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Okay...this is my second story but only my first Fiction so let me know what you think. This story was written for my hockey-playing friend, Ryan, who I like a lot :) So, while it is fiction, the characters are real and hopefully I can change it from fiction to "true story" some day. Love ya Ry!


What you need to know is that none of it was planned. I hadn’t thought for one second that anything I’d dreamed or fantasized or contemplated for the last few months would ever actually happen. There was no preparation for it. I didn’t anticipate it nor did I expect it. Truth is I wasn’t even sure that I would go through with it, but I did. After all, I was sort of … thrust into the whole thick of it, so to speak.

I basically grew up in the place but I really had no say in the matter. Dad opened his pride and joy in the late 1980’s just a few years after I was born and he practically lived at the Springfield Family Sportsplex, a most original name for sure, and because he lived there, so did I. As his only son I suppose he thought it best for me, read best for him, that I should spend every waking moment at the place as he did. So that is exactly what happened. I was always at the place. When I was a kid I usually kept to his office or the pool. Eventually I had the run of the complex and knew it inside and out. Hell if I were feeling generous I’d even lend a hand at the snack bar but that was rare. Sports isn’t my thing and I really had no interest in even pretending that it was. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no athlete. That part is true, but I liked watching.

SFS, as we called the place, is the only sports complex of its kind in this part of the state. It has an Olympic pool, basketball and racquetball courts, softball and soccer fields, a running track and a full size hockey rink. It is a huge building and when its hopping the place is packed. That is usually when I don’t mind being there. I love the crowds and the people. Well, not all the people exactly, just the hot ones. And there are tons of them.

Most of the time they come and go. Their teams come from as far as 500 miles away to compete in tournaments that SFS sponsors. I never talk to them, though. Well I do talk to them but not in any meaningful way. A quick, “hi” or “what’s up” is about all I can come up with. I still don’t understand why I’m completely at a loss for words with them but it’s true. When I want to start a conversation with some girl or guy I completely freeze. It’s like … I know exactly what I want to say but my voice is just … gone. I can’t even come up with a smile. They usually just see me gawking at them and either look at me like a freak or give me a grin like they know what I’m thinking. Of course I always assume they know what I’m thinking and that makes me blush like no other. This time was no different.

After a long Friday night of what seemed like 5000 people crammed shoulder to shoulder, the place had finally emptied itself to just the local teams and the few straggling fans and family members. I was beyond beat and ready to get home. Dad asked me to grab a mop and hit the locker rooms for a quick swab of the floors. I’d learned early on to not put up much of a protest for risk of getting the lecture about responsibility and character building and who the fuck can remember what else he rants about but I still refused to make it easy for him. I took the mop and bucket but not without some muttered curses as I went. He couldn’t hear me but I felt better.

The lady’s locker room had barely been used so I was done with it fairly fast. I propped the ‘wet floor’ sign between the door and the wall and worked the mop across the hall toward the men’s locker room. One by one the lights dimmed throughout the complex as the day drew to a close. As each was turned off the dull hum of the fluorescent lamps quieted so that all that was heard was the occasional echo of distant laughter or feet stomping as kids gathered their gear and left the building. I also heard the familiar swish of skates cutting ice as someone slowly made their way across the rink. I glanced over and saw a kid just stepping into the bleachers. He almost fell into the seat and sort of melted into it. I could tell he was exhausted as he rubbed his hands into his face then stretched his arms above his head. He leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees. I’m not sure why I kept looking but I couldn’t stop. Finally he reached down and took off his skates. I kept looking at him. He stood and came toward me. I was still watching. He looked up and saw me. He caught me staring.

I know I blushed but I’m sure he couldn’t see it. The shadows were deep as I turned toward the door and pushed my way into the men’s locker room. I made my way to the back corner and started mopping. Within seconds I heard the door open and the faint sounds of socked feet walking across the floor. I glanced toward the lockers and saw him sitting on the bench as he took off the rest of his gear. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey.” Again, it was all I could come up with and I was pissed because of it. “Fuck the mop,” I thought as I put it away and walked over to where he was sitting. With some new found confidence I said, “Hey, I’m Troy.”

“Ryan,” was all that he said.

I started to reach out my hand to shake his but he crossed his arms, grabbed his shirt and lifted it. I watched as he fought the sweaty tee as it clung to his body, refusing to let go. My eyes went straight to his stomach. It was the flattest I’d ever seen, the muscles stretching with the effort. He had the most perfect innie and I almost sank to my knees so that I could bury my tongue in it. The shirt hit me half in the face and half in the chest. “Fold that for me would ya?” Ryan said. He gave me a quick wink and turned, walking toward the showers. I held his shirt as I watched him. He turned the corner and I heard the water flow from the faucet. Almost immediately the steam began to roll from the shower stall. “Troy, come here,” he said.

I walked to the stall to see his back turned toward me. I stared in awe at the most perfect body I’d ever seen. From his shoulders to his feet he was amazing. “Wash my back.” There was no “please”. It was basically a command but I couldn’t even think that I had a choice. He was busy rinsing the shampoo from his hair as I took the soap in my hands. They were shaking as I touched the bar to his skin just above his ass. The water rolled down his back, mixed with the soap and sent a trickle of foam between his cheeks. I watched as it ran down his legs and onto the floor. Suddenly he turned to face me and my fingers brushed across his abs. I quickly looked at his face to see him smiling at me. His hands found their way to my shoulders and he leaned his head toward mine, our foreheads touching gently. I felt the slight force as he pushed me down. My eyes traveled the length of his body from his nickel sized nipples, down to his flat stomach, past his dripping wet bush and right to his pulsing dick as it touched my chin and slid up my left cheek. Ryan brought his hands to my face and slowly pushed my head back so that the tip of his cock was just touching my lips. With one thumb on each corner of my mouth he pushed them into me and I opened, ready for him.



“Should we … umm leave now?” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“Should we go? I think we’re the only ones left.”

Ryan was dressed and sitting on the bench. He had his bag beside him as he stuffed the last of his gear into it. I noticed he was still wearing his shirt. Ryan slammed the locker shut and I followed him out of the locker room, staring at his ass the whole time. We were the last two in the complex so I locked the main door on our way out.

"So, how long have you played hockey?" I asked

"Since I was a little dad made me sign up" he replied.

Our cars were only a few spaces apart. As we got closer to them he said, “See ya,” and clicked the button on his key ring to open the trunk. I climbed in my poor excuse for a ride and turned the key to start the engine. The dome lights flickered and the ignition clicked a few times but the car wouldn’t start. Just my luck, the piece of shit refused to start. I heard Ryan slam his trunk and start walking toward me. “Problems?” he asked.

“Won’t start,” I said.

“Sounds like your battery but I don’t have any cables. I can give you a ride if you need it.”

“Thanks,” I said. I grabbed my phone, got out and slammed the door. I didn’t even lock it, wishing someone would steal it actually. We got into his car and were on our way.

As it turned out, Ryan lived close to me and his house was on the way to mine. Just as we were almost passing his subdivision he slammed on the breaks and made the turn into it. “Hey I need to go home real quick and see if I got my letter yet,” he said. He went on to explain that he was expecting a letter from a college and a possible scholarship. Supposedly it was sent out last week and he figured it’d be delivered today. “It’ll only take a minute,” he said. I had no problem with that. The whole ride had been him talking and me staring at his bare legs as he worked the pedals, swiftly stomping the clutch to change gears then mashing the accelerator to send us flying through the dark city streets. Every so often he’d look in my direction and I’d be forced to nod or smile in response to what he was saying. When he wasn’t looking at me I stole quick glances at the area where the bottom of his shirt rested on his shiny purple basketball shorts. I could make out the contents of the bulge just under the cloth and I’m pretty sure I could see the tip of his dick pointing at me as it rested on his right thigh. As the car lurched into one turn and then another, his bulge shifted too.

We came to a screeching stop in his driveway and Ryan jumped out of the car. He was almost to the front door when he turned around and looked at me. He waved his arm at me to come inside so I got out and followed him. “Take your shoes off,” he said to me as he closed the door behind us. Taking three steps at a time, Ryan bounced down the stairs to the basement and to his room. I went after him and followed the sounds of his footsteps since he hadn’t turned on any lights. Somehow he ended up behind me and pushed me through a door. He flipped the switch and a dim bulb lit his bedroom. “I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfy,” he said. Ryan went back the way he came and I heard him take the same steps up one level.

I sat on his bed and waited. Five minutes later he still hadn’t come back down. I could hear voices but not the conversation and I figured he was talking to his family about school or the scholarship or whatever. I was getting bored either way.

Ryan’s room was huge. It was basically his own apartment and was more than just a bedroom. Other than the hall leading to the room I was in now, there was another short hall leading to a living area. I got up and walked into Ryan’s den. There were two couches facing each other, a recliner in each of the two back corners and a huge entertainment center with a flat screen TV taking up the entire far wall. His computer was on a desk behind one of the couches. Since I was going to be here a while I figured I’d sign on and check my email. As soon as I parked myself in his chair I noticed a folder on his desktop labeled ‘stuff’. For a split second I thought about seeing what sort of ‘stuff’ Ryan had filed in that folder but decided it wasn’t my business. I clicked on the IE icon and the window loaded. I started to type the address for my email site and the auto fill window popped up and my mouth dropped.

I stared at the screen and silently read the list of words. I took a quick glance behind me and, seeing that I was still alone, closed the window and stared at Ryan’s stuff folder. I knew I shouldn’t look but I couldn’t stop myself. My hand shook as I double clicked the folder and its contents popped up. I was a bit relieved as I scrolled through the list of images and videos. Just as I got to the last file my relief disappeared. Tucked away nicely into all the ‘bigtits’ and ‘wetpussy’ pics was ‘xxteenboyssuckxx.avi’. I looked over my shoulder again making sure the coast was clear and then clicked on it. Immediately the media player popped up and there on Ryan’s computer were two guys our age sucking each others’ cocks.

“Hey sorry ‘bout that, Troy but the letter came and ….”

I have no idea how I didn’t hear him bounding down the stairs but he was behind me before I could react. When I did react it was like I had 4 arms and 10 hands. I started minimizing windows and clicking on anything I could but it was too late. Ryan had seen what I was watching and no matter how bad I wanted to rewind my life at that particular moment, the damage had been done. Ryan had caught me snooping. Now in a situation like that you’d think that he’d be the one who was embarrassed but it was completely the opposite. I was so red in the face that it felt like it was on fire. I couldn’t look at him eye to eye but I could see that Ryan was just standing there with his arms crossed and just staring at me. The few times I glanced in his direction he hadn’t moved and I was completely at a loss as to what I should do. What’s worse is that the fucking video was still playing so that the only sound in the room was the squishing and slurping and moaning of two hot guys in a convertible on some anonymous beach. Oh and I’m quite certain Ryan could hear my heart beating too.

He took a few steps toward me and I flinched. I’m not sure why but I didn’t expect him to move. Just when I thought he was going to punch me, he reached over my shoulder and calmly expanded the video to full screen. I finally looked him in the eyes and he sort of smirked and motioned with his eyes for me to look at the screen. “This is where it gets good,” he said as he moved to my left and stood just inches from me. “Watch.” I was watching alright. Not only was I watching the video but I was looking at Ryan’s crotch just inches from my face. Even though there were two naked guys fucking each other in the mouth I was much more interested in the straining bulge Ryan was displaying for me. It was almost as if he were pushing it toward me. Unlike in the car I could now easily make out the length of his dick through the thin nylon of his shorts.

As the guys in the vid worked their way through their dramatic orgasms I found myself shifting in the chair and subconsciously leaning toward Ryan. For every inch that I leaned toward him, he came closer to me. Within minutes I felt the heat of Ryan’s crotch blasting my cheek. I felt his right hip lightly brush against my left shoulder and my whole body tingled from the contact. I didn’t dare turn my head because I knew my face was level with his crotch and if I had it would’ve been smothered by it. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Ryan reached down and adjusted his bulge. Seconds after he lifted his hand away from his crotch I felt him place it across my shoulders and rest his hand on my right arm. He was sort of leaning over me and embracing me at the same time. I wasn’t sure but I thought I could feel his fingers lightly caressing my skin. I was staring straight at the monitor but I have no idea what he was doing. My only focus was to continue breathing. His other hand was busy slowly typing on the keyboard.

As he leaned further toward the desk his body blocked my view but he was so close to me that I could smell him. I took a deep breath and sighed. I think I may have closed my eyes and it was then that I noticed two things. One was that I was completely harder than I’d ever been in my life and the other was that Ryan had pressed his hardness against my left arm. I couldn’t move, frozen to the chair. He pulled back slightly so that his shorts were barely touching my skin then pushed himself onto me again. Part of me thought that it was accidental but I knew it wasn’t. Ryan began to gently brush himself against me, moving his hips back and forth causing an electrifying friction between his crotch and my arm. He became bolder and I could feel him begin a slow fucking motion so that his dick rubbed from the tip to the base. I had let my head fall back and rest against the chair and my arm dropped from the armrest. Though my eyes were still closed I knew that Ryan had turned toward me. His arm was still across my shoulders and I felt him slowly turn the chair to my left. I opened my eyes slightly to see him standing in front of me and watched as he placed his hands on my shoulders and slide down my arms. He gently lifted my hands as he leaned toward me. With his hands on the back of mine he brought them to his hips. I couldn’t help but to begin rubbing his hips, my thumbs gently rubbing across the smooth nylon shorts just where the waistband met his shirt. Ryan lifted his shirt and took it off revealing his hard flat abs. We were merely inches apart and my nose was level with his belly button. I stared at his perfect stomach.

Ryan again put his hands on mine and moved them up my arms sending shivers through my entire body. As he worked his hands toward my shoulders he leaned into me. He continued moving his hands to my neck and finally cupped my face with them. As I hesitantly moved my hands to his stomach, Ryan lifted my face to look at him. When our eyes met I melted. He was grinning at me like he had a secret. I looked back down and watched my hands as if they weren’t attached to my body. My bold fingers began kneading his hard flesh and my thumbs absently found their way under his waistband. Ryan began rubbing my face, neck and shoulders as his hips began to almost imperceptibly thrust back and forth. With my thumbs between his skin and the cloth I slowly began pushing down on his shorts revealing more of him. As my hands took on a mind of their own they began exploring his abs hips and butt.

Both of us were rubbing each other into a frenzy. I’d pushed down his shorts so that they were only being held up by his hardness. I was lightly stroking the hair just below his naval when I felt Ryan’s hands move to the back of my head and begin pulling me toward him. I knew where he was pushing me and I knew I wanted it. As he pulled me to him, I pulled him to me and within seconds my face made contact with his bare flesh. He held me against him as I rubbed my cheek across his stomach. While Ryan’s hands found their way under the collar of my shirt and began stroking my back, mine were busy working into the opening of his shorts and toward his crotch. I flicked my tongue and tasted the slightly sweet taste of flesh. Just as I was becoming content with us holding each other so close, Ryan removed his hands from my shirt and began pushing down his shorts. I watched as his dick strained for release. His shorts fell to the floor and his cock bounced up and settled under my chin, its length resting against my left cheek. With my ear pressed against his body I could hear Ryan’s heart and his cock gently rose and fell with each healthy beat.

I let my hand stroke his inner thigh before moving it up and cupping his balls. Ryan moaned from the contact as he pushed my head toward his dick. I settled on my knees directly in front of him as he rubbed my head in anticipation. His cock was so hard and pointing toward the ceiling. I leaned to him and let my lips just brush the flesh where the head connected to the shaft. It twitched from the touch and the head swelled. I rubbed my lips down his shaft to his balls and back up to the head again. I opened my mouth slightly and let the tip of his cock rest on my lips. I looked up at Ryan and saw that he was looking at me and smiling. As if I needed his approval he gave me a quick nod letting me know that I could taste him.

I watched him watching me and saw his smile turn to blissful surprise as I opened my mouth and his dick made contact with my tongue. Ryan inhaled deeply and he groaned in response to the feeling. My lips closed behind the rim of his cock head and he was in me. It was a comfortable fit and my tongue flicked its way from the bottom of the head to the tip. I swirled it around the spongy flesh tasting his essence and I could feel Ryan trying to push further into me. With each small thrust of his hips he worked another fraction of an inch into my mouth. I had no idea how much of his length I could take but I refused to stop until I had it all.

With about half of Ryan’s dick in my mouth he began to speed up his thrusting so that he was pushing and pulling into me. I pressed my tongue against the underside of his shaft and sucked as hard as I could, trying to keep him from being able to pull back. The effect on Ryan was amazing and he began moaning. He continued to rub my head with his hands, his thumbs occasionally stroking my cheeks showing that he loved what I was doing for him. Just as we developed a comfortable rhythm Ryan suddenly pulled his dick from my mouth and squatted to his knees in front of me. It happened so fast but one second his dick was buried in my mouth and the next second it was his tongue. He had pulled my face into his and we kissed as if our very life depended on the other’s breath. His strong hands held my head steady as our tongues battled. The weight of him leaning toward me pushed me back and we were soon on the floor with him on top. I could feel him pressing his crotch into mine and I absently bucked to meet his thrusts.

Ryan sat up so that his thighs straddled my waist. Our eyes locked and I could see nothing but animal lust in his. The smile was gone but the corners of his lips were turned up in a slight grin. He reached for the bottom of my shirt and lifted it toward my head and immediately attacked my chest with his mouth. I wildly ran my hands through his hair as he licked and sucked every inch of my chest and stomach. I fought to get my shirt completely off and tossed it across the room just as Ryan licked his way below my belly button and under the waistband of my shorts. My entire body shook with pleasure as he grabbed the top of my shorts and, in one swift movement, yanked them off of me.

I had no time to react as Ryan scooted down my legs and dropped his head to my crotch. I lifted my head to watch him just as he inhaled my balls into his mouth. I groaned as both nuts disappeared into him. My head hit the floor with a thud when I lost all control of my body but I didn’t care. At that moment every nerve in my body centered in my balls as they were being ravaged by Ryan’s tongue. He sucked and teased them and they ached for release. Ryan lifted his head, stretching my sack to its limits as first one and then the other nut plopped from his hot mouth. He gripped my cock with both hands so that just the head was visible and he squeezed it. We both watched the head swell to an engorged size. The skin felt so tight I thought it would burst when he began licking it like a sucker, his flat tongue dragging across the sensitive bit just under the head. After a few minutes of painful teasing he moved his hands and engulfed me. Again my body jerked uncontrollably and instincts took over and I grabbed his head and began pumping his face up and down my cock.

Ryan sensed I was ready to cum and, despite my best efforts to keep him on me, forced himself from my grip on his head. He brought his face to mine and our lips connected again, our tongues twirling and teeth mashing. He raised himself to his hands and knees. My hands stroked his biceps and shoulders, his muscles stretching and tightening with the effort. Our mouths continued to make love and Ryan began rocking back and forth dropping his hips so that our naked cocks were rubbing together. They were both slick with spit and glided easily next to each other. When Ryan would groan in my mouth it would take my breath away and I’d instinctively push into him while gripping his tight butt, feeling it flex in my hands.

The heat between our bodies was unreal. We had both become wet with sweat and it served to lube our abs as our cocks slid effortlessly across each other’s flesh. Ryan’s cock found its way between my legs just below my nuts and I closed my thighs around his meat. By now he had moved his mouth to my neck and was feasting on the area where it met my shoulder. I knew I’d have a hickey. I didn’t care and in fact I think I wanted one. Ryan was marking me as his.

With three quick pecks down my chest Ryan had my dick in his mouth again but he was simply holding the head with his lips. I watched as Ryan lifted his left leg and, never letting loose of my cock, throw it over my head so that his dick was hanging over my face. He sat up and looked down at my head centered between his thighs. As he gently squeezed them together covering my ears, my hearing was muffled but I could make out what he said. “Open wide.” I did, just as he pushed his dick down and into my mouth. With one slow thrust he pushed completely into me and I accepted every inch so that within seconds I felt his balls on my nose. I held him there until he sensed that my lungs were burning for air. Just when I began to squirm in need of a breath he suddenly pulled out completely, the head sliding across my nose and eyes trailing a string of spit with it. As I gasped for air he leaned down and we kissed again.

Ryan dragged his tongue down my body and began licking my balls and inner thighs. His pulsing meat was in my face and I tilted my head, lining up my mouth to receive him. He felt my lips touch the head and he pushed into me, moaning as his sensitive cock slid into the wet hole. Ryan nibbled his way up the shaft of my cock, planted a kiss on the head and promptly impaled his throat with it. As he fucked my mouth, I fucked his, him on top of me.

Our hands continued to explore each other’s bodies and tentative fingers found their way between ass cheeks to touch one another’s holes. I had a slight advantage since Ryan’s ass was above me and totally in the open. I had already had him in my grip, guiding his hips to meet my open throat. It was only natural that I’d begun to spread his cheeks with my hands as I kneaded the rock hard flesh. When my fingers touched the sensitive hole Ryan suddenly stopped sucking and didn’t move. Just when I thought I’d crossed the line he slid his body forward allowing me easier access. I spread him with my thumbs and pressed a finger, testing it. I was ready to push into him when he suddenly lifted himself into a push up position and looked between our bodies. He smiled at me and said, “you can go in there but I’m going in you first.” Before I could react or protest, he’d quickly flipped around so that he was squatting between my legs. Ryan leaned down and kissed my cock just where it meets my balls. “Come here,” he said as he grabbed my hands and pulled me toward him. He lay back as I came up and I was straddling his thighs. With one hand behind his head he used the other to point his dick in the air. I looked at him as his face spread into a huge grin. I slid my body forward and across his dick. I felt the head rub the underside of my balls and settle between my butt cheeks. I knew he wanted me to do the necessary work so I began sliding back and the pressure against my hole was becoming unbearable. A cold shiver wracked my body and, just as I thought the pain was too much, Ryan’s cock head popped into my ass hole. The pain was unbearable and I tried to pull away but he’d grabbed my hips. He didn’t push into me or pull me onto him but he held me steady as I got used to the invasion. After a minute or so Ryan gave a slight push. Sensing that I could take the rest of him he gently pulled my hips toward him and I felt his length slide into me. Within seconds I was completely sitting on him and Ryan had his entire cock in my ass.

Ryan moved his hands up the side of my body and grabbed my shoulders. He pulled me to him and our lips met. As we passionately kissed, he began pulling my ass up and down on his shaft. The friction inside of me made me insane with desire and soon I was riding him on my own and taking him fully into me with long strokes. Ryan too was bucking his hips and meeting me with every thrust. Each time he entered me we moaned into each other’s mouth. Ryan pulled his lips from mine and pulled my ear to his mouth. His hot breath engulfed my ear and sent a chill through my spine. I heard him whisper, “I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Not yet,” I said as I sat up and let him slip out of me. His cock twitched and pulsed with the need for release and I watched a drop of clear fluid appear in his pee hole. I worked myself between Ryan’s legs and lifted them to my shoulders. It was my turn to grin as I watched his eyes widen with surprise when he realized what I was about to do.

“My turn,” I said as I lined my throbbing cock up with his hole. Gripping my shaft with my hand, I slowly rubbed the head up and down his crack several times. When I felt his hole relax I pushed forward and entered him. The whole time I was watching Ryan and he began moving his head from side to side, his eyes closed and mouth open as if he were trying to say something but it was caught in his throat. Our chests heaved in tandem as I felt my cock slip into him a fraction of an inch at a time. After a few minutes of teasing I could take no more. I grabbed Ryan’s hips and pulled him against me, all seven inches of my cock burying its way into the fiery heat of his ass. Ryan grunted as I started fucking him.

He reached up and pulled my face to his for another amazing kiss. My cock was like a piston as I plunged in and out of him, my balls forcefully pounding his ass on every in stroke. Ryan’s hands were moving up and down my back as I rode him. My pace quickened and I felt the cum boiling. My balls tightened and I knew I was close. I raised myself and pounded hard, my toes digging into the carpet for leverage. It felt like my cock was reaching all the way through him, his insides milking it. Supporting myself on my left elbow I reached down and grabbed Ryan’s dick. Each thrust into his ass caused his cock to lurch in my hand.

I could see that he was as close to cumming as I was. My face was buried between his head and shoulder while I fucked his ass and jerked his cock. Again he said he was about to cum and hearing that put me over the edge. With one last thrust I pushed into him completely, my balls pressed against his ass. I stopped breathing for the half minute it took to empty into him. I couldn’t speak but only grunted as each shot of sperm blasted from my sore cock and into him. Ryan grabbed my hand in his and guiding my jerking of his cock. As the last shot pumped from my cock, Ryan’s first shot erupted from his. It landed on his heaving chest just below my cheek and I quickly moved my head toward the spitting rod. His second shot blasted from the swollen head and hit my bottom lip just as I was opening my mouth. The third shot hit me squarely on the tongue right when I put it between my open lips. Three more shots and the inside of my mouth was coated in Ryan’s cum. I loved the taste of him and savored the nutty flavor. It took several swallows but I managed to get every drop into my stomach.

We panted as our orgasms dwindled and our breathing once again became normal. Several times we each sighed with contentment as Ryan absently stroked my hair. With my head resting on his chest I listened to his heart gradually slow its beat. I gently rubbed his belly and watched his dick deflate and settle itself between his legs. The soft thump of his heart soothed me and my eyelids grew heavy. The last thing I saw was Ryan’s hand as it moved across my eyes and nose. I closed my eyes and slept as I felt his finger lightly tickling my lips and cheek.

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2011-03-31 12:09:41
Fantastic story and writing! Please write more about the two of you.

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wow. that was awesome. you should keep writing. especialy with these two. great deions, storyline, you know the works and all. keep writing woth these two;)

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I honesty liked your story it seemed so real i am a female and by the end of this story i was soaking wet waiting for my boyfriend to get home. You should make this a series.

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absolutely amazing

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