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she was drawing my attintion
“ Daughters Girlfriend ”

By Blueheatt

___My young daughter had a best girlfriend like many other girls have. They did lots of sleepovers and I thought nothing of it. As young girls do, they liked to show off their growing sexy bodies. Like fathers do, I gave them eyeball attention and smiles to let them know ‘yes I see your growing tits and shapely bodies.’

Carol (my daughter) and Lisa, I noticed were starting to become very much into touching each other….still I didn’t think much of it. Girls go through a bi-curious stage about then….but one thing was different. Slowly they started fondling each other in front of me and kept giggling to see my reaction. They kept looking at me as they were flaunting this to try and get a rise out of me….and they were succeeding.

Watching these two girl feeling each others bodies was a great turn on for me. They not only kept it up, but started becoming bolder in their little sex shows for me. It was always in the evening, or after school when they had my full attention. It progressed to sitting on my lap and touching me. No man can prevent getting turned on with this going on. I felt like I was their sex toy for them to play with….and I was.

After school was just a warm up for them. They would make sure the door was locked and crawl all over me on the couch. Kissing me and feeling me under my shirt and feeling my cock over my jeans. That particular afternoon they were very aggressive and Lisa reach down my jeans and felt my bare erect cock.

I guess your suppose to stop them at this point, but being a guy, this was just to good of a turn on to stop them. Carol joined her and I just let them play with my cock.

My girlfriend and I were getting the benefits from all this. I would be real horny when I went over to her apt and we were having great sex.

One night Lisa slept over, and about 1am I was awakened by a noise….a soft moaning noise.

Young horny girls, having a sleepover, I figured they had to be having some sort of sex play with each other. It was a real turn on listening to them. The next afternoon here they came again to attack me on the couch. Now they wasted no time in laying me down and their hands went right in my jeans for my cock….only this time they took my hands and had me feel their tits. Lisa had the more developed tits. Carol’s tits had been developing great though. Lisa and I both went under Carol’s shirt and both felt her new tits. Carol was really excited and took her hand off my cock and put it down to feel Lisa’s pussy. I figured she and Lisa going through a bi phase and liked to feel girls up.

Carol took my hand and put it down her shorts and panties to feel her pussy bare….. It was then that I noticed Lisa rubbing her pussy on my leg.
She had a hot little body, cute ass and nice legs. She had on this short skirt. I felt her warm legs and kept going under her skirt up to her ass. It was smooth as she kept rubbing her pussy on my leg. She was getting real excited. Carol had pulled my jeans down and was jacking my hard cock. Lisa’s hand joined hers as they both jacked me. I put my fingers under Lisa’s real tight panties to feel her bare ass.

They were too tight so I went to pull them down to feel her pussy. She started moving down away from my hand. I felt her breath right on my cock. Next I felt her tongue going around the head of my cock. Carol kept jacking me. I felt Lisa’s mouth go over my cock. She moaned softly as Carol jacked me faster…..

(Carol is now dying to tell her version of what happened…..)
I was having the time of my life right about now. Not only was my best friend and I getting our bi-curiosities satisfied but my wonderful daddy was letting us use him to go on to all the things we wanted to do with a guy. Lisa and I were both so curious to find out about hot sex and how to get it. We started out experimenting on each other. It went on to kissing, licking and sucking on our bodies for the trills we were getting. Lisa had a secret, but I’ll let her tell you all about that. We found we could make each other orgasm real good. Now we wanted a guy to play with. Lisa came up with the idea to try and get my dad to be our ’boy toy’. I was all for that. We decided to make him as horney as we could and then progress to maybe feeling him up and him feeling us. It went according to plan.

We saw daddy get a bulge in his jeans as we flaunted our bodies and teased him. Lisa sat in his lap next and I joined in. He let us kiss him, feel him up and never said a word to stop us. We excitedly kept going. We decided to go further and feel his bare hard cock. The day that happened, I had never seen Lisa that excited nor my daddy. When she got down and licked his cock, I almost orgasmed right then. I was having a peak thrill myself. As I jacked daddy and Lisa sucked his cock I remembered a porn video Lisa and I watched. Two girls were both jacking on a guy and he came in both their mouths. Lisa and I both wanted to do that. Lisa looked up at me and smiled. I stopped jacking daddy and turned around and now we both sucked on him.

What I did expect was my pussy was now in daddy face. He held my butt cheeks and started licking my pussy. Lisa had licked my pussy before but not like this….it was awesome. It was coming as Lisa and I both took turns sucking daddy’s cock just like in the video. Lisa and I both began to lick the head of his big cock when he groaned and his cum shot out on our faces and in both of our mouths. I orgasmed big as daddy licked my pussy. Lisa had her hand between her legs and she groaned too…. “Tell them how it was for you daddy….”

When Carol turned and put her pussy right in my face, I sure wasn’t going to pass this up and grabbed her butt cheeks and licked her pussy. With the two girls both sucking on my hard cock… I had one of the most intense cums of my life……


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Love to hear part 2

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