized her nice figure.

I could almost feel my heart skip a beat as I look on this vision of this beautiful woman when she spoke. “Hi, Marla, come on in.”

“Jen, am I too early?” I asked as I came in passing her, brushing her arm. She lean and gave me quick polite peck on the cheek. I started to think, this was the first time she done that though many of my girlfriend do occasionally greet me and each other like that. I smiled at her and said missed you too.

“No, how are you this brisk April morning? She replied with a joyous smile.

“Good, looks like you in a good mood.”

“I finally decide to get the house redone and I get a good friend to help. Shopping is always good.” We both laugh at that. “First since this your first time here let me give you a grand tour.”

“Ok, beside I need to see what you have before we start looking.”
Jen gave her the tour starting there then upstairs to the three bedrooms and the two baths. Back down to the living, dining room, the half bath, den and finally the kitchen. I was thinking that the house has nice décor why change it.

“Coffee, Marla?” Jen asked getting cups and saucer out of her pantry.

“Yes, I take mine with sweetener and plenty of cream.” Laughing I said, “Guess you can say I like my coffee like I like my men a little sweet and light.”

Jen poured their cups and add some sweetener to hers and then to Marla, then just add some creamer to Marla and as she was blocking my view she must have added something else too. Laughing Jen said “I like mine sweet and black.” She handed the cup to me.

As we drank coffee I told her about my bad news about JT not able to come until next week so I postpone my flight. She told that it will be ok and that it will make the reunion that much better. We had another cup of coffee. I asked, “Is this decaf?”

“No, why,” Jen question?

“Just a little sleepy, must have been from not sleep to well last night.”

“Still up for shopping?”


“Just one more room for us to look at in the basement,” Jen said has she walked over the basement door. “My Ex had what he called a playroom downstairs.”

‘Oh that why the house reminds of her ex then’ I was thinking. The bottom of the stairs I saw that it opened up to a large work room with a lot of power tools and workbenches but over all a nice area. “Yea, I can see why he called it that.”

“Oh no, this is not the room I talking about. It’s in there,” Jen stood pointing to a door in the wall at the base of the stairs.

She open the door and gesture me in, it was dark with just a little light coming behind me. She came in after me letting the door close. Now in complete darkness she says, “hold on for a second I’ll get the lights.” I hear her moving and the light blinked on like most fluorescent lighting it flicker before completely coming on. I could not believe my eye the room was set up as a dungeon. It had a one of those “X Crosses” in the corner and a strange saw horse thing in the middle of the room. In the other corner was a mat on a block style of frame that had ropes attached at various locations on it. “I know you been giving me the eye, wanting me, guess what I going to take you tonight.” Jen said, “I might decide to keep you in here if you really make me want a good bitch to serve me. I usually only take Studs but how you been flirting with me, I give you a try.”

“What you talking about, I don’t know what you mean” I said as my heart started to pound. Looking to see if I could get around her to see if there a way out of the room. Then I saw it, she had a whip in her hand, it was short and it had not one but many leather strips to it.

“Oh there no out for you, I know you been wanting me, well I going to show you what you want.” Jen said. “Now turn around and put on those leather wrist binders.”

I backed up. “What, you must me kidding. Come on the jokes over.” Then I felt it she actually hit me with that whip on my arm.

She was holding the flail posed to strike again. “Not joking put it on your wrist, Girl. Next time it will be harder.”

“Come on enough is enough! That hurt.” She hit me again with the flail as she said it was harder.
“I said put on those on your wrist now, you little slut.” Yes my friend of some 3 months was showing a side of her I never seen and her calling me a slut. Why is this happening, yes it true I did think she is beautiful but I never thought she was like this.

I was starting to get scared, watching her with that flail, poise to strike again. What should I do, I looked at the leather bracelets they have a small belt on them to bind them tight on the wrist and they also had some metal rings on them as well. I look up and I saw hooks in the ceiling. Oh my, “Ouch,” I yelled, as she hit for the third time, across my breast.

“I said put them on, don’t make say it again. I will punish you very hard if you make me repeat myself again.” She said in a harsh voice. I pick one up, “I won’t put this on. I am not a slut,” I said, “ that you can. . .” seeing her swing this time I duck under her flail and jump to tackle her, for a small white woman she could move and I was a bit sluggish. I missed and she turns and kicked me in the side of my ribs.

“You going to learn the hard way that I am going to be your Mistress.” She then came down on me with her knee in my back. She grabbed my wrist and pulled it back holding it so I could not move without dislocating my shoulder it. “I guess I am to going put these on you then I’m going to show you why you do what I tell you.” She put the leather cuff on my right wrist and cinched it tight. Reached over and grabbed something and I heard a snap. She got off of me and I noticed that the cuff had a rope attached to it. As I was getting up she pulled it throwing off balance. She then pulled the rope over one of the hooks in the ceiling. She began to pulling me across the room as I tried to take off the cuff. Then she quickly wrapped it around a cleft in the wall. She came to me and pulled my other hand away before I could get undone. I tried kicking her to drive her away. She only grabbed my foot and pulled, holding my foot. Off balance I could not grab her and get a grip on the leather cuff. She pulled out another one and attached it to my ankle after slipping off my shoe. Dragging me around, she took another rope and attached it to the ankle cuff and to the wall. I hanging from the ceiling by one hand and my leg I’m pulled off the floor. Not able to reach my right wrist or left ankle I was stuck. “I had less trouble with men, you better be worth this!”

In an awkward position she had no trouble putting on the other cuffs and soon I was hanging from the ceiling by my hands and feet. My friend had me tied helpless. She then started to take my clothes off. She unhooked my wrist or leg only long enough to slip my arm through my clothes.

She then put a belt around my waist and attached rope to either side. “This will take the strain off your limbs. Now I going to show what happen to bad girls who don’t obey their Mistresses, I going to hate spoiling you beautiful brown skin, but you gave no choice. You need to know who the boss.”

To keep me from fighting she rigged the ropes and moved me to the cross and tied me to it with my naked backside exposed. “I going to give you 10 latches, you count them and thank me for them, if you don’t, I start all over again until you get it right, understand me, my pet?”

“Fuck You! Let me go”, I yelled

“No, no, no, for that,” the flail hit my back, “I give you one more, now start counting.” She hit my back again.

“Ouch, that fucking hurt let me go, and I won’t tell anyone I swear!”

“I said to count and thank me, your Mistress for it.” She hit me again.

“Bitch let me go,” the flail hit me again.

“Ouch,” I screamed, “One, okay”

“Oh you going to be a hard one, I said to count and thank your Mistress.” She said as she brought the flail again to my back.

“Ouch, Two, and thank you”

“Close but I said I keep starting over until you get it right,” and again she use the flail on my bare back.

“Aaahh, one, thank you Mistress,” I heard nothing and then a slap of the flail again. “Two, thank you Mistress.”

“Now you are getting it, my sweet pet. Of all the men I done this to they broke easier, “she was saying as the flail landed again,” but then again they thought this was kinky.”

“Three, Mistress thank you,” I said with a low voice. Another one fell “Ouch, four, Thank you Mistress” I think I kept count next I knew I was tied to the bed spread eagle on my stomach.

She was washing my back; the wash rag was making my back sting. “Good I did not really break the skin. You just are going to have some welts for a day or so. There a few scratches no scares.” She said. “Now When I tell you to do something you will do it. No matter what it is, right?”

I nodded my head. “I need you to say it; don’t make me punish you again.”

“Yes,” I whispered weakly.

She let me lay there for what seem like hours before she returned. I always thought that my friend was beautiful, and fun to be with. We had so much in common. Same type of shows and movies and if we compared book we probably see we read the same ones. Only in our music did we differ, I like older 60 to 70’s Rock, a little country but I love the silly ones. She likes mostly heavier Rock and acid rock. I have to admit I really did want to get with her, but like this. Not tied down and held to be treated as a pet.

She had a bowl of soup and a sandwich. “I thought you might be hungry, so I bought you some food.”
I looked up still laying on my stomach spread eagle tied to the low bed. I lowered my head, “Please let me go.”

“No. You don’t understand, I hope you would, but I’m going to keep you for a while.” She said as she undid a rope and attached to the belt, then the other one. She undid my legs and strapped them together. This allowed her to flip me over on my back. Think that I could kick her only to have that dashed as I noticed that my leg were still attached the bed. I was sat up. I felt her get on the bed behind me. I felt her hand on my shoulder, holding my hair up. “You know you have a very nice neck,” she stated before gently kissing the back of my neck. “I going to allow you eat in a minute, but first I need to put this on.”

I saw it, a collar she was going to put a leather dog collar on me.

“I’m putting this on you to keep you from trying anything stupid like running.” She then attached a rack to the end of the bed and pulled me to it. And hook the collar by a short leash to it. “This will prevent you from reaching your legs and right will soon have just enough slack to allow you to feed yourself.”

“You know someone going to report me missing soon,” I spoke softly to show that I not mad, “if you let me go I forget about this.”

“Dear, dear girl you’re on a two week vacation and you told me that your husband is on a long trip. That he calls so few times that if he misses you he just leaves a message that he ok.” She smiled, “the fact I know you and him so well that by the time anyone noticed you gone well the trail will be cold”

“Why, are you doing this?” I asked

“To show you that you should watch what you start. You been flirting with me for over the months, yet never backing it up.” She said as she softly caressed my side. “You know I not into women but for you I going to give it a try.” She lean in and kissed me on the cheek. “Now go ahead and eat, you will need the energy.”

“I have to go,” I pleaded.

Smiling to me, “not until I ready, I will fully own your sweet ass before you go anywhere.”

“No, I mean I have to use the bathroom.” I stated, “I been her for hours.”

Getting up she walked across the room to the door. “Later, eat, and for your 411 this room is sound proof. I had to; some of the dates got really loud, and did not want the police called as we were having our fun.” Then she left leaving me tied to the bed unable to reach any of the bindings holding me. She was right I could feed my self but I only had enough slack to reach the plate and to feed myself.

I could feel my bladder was full. I crossed my leg as best I could but, I really needed to go. The food was good and I was hungry but soup not a good thing to eat on a full bladder. About I don’t know 15 minute or so I was felling light headed. I could barely concentrate and was becoming totally relaxed. “Oh god I just peed on the bed, why could she not let me go to the bathroom. I was sitting in it, how gross.” I was disgusted with myself and with her as I sat in my own urine, unable to move out of it.

When she came, in just minutes later, “You should be ashamed of yourself, peeing in the bed.” You way too old to do that,” She laughed. She took the leash of the rack and pulled me so she could undo my leg from the bed. “Now get up I going to have to wash you off and you going to have to clean that bed. She pulled me to a shower stall. Slowly and carefully she cuffed me to the chains on the wall. Then she removed the leather cuffs, “oh the leather cuffs leave less bruising and chaffing but don’t like water. These not so much but they are more water resistant. If you have not realized yet I done this a lot, only with men, but I do know what I doing.”

She then turned on the shower. The water hit me was ice cold, before it warmed up. I was coming to almost immediately I was seeing clearly, the fog was lifting. ”What the hell,” I thought. “What happen,” I look around. She washing me down, yes I went in the bed.

“Well next time wait until I let you go to the bathroom. I will tell you when to go. After I clean you up and you clean your bed, I have to punish you for not getting my permission to go.”

“You drugged me,” I said. “I had no control is this how you control people?”

“I will not lie to you. Yes I gave you a drug, to relax you.” She smiled, “You still need to control your bladder, I going to break you to make you my complete slave, doing anything I ask and whatever I tell you to do.” When she was finished washing me down and drying me off, the chains were replaced with the leather cuffs. I was walked over to the bed and given a towel to clean up my urine on the bed. It was awkward as I could only use one hand at a time. My feet were chain so I could only shuffle them. The straps on my wrist would pull my other hand to my waist when I move the other hand to prevent me from getting my hands close to each other.

She flipped the mattress when I was done. “Don’t worry the mattress is water proof. Mmm. You know I just want to tell you, for a 45 year old lady your breast are still nice,” she reached over and grabbed and massaged them, “and natural.” “What are they D cups?”

“Double, I thought you said you knew me.”

She laughed,” like I said I was not well, interested but with all the flirting you done, I just could not take it anymore. I had to find out what I was missing.” The leash to my collar was pulled down so I was on my knees and attached to the chain between my ankles. “Oh, my you just the right height on your knees.
She walked away, turned towards me, “Bet you really wanted to watch me do this for some time.” Slowly she disrobed. First her tight sweater, leaving her in a pink striped sports type bra.

Oh my, she was stripping for me, trying to seduce me. Her skin was alabaster white, and she had a flat stomach, no middle age pouch. Her breast was much smaller than mine maybe a B or C cup. Her hair is shoulder dirty blonde, length and pulled back in a short ponytail. She stands a little taller than me but I am short a 5’2”.

Then Jen pulls off her tight blue jeans leaving her in matching panties. Slowly walks up to me and grabs my hair and rubs my face in her crotch. “Smell good to you, Hun?”

I try to move away resisting only feel the pull of my hair. She had me so I could not move away but I was able to turn my head.

“Guess what, I never had any woman eat me out, let alone an ebony beauty,” she said as her crotch was rubbed on my face.

“Ten Years ago I would have love to of made love to this woman,” I thought. Right now I have no wish to. The more I tried to move my head the more my hair was pulled.

“Guess you really do want that punishment,” she said as she was pulling me over to the saw horsey thing. “You will be mine, to submit to me will be the only way you leave this room.” Taking the leash she pulled me over the stand. Holding the leash so I was bent over it she chain one of my ankles to a leg of the stand. With a knee on the leash so I could not stand, she then did the other one.

“Yes she is good, never giving me even a lapse in control. Keeping me off balance prevents me from doing anything,” thinking on how I could over power her to get out of here.

With both legs now secured to the stand she then did my wrist one at a time the waist belt was keep my other arm unable to do anything as she attached my right wrist to the stand then the left. “Now, let’s try that again.” She takes off her pink striped panties and I can see her well-trimmed public hair. Where mine is a landing strip hers is the martini glass style. Again she held my head to her crotch, “eat it, or I will spank your ass.”

I could tell she was getting excited; her pussy was glistening from some of her juices. Tighten my mouth as to keep my lips from tasting her. Rubbing my face in her sweet smelling pussy I was tempted but no, I will not do it. Oh it was beautiful, a wonderful sight, damn she was hot but not like this.

“Oh well, guess we do it the hard way,” she said as she walked over to the wall.

She was behind me so I could not see what she was doing. “It still not too late I forget this whole thing just let me go. I promise,” I exclaimed!

“I started something, I finish it. I will have you and you will submit to me,” she giggled, “for all the flirting you did. I know you really want this.” I felt her hand on my ass, running over it, “you do have a nice ass, very tight. You do work out giving you a very nice ass even if you’re a little big. I don’t mean that your fat, you’re not. Flat stomach you don’t have. “Then I felt something else on my butt, harder and rougher. “Now, your last chance, will you do it?”

“NO, let me go,” I yelled, “I told you, I’ll forget it all.” “Ouch,” I yelp as the paddle hit my ass. Then again, again alternating between each cheek, she did not speak. She just kept spanking my ass with the paddle. I bit my lip not willing to give her a thing. Every third hit on a cheek she stopped only to rub my butt. It was beginning to sting even when she was not hitting or touching my ass. She ran a finger down my crack of my ass, down my leg. “Oh, you like this, you creaming. MMmm, nice.” I felt her put some of it on my ass spreading it like a lotion.

Tears were flowing down my cheek. I admit that the paddling was doing something to me. I did not want to admit it to her.

“Maybe paddling your ass is not enough,” she said as her hands started to spread my ass cheeks. I Then I felt it, she had got a dildo and was going to use it on me. I felt it enter, she using a big one, as it goes deeper I feel her hands my hips pulling me back. Oh she is using a strap-on on me.

“Ah, oh shit, she fucking me, uh, oh god no.” It feels so good, the burn of my ass and the penetration. Oh, biting my lip. I don’t want to let her know. I know I’m moaning, as much I try I can’t help it. My body is betraying me, my hips are moving in the rhythm with her.

“Yes, I knew it. You really want me to have your sweet ass,” she said, as her strap-on was working my wet cunt.

I could hear the suction as she pounded me. I cannot stop my pussy from reacting, I so wanted her for so long, she is actually fucking my pussy. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. Feel every inch of her ‘cock’ in my pussy, the stinging in my ass as her tight stomach come in contact. It is so messed up, I’m so turn on. Is it the pain from the paddling or the fact that an attractive woman I been want to have sex with is fucking me? She was fucking me so hard, I was afraid the horse stand would fall over. My feet as trying to get a grip so I could work her cock, I just had no control, the need to have her fuck my wet pussy was over whelming. The Combination of her pounding against me, the pain of my ass the humiliation of being taken against my will was more than I could take as I felt pressure building in my vagina. Gritting my teeth I explode, with a load moan I came. The pressure was much that the strap-on and the wearer were pushed back, she was taken by surprise.

“Hell girl, you are a horny little slut aren’t you,” she said, handling the dildo to enter me again. Grabbing my hips she thrust the dildo in me, taking me hard. No playing around just a hard deep fucking, oh it hurt, but the sensation was over whelming. I could not help it I began to moan begging her to quit, “Please stop, oh god please.”

“Girl I going to have you, you going to beg me to have you, to take any way I wish,” she told me with a confident tone in her voice. Running her hands up my body I felt her hands on my boobs. She first pinched my nipples holding them tight in between her thumb and index finger, pulling them away, tugging.

“Aaaaahhh, Please don’t,” I yelled!

“Sensitive nipples, I see.” She pinched them harder as she pulled on them.

I could not take it, now she was setting me a fire with desire; my nipples are very sensitive, just play with them can make me cum. She was pushing all the buttons, again the pressure was building, and I was going to burst. Holding my breast she really went at my pussy, I could feel it throbbing. “Oh shit, Fuck! Bitch stop it,” I yelled as I again squirted my love juice all over the floor, on her legs, covering the strap-on. My legs quivering, sticky with my juices, if I was not tied to the sawhorse I would have fallen off of it. So far I came five times and two of them were explosive.

I heard her walk around the horse, grabbing my hair, “Ok, girl suck it, clean my hard dick of your cum.” I refused to open my mouth, my body my betray me, but I refuse to give her the satisfaction of doing anything easy. She tried to push her dildo into my mouth as with her pussy I would not open my mouth. She pinched my nose trying to force me to breathe in through my mouth; I held it as long as I could. When I open up to suck in some air she quickly shoved her ‘cock’ into my mouth.

She was making me take the whole thing, feeling it in my mouth, I tried to push away. She just grabbed my head and hump. “Take it, girl Suck it all.” She said with a winded breath. Forcing the ‘cock’ in deeper I could feel it trying to go down my throat. I have deep throated many times, after all I did last for JT on Skype, but a rubber cock is different than a real cock, but I can do it. I choose not to, which caused me to gag. I could taste my own juice on the dildo. The harder she pushed the more I gagged. At one point she made it, she had the whole nine inch dildo in, the rubber balls hitting my chin. I threw up, the sandwich and soup, which coated the strap-on, her leg and shoes. “Oh, bitch, you a big mess maker.”

I have the feeling I am not the only one that as vomited in this room. The bitch washed down the floor with a hose. Still chained to the saw horse I watched her wash down her legs, removing her socks and shoes and cleaning her ‘cock’. Walking past me, “I’m not done with you yet,” I heard paper tearing behind me.

The taste of my lunch and of my pussy still in my mouth, “please no more, don’t touch me,” I pleaded.
“Oh, I’m still hard,” she laughed. I felt her hands on my ass, spreading me wide to allow the dildo in my still wet pussy. “I thought you were a slut, you even get off getting face fucked.”

I felt the prick entered my pussy in one fast deep motion. Pounding me again with a slow deep fucking, again pinching my nipples. I came again, and again. She kept alternating between deep penetrations to short quick burst. My legs shaking, and me moaning uncontrollable. I lost count of my organisms after the 12th one. I must have squirted at least three times. Thinking she was done, I began to relax, barely feeling my legs, I did not see that she was kneeling behind me.

I heard a one note whistle from her, “boy, your one juicy girl. Let see, shit, your clits is as hard as a rock.” Her finger barely touching my clit made me cum. “If I knew women were this much fun, I would have done this before.” Something brushed my labia, and then my clit, the object was flimsy. I could just touching my clit as it was going back and forth softly smacking my inner leg.

“She driving me insane, keeping me on the high, not letting me calm down,” I thought. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, the heavy breathe, I know that my adrenalin was pumping. There is only so much one can take, there comes a point when there just no more one can take then the crash. The longer the high the harder the crash, runner call it hitting the wall. “Aaahh,” I whelp as I came again, soon I felt the pressure again, and the most powerful squirt I ever remembered.

Whatever she was doing had stopped. Under the sawhorse I saw it, a long narrow, riding crop, flexible rod and with a leather strip flip over on the end. I saw her step behind me again, “Oh good she going to fuck me again,” was all I could think. I felt the head rub against my soaking wet pussy. Her hands on my still sore ass, she spread my ass cheeks. I holding my breath waiting for her to re-enter my very sore wet cunt, instead I felt it in my ass. She first slowly pushed the ‘cock’ in. “AAAAAHHH,” I screamed. “Please, No, no,” I was whimpering, tears flowing down my cheeks.

She just kept going, ignoring my pleas. She had worked the cock all the way in. I felt my gluteus muscles flexing this only made her fuck me harder. As much as it hurt, the feeling of my ass hole being stretched out, I could not help but cum again. I came two more times as she rode my ass, then as she reach around and rubbed my clitoris I erupted one last time.

“Please stop, I do, I do whatever you say please just stop,” I whimpered. “Please I mean it I do it, give in to you just please stop.” I was begging her to quit.

She pulled out; she walked around to the front, bent down looked me in the eyes, “Say that again.”

“I do whatever you say, just please stop, I can’t go anymore,” I said crying. “I’m sore and I can’t feel my legs.”

Turning around and bending over, “lick my pussy; suck it like a good little whore.”

Not able to resist no more I gave in, I lick her pussy. It was hot and wet; she must have came too as she was fucking me. I lapped up her sweet juice that was covering her labia. I stuck my tongue deep as I could in her hole, licking and sucking all of her nectar. Then I let my tongue flick her clit, she push back, forcing me to cover her with my mouth. I was struggling with my chains to get in closer, as much as I hate to say it, I want to eat her out. Even worn out from the hard abuse I just took I still wanted to eat this bitch out.

It only took a minute or less for her to cover my face with a flow of her creamy honey. She got up, “ok, now let’s take you the bed to you can recover.” First she undid my hands and cuffs them behind my back. Then my legs, she just hook them together to allow me to shuffle my feet. She pulled me to my feet and I collapsed to the floor. She tried to pick me up but with my hand behind my back I was a hundred and forty pounds of dead weight. The Floor covered with a soft rubber mats she could not drag me so she un-cuff me wrapped my arm over her head. I notice she was cover in sweat her hair matted from her work out. I must out mass her by a good 20 pounds, but she did finally get me up. Leaning on her we made a single step when I made my move. The only time she had let her guard down, was now I knew I had to take my shot. With my right arm around her neck, I swung my left fist into her solar plexus. Forcing her to exhale, caused to lose her balance we both fell. Knowing my legs would be of no help, I rolled so I would land on top of her. Taking advantage of her trying to catch her breath I pulled off her bra so I could tie her wrist with it. Straddling her I held her wrist over her head, with her exposed breast under my crotch her face between my boobs, my feet in between her legs. My heels had her strap-on firmly pressing against them.

Feeling her struggle to move me, but I used my larger size to keep her pinned. Every time she bucked it drove a sensation through me causing to moan. I just kept her pinned until I finally calmed down. I climbed up on her torso so I could take off my leather cuffs to put them on her. Using my knees to keep her arms down and my legs linked together keep her from moving too much. I got her left wrist cuffed, when she did something I was not expecting, she lifted her head and started to lick my still dripping wet pussy.
“Uh, oh my. Stop it,” I told her.

Looking up at me, “I can’t help it, never knew how good a pussy tasted, I only tasted the juicefrom my own.” She started to lick my labia; I leaned back as she was beginning to suck on my clit.

“Oh my,” I thought. “If she keeps that up I lose it.” I move my leg she might be able to get away. If I push her head back cannot get theses cuffs on her. Let her go ahead and eat me out, I will still get them on first. She was licking my clit with a fast flicking that was awaking my pussy again. “Damn, you good maybe they right women just knows how to please another woman.” I said as my hips start the humping her tongue.
I finally got the second cuff on her. Hooking them together I now could get off of her, but oh shit she is good. I pulled her by her hands to the saw horse. I did forget to undo my ankles chains. I quickly undid the snaps so could move more freely.

“Oh, so you are going to hold me now, to make me beg to be free?” She asked.

“Oh, no, not me,” I said. I then attached her wrist to separate legs of the sawhorse. I then removed my leg cuffs and put them on her. Looking at the sawhorse closely I noticed that it has adjustable height and places that the cuffs can be attached to. “mmm,” I made a sound. Looking around the room I saw where she kept her toys. Then looking down at her, “You won’t be needing this anymore,” I said as I took off the Strap on that she was using on me.

Leaving her hands only tied to the saw horse, I went to her toy box. I pulled out a large Strap-on even bigger that the one she was using on me, a vibrator and a special one. Walking back towards her, I did not let her see what I got. I got down on my knees. “Told that I not going to hold you and make you beg and I won’t,” I said. I took the special toy and showed it to her.

Her eye went wide, as I took her Ball Gag, held her nose and put it in her mouth. Strapping around her head all she could do was make a muffled noise. “Now you cannot beg,” I said.

I took I raised her left leg to a higher hook then her left arm higher. I went on to cuffing her right wrist to her right leg. I then picked her off the floor. “Yes I might not have your flat stomach that does not mean that I cannot pick you up,” laying her on her back on top of the horse. I one She had me over the top of. Holding her there I undid her wrist and hooked to the saw horse. I then followed through to her leg. Using my larger size to woman handle her.

Put on the strap-on so she could see which one I took. I watched as her eyes widen. Kissing her on her forehead, “I going to give you a fucking you going to remember for the rest of your life, Hun.”
First I started to use the vibrator on her already wet pussy. Getting the Toy soaking wet with her pussy juice, then I slid it in to her at full power, pumping it a few times. On one of the in strokes I left it there. The vibrator deep in her sloppy little cunt, I lowered the horse. Sliding the vibrator out seeing it coated very well, I smiled. I looked in to her eyes, very beautiful at that, I really should let you know how it feels to be ass fucked as I slowly pushed the vibrator into her asshole. She resistances it, I could feel her butt tighten down. I pushed and pulled fucking her ass with her own vibrator; soon I had it all the way in. She as wriggling her ass all over the sawhorse, so much so I thought she might fall off if she was not tied to the legs of the sawhorse.

Climbing on the sawhorse, reaching down I pushed the vibrator in her ass again. I eased the strap-on into her wet pussy. She was moaning through the gag as I was starting to get the rhythm to her movement. My hips was thrusting hard, pounding my new cock, in Jen’s hot juicy tight pussy. I can hear her moan as I slide the dildo in and out of her cunt, I feel the vibrator in her ass. I kiss her pierced nipple, and then sucked on it.

I feel her raise her hip to my thrust. I know I doing to get back for what she did to me. Like me I really don’t think that she feel like she getting a raw deal. Yes I did get off when she had her way with me, but so is she as I return the favor. I am looking into her eyes I can see the mixed look of fear and excitement with a touch of ecstasy.

I continued to fuck this woman, until I knew she came at least half as many times that I did. I wanted to show this bitch that I will not be controlled. How it feel to be made into a sex slave, to submit your will to another without consent. I so wanted her at first as a friend, then a lover now just to use her like she used me. I closed my eyes as I was going in deep, feeling her sweaty skin touch me, her breast pressing up against mine.

The drug that Jen gave me plus the all of the effort of being raped, and the returning the ‘favor’ wore me out. Leaving her on the horse I fell on the mattress. I fell asleep.

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