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This is a sexual story about a young boy taking complete advantage of another young boy. It is filled with strange fetishes: mostly sleep, domination, and underwear. If you have no desire to read such a story, then you should be very thankful of that fact and go ahead and leave now. Thanks.

I hope you guys are enjoying my stories. Seeing as how YBWL-2 is my most-read story I decided to write a direct sequel to it. Let me know what you think in the comments, especially if you enjoy the series. Having a fetish for young boys is something outside of our control and very hard to live with: I'd like to think that I'm helping in some way. If there's anything at all you'd like me to put into my next work I'm open to suggestions. Please, enjoy.


“So, you're planning some sort of revenge?”

Luke kept his grip on the wheel of his mother's four-door Sedan and his eyes on the road as he questioned his good friend, Josh. Josh was wearing all black clothing, which contrasted with his bleach blonde hair, staring out his window as they approached the house of his nemesis, Tyler. The sun was just starting to go down, leaving the sky at a beautiful gray/blue swirling of colors. Dusk.

A few weeks ago, young Tyler had attempted to seek revenge against Josh. The boy tripped up along the way but was ultimately successful in defeating him, in part thanks to Josh's own evolving sexual desires. The pictures were up inside the clubhouse the next day, and his tarnished reputation hadn't been the same since. Since that day he had been planning his revenge against the Freshman. And he didn't plan on running a botched job like young Tyler had. To be fair, Josh was completely deserving of his fate. He had been bullying Tyler since they were both in middle school. There would be no mistakes this evening, however, and certainly no apologies. Only revenge.

“Yeah, something like that. I can't stop thinking about his 'victory' over me. So, I've brought some supplies....”

Josh opened his duffel bag and showed Luke the contents. Some bungee cords to restrain the young boy. A pair of handcuffs, with keys. A bottle of chloroform. A small rag. A camera. Some lock picks. A change of clothes. And a few other things.

Luke laughed as he examined the contents, making sure to divert an equal amount of attention between the duffel bag and the road in front of him. “Looks like you're not even giving the poor guy a chance. You're basically raping him.”

“You know, that really doesn't bother me that much, considering he basically raped me first.”

Luke smiled and turned his attention back to the road. “Well you had better do a better job than he did with you. I'd better not find out that I stole my mom's car so that some horny Freshman could have his way with you again. If you end up losing again, don't bother coming to the next meeting.”

Luke was smiling but he and Josh both knew that there was a hint of truth to what he was saying. Josh used to have a great win record, but he had lately run into a bad losing streak with the newer members of the YBWL. On top of that hardly anybody ever lost to Tyler, the cutest, smallest and least intimidating boy in the entire school. There was no way that Josh could maintain his stature alongside Chris and Luke if he lost to the young boy again. Josh was considering all of this and more as Luke pulled up to Tyler's house. Josh could see a basketball flying up and down over Tyler's low-rise backyard fence. He was probably planning on trying out for the basketball team, which Luke and Josh shared a laugh over. There was no way that a boy of his height could make the team. The boy was physically fit, but if his track records and performances were any indication of his basketball skills, it was a pointless endeavor. Luke turned to Josh to bid him farewell.

“Call me when you need a ride and I'll pick you up down the street. Don't forget that his folks are coming home around two in the morning, assuming their flight isn't delayed, so try to be out of there by one. If you want to leave him in an embarrassing predicament.....well that’s your call. Chris stole a bunch of his dad's beer, we're gonna drink tonight at the park to celebrate your revenge. See if this kid has some alcohol while you're in there, actually.”

Josh was already standing outside, slipping a balaclava over his head to hide his identity. He only pulled it down over his hair and held it there as he turned around to face Luke.

“Great, I'll call you when I'm finished here. Hey, listen. Remember what we talked about on the way home from school today? Doing a rematch against Chris?”

Luke frowned and nodded.

“Just think about it, alright?”

“You've got a few hours. Hurry up. Make the little dude cum, take a picture, and get out. The sooner you finish, the sooner we all get drunk.”

With that Luke slowly drove up the street and out of Josh's sight, who was a little frustrated that Luke dodged the question. Josh had only gotten to see Chris underneath his clothing a few times (Certainly less than he would like to), and a victory against Luke would be hard fought and a great match. Chris and Luke had wrestled before in a public match, which was a spectacular fight and one of Luke's only losses.

Also, Josh had no intention of finishing the job in any sort of hurry. It would be a long night.

He finished slipping the balaclava over his head and crept up to the boy's backyard, peeking over the fence. Tyler was still playing basketball in his backyard, dressed in a muscle t-shirt and blue basketball shorts. Josh knew that he wouldn't have much time before Tyler went inside. It was already dark out, and even though Josh was a fair distance away he could tell that the boy was sweating profusely. He glanced around the street to make sure nobody was watching him and walked softly up to the front door.

Josh set his small duffel bag on the ground next to the door and prepared to retrieve his small lock pick set from it, unable to help but notice the door mat on the ground. He peered under it to look for a key, but didn't find anything. Then he decided to just try turning the doorknob. To his surprise the door actually opened. Grinning, he applied some chloroform to the rag in his bag and stuffed it into his back pocket. He chuckled softly as he slowly crept inside the house, leaving his things outside for now and softly shutting the door behind him. The kid probably forgot to lock the door behind him after he got home. Josh locked the door for him.

Tyler's house wasn't very big but it was well furnished. Josh needed to explore it quickly so he could have a good layout of his surroundings and take out any additional threats. Tyler may have a friend over or something. He feared this at first upon hearing a television set as he entered the house, but his suspicions were for naught after a quick sweep of the place. After walking down a small hallway was a living room area, which consisted of a small office, kitchen, and living area with a nice coffee table. These were all separated by a few walls at waist-height that Josh used to his advantage as he tiptoed through it. From the living area Josh could watch Tyler playing basketball over the kitchen counter through the large glass patio doors that covered most of the back wall. There were curtains for the windows hugging the sides of the doors but they weren't drawn shut. Yet. Connected to the living room was what was likely his parents room, seeing as it had a king size bed and a personal bathroom. The upstairs area was much smaller, and was accessed by turning left immediately upon entering the house. Turning left at the top of the stairs led to a small bathroom, and turning right led to Tyler's room, which contained a small closet and television set. This TV, like the one downstairs, was running with nobody watching it. He sincerely hoped that young Tyler was chipping in for the electric bill, as most of the lights in the house were on, too.

After searching the house Josh returned to hiding behind the kitchen counter so that he could catch Tyler off guard as soon as he walked into the kitchen for a drink. It wasn't long at all until he saw Tyler approaching the large glass patio door. Josh struggled to keep his breathing quiet as his anticipation grew. He clutched the rag of chloroform in his hand tightly and prepared to move quickly. He would need to maneuver behind the small boy in order to have the most effective chance of overwhelming him. He heard the patio door open and shut loudly as Tyler entered his home. He was breathing heavily and blasting music from his iPod’s headphones way too loudly. Josh, staying low to the ground, perfectly slipped around the right side of the counter as Tyler swung around the opposite side, so that the two boy's exchanged places across Josh's viewing barrier as Tyler opened his refrigerator and grabbed a cup from a cabinet that he could barely reach. Josh quickly maneuvered behind him and waited for him to finish taking a nice long drink of water. As Tyler gulped loudly Josh noticed his new haircut. It was buzzed short, almost military-grade. He looked like he was eleven years old, though he was considerably older. Tyler was still sweating profusely. As soon as he slammed the cup down, Josh attacked.

He quickly clamped the chloroform-soaked rag over Tyler's mouth while simultaneously taking him down the ground. The boy's heart rate was at an accelerated rate and he was breathing heavily, so it was no time at all before he succumbed to the effect of the drug and passed out in his toned arms. Josh removed the rag from the boy's mouth as soon as he was sure that the boy was unconscious; if he used too much chloroform he could get sick. Besides, he didn't want to put Tyler in a complete stupor, he wanted him to remember some of what was happening to him this evening. He remained there on the floor with him for a little bit, breathing in his strong boy musk and sweaty odor.

He tugged off the boy's sweaty shoes, socks, and shirt, tossing them in random directions as he pulled them off the sleeping freshman. He took his new iPod from Tyler's pocket and placed it inside of his own, ditching the headphones on the floor. He then tugged his blue basketball shorts down to his ankles, revealing his tight white Under Armour boxer-briefs. All the kids were wearing 'em these days. Josh cupped the boy's sack in his hand through the tight material and slowly felt the boy's hot and sweaty equipment. After roughly rubbing his package for a short while he stood up and lifted the boy into his arms, cradling him underneath his knees and shoulders with his shorts still pooled around his ankles. The boy's head hung with his mouth agape as Josh carried him out of the kitchen. He dropped the extremely sweaty and half-naked boy onto their nice couch, which would probably piss off his mom later, so that he could turn off all of the televisions and quickly retrieve his things from outside. As he came back in he took his balaclava off and made sure to lock the door behind him again, as well as close all of the curtains. To his pleasure he found Tyler starting to come to. He pulled off the boy's basketball shorts from around his ankles and massaged the boy's dick and balls through his underwear again as Tyler slowly regained his senses.

“Hey, little boy. Remember me? I'm here to return the favor from a few weeks ago. But don't worry, I'll be taking great care of you.”

The fourteen year-old weakly fought off Josh's busy hands as he groggily uttered a few words.


Josh laughed. “You seem a bit cranky. I think you need to take another nap.”

With that he once again cradled the young sweaty boy clad only in his athletic performance underwear in his arms, but this time walked to the center of the living room and delivered a powerful back-breaker that left the boy motionless on the floor. Josh quickly applied a choke hold just to make sure Tyler was unconscious, laying on top of the boy and wrapping his elbow around his neck. After choking him out for a few seconds he softly flipped the wet glistening teen onto his back, slapping his face gently and playing with his motionless limbs. He noticed that his clothes were becoming drenched in the boy's sweat, so he stripped down to his tight white Jockeys, discarding his clothes randomly just like his opponent's. Josh now focused on stroking Tyler's dick through the thin fabric of his underwear, which became quite visible once it was hard thanks to the boy's heavy perspiration. The kid looked younger than he was, but he still had reasonable equipment for a fourteen year-old. Josh felt the knocked out boy's smooth chest and stomach as he jerked him off. For some reason the thought that he could get in huge trouble for this turned him on even more. What if Tyler's parents came home early? Like, just walked through the front door right now? Or what if somebody had seen him sneak into the house and called the police? Josh had to adjust his cock in his underwear after experiencing these thoughts.

As he jerked Tyler off through his boxer-briefs he grabbed the boy's limp hand. He rubbed the motionless hand repeatedly over the tent in the front of his tighty-whities, moaning and groaning as he forced his opponent to stimulate his genitals. He maneuvered the boy's soft hands so that they were wrapped around his rock-hard cock through the stretched jockeys. After stroking the boy for a bit longer, he peeled Tyler's underwear off his skin and down under his balls before placing the sleeping youngster's hand back over his briefs. His practically hairless body was thoroughly examined by Josh, who made sure to snap a few pictures of his “opponent” before proceeding to masturbate the sleeping youth once again. He rolled the boy's balls slowly back and forth as he twisted his hand up and down his smooth cock, watching his peaceful face as he slept soundly.

“You know, you're pretty dirty, Tyler. I think we need to get you a bath.”

Josh went and placed his handcuffs, chloroform, and rag on the counter of his parent's personal bathroom and began running a hot bath before returning to fetch his sweaty prize. Josh was so hard that the head of his dick barely poked out of the top of his tight briefs as he lifted the exposed young sleeping boy underneath his arms and dragged him backwards down the hall and into the bathroom. As he laid the boy on the floor he began to wake up, so Josh quickly and quietly laid down on top of him so that their hard cocks rubbed together and smothered him with his hand as he ground into him. Every thrust of his hips brought them both waves of pleasure as he stared deep into Tyler's eyes; the only ting separating their hard cocks was the tight white material in between. As soon as he was out cold Josh slipped his tight white Under Armour boxer-briefs off his motionless body and tossed them behind his head. Next he removed the shower curtain and attached his handcuffs to the curtain rod and placed his chloroform and rag close by the tub, which was nearly full of steaming hot water. He turned off the faucet and pulled his cock out through the fly of his jockey briefs, which was leaking pre-cum and about to explode with him having hardly touched it at all. The boy needed release now, and there was no doubt that he would be able to cum again later. He aimed his cock over Tyler's face and wrapped his unresponsive and soft hand up and down his raging hard-on. In less than thirty seconds Josh reached his climax and fired seven shots of boy juice all over Tyler's face and chest, some of it dribbling down through his short hair and down onto the floor. It was a wonderful experience for Josh, who was breathing hard with his eyes closed for the duration of his orgasm. After he regained his senses he removed the boy's hand from his softening cock and went back to the living area to grab his forgotten camera so he could snap a few pictures of his cum-soaked face. Now he needed a bath more than ever.

Josh tucked his dick back into his briefs and quickly pumped Tyler's cock up and down between his thumb and forefinger until the boy was hard again. Once the boy was once again excited he slipped one of his handcuffs onto his right wrist. He once again cradled the boy in his arms and gently lowered him down into the water. He attached the other handcuff to the shower rod above his right arm and went to the bedroom next door to grab a pillow so Tyler could be more comfortable. This way his meager opponent would be both restrained and unable to slip further into the water and drown, should something happen or the situation changed. For example, if there was a knock at the door and he needed to run. He grabbed a washcloth and stroked the boy's dick underwater as he washed his face and head. He continued stroking the boy as he proceeded to wash his neck and behind his ears, moving onto his right arm and armpit that dangled from the shower rod. After washing his shoulders he proceeded to do a run-over of all of his submerged body as well. You know, just to make sure he was extra clean. He didn't need much shampoo to wash out the boy's hair, since he didn't have much at all. He sensually applied the shampoo to the boy's shaved head, playing with his ears and mouth as he massaged his body. He decided to lather the boy in body wash, but it figured it would be kind of gross to use his parent's loofah (You know, those puffy shower scrubbing things), seeing as how it had likely been in dark places. Josh wanted to join in on the bath and definitely felt more comfortable using Tyler's.

So he went through the house, past all of the discarded clothing and upstairs to Tyler's bathroom. There he found a blue loofah inside one of his drawers, which he grabbed and ran downstairs to continue bathing his victim. He came back to find Tyler awake and attempting to remove the shower rod from its socket.

“Why the fuck are you g-mmmmmrrrrrrpphhhh!”

Josh had clamped the chloroform-soaked rag over Tyler's mouth, who began flailing his legs helplessly and splashing water everywhere as he used his free hand to try and remove the cloth from his face. As Tyler's eyes began to flutter shut Josh removed the cloth so that the boy was barely conscious. Without bothering to take off his briefs he then got in the bathtub himself , sitting down on Tyler's hard lap and facing him. He planted a long and passionate kiss on the boy before rising to his knees and presenting his wet pouch to his face. The hardly conscious boy shook his head softly, so Josh pressed his face into the front of his wet jockey's and slapped him.

“Things will go much faster if you just do as I say. Your parents will be home soon. Its already twelve thirty.”

That last part was a lie, but it did the trick. Tyler encompassed his wet pouch in his mouth, licking every surface through the wet cloth as he wrapped his lips around the visible and thick member through Josh's tight cotton underwear. Josh moaned as Tyler slowly helped him lower his briefs down below his thighs. His rigid member sprung free and upward, pointed directly at hardly-conscious boy's face. He slid his dick in and out of Tyler's mouth in various angles, guiding the back of his head with his hand and stroking his hair. Tyler's free hand found itself on Josh's ass cheek, helping to thrust his wet dick into his mouth. He eagerly took all of it into his mouth, slowly taking in his engorged member all the the way to its base as Josh moaned and turned his head at various angles. He face-fucked the boy in any and every way he chose before pausing to remove his briefs completely and toss them across the bathroom floor. Josh noted the boy's willingness to cooperate, and the greedy way he took his cock back into his mouth immediately. Tyler continued to explore Josh's tight butt as he swallowed every inch of his thick boyhood. He engulfed his rigid member with passion as he rubbed his free hand across Josh's beautiful and muscular ass and thighs.

Josh saw that the boy was becoming more alert and excited, either from the fear of his parent's intervention or from the same surge of passion that overtook both of them during their last encounter. Young and cute Tyler might just be gay. He didn't want the boy fully awake, so he applied a little chloroform to his rag and then the young athlete's mouth, once again just enough to make him swoon, and then ordered him to stand up, which he sluggishly and groggily obeyed with Josh's help. He applied plenty of body wash to Tyler's loofah and stood in front of him so he could explore his mouth as he ran it up and around every curve of his smooth young body. Tyler couldn't hold his eyes open as his tongue weakly danced in unison with Josh's. His free arm hung loosely at his side as Josh firmly pressed his mouth towards him and ran his soapy loofah backwards and forwards through his lower crevice, running it repeatedly from the tip of his raging member, through his taint and in between his taught ass cheeks. Their cocks pressed firmly together as Josh allowed the teen to rest his head on his shoulder so he could reach behind him and scrub up and down his back. He then moved on to the boy's legs and thighs, making sure the boy was completely scrubbed clean.

Once the boy was nice and soapy all over, Josh thrust the loofah into the boy's dangling hand and helped Tyler apply the body wash to himself. After all, he needed a wash too. He helped Tyler make sure that he was completely clean, particularly in the areas around his boy parts. Josh dropped the loofah and focused his efforts on Tyler's cock, stroking it with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. The sleepy teenager struggled to stay on his feet as Josh stroked his slippery cock up and down and fondled his smooth balls. Once he felt that the boy was about cum, he slid behind him against the wall and locked in a sleeper hold on the hot and dazed freshman. He pressed his raging member into Tyler's ass crack and restrained his free arm behind him, watching him sway his hard cock back and forth as he struggled against the choke hold in vain. There was just something so hot about choking out a hard and naked half conscious boy. Josh slowly eased both of them downward into the bathtub as his young and naked victim lost consciousness once again. Once he was asleep he allowed the kid's head to rest backwards on his shoulder as he stroked his meat underneath the water, sensually rubbing his chest and tweaking his nipples as he did so. Sitting underneath the boy, he situated their two pistons side by side, spreading Tyler's legs apart so that he could jerk their cocks simultaneously for a while. The motionless boy's light breathing tickled his neck as he furiously worked their rods underneath the water.

He made out with his unconscious opponent of fourteen (Who looked eleven) for a few minutes as he explored his creamy thighs and cock under the water. After a while the water was no longer warm and his young victim was certainly no longer sweaty, so Josh figured that bath time was over. He slid himself out from between the wall and Tyler and began to drain the bathtub. He then unlocked the handcuffs and lifted the comatose boy from the tub and splayed him out on the floor so he could dry him off, both of them still sporting boners. He rubbed the blue towel all up and down the boy's body and then flipped him over so he could dry his back. He, of course, paid special attention to the boy's private areas as he did so. Once Josh and Tyler were both dry he lifted him over his shoulder and carried him upstairs to his room, squeezing and playing with his cute ass for the duration of the trip and enjoying the way the sleeping boy's dick pressed up against his shoulder. It took a bit of effort to get him up all of those stairs, but Josh was quite strong and Tyler didn't weigh too much. It was quite the sight-one naked and hard pubescent boy carrying another. Once he had the clean boy up the stairs he threw him onto the bed, splayed him out, and went back downstairs to retrieve his belongings before returning.

“We need to get you dressed....”

Back in Tyler's bedroom Josh rummaged through his duffel bag and found his change of clothes. He slipped his pair of sky blue low-rise jockey briefs with a white waistband up over his throbbing tool and adjusted his package. The tight underwear hugged his taught globes and featured a white trim on the fly and lower edges, which hugged his thighs. They looked really hot on the young track star. Once he was moderately dressed he snapped a few pictures of the soft naked boy that laid before him and started sifting through his underwear drawer; like most boys his age it was the top drawer. The boy had briefs and boxer-briefs of many colors and brands. He started with a pair of tight white Fruit of the Loom briefs, slipping them over the unresponsive youth's nimble frame and small package. He then shoved his hands under his waistband and leg-hole and furiously massaged the boy's privates, feeling him get hard again as he waited for the boy to wake up. He loved how the boy looked so young.

Once Tyler finally began stirring again Josh switched to massaging the boy's package from the outside of his white cotton briefs with his right hand. Tyler's now hard shaft was extremely visible through the tighty-whities, his small wrinkly balls hung out of the edges and could be seen occasionally but not entirely as Josh massaged left to right, adjusting the position of the briefs that seemed too small for even Tyler. He wrapped his left hand around Tyler's throat, choking out the boy clad only in his tighty-whities as he sexually assaulted him. The underwear-clad boy didn't have any strength left to struggle but still attempted to wrap one of his hands around Josh's throat and the other around Josh's right hand. His grip wasn’t strong enough to asphyxiate Josh in any way, but he still found the attempt valiant and cute as he fondled his helpless victim. He continued choking and stroking the boy's white package, which could hardly encompass all of his boy bits, until the young teen's insentient hand fell by his side, which Josh immediately tucked into the front of his light blue briefs as he continued fondling. He slowly stroked Tyler's hard penis from the tip to the base with his thumb and forefinger, enjoying the way it felt through the material as he jerked himself off with the boy's limp hand. He worked his way down to his cloth-covered balls, spreading his legs wider hungrily as he forcefully palmed the boy's equipment. He then pulled the boy's tighty-whities down to his thighs, enjoying the way his cock bounced out of the tight material against his stomach, and flipped the boy over onto his stomach. He slapped his ass a few times before spreading the boy's cheeks wide apart and assaulting his virgin hole with his tongue, prodding gently and at various angles as he molded his ass cheeks in any way he felt. Once his hole was nice and moist he then slipped in one of his fingers, followed by two. The sleeping youth cooed and moaned softly in his stupor as Josh tantalized his boy-pussy.

“Hrmmmm, no. Those just won't do.”

Josh pulled the boy's briefs down and off his body and flipped him onto his back; his hard rod pointed up towards his navel as he was stripped naked. He went fishing in the boy's underwear drawer again and this time pulled out a pair of dark blue low-cut Hanes boxer-briefs with a gray waistband. He slipped them up the senseless boy's legs inch by inch, lifting up the boy's ass so he could pull them up over his hips. Josh examined how well the underwear suited the cute blonde boy before once again massaging the kid's cloth-covered packaging. He then pulled the boy's scrotum and hard-on out through his y-front and stroked the boy's hard member once again. As he palmed his balls, Josh took in Tyler's smooth boyish features. His eyes were closed and his mouth hung slightly agape. His diaphragm sank up and down slowly in rhythm with his gentle breathing. He cranked the boy's shaft up and down and began waking the boy up again by slapping him softly to and fro. Tyler groaned as he returned to consciousness, fully aware that he was going to be knocked unconscious again but not much else. Josh continued stroking as he helped the boy to a sitting position and then a standing position as he laid his head on his shoulder. The poor boy couldn't even keep his head up. He spoke softly:

“Please.....stop doing this. Get your pictures and leave me alone.....”

Josh nibbled on the boy's ear and kissed his smooth neck. He was experiencing true deja vu.

“Don't worry, this will be all over soon. I'm almost done playing with you.”

He turned Tyler around and locked in a full nelson on the smaller boy, pressing his hands into the back of his neck until the boy slowly sank to his knees. He then wrapped his arm around the boy's throat as he reached up between his legs and stroked his exposed fourteen year-old cock, which shot straight out of the fly of his boxers.. He continued to beat Tyler off quickly as he sank back into dream land, continuing to hold him in his arms in a kneeling position as he tugged his boxers down below his cock and balls. He allowed the boy to sink forward and crumple to the floor as he grabbed the gray Hanes waistband and finished tugging his underwear off of his unconscious body. He once again returned to the boy's underwear drawer and made his final selection after some deliberation.

He grabbed a sexy pair of gray briefs with a white waistband reading “Gap” in black letters and straightened his victim out so he could slide them onto him. The blonde boy looked incredibly hot with them on; they accentuated his tight package and creamy thighs nicely. Josh splayed his legs out and immediately continued with his previous work. He kneaded the boy's cock and balls through the gray cotton as he played with the waistband, pulling on it and letting it snap back onto the boy's skin. He adjusted Tyler's cock so that the tip was exposed over the cute waistband and splayed him out across his bedroom floor, taking a few moments to forcefully and firmly explore his junk. After caressing the boy's gray package on his bedroom floor for a while longer, the boy began to stir again. The sleeper hold he had dealt to him a few minutes ago had already wore off. With Tyler's cock head still poking out of his underwear, Josh grabbed his head and slammed it into the carpet a few times. After four or five slams the boy moaned and moved his head slightly, and then was motionless again. Satisfied, Josh continued assaulting the little boy. He loved the way young Tyler looked in his gray briefs, so much that he had to take a picture for “personal use” later. After pleasuring his practically naked victim some more he lifted him up over his shoulders in a traditional fireman's lift. He carried his unconscious victim down the stairs and into the living room, laying him gently onto the coffee table. His arms and legs dangled off the edges, which Josh restrained by tying them tightly to the legs of the table with his bungee cords. He snapped a few pictures of the unconscious teen clad only in his gray briefs. The parting of his legs allowed for an easy viewing window through the boy's leg hole, as the briefs weren't very tight. As he finished his restraints the boy began to rouse again. Josh's cock tented the front of his light blue briefs as he casually knelt beside the boy and held his chloroform to the boy's mouth and nose. The soft young blonde lightly resisted but never opened his eyes for the duration of the struggle, as he knew it was of no use. Josh ran his hand through the kid's buzzed hair as he watched him doze off again and replaced the rag with his lips as soon as he was out cold. Tyler's mouth remained dormant against his assault, but his cock did not. Josh reached through his leg hole and pumped his flaccid cock as he continued his sensual tongue play, and within moments Tyler was hard once more. Josh did not plan on letting the boy go soft again.

Josh slipped his blue briefs down to his thighs and sat atop his smaller victim, facing his feet, and ran both of his smooth hands up and down the boy's package, pulling and tugging gently on his gray briefs in various directions. He then laid down on top of the boy, in what was essentially a 69 position, and took the front of the boy's Gap briefs into his mouth. He licked and sucked every inch of the boy's underwear until the gray jockey shorts were a soaked black all around his crotch, suckling and fondling until the kid was practically leaking. He then stroked the boy's moistened dick and balls through the cotton as he pulled the underwear up towards his belly, leaving even less to the imagination as he continued running his palm up and down vigorously. He pulled the boy's cock and balls out through the leg hole, licked his hand and pumped his engorged penis while rolling his balls around with his other hand. He then grabbed the white “Gap” waistband with both of his hands, snapped it against the boy's skin a few times, and attempted to pull them forward off of the sleeping youth before remembering the state of the boy's limbs. He had to rip the boy's underwear completely in half, which was a shame since he looked really great in them and wouldn't get to wear them again. Oh well, he had other color variants of them. He didn't bother lifting his cute ass so that he could remove the shredded underwear out from underneath him.

He got off the naked boy and knelt down between his legs at the edge of the table. There he alternated between furiously pumping Tyler's dick and popping it into his mouth, licking it in swirls from top to bottom like a popsicle and drenching it in saliva, taking it in from tip to base and lubricating it for further fist pumping. Tyler woke up to insurmountable pleasure as Josh was passionately exploring the boy's thighs with the entirety of his dick in his mouth. He moaned in great pleasure before attempting to free himself of his bonds. He didn't want to give his attacker any gratification, so after a few moments of brief struggle and examining how exactly Josh was making him feel this way, he sleepily laid his head back and closed his eyes. His breathing became heavier and faster as Josh crawled over the boy, taking his nipples gently into his mouth and suckling them, nipping them softly as Tyler sighed in ecstasy. He began to thrust his cock into Josh's hand, wanting climax as badly as Josh did. One particularly lustful moan escaped his lips, and Josh knew he was about to cum. He licked his palm again, pumping the boy's cock as fast as he could as he ran his other hand forcefully up and down his smooth and exposed balls. The boy was practically heaving now as Josh ran his hands up and down his hairless chest, his sharp and rapid intake of air showed off his ribs and clavicles as his stomach sucked in further than Josh could have imagined. He was starting to sweat again. As the boy readily approached climax, Josh wrapped his hand around his small throat.

The boy gagged and coughed at first until Josh tightened his grip. As he was about to pass out his cock exploded in Josh's hands. Josh released his grip on the boy's throat as it began to ejaculate, and in his half-awake comatose stupor Tyler experienced an orgasm unlike any other he had experienced. He was unaware that orgasms felt different on the brink of unconsciousness- in the YBWL boys almost always ejaculated while sleeping beneath their opponent. Strand after strand of semen fired out of his tool as Josh continued pumping, his mouth was enclosed around the boy's hairless balls as he firmly caressed the boy's right thigh. Boy jizz covered the boy's flat tummy and chest, his head weakly turned side to side as his hips thrusted in rhythm with his contractions. He wished he could move his limbs, spread them across a comfortable surface and just relish in the pure bliss that was his current orgasm. He was forced to settle for his current predicament as he continued spilling his seed all over himself. He hoped that the feeling would never end-it was euphoric. Unfortunately it did, approximately eight seconds later. Josh continued nursing his balls in his mouth and stroking his dick until the boy finally went flaccid. Josh didn't think that such a small boy could produce so much semen. It glistened in the light and was spread out over much of his lithe body.

“Holy shit, Josh........”

Josh slipped his light blue jockeys off of his legs and kicked them over to his own belongings before walking over by Tyler's head and seating himself upon his chest. His head leaked pre-cum as he inserted into the boy's mouth with no resistance. Tyler did the best job he could with his restricted body movement, but Josh didn't need much stimulation anyway. Josh reached behind him and stimulated the boy's soft cock as he thrusted his hips. The boy's warm mouth was a welcome pleasure for his cock, he face-fucked the boy of fourteen years (who looked like eleven years) tied to the table before him much like he had in the bathtub, except this time his victim was laying down. Josh forced his cock as far back into the boy's mouth as he could, and soon Tyler was taking no pleasure from it as he choked and gagged in his fellatio. Josh soon climaxed inside of Tyler's mouth, allowing the first two shots to fire into the back of the boy's throat before finishing the rest of his second load of the night all over his face for the second time that evening. Tyler sputtered and choked on the sudden and unexpected load of boy cream in his throat and groaned as Josh finished cumming all over his face and short-cut hair. The boy was now soaked in boy jizz. Josh continued to stroke his softening dick, making sure every last drop came out onto the boy.

As josh grabbed his camera to snap a few pictures Tyler spoke again.

“Alright, listen. You got the pictures that you wanted. You beat me. My parents are going to be home soon; I can't have them seeing me this way. Please.... I didn't leave you tied up and covered in jizz!”

Josh stood by Tyler's side and grabbed his chin, leaning in towards his ear.

“No, you didn't leave me tied up. But you did leave me covered in your juices with my parents only minutes away. It was actually a pretty close call, I'll have you know. Sorry, kiddo. I guess I'm just not as nice as you are.”

Tyler let out an exasperated groan and flailed his limbs in an attempt to free himself. “So you're just gonna leave me here like this? Tied to my mother's coffee table covered in cum?”

Josh laughed aloud. “No, no no no. It's going to be much worse. But don't worry, your parents won't think you're gay. Just weak and perverted, which isn't entirely false. You'll see.”

“Wait, please! Don't do this! I.... I think I love you!”

Josh sudden experienced a flood of emotion and memories, from when Tyler had snuck into his house. Thanks to Josh's reciprocated lust for the small boy he had lost the match after turning the tables on Tyler. He certainly would not suffer the same fate again. The boy was very cute, but he was no Chris.

“So you're gay? Jeez, you're just feeding me ammunition now. I wonder what the YBWL would think of that particular information? No straight guy is going to want to wrestle a gay guy.”

Tyler was frustrated. “Don't give me that shit! You're gay! Practically everybody in the YBWL is, they just won't admit it! I've seen the way you look at Chris! Don't try to tell me anything otherwise, either. Remember, at your house? If you were straight you would have finished me off. If you were straight you would have walked in here, stripped me naked, jerked me off and taken your pictures. Instead you gave me a bath, played dress-up and......”

Josh ceased his talking with a long, wet kiss. He was careful not to smear or touch any of the cum on the boy's face and abdomen.

“So we're both gay. That'll be our little secret. Unfortunately for you I'm out of your league, and I'm leaving you however I want to.”

Josh gathered all of his clothes strewn about the house and searched the boy's fridge for beer. He poured all of his father's beer and other various drinks and distilled spirits down the kitchen sink and scattered the cans around the house randomly. He wanted to make it look like a party had occurred this evening. He dressed himself fully in his change of clothes and scattered furniture around the living area and back porch. It was almost one thirty. After making sure everything looked the way it ought to, he returned to his victim's side and applied a fresh batch of chloroform to his rag. He applied the rag to the boy's face for the last time, relishing in the power trip he felt from knocking out his weaker, smaller, and helpless opponent. The naked cum-soaked boy struggled for a small while before his eyes rolled into the back of his head. After a final groan the boy's head fell back and he fell asleep. Josh held the rag there for a little while longer, since he wanted his parents to be unable to wake the boy up when they got home. After all, he was very drunk from his party. He removed the cloth and stowed it in his bag, and removed the unconscious boy's leg restraints. He left his arms tied to the table, though. He played with the boy's soft cock and balls for a few moments longer.

From his bag he pulled a pair of little boy's underwear, decorated with some type of superhero, and a pacifier. The tight briefs barely fit over the boy but the pacifier fit nicely after he delivered one final kiss to the boy. He snapped a half-dozen pictures of the kid from various angles, already imagining them on the YBWL clubhouse billboard. After one final scan of the house the make sure he had everything, he slipped out the back door and began walking down the street. He noticed a car pulling up into the driveway as he was flipping out his phone to call Luke. Perfect timing. Luke answered by the second ring.

“Hey there buddy! Ready for your ride?”

Josh smiled. “Yeah, crack a cold one open for me. I'm ready to celebrate.”

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